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Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Stalker From Another Universe (Part 4)

I was about to post this, but then my mind got side tracked and then I fell into the void that’s named Tumblr.  When I finally snapped out of my daze, I forgot that I was posting something….. This is what you do to me Tumblr!!!

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Warning: Swearing, blood.  There’s nothing to worry about here….

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Hi Cassie! I love your books and I’m so glad that it’s being turned into a TV series but why in the world is Dorothea and Hodge played by such young actors? And why are they addressing Dorothea as “Dot”? I’m getting very angry that they’re making Dorothea and Hodge (Hodge of all characters!) look somewhat like sex symbols

The show runner wanted to go with a younger Hodge than in the film. But this is because in the film they aged Hodge up about twenty years from his actual character age.

Luke’s age is stated in City of Ashes. He’s thirty-eight. He’s two years older than Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on Vampire Diaries. He is not old. These people — Luke, Valentine, Jocelyn, Hodge — are the same age. They went to school together. They were in the same class. In City of Bones, Hodge shows Clary a picture of him at school with her mother and Luke. He is not twenty years older than they are. He could not possibly be. He is actually a year younger than them. 

I don’t believe movies ruin books, but I do believe that when people watch them they fixate on the visual of the actor in the film, and therefore people think Hodge is older than his is. John Cor is much closer in age to Hodge as he is in the book series than Jared Harris, though I loved Jared.

Is John Cor way more good looking than I pictured Hodge? He is! Way more! But then so are most of the actors. TV and movies tends to cast much more beautiful people than books describe. Visual medium and all that.

As for “Dot” : Dot isn’t actually Madame Dorothea, in that they share nothing but a name. Since she is an original character, I guess they can do what they want with her. She’s not like any character I’ve ever written or would write, so I don’t really know what to say about her. I don’t want to prejudice people or make them unhappy, and remember things can always change during filming, so I guess we’ll see how the character turns out.

Hodge in the books is the same age as Tom Hardy. YEEES. Really. :)

[EDIT] Softened out Wanda’s face a bit. [/EDIT]

Needed to draw something other than my webcomic so here are my two absolute most favorite new Avengers: Scarlet Witch and The Vision.

I wanted to draw the movie characters but in a way that brings them closer to their book counterparts in both body language and special effects. (also it’s drawn so there’s that)