omg I thought everyone had them, but apparently not. Basically in the UK, Ireland, some other European countries and commonwealth countries you get 8 - 10 public holidays on various, seemingly random Mondays scattered throughout the year, so basically you get 8 - 10 long weekends a year and it’s fantastic. 


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Seeking Unemployment: Closed RP

A busy day at the laugh factory meaning a busy day checking numbers securing cans hiring new scarers and laughers. Not seeing your bed until near midnight since there was so much to get done. Sulley was used to it however, the stress that came with being a CEO he knew how to handle it. He just had to make sure he paced himself. His last interview of the day became a little strange since it was someone he never thought he would see again and it ended up with him with his office door locked and his legs up.

“Even…after this…I…don’t think…I can give you your job back Randall…”


milkythefrozen  asked:

Right Crowley likes James Bond we know because he is a dork but there are lots of things that say Aziraphale is an even BIGGER sci-fi dork. Evidence for this being the reference to the 'Exorcist' film w/ the head spinning and vomiting but also when azi, Madame Tracy and Shadwell are on the scooter it describes how the scooter didn't make a rainbow coloured trail of light which is ref to ET. Which says that Azi has watched a whole range of Sci-fi films especially the really bad cult films

Az watches sci-fi movies: accepted. But that raises more questions: does he watch them alone, or with Crowley? does he go see them in theatres, or wait for them to come out and then watch them in his backroom or Crow’s flat?


Pairing: Kanamari

Word Count: 3517

Summary: After two years, Kanan finally felt as though she was okay with how her first year ended, but with Mari’s surprise reappearance, Kanan finds herself thrown back into the drama of unwanted memories. Desperate, she seeks help from the only other person who would understand, 

Note: I’m sure this has been written two million times already and I’m sure the anime will explain their history, but I’m impatient so here’s what I want to happen following the ep 4 scene. I’ll write some more kanamari stuff when they’re fleshed out a bit more. 

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