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Closer- Travis

There’s something really beautiful about this whole song.


“Lean on me now,
lean on me now”

aienkien [合縁奇縁] | Travlyn

AU: gods au (belongs to @crybabytime)

summary: have you heard the story of the sun and the moon? Travlyn.

a/n: you mention you were feeling low, so here’s a little present to you because you deserve something sweet and good; I hope this makes you smile, hun! If not, maybe a good chuckle? This is just inspired by the cute idea of the worshippers being, essentially, shippers of the gods au universe,,,

warning(s): prepare for the romance clichés, fluff, mention of other pairings



(n.) A couple strangely but happily united; uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate; the mysteries of attraction and relationships or bonds between two people.

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Charming… part 7

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When you arrived at the hotel with Tig you saw Mike standing outside the room door. You hopped off Tig’s bike and you saw Mike walk towards you in a rushed pass. You handed Tig the helmet.

“Y/N” You look towards Mike. “We have a problem.”

“I see you tomorrow Tig.” You said towards him with a smile.

He nods his head towards you. “If you need help call me.”

You gave him a smile and you start to walk with Mike towards your room.

“Anna is freaking out,” Mike says. “She’s packing to leave.”

“What do you mean?”

“She wants to leave,” Mike says opening the door. There were 2 bags by the door. Anna was running around getting everything together.

“Anna?” You said

“Hi Y/N. I’m packing everything so we can leave.” She says with a smile on her face.

You look towards Mike.

“Anna I can’t leave.” You said

“What do you mean?” Anna stopped in her tracks and looks towards you.

“I have to pay back the car.”

“Just sell it to them,” Anna says. She walks into another room.

You looked towards Mike.

“I tried to stop her but she keeps packing.” He said.

You took a deep breath. “Maybe you and her should leave. Just stay in the next town. If I pay back the car I will head towards the two of you.”her should leave. Just stay in the next town. If I pay back the car I will head towards the two of you.”

“No, we can’t do that what if Travis finds you?”

‘Well he’s closer than you think,” You look towards him and give him a fake smile. “and if we are separated maybe one of us can make a chance of survival”

“Y/N that’s not going to happen,” Mike says towards you.

Anna walks back into the room. “I’m going to the reception to check how late the bus leaves.” She looks towards both o us with a smile on her face.  “Wait here.” she quickly says leaving the room.

“Mike, Travis called today.” Mike looked towards you. “He’s in California.”

Anna walks back into the room. “The reception is closed.”

“Anna?” Mike says. She stops in her tracks and looks towards him. “We’re going to take the bus to the next city. Y/N will stay.”Mike looks towards you. “I will be back in a few days to pick you up.”

You nod your head towards him. You knew this was the option. Anna had to be taken in safety. This was our problem. Travis was our problem. anna safety first and then ours.

They got the bags and walked out of the room. You were left in the room alone. Ou sat on the edge of the bed taken the day in. You laid down not knowing what to do next. If Travis found you now. You were going to be dead in seconds you couldn’t survive alone.

You heard the sound of your phone ringing. The sound got louder and louder. You opened your eyes and you realized you felt asleep. You looked at the caller ID.

“Hi Mike”

“Heej. We just arrived.”

You talked with Mike a few minutes before the call ends.

You looked at your phone and saw that you had text from Tig from an hour ago.

Hey, Is everything okay? - Tig

You responded.

Hi, everything is fine. No worry - Y/N

You didn’t get an answer back. You took a shower ate your cold burger and went back to bed.


Tig Pov

He sent a message to Y/N an hour ago and she still didn’t answer. He was worried. He knew the girl a few days but something attracted him to her.

His phone ringed and he saw he got a message from her.

Hi, everything is fine. No worry - Y/N

He felt a relief. When he dropped her off at the hotel the guy who was with her had a worried look on her face and at the hotel, she looked scared. There was something going one. He just wanted to know what?

“Tig.” He heard Clay say. He looked towards him. “Come on they’re here.”

Tig looked outside and saw the men from yesterday’s ride into the parking lot of the Tm. They parked their bikes in front of the garage. Tig walked next to Clay and both men waited in front of the clubhouse for the two men. The men looked towards the garage and Tig saw the man called Travis sign towards the garage. The men made their way towards the garage and Tig and Clay began walking towards them.

The man looked around Y/N car. They walked around and looked into the car. Travis looked toward Clay and Tig who were now also staring at the car.

“Who’s car is that?” Travis asked.

