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May I have a MRR with Big Houses by Squalloscope? Thank you for your time c:

When I tap into this song I am drawn Into a scene of solid black. There is fog lifting from the ground and I hear the tell tale signs of a carousel. I start to see the yellowish glow of the lights as they start to shine. I walk closer to the carousel as it starts to go into motion. There’s broken porcelain horses going round and round in circles. This carousel was once a beautiful thing.

There I notice a little girl in a small Lolita dress with curly blond hair. Her hair is done in a big Shirley temple curls. With a ribbon tied on her head.

She gets onto the carousels and rides the horses and I watch for a little bit. She looks very happy but I can sense that she’s a bit sad and lonely. I take a look around to see if I am it just with the carousel or in an actual carnival. I am pulled back to her when she disembarks from the carousel.

She grabs a cotton candy cone from a deserted stand and skips around to go search the carnival alone. There’s no one at the booths and the lights are just now starting to awaken on all the rides. She doesn’t seem to mind being there alone buy herself but I can tell that she’s waiting in something.

Slowly the Carnival is coming to life, but I cannot tell if it’s for the living or for the dead. I am pulled with her to the ticket booth where shapes and figures of beings come into view. At one is get the sense that this is a carnival of spirits and she is the only living thing.

I see that she is happy. Her friends have come to join her. She is no longer alone. I hear the words “We’re here for you. Come join us,” as I watch her walk hand in hand with a tall ghostly figure and disappear into the carnival.

Not a date this time, but “Hunt Wears Prada” twisted by my imagination. Once again, a bit of language and a tiny hint of NSFW-y-ness. Continues after date #2.

Vex was only a little surprised when Hunt drew her name along with Addison’s to go to New York Fashion Week. He had given her this odd look when he had been talking about the trip. It was almost as if he wanted her to go to New York with him, away from the rest of the students and faculty at Hollywood U.

She realized it was probably all in her imagination, but still… her and Addison and Hunt, all alone in New York…

“Oh my gosh!” Addison squealed happily after class. “I can’t believe we get to go to New York Fashion Week! This is totally a dream come true!” She screamed happily, causing Vex to wince. “I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!”

That made Vex pause. “Addi, what exactly does one wear to Fashion Week?” she asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, Vex,” Addison grinned. “I’ll help you pack.”


They left for the trip a week later. Addison had helped Vex pack all the essentials for the week. Vex was confident she’d fit in with the fashionista crowd, even though she herself knew little about fashion. The two met Professor Hunt outside LAX early that morning.

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