closer photo

Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me what this is? It’s more of a minty, almost bluish green than what is depicted on the photo. 

This looks like it could be druzy quartz, or even a calcite? It a little hard to tell without a closer photo.

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

Ok I have not seen a post on how Mikasa’s face changed from when she thought Eren was dead to when she realized he is still alive so can we just talk about it for a tick.

When she went to go ask everyone where Eren’s squad was her eyes have a glint.

Ok here is a closer photo to when she spotted Armin. See there is that glint.

Now you may argue it is the light in her eyes but here is her position to when she found Armin crying.

There is that light…

Here is a photo of the realization that Eren might be dead that is sinking in.

See, the light is slowly fading along with the hope.

And here is her face when she hears that Eren is dead

the light is completely gone

And she pushes her feelings away

And her face continues to stay devoid of emotion until she gets a little hope back when she realizes that she has to be there for her comrades, and support her friends right now. Thanks to Eren who gave her that determination and inspired her a bit of a glint returns.

But when the Titan falls and Eren is shown the light in her eyes grow…

She runs to him and there is clearly hope present in her eyes.

Just for the close up when she is holding Eren

Like tell me that is not relief in her eyes.

100 Photography Tips - Eric Kim

I read this multiple times a week.

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself
5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Film isn’t better than digital.
11. Digital isn’t better than film.
12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.
13. Better lenses don’t give you better photos.
14. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
15. Don’t take your DSLR to parties.
16. Being a photographer is sexy.
17. Making your photos b/w doesn’t automatically make them “artsy”
18. People will always discredit your work if you tell them you “photoshop” your images. Rather, tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
19. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
20. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
21. Ditch the neck strap and get a handstrap.
22. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
23. Be a part of a scene while taking a photo; not a voyeur.
24. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting.
25. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
26. Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffers tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27. Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in broad daylight.
28. The more photos you take, the better you get.
29. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
30. Only show your best photos.
31. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
32. Join an online photography forum.
33. Critique the works of others.
34. Think before you shoot.
35. A good photo shouldn’t require explanation (although background information often adds to an image). *
36. Alcohol and photography do not mix well.
37. Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38. Grain is beautiful.
39. Ditch the photo backpack and get a messenger bag. It makes getting your lenses and camera a whole lot easier.
40. Simplicity is key.
41. The definition of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light in your favor.
42. Find your style of photography and stick with it.
43. Having a second monitor is the best thing ever for photo processing.
44. Silver EFEX pro is the best b/w converter.
45. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
46. Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47. Don’t pamper your camera. Use and abuse it.
48. Take straight photos.
49. Shoot with confidence.
50. Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51. Print out your photos big. They will make you happy.
52. Give your photos to friends.
53. Give them to strangers.
54. Don’t forget to frame them.
55. Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56. Go out and take photos with (a) friend(s).
57. Join a photo club or start one for yourself.
58. Photos make great presents.
59. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.
60. Candid>Posed.
61. Natural light is the best light.
62. 35mm (on full frame) is the best “walk-around” focal length.
63. Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64. You don’t need to always bring a tripod with you everywhere you go (hell, I don’t even own one).
65. It is always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66. Shooting photos of homeless people in an attempt to be “artsy” is exploitation.
67. You will find the best photo opportunities in the least likely situations.
68. Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
70. Nowadays everybody is a photographer.
71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.
72. People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73. Cameras as tools, not toys.
74. In terms of composition, photography and painting aren’t much different.
75. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76. Make photos, not excuses.
77. Be original in your photography. Don’t try to copy the style of others.
78. The best photographs tell stories that begs the viewer for more.
79. Any cameras but black ones draw too much attention.
80. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
81. Good self-portraits are harder to take than they seem.
82. Laughter always draws out peoples’ true character in a photograph.
83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.
84. Landscape photography can become dull after a while.
85. Have fun while taking photos.
86. Never delete any of your photos.
87. Be respectful when taking photos of people or places.
88. When taking candid photos of people in the street, it is easier to use a wide-angle than a telephoto lens.
89. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
90. Learn how to read a histogram.
91. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
92. Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain.
93. Learn how to enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it.
94. Never take photos on an empty stomach.
95. You will discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97. Never stop taking photos
98. Photography is more than simply taking photos, it is a philosophy of life
99. Capture the decisive moment
100. Write your own list.