“From a client,” Tig said quickly. It was Y/N car, why would they have an interest in her car. It wasn’t nothing special a simple old car that you could get everywhere. Travis looked towards Mark, who was looking through the window into the driver’s seat.

Marks looks up from the window and looks towards Travis “It looks like their car.” Mark says.

Gemma walks out of the office and walks towards Tig and Clay.  

“Can I see the car?” Travis asks Clay.

Tig looks towards Clay as he nods towards Travis that he can look in the car.

Gemma whispers next to Tig, “What’s going on?” 

Tig doesn’t react. He’s watching the man look around Y/N car.

Mark opens the driver’s door and his hands go straight under the seat. He gets his hand from under the seat in the car. He puts his hand onto the stirring wheel, He took a few seconds in the car before he gets out it. He looks towards Travis and says “It’s most likely her car.” Travis has a little smile on his face. “It smells like her.”

“That’s good news. We’re closer than we thought.” Travis responds towards Mark.

“Who’s car?” Tig asks looking towards Travis. He wanted to know how they knew Y/n and why they were searching for her.

Travis looks towards him. “We still have some business to finish.”

“Nothing to worry about I hope?” Clay says towards the man.

“No don’t worry,” Travis says towards Clay.  “Could you just tell me when she or he come pick it up.”

“We will shall we begin?” Clay says. Travis and Mark nod towards Clay and the three of them start walking towards the clubhouse. When Tig tried to follow the man. He feels a hand a hold his arm. He looks back and he sees Gemma hold him.

“Where is she?” Gemma asks Tig quickly. He looks at her and he sees worries in her eyes.

“At her hotel, I think.” She nods her head and walks away. Tig speeds up his pace so he his behind the man again.

Best Pool Date Ever (WARNING +16)

(Travis and zane in a pool alone) Zane feels angry walking around the pool frustrated with his brothers who are always interfering with him and Travis. He looks in the pool seeing Travis at the bottom of the pool and zane heart stops for awhile.

He dives in grabbing him pulling him to the surface “TRAV-” he couldn’t say nomore as he felt wet lips claim his. He felt his arms rap around and kiss him more.“gotcha…"he hears Travis whisper in his ear. Zane feels hot now under his touch and growls mad.

Zane blushes madly feeling him get closer but something really startles him. He freezes feeling Travis ’ s hand crawling to his trunks and he looks at him"T-travis!!!” He hears him chuckle"sshh let me continue alittle more" Travis whispers.

Zane feels his back hit the wall of the pool making their bodies grind each other.“T-travis….what are you up to…” He couldn’t speak after what Travis did. Travis smirked big as he pulled down their trunks exposing themselves to each other making their bear bodies touch.“Zane…I can’t take much more of this….your brother are always bugging us but nomore…i made sure they can’t bug us now…my little rebel…” Zane could only look at him with disbelief but soon he closed his eyes letting Travis take him in. Zane feel him touch him soft try and his pants alittle"T-travis….I-it…feels weird…“ He felt embarrassed…HE COULDN’T EVEN SPEAK RIGHT!!!.

It felt like heaven Travis felt so happy. Knowing he could touch him without no annoy brothers around. He made sure when they got to his place the he would lock all the doors and the back gate and told Aphmau to take the others out to party. He had Zane all to him selves now.
He pulled him close to him feeling his warm body even in this cold pool. Zane seemed to love what he was doing so he kept going alittle faster now and something made Travis heart thumb. He heard Zane moan….Zane…moaned to his touch. Travis almost lost it hear his voice like that.

Soon after awhile Travis felt Zane quiver against him and something hotter underwater. Travis knew that Zane just finished and now…it was the real fun now. He smiled at Zane who seemed to be in a daze."Zane…let’s get out for now” He whisper in his ear. All he could see was a nod from him.

They climbed out naked leaving their trunks in the pool. Travis sat down on the nearest chair under the umbrella he put up thus morning. “Zane….come her don’t be shy” he saw Zane standing infront of the pool trying to cover his parts but it was cute hiw he did that. Travis loved this side of Zane so submitting and shy not wanting to be embarrassed. Travis was losing his mind seeing him like that and he wanted to take him…here and now…

Zane felt Travis eyes on him as he walked up to him. He stopped feeling him rap his arms around him tight “ sit down…slowly” He heard Travis say quietly. He didn’t know or what he was doing but his body was moving on its own doing what he said. Then everything froze…Zane felt something slide inside him and he gasps feels a sharp pain"A-aahhhh" he wanted to scream but only little yelps and moans came. He opened his eyes alittle seeing Travis having a hard time breathing. Was he in pain like him but soon he saw Travis come closer kissing him hard and deep this time the kiss felt….good.

