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My opinion: he left 1D for real, THOUGH I think this was planned. With him leaving, modest are going to get so much shit, sales for upcoming shows and albums etc will probably fall. They'll most likely end the contract quicker than October 2015. I already think they have a new management planned out

Do you realize that I’ve been saying for a long time that I think the management transition happens in April and Irving Azoff is taking over?

And I’m going to guess that Zayn was so fed up with the past few years that when he had a chance to continue to sign on with the band on better terms, he said no thanks.

Brides of the Kindred AU ((closed w/ gillmidfort

Eddie was standing on the other side of his future brides home. Watching her and listening to her as she played the piano. “Mine.” He hissed. Wanting to feel her smooth skin and smell her soft flower scented hair. “I want her now, Pierre….” He was about to walk across to get her when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and glared at Pierre.


It’s over! Over? Over!

There are a couple of things I know I did wrong (injections went a little fidgety, and the patient education portion I spent mostly educating on Condition A instead of Condition B because I misunderstood the instructions), but nothing hugely major went wrong and I didn’t blind anyone, so I think it went okay!

Now, just to wait a month for the results.


Run The Jewels - Close Your Eyes (Official Video) (New)