Lulu Fitzgerald | 21 | Pansexual | Dance | FC: Cher Lloyd | CLOSED

There’s only one word to describe Lulu. And that’s unique. She wears the oddest clothes, her nails are always a different color with some design on them and she has confidence while doing it. Since she was young she’s had a love for dance but not ballet. Ballet was far too constrained for her. She favored modern dance and belly dancing. Her mother said that belly dancing was in her Gypsy roots.

She barely got by in school, but when she was accepted to Norville for dancing? Her family was exceptionally proud of her. She would be the first member to attend college and now Lulu simply wants to finish school, dance and make her family proud. Nothing else matters. Lulu tries to make friends, but a lot see her as someone who’s just plain weird. As for romance? Well, she’s a hopeless romantic and nothing less than someone that treats her right will do.

Secret: She’s scared of disappointing her family.