He lost all feel in his legs as Travis kissed him and he only felt the throbbed of his lower part inside him.“T-travis…” he was losing his mind and he just had to get it out" Yes Zane..“ he hears Travis harsh low voice as if he was calling for him to be one with him.”…Take me…“ Zane had enough of holding back he wanted Travis as he wanted him.

Travis lost it hearing him say such words he pulled him into him kissing he with all his lust but not before gripping his hips hard and starts bouncing him. "Aaaaahhhh” he hears Zane making those sweet noises in his ear and he was losing his mind feeling the inside of his love. Travis never felt to alive in his life. Yea he dated lots of girls but Zane beat them all by far.

Zane never felt such pleasure run through his body before watching Travis go nuts seeing his eyes closed like he’s considerating on something with sweat…or is that water. He didn’t care all he cared right now was Travis ramming him…hard.

Travis felt close to exploding inside of his love but he wonder if Zane was loving it as much as he was so he looked at him and to his surprise Zane was looking right at him as he was bound on him but it seemed Zane was doing it all on his own now since he realized his own hands was next to him supporting himself from falling back. He slowly made his gaze down to where he see where the action is and he was surprised see Zane was as hard as he was too. He wanted Zane to climax with him so he rap his fingers around zane ’ s and start moving up and down seeing his face was full of pleasure.

They both felt themselves holding back but they wanted to become one soon Travis gripped Zane ’ s hips “ I’m close…” he said in a huskey voice and Zane felt close too. As they both were at their limit Zane did one more boucle before Travis thrust up and climax moaning loud. Zane throw his head back feeling himself climax too “"T-TRAVIS” he yell before he finished flopping ontop of Travis who fell back into the chair.

“Heh…that was amazing Zane…Zane?” Travis looked down seeing a sleeping zane in his lap. He sighed seeing he wipe him out from all that. So he took himself out of him cleaning him and zane up good too. But he didn’t mind sitting here naked with zane. He nuzzles close to him closing his eyes “ best pool date ever” he whispered as he fell asleep smiling with Zane.

(Alittle extra)
Garroth and Vylad were worried about their brother who hasn’t been home yet so they went to Travis house to see if he was there. To their surprised the doors were all locked and seal shut. Garroth didn’t like this one bit so he went to the back gate to try it but they froze hearing some weird noises.“G-garroth….I-i think we should leave” Vylad didn’t want to interfere with “that” but garroth is being too curious so he peeked over the fence seeing…ZANE ONTOP OF TRAVIS DOING IT!!! Garroth felt his while face go red and he took a step back"um….let head home for now…“ he speed walk away mumbling and Vylad sighed knowing Garroth will be trying to get Zane to answer some weird questions later so he went with Garroth and they hanged out with each other and let to two lovers alone.