“Approaching the 20 year anniversary of the Second Wizarding War, we return to Hogwarts to take a peek into house relations. Pictured are 7th year students, Gryffindor Seokjin Kim and Slytherin Min Yoongi. The picture is testimony of the genuine camaraderie which now exists between the former warring houses. The rebuilding effort started after the war brought together many unlikely allies and we now see a new generation of wizards and witches crossing house lines and forming lifelong connections. Seokjin Kim is a Gryffindor prefect and Min Yoongi is an international exchange student from South Korea who attends Hogwarts as part of MAGICAL COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE’s exchange student program. The MCW began the flagship program 5 years ago in a effort to bring magical communities all around the world closer together.”


Inspired by jeonbegins’ BTS HP AU universe

Cupid's Match: Tom Riddle; Privilege | Edited

Warning(s): a tinge of sadness\

/Update: Heavily(?) edited. Most edits bolded. Read fully for best experience.\


“Father, do you have any information on this boy.” You ask your father, who was the Minister of Magic. You had a lot of privilege and no one dared messed with you. Luckily this didn’t happen often since you were a kind, dainty girl, who wants to act as an equal. “Which one dearie?” Your father questions you. “This boy named, Tom Marvolo Riddle.” You said. “Him?” You father says. “Yes, he’s in the same year as me, but is a Slytherin. Never speaks much to other houses. It’s been six years and we’ve never talked to each other even if we’re paired up to watch the halls.” You told your father.

“Hm, I’ve heard he was in an Orphanage.” Your father tells you. You inspected the photo closer, an pain appeared on your leg, you clutched your leg, while studying the photo becoming infatuated each second not paying attention to your Father’s sayings. “And he was conceived under a love potion.” Your Father said. “What does that mean?” You ask. “He can’t love.” Your Father sighed. “What a shame.” You replied. “Surely.” Your father said.

“School will start in three days and I need to get prepared. Hope you have a splendid time, Father.” You said, hugging him. “Thank you, darling, have fun.” Your Father responded, you went out and to home since you didn’t feel well. “Mistress, are you alright?” An Elf asked you. “No, get help.” You said, collapsing to the ground.


Luck was surely not on your side, as the last three days till school were wasted on home and pain. Yet, you went back to Hogwarts. “How you feel? I’ve heard what happened.” Your friend, Conner, said. “No, I’m fine. Just a little cold.” You replied. “Alright.” Conner said. “Hey, that Riddle boy keeps staring at you.” Conner pointed out, you blushed not expectingly. “Really?” You ask, you look at Tom, he sees that you are looking at him and turns the other way. “Yep.“ Conner said. “Well, I have to go to the Prefects Compartment. See you later.” You told Conner, heading out.

“Y/N!” A female Hufflepuff Prefect squealed. “Hello Kelly.” You greeted. “I’ve heard what happened Y/N, it’s all over the Daily Prophet.” Kelly responds. “Yes, I’m quite alright.” You grinned. “That’s good news, don’t you think Riddle?” Kelly asked, the curly haired, Slytherin boy. “Surely.” Tom said, looking at a spell book. You felt an odd aura, you kept a steady eye on the book he held. ‘Dark Magic Potions and Spells’, it read. You kept silent as no other Prefects came in. {“And he was conceived under a love potion.”-“He can’t love.”} Your Father’s words played through your mind. “What are you reading, Riddle?” Kelly asked, becoming curious. “A book.” Tom said.

