JC walked down the side walk quickly, ignoring the whistles from a few cars that passed by. She hated that the pictures had come out, but she didn’t regret it. She looked hot as hell and kinda liked it. She pulled her backpack straps tighter as she walked past Raphael’s house and down the driveway, walking a bit faster as the boy’s car whipped into his driveway. Running to her door, she struggled with her keys as she tried to get in without having to talk to her friend about the whole situation. 


It wasn’t often that Raphael got angry but when he opened his email while waiting for homeroom, he was livid. He felt his free hand clench and his face grow hot. He slammed his locker shut and barreled down the hall. As the tallest guy in school, he was fairly noticeable and people seemed to just know that they needed to move out of the way. “RIZZO!” he boomed, throwing the other boy against the locker and resting his arm dangerously close to his neck.“You have ten seconds to explain or I’m going to break every bone in your hand,” he seethed.