Leave a eat if you did

Oh Travis ❤️💋💓

Sat down stairs on the couch, with your laptop and a whiskey in hand; You type vigorously, sipping the drink trying to finish your work. You knew you were nowhere to being done and felt so bored! Brushing your hair out the way – for it to fall back into your face again – and continued the work, boring you to death… There were many a thing destracting you, but the thing getting your attention the most, was your flat mate and bf Travis – walking around topless??? Your eyes would look up now and then, following him around the room your mouth watering. Travis fell back onto the couch and turned his head to you; even though you could see his beautiful eyes gazing at you through your peripheral vision, you didn’t break contact with the computer screen. Travis rolling onto his knees, crawls forward close to you and you can feel his warm breath bouncing onto your cheek. You don’t break contact so Travis moves closer, his nose brushing against your cheek. He sighs and you feel his lips press against your cheek, sending shivers down your spine. His lips wonder and trail down your neck; your head slowly leans onto his shoulder as you sigh melting at his touch. “Put the laptop down…” Travis whispers slowly brushing his nose with yours. “No baby I have to work.” Then Travis suddnly closes the laptop lid and slides it to the floor’ pulling you up so your both stood. “Well now, you don’t!” “Trav..I ha…“ Before you can finish, his lips press against yours cutting you off. You try to resist his touch but his strong hands grab your wrists tight pulling them down to your sides. You wiggle your shoulders but when you feel his soft tongue push into your mouth, you melt into Travis’s kiss moaning softly. Still gripping your wrists, he pushes you back pinning your hands up. His kiss becomes more forceful and his tongue plays with your own, rolling around your mouth slowly, teasing you. Travis lets your hands fall to your side and you wrap them around his shoulders as his hands wonder to your chest, popping the buttons one by one and soon your shirt falls to the floor. Travis’s fingers run over your exposed chest making you shiver. His lips find their way to your neck and he slowly leaves a trail of wet kisses all the way down from your neck to your collar bone, to your chest. You moan as Travis’s hot lips glide over your nipples sucking slightly and over chest. Sliding your hands down, you pull his shirt off above his head and it rolls to the floor with yours. You run your hand along his chest and down his body. He smiles as he feels your long fingernails going all the way down. Travis presses his body close to yours, your lips nibble at his jaw line and neck. Your tongue runs along his skin soon slipping back into his mouth. His hands find their way to your trousers and he tugs them down with ease, not breaking the kiss. His hands tickle your thighs and you melt at his touch as his fingers slide up your legs, slow and smoothly making you shake at his touch. You pull away from his lips, your noses brushing together. “ I really should get back to work now…” Travis hushes you by attaching his lips to your neck and pressing up against you grinding. You can’t help running your hands through his hair as his body carreses your own erotically. You try tp pull away but go weak at Travis’s magic touch as he places one hand on your hip. “Don’t go…” He whispered his nails brushing up your thigh. “Babe I need-“ Before you can finish Travis’s fingers had reached your knickers and were brushing over them in all the right places. “No I’ve got a big report…” Your voice fades as you feel him slip off your underwear and run his hands down you making your back stiffen. Travis smiles as he lays his head onto your shoulder as he rubs slowly and presses down smoothly slightlyy grinding your hips. You can feel his erection through his jeans pressed against your leg. You wanted to resist him, you knew work was important, but Travis was just so sexy! You wanted to give in to him but tried one last time to resist him. Futile. “Trav I’ll get…” You are cut off, you cant help moaning loudly as you feel Trav’s fingers slip inside you; the power he has over you is too strong, you know you’ve lost the battle. So does he, laughing slightly he curls his fingers making you scream out with pleasure, your hands stroking Trav approvingly as his thumb presses down on your clit rubbing hard and fast. Moaning his name, you dive your hand into his boxers and rub, fondling him softly making him go harder by the second. With his free hand Trav slides off the rest of his clothes letting you move around a bit more, teasing his tip with your fingers. Trav pulls out of you fast, sending you weak at the knees. He sweeps you up and takes you to the bedroom, his nose rubbing yours. He places you down on the bed, climbing on top of you, his lips locking with yours. His tongue pushes into your mouth, taking over giving you a rush of passion. Trav’s hands caress you hips as you pull him under the cover biting down gently on his neck. He pins down your arms pushing into you in an orgasmic rush of lust. He moves slow kissing your chest, it feels amazing as his body thrusts against yours picking up the speed as you both feel burning between your two bodies. As Travis moans you feel a hot burning arise in your body and you scream his name as the bed shakes banging against the wall violently. Travis groans loudly as you both hit the climax together, bodies stiff and shaking. He squeezes your wrists tight, as you squeeze his body with your thighs. You scream and hiss as he bites down hard sucking on your neck as you feel him explode inside you hard and quick. His thrusts slow down and the grip on your wrists slides away. He pulls out of you making you give a small moan as he runs his hand along your tummy kissing your chest. You both pant in each others arms and you smile brushing Travis’s fringe away from his eyes. He kisses your cheek pulling you into his arms tight. “I’m never ever letting you go…” He says softly sending shivers down your spine…. @youandyourstupidrope@purpleswan@benerchic@jodiereedus22@shinydixon@abnormal-angel

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LDR playlist

1) All My Loving - The Beatles 

2) All Our Endless Love - The Bird and the Bee ft. Matt Berninger

3) Can’t Help Falling In Love - Cover by Twenty One Pilots

4) Closer - Travis 

5) Eavesdrop - The Civil Wars

6) Far Away - Nickelback

7) I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons 

8) I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz

9) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls 

10) Long Distance - Cover by Bruno Mars

11) Love Me Like You - Little Mix

12) Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas 

13) Monsoon - Tokio Hotel 

14) Need You Now - Lady Antebellum 

15) Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine 

16) Lay Me Down - Sam Smith 

17) Talking To The Moon - Bruno Mars

18) Thousand Years - Christina Perri 

19) Turning Page - Sleeping At Last

20) Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers 

21) Walking In The Wind - One Direction

22) When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne 

23) Wings - Birdy

24) Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne 

25) Wouldn’t It Be Nice - Beach Boys

26) You and Me - Lifehouse 

27) You Found Me - The Fray

The Rival

Gene sighs frustrated hanging out under the shady tree watching joggers run by. But a black gloomy emo catches his eye and he smirks walking over to him but stops seeing a white haired boy talking to him.“…his name is travis…hmmm” he lean against the tree near them.

