• widowmaker:When I was a girl, I had a fear of-
  • tracer:hi
  • widowmaker:-spiders. I was told they felt no emotion. That their-
  • tracer:OOooh are you tryna do some dramatic speech close up cuz i think you're doing pretty-
  • widowmaker:HEARTS NEVER BEAT.
  • tracer:
  • widowmaker:But now i know the truth. At the moment-
  • tracer:Whatcha lookin at exactly like are you staring into the sky or like blanking out while speaking to make the ambience more-
  • widowmaker:WILL YOU LET ME FINISH MY LINE!!!11!1
  • tracer:Oh of course go on.
  • widowmaker:*sighs* thank you. At the moment of the kill, they are never more-
  • tracer:Why you purple.
  • widowmaker:ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

like……….. i did my thesis on how tumblr is an effective entrypoint into ethnic studies and critical thinking in general but like, part of that was the recognition that tumblr #discourse is so different from academic or irl activist discourse like. my professor specifically talks about the danger of constructing ourselves, or anything (and we’re talking about decolonizing movements right now, so she very much means Anything) as “Politically Pure,” and certainly i use “complex personhood” a lot, which is the Actual Academic Term for “Hello Yes Its OK To Like And Feel Things that are quote-unquote ‘P r o b l e m a t i c’ because otherwise how do you Live and Survive.” for marginalized peoples, enjoying life is an act of resistance. accusing someone of being “problematic” (i understand the use of that word but i critiqued it in my thesis and it.,.,.., bothers me so much now lmao) necessarily reflects on how YOU perceive this person (and by extension yourself) as being otherwise Politically Pure. which nobody is!!! chill!!! there are so many small things that people need in their life to make them happy and as whole as one can be in a culture which otherwise deliberately intends to strip you of happiness and wholeness like

idk, chill

Overwatch Shipping Appreciation

Roadrat: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol

Mercy76: Gimme granpappy and grandma darlin’ dearest being cute af

Reaper76: Gimme dat delish angst and daddy duo

MercyKill: Gimme dat ultimate level: death blossom from above angst (holy guacamole the angst is too real with this ship)

McHanzo: Gimme dat Mr. Rodeo man who lives off of cheesy puns and memes in love with Mr. Dark, Broody and Serious shit

McGenji: Gimme dat cowboy cyborg ninja love

Genyatta: Gimme dat teacher/student bonding time (and not the friendly type huehuehue)

McReaper: Ditto, but probably with a lot more hate sex involved idk

McMercy: Gimme dat cheerful cowboy brightens doctor’s day (in more ways than one ohohoho)

Widowtracer: Gimme dat epic rivals with unresolved sexual tension

Meihem: Gimme dat freezer with literal combustible oven lovey dovey junk

Junkmetra: Gimme dat opposites attract and balance each other out while both being adorable loveliness

Pharmercy: Gimme dat witty ship name and awesome dynamic, gives me LIFE

ZaryaMei: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol (femslash version)

Gency: Gimme dat “you keep saving my life and I like that shit” (plus your face)

Mercymaker: Gimme dat doctor loves spider who may kill people for actual fun but she’s like idgaf love ya babe

Symmpharah (holy Christ did I even spell that right??? Forgive me!): Gimme dat ORDER SUPREME (with a side of JUSTICE)

Bunnyribbit: Gimme dat hippity hop “Yo, I love your bunny top” (and you, highkey tbh) pureness

Boombox: Gimme dat Say Anything romance (but with much more explosions)

Highboom: Gimme dat “Jfc I’m too fuckin’ slow to get out of the way of your High Noon bullshit and–well, fuck now I’m dead. But I love ya anyway, mate.”

Reinhardt/Ana (I don’t know the official ship name and that is a crying SHAME): Gimme dat old couple adopts a bunch of misfits and freaks and absolutely LOVES and takes care of them all

All ships not listed above bc I’m just doing stuff off the top of my head: Gimme dat–

In other words, whatever ship you’re sailing, whatever headcannons you have, I support it. You do you, fam. Let’s end these ridiculous shipping wars now, yeah?

I’m in the middle of my BA thesis (I actually have to submit it in less than two weeks, oh dear), and after a fortnight of hardly drawing anyting I felt the urge to colour some old doodles from my sketchbook. I scanned them and then printed them onto water colour paper (because I don’t have a light table so tracing is hardly possible). It’s not really recommendable though because the printer makes even the biggest scan resolution all pixelish. I still kinda like them and if you don’t look too closely, it’s okay :’)


Detective Conan (名探偵コナン)

It’s guys versus girls from the cast of Detective Conan in this new rock star set of posters from the November issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon Japan | eBay), both illustrated by animation director Akio Kawamura (かわむらあきお).


It’s always a pleasure jumping this one #Closely #6yo #hanoverian #salehorse #misterdependable #hunterjumper #equitation #highlandfarmllc

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AT boredly kicked his legs as he sat in a tree. His mind was on a friend who hadn't left his mind since heat season started about three days ago. He inwardly cursed himself for his weakness but didn't bother trying to get his mind off of the fascinating neko. (~animaltalesans)

Random was wondering out of rang from ATs territory. His scent was stronger and seemed to smell sweeter as he tried to find s secluded place to cool off.