“What kind of book?” Kelly questioned. “A bloody book!” Tom growled, standing up about to do something to Kelly. “Stop right there.” You said, pointing your wand at him. Tom looked at you and slyly grinned. “Petrifus Tot-,” “Expelliarmus!” Riddle yelled, you dodged the spell. “Get out Kelly.” You told her. “Calm down, Riddle.” You said.

“Alright.” Tom said, dropping his wand as you snatched it away. Tom sat down, the Compartment became private to the two of you until other Prefects came in. Kelly came in last, frightened. “It’s OK, Kelly.” You assured her. She sat down beside you, she kept staring at you and Riddle. Kelly eventually calmed down and fell asleep as did the other Prefects; only you and Tom Riddle stayed awake. “You’re doing Dark Magic, aren’t you?” You interrogate. “Is that your business, Miss Privileged.” Tom scowled. “I know you were and still are an orphan Riddle.” You said. “So, you have everything.” Riddle retorted. “I don’t. I don’t have a normal life nor a mother.” You told him.

“I’m not a perfect image.” You reply, staring out the window. “But you’re very powerful.” Riddle said. “Well, if you’re a descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw, I guess you do have a privilege. Ironically a Ravenclaw as well.” You respond

“Huh.” Was all Tom said, staring up and down at you. “Your Father told you that I was an orphan, correct?” Riddle quirked an eyebrow. “Yes, because you never talked to me till now and I was curious.” You responded. “Argh.” Riddle screeched. “You OK, Riddle?” You asked. “I am.” Riddle said.

Riddle pulled his shirt trying to find the source of the stinging sensation, which made you look away feeling an urge to look back, but you resisted. “What the bloody hell?” Riddle whispered. “You sure?” You asked. “I’m sure.” Riddle said. You looked back down as his shirt was down. “Riddle, you are not alright.” You pointed out. “Here, let me help.” You said. Riddle stood up, then out of no where collapsed.

“Riddle!” You whisper/yelled. You pushed his softly back onto his seat. This was just what happened to you, you fainted within a blink of an eye. You adjusted Riddle thinking of getting help, yet you helped him yourself seeing if some awakening charms would help, unfortunately none would. You studied his face, he looked peaceful asleep, his curly hair getting disheveled a bit. You snatched the book of dark magic, even though you had to report such book it stopped you from doing so. You put the book within his robes away from one’s eyes. And fell back into your seat keeping a watchful eye on the boy.


Riddle woke up by the time you all made it to Hogwarts. You kept watchful eyes on the handsome man. You finally noticed what most girls saw in him and it stunned you. The Feast had ended and you were paired with Riddle once again. “Greetings Riddle.” You said, in hopes to get another friendly conversation in play. “Call me Tom.” Riddle smiled, surprisingly which caught you’re attention with the fact of his allowance to let you call him Tom. “You’re smiling.” You said with a look of prudence. “Of course I am.” Riddle said.

“Why? Shagged a girl.” You joke. “No, I just want to.” Tom said. “OK.” You replied hesitantly. “I have a proposal, I want you to join me.” Riddle said. “Join what?” You interrogate. “To become a Death Eater.” Tom said. “A what?” You laughed. “Death Eater.” Tom growled. “Is this your little kids club or what?” You laugh a bit more. “No darling, I need you, because your powerful and will help me become stronger.” Tom said a serious tone displaying. You became scared and nervous about all this.

“No thank you, Tom.” You said politely.


“Tom, stop! This is notorious!” You yelled, you were defenseless, Tom had your wand, his pointing at you. “Tom.” You said, trying to reach out to him. “Turn around.” Tom’s lips quivered. “Do it. Kill me, Tom.” You said, knowing your fate. “Avada, Avada-,” Tom stammered. “Do it.” You whisper, closing your eyes. Silence stood in the entire room; you waited. “I can’t.” You heard, Tom held your face, “Riddle, I believed in you. A girl with a privilege, a girl that could expose you, a girl that can destroy your life. I’m not that girl to you, because Tom Riddle people can earn sentiment.” You told Tom, tears running down both your eyes.