Zane blushes madly as Travis is sitting next to him and he was smelling his hair. He growled as he felt travis stroke his head “ you smell so sweet zane…i could eat you up” Travis says to him and Zane crosses his arms blushing more.“…what’s with you…you clinging than usual Travis” Travis smiles and lays his head on zane lap looking up at his blushing face.

Gene blushes alittle looking at them and he looks at Zane. He grew his hair out looking mature now. His voice is so low yet he sounds so smooth to him. Gene takes a step out and freezes when he steps on a stick.

Zane looks back seeing someone looking at them and he tenses up throwing travis off his lap and stands up"W-who….what yo-….G-gene" he freezes and so does Travis who stands up going behind zane being protected.

Gene looks at Zane seeing how…he seems so sexy.He smiles and steps closer but travis steps forward putting himself between them.“Zane it’s been so long how are you…Travis you too” Zane hides more"Hey gene…how you doing “ Gene sees him hiding"Zane….wanna join my gang it’s been forever but we are looki-” “No…I’m sorry gene but no” Gene freezes and looks at him"What…“ he looks at them and zane is not looking at him.

Minutes later Zane is talking to Gene alone while Travis cools off.“Zane you sure grown….I’m surprised you said no…to me” Zane was gonna say something but he slammed into a tree and look up seeing a smirking Gene “ you know…you gotten pretty cute over the years ” Zane shivers feeling his body on his grinding alittle…thank Irene they were on the deep part of the park so it was only them three but zane wishes gene would stop.

Gene kisses zane lips as zane struggle “ Gene stop it please” “wahy…this is what you wanted since freshman year remember” gene grinds his body on his but zane still struggles “ Yes but I’m over it now…I’m grown and I…i don’t love you no more” gene freezes"y…you loved me..“ Zane turns away blushing ” you were blinded by your…Shadow knights and I tried giving you signs even a note but you left me…so i gave up” Gene felt alittle warm but shivers seeing his little emo fighting back “ don’t worry…I’ll make you fall for me over again” he pulls away seeing Travis coming back and hugs Zane you alright" Zane buries his face in travis shoulder"….let’s go" Gene watches leave “ Don’t worry Zane…you will be mine” he walks away not knowing they were being watched.

Two female girls were hiding in a tree. A blonde girl with flowers covering her eyes and a girl with classes with glasses.“P-y-f come on I’m done with the story can we go” P-y-f Smiles taking pictures of zane and travis.“Just alittle long-Aaahhh” she falls out hitting the grass with a thud “ got it all” The blonde one giggles “ Alright it’s time to start it up see ya P-y-f” the gurl waves to p-y-f and stays in the tree humming checking her phone posting the story.

Hope you liked it.
Characters belong to @aphmau @p-y-f

wonomania  asked:

voce tem uma lista das musicas da sua playlist? tem algumas que eu nao consegui descobrir o nome, e a playlist toda é simplesmente perfeitaaaaaaa, to sofrendo ): sao maravilhosas todas as musicas

Obrigada e tenho sim ^^. Aqui está todas as musicas da minha playlist > 

1- Kim Tayor - I am you

2- Carla Bruni - Quelqu’un m’a dit

3- Lia Ices - Daphne

4- Wise Children - A Heart You Can’t Find

5- Honig - Swimming Lessons

6- Communion New Faces - Joe Banfi - Olive Green

7- Little Hands - Inland Sky

8- Casimir Pulaski Day- Sufjan Stevens

9- Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall (Lyric Video) ft. Wrabel

10- BOY - Skin

11- Prince of Spain - Explore

12- French for Rabbits- Two’s Company

13- Bart B More - Cowbell (Nom De Strip Edit)

14- Lotte Kestner - Crush The Bird

15-City and Colour- Day Old Hate

16-Elliott Smith - Between the bars 

17- Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS - Do Or Die (Remix)

