Personal book project:  A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway.  Here we see Ford Madox Ford staring down who he thinks is Hilaire Belloc while sitting with Ernest Hemingway.  Hem learns its Alestair Crowley later on.

"…a rather gaunt man wearing a cape passed on the sidewalk.  He was with a tall woman and he glanced at our table and then away and went on his way down the boulevard.  

"Did you see me cut him?" Ford said.  "Did you see me cut him?”

"No.  Who did you cut?"

"Belloc," Ford said.  "Did I cut him!”

"I didn’t see it," I said.  "Why did you cut him?"

"For every good reason in the world," Ford said.  "Did I cut him though!”“

Then they go into an exchange about who is a cad in classic Hemingway style.  I read this when I was living in Paris for a year so I took this one to heart and spent too much time on this illustration.  This is not the view from the Closerie des Lilas on Boulevard Monparnasse but the view from Le Bar du Marché in St. Germain des Pres.  Despite how you feel about Hemingway’s writing and it being a book full of rich people talking sh!t about each other, it’s cool to read if you’ve spent an extended period of time in Paris.

I thought this exchange that ended the chapter was funny too.  It seems that living in Hemingway’s world consists of drinking and talking smack to people’s faces and behind their backs:

"That’s Hilaire Belloc," I said to my friend. "Ford was here this afternoon and cut him dead."

"Don’t be a silly ass," my friend said. "That’s Alestair Crowley, the diabolist.  He’s supposed to be the wickedest man in the world."

"Sorry," I said.

Les magouilles de Pauline Marois

Les magouilles de Pauline Marois

L’affaire de l’île Bizard !
Une affaire peu connue.

Triste histoire révoltante.
Ceci est l’histoire de la vraie Castafiore Québécoise et du Château de Moulinsart, une saga que les médias Québécois ont toujours traités du bout des lèvres, certainement à cause de l’importance du personnage politique qui est impliqué dans cette magouille et de ses influences personnelles, ainsi que du Parti…

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Le chantier perd ses barrières !

Le chantier de la Closerie étant particulièrement achevé, les barrières situées le long de l’avenue Maurice Berteaux.