{“He can’t love.”}

“Tom, you can’t love, I know that.” You say crushing his heart unknowingly. “But I can.” Tom said, “How?” You asked. “I-I don’t know.” Tom answered. “You can’t.” You told him. “I can. I can Y/N.” Tom tried convincing you. “Tom Marvolo Riddle, you’re one crazy boy. And I’m glad that you’ve opened as much as you wanted too to me. Now cast that spell on me, if it’ll save you.” You risked your life.

Tom’s breathe hitched, his hands loosened your face. Cupid looked at the both of few his own nerves running anxiously, this was a difficult mission for him as for in fact Tom Riddle wasn’t supposed to love, yet Cupid tried and found the right woman for him to love or at least to have a spark for. Cupid felt disappointed that Tom was going to take the chance to kill you, make you his horcrux, Cupid sadly stared at your faith giving up his faith for Tom Riddle to ever love. Then something Cupid never expected happened.

As you waited for him to cast the Unforgivable Curse your back facing him. Tom Riddle turned you around grabbing your waist bringing his lips to yours, his hands moving to your face instead clutching it like he did before, wind blew through your hair, as a beautiful silver and red aurora surrounded the both of you. You couldn’t explain the kiss it was surely something majestic. It felt genuine.

“I won’t do anything to you.” Tom said, holding you against him as his heart beated and you swore it skipped a beat.

Cupid’s PoV

I did it! The boy who couldn’t love, can. He can love now.“ Cupid stared with wide grin on his face.


Full body and closer photos of this huge college of Sanses. There are about 67 Sanses on this whole page. And now the credits..yay! Warning:
Not in Order btw.
Sans by Toby Fox Underfell by @underfell Underswap by @popcornpr1nce Salt,Pepper,Fresh,Error,and Geno belong to @loverofpiggies SugarSans by @sugartalesans MelonSans and YoutubeSans by @missladytale Fikatale by @fikatale TimetaleSans by @allesiathehedge ScienceSans by ? AsylumSans by @furgemancs R00ts and Traveler by @kaminooniseika Trickster by @ask-the-candy-skull CuboneSans by @inkedaway GengarSans by @deoxyrebornicleic Inkswap by @kiwi-yin GasterSans by either @yoralim or @borurou CatSanses and Birdtale by @onieon Nextale by @nextale StoryShift by @ut-storyshift Undershine, Shineswap, Glitchy, Bots, Blueberry?, and Indigo by @goldiextm GZtale by @golzy Reapertale by @renrink PirateSans by @mtt-brand-undertale EdgelordSans by @louisethe4th Dancetale by @teandstars or @dancetale TwitterSans by @soritakeru Trainertale, Altertale, and Alterfell by @friisans Chesstale by @chesstale SoulSans by @amber-acrylic KillerSans by @rahafwabas Negatale by @reneeisdeterminedtodrawnegatale Outertale by @outertale Program and Demontale by @bemmiecake Cross by @jakei95 Dream and Nightmare by @jokublog Flowerfell and Classytale by @underfart-snas IceSans by @reyindee Nighttale by @sansxuf-sans Undernight by @lunaisanartist Ink by @comyet Divetale by @4jen Dusttale by @ask-dusttale AbyssSans by @metakazkz Littletale by @mudkipful Horrotale by @sour-apple-studios Crafttale and MiraculousTale by Me. So many tags. If I missed credited please either Reblog the correct owner or tell me so I know if I do this agian in the future.

Edit: Okay for everyone’s information! I know Salt and Pepper aren’t Sanes now. I know about where they’re from, but I don’t read it or know anything about Lucidia. So I didn’t know they were OCs. Sheez! So there’s really only 65.