18-To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens

19- Sons Of The East - Come Away

20- John Legend - All Of Me (Tiësto Remix)

21- Baby I Need You - Kim Taylor

22- Silver and Gold - City And Colour

23- Prince of Spain - Away We Go

24- City And Colour-Hello, I’m In Delaware

25- Natalie Walker - Waking Dream

26- Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong

27- Words - Ane Brun

28- DVBBS - We Were Young (Official Music Video) [OUT NOW]

29- Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

30- Lucia - Silence 

31- Matt Walters - I Would Die For You

32- Sarah Jaffe - Clementine 

33- Dzeko & Torres & MOTi - Ganja

34- Oasis - I’m Outta Time

35- SOJA - When We Were Younger

36- SOJA - Don’t Worry

37- Dominic Balli - Warrior

38-Jake Bugg - Broken

39-Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix - BFAM

40- Honig - Song for Julie / Berlin Sessions

41- Howie Day - Collide

42-Tom Odell - Hold Me

43-Lifehouse - Blind

44-Oasis - The Masterplan

45- R3hab & Bassjackers - Raise Those Hands

46- Oasis - Don’t Go Away

47-Jake Bugg - Seen It All

48-Kim Taylor - Lost and Found

49-Birdy - Wings

50- R3hab - Samurai (Go Hard)

51- Bon Jovi - Misunderstood

52- Keane - Perfect Symmetry

53- Travis - Closer

54-Roo Panes - Know me well

55- Borgeous - Breathe

56-Oasis - Sad Song

57- City and Colour - The Golden State 

58- W&W - Lift Off! (Original Mix)

59-Keaton Henson - Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us

60-  Lorde - Swingin’ Party

61- Scorpions - When you came into my life

62-City and Colour - The Girl

63-The Fray - You Found Me

64- James Blunt - You’re Beautiful

65- Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

66- Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

67- Nenhum de Nós - O Astronauta de Mármore

68- Mil Pedaços - Legião Urbana

69- R3HAB & DEORRO - Flashlight

70-Thirteen Senses - Gone

71- Pearl Jam - Sirens

72- Kodaline

73- Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is An Animal 

74- Advertising Space - Robbie Williams

75-Tom Odell - Sirens

76-4 Non Blondes - What’s Up

77- Joan Osborne - What if god was one of us

78- R3HAB & VINAI - How We Party

79- Kim Taylor - Save My Life

80- Bastille - Pompeii (Audien Remix)

81-Kansas - Dust In The Wind

82- Coldplay - What If

83- Steve Aoki - Pursuit of happiness

84- Oasis - Slide Away

85- Carnage & Tony Junior - Michael Jord

86-Showtek - We Like To Party (Original Mix)

87- One Republic - Stop and Stars

88-Oasis - Let There Be Love

89-JAGGS - BleepDiFreak (Jeff Nicolas Radio Edit)

90- Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

91- Afrojack - Rock The House

92- Ed sheeran - In Memory


“There’s a pattern to the chaos” of the Mandelbrot set, a fractal construction that contains infinite complexity. Artist Bill Tavis has been fascinated with fractals since his youth, when he was an excellent math student. Though he pursued a career as an artist, not as a mathematician, he’s come full circle with the Mandelmap, an intricate map that celebrates the fascinating geometry of fractals.  

“Arising from a very simple and compact formula, the Mandelbrot set”  — named for mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot — “is stunning when seen as a whole … but its true wonders appear when you try to look closer at the border,” Travis says. It’s impossible to include the entirety of the infinite set in any visual representation, but Tavis hopes the poster will inspire artists, mathematicians, and everyone else to “think about fractals and our world in a new way.” See more of the Mandelmap’s intricate details here.

Songs that for some strange reason remind me of jeansasha

Hands On Me - Vanessa Carlton // Coming Home - Marit Larsen // I Would Do Anything For Me - Foster The People // Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg // Knock Knock - Lenka // Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy // Saturday Smile - Gin Wigmore // Eyes - Rogue Wave // Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift // Baby I’m Yours - Arctic Monkeys // Closer - Travis // Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

(listen here // art credit)

blue night playlist - week of 12/8/14

top 100 most played songs (dated from late 2004 to 2014)

100. everybody’s changing - keane / 99. you are my lady - jung yep / 98. creep - radiohead / 97. fix you - coldplay / 96. good night - nell / 95. 술이야 (alcohol is) - vobe / 94. 시작 (start) - park ki young / 93. you gotta be - des'ree / 92. you raise me up - westlife / 91. 너를위해 (for you) - im jae bum / 90. 들리나요 (can you hear me) - taeyeon / 89. take a bow - rhianna / 88. 뒷모습 (her back) - na yoon kwon / 87. 달팽이 (panic) - snail / 86. the blower’s daughter - damien rice / 85. 나였으면 (if it were me) - na yoon kwon / 84. 끝나지 않은 이야기 (never ending story) - ibadi / 83. 그랬나 봐 (it seems that way) - kim hyun joong / 82. the scientist - coldplay / 81. 고백 (confession) - delispice / 80. somewhere only we know - keane / 79. 고래의 꿈 (a whale’s dream) - bobby kim / 78. 고백 (confession) - hot potato / 77. 달아요 (sweet) - lena park / 76. lately - stevie wonder / 75. will you still love me tomorrow? - inger marie / 74. 넌 감동이었어 (you touched my heart) - sung si kyung / 73. 아는지 (if you know) - kim kwang jin / 72. 취중진담 (drunken truth) - exhibition / 71. angel - sarah mclachlan / 70. don’t look back in anger - oasis / 69. nothing better - jung yeop / 68. put your records on - corinne bailey rae / 67. lucky - jason mraz / 66. 추억은 사랑을 닮아 (memory resembles love) - park hyo shin / 65. 삶은 여행 (life is a journey) - lee tzsche / 64. shape of my heart - sting / 63. happy ending - mika / 62. 별이진다네 (falling star) - traveling sketch / 61. breezy - wouter hamel / 60. 마음을 잃다 (losing my mind) - nell / 59. you’re beautiful - james blunt / 58. the show - lenka /  57. 기억의 습작 (etude of memories) - exhibition / 56. 그대라면 (it’s you) - alex / 55. with you - chris brown / 54. 너에게 간다 (going to you) - yoon jong shin / 53. 춤 (dance) - clazziquai project / 52. better in time - leona lewis / 51. i believe - sung si kyung / 50. 내게 오는 길 (the road to me) - sung si kyung / 49. 사랑한다는 말 (saying i love you) - kim dong ryul / 48. why does it always rain on me? - travis / 47. one - u2 / 46. 미소천사 (smiling angel) - sung si kyung / 45. 아무리 생각해도 난 너를 (no matter how i think) - sweet sorrow / 44. 사랑은 그런것 (love is such a thing) - shim hyun bo / 43. 유자차 (citron tea) - broccoli, you too / 42. so sick - ne-yo / 41. 연인 (sweetheart) - kim yeon woo / 40. vincent - don mclean / 39. thank you - dido / 38. 다시 사랑한다 말할까 (should i say i love you again?) - kim dong ryul / 37. 출국 (departure) - hareem / 36. 정류장 (station) - panic / 35. 위로 (consolation) - kim bum soo / 34. back at one - brian mcknight / 33. 좋을 텐데 (it would be good) - sung si kyung / 32. 위로 (consolation) - hareem / 31. 기억을 걷는 시간 (time walking on memory) - nell / 30. ordinary people - john legend / 29. the reason - hoobastank / 28. by your side - sade / 27. closer - travis / 26. 감기 (cold) - lee ki chan / 25. 기다리다 (waiting) - younha / 24. 봄날은 간다 (one fine spring day) - kim yuna / 23. 사랑한다는 흔한 말 (love, the common word) - kim yeon woo / 22. 눈의 꽃 (snow flower) - park hyo shin / 21. home - michael buble / 20. like a star - corinne bailey rae / 19. she - elvis costello / 18. don’t know why - nora jones / 17. with or without you - u2 / 16. 다행이다 (it’s fortunate) - lee juck / 15. 습관 (habit) - roller coaster / 14. 출발 (star) - kim dong ryul / 13. 두사람 (two people) - sung si kyung / 12. better together - jack johnson / 11. because of you - kelly clarkson / 10. be be your love - rachael yamagata / 09. bad day - daniel powter / 08. officially missing you - tamia / 07. 기대 (anticipate) - na yoon kwon / 06. you give me everything - james morrison / 05. 편지 (letter) - kim kwang jin / 04. 거리에서 (on the street) - sung si kyung / 03. 사랑이 다른 사랑으로 잊혀지네 (love is forgotten through another love) - hareem / 02. 슈퍼스타 (superstar) - lee han chul / 01. 바람이 분다 (the wind blows) - lee sora

most played songs since jonghyun’s become dj.

12. 우울시계 (gloomy clock) - iu / 11. 얼음요새 (ice fortress) - dear cloud / 10. not going anywhere - keren ann / 09. 청춘 (viva primavera) - dickpunks / 08. 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어 (sometimes i want to hug you like crazy) - autumn vacation / 07. 엄마 (mother) - ra.d / 06. night and day - wheesung / 05. love never felt so good - michael jackson / 04. u & i - jonghyun / 03. selene 6.23 - shinee / 02. happy - pharrell williams / 01. 수고했어 오늘도 (good job today) - dalmoon

worthless fighting - sometimes, it’s just easier to be alone.

i. Need It Half Moon Run / ii. Reminder Mumford & Sons / iii. Time To Mend Barcelona / iv. All I Want Kodaline / v. Buzzcut Season Lorde / vi. No Rest For The Wicked Lykke Li / vii. C'est La Mort The Civil Wars / viii. Be Still The Killers /ix. Putting The Dog To Sleep The Antlers / x. Come Back When You Can Barcelona / xi. All These Things That I’ve Done The Killers / xii. Never Be The Same Red / xiii. Stay Away Secondhand Serenade / xiv. Hold Me Now Red / xv. Your Guardian Angel Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / xvi. Echo Jason Walker / xvii. All Of Me John Legend / xviii. Your Bones Of Monsters And Men / xix. Tip Of My Tongue The Civil Wars /xx. Closer Travis /


140421 DreamRadio

1. 부서진 입가에 머물다 - Nell
2. Ordinary People - John Legend
3. 샤이닝 - 자우림
4. Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park
5. Adia - Sarah McLachlan
6. Thugz Mansion (N.Y.) - Nas
7. Take Care - Drake & Rihanna
8. 그땐 - 박지윤
9. Tonight Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins
10. 우리는 - 이승열
11. 1분 1초 - 에픽하이

12. 풍경 - 시인과 촌장

13. Fix You - Coldplay
14. Across The Universe - Fiona Apple
15. With You - Chris Brown
16. Letter From Home - Pat Metheny
17. I’D Do It All Again - Corinne Bailey Rae
18. Closer - Travis
19. 김동률 - 감사

20. I Will Be There - The Jackson 5

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Rae Earl's Ever-growing Horn Playlist

Evin and I received a most awesome playlist request from the oh so talented Etain teastaindiary

So we present to you on MMFD Monday 2 sexually frustrated playlists featuring our Frae! 

Rae Earl’s Ever-growing Horn Playlist is a collection of songs that are gladiator in loin cloth approved. Imagine Rae engaging in some lady time activities. Cassette tape playing. Candles burning. Sexy Boy…#1 crush…Feeling Good..playing in the background. A wrinkled picture of Finn in her hands. Ms. Dewhurst peeping through her window as she hears strange sounds coming from across the street!

That Rae Earl is a strange girl indeed. Enjoy emus!

Have fan and fresh pair of knickers ready!

-xoxx, Alyssa

Rae Earl’s Ever-growing Horn Playlist

Sexy boy - Air

Shoop - Salt-N-Pepa

Kiss - Prince

Je T'aime Moi non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg

Tell Me Something Good - Rufus

My Boo - Ghost Town DJs

Something About Us - Daft Punk

Latch - Disclosure

Any Time, Any Place - Janet Jackson

Gentle Man - Jensen Sportag

Handsome Devil - The Smiths

Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Trick Pony - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Daydream in Blue - I Monster

Read My Lips - Ciara

Suck My Kiss - Red hot Chili Peppers

#1 Crush - Garbage

Waiting Game - Banks

Lullabies - Yuna

Closer - Travis

Feel It All - KT Tunstall

Manner Of Speaking - Nouvelle Vague

Tonight - Lykke Li

I’m Kissing You - Des'ree

I Want To - Best Coast

It Was Always You - a Danny and Mindy fanmix (The Mindy Project)

1. It was always you - Maroon 5 // 2. I’m a mess - Ed Sheeran // 3. This ain’t goodbye - Train // 4. I’m yours - The Script // 5. Wanted is love - Phillip Phillips // 6. Run ft. Sugarland - Matt Nathanson // 7. You were made for me - Augustana // 8. Closer to love - Mat Kearney // 9. Save you - Matthew Perryman Jones // 10. Closer - Travis // 11. Hold you in my arms - Ray LaMontange // 12. In your arms awhile - Josh Ritter // 13. Love is all I am - Dawes