Markus Deloriah || Teacher || Johnny Depp

Before: Markus was average, and just that. He got average grades and had average parents. He went to an average public school and had average friends. He played on a basketball team and was pretty average with his talent. He graduated in an average manner, with no above-expected grades, but none below expectations. He went to a college and graduated with a teaching degree, and went on to teach middle school algebra. He’s just as average as his background, kind and caring in the right measures, but also a strict believer in equality and safety for everyone. No one knows why he was sent to the island.

After: Unlike the others, Markus woke up in one of the caves. When he found his way out, he saw his surroundings and his thoughts immediately went to caring for whoever else might be there. He didn’t find anyone, however, and soon settled down on the island, living in whatever crevasses he could find and making it up as he went along. However, he is not without fault, and often has issues favoring younger people over older ones. He can be condescending without knowing it and repeats himself a lot, a remnant of his past.


Brandon Santana→ 18 → Nice, Flirt → Face Claim: Jacquees

About Brandon:

Brandon flirts with every girll. Taken or not. If he believes he has his chances of taking your girl he will. He’s very generous so sometimes his niceness is taken for flirting when he’s just trying to be nice and spare feelings. Brandon’s on top of the charts when it comes to being a lady’s man and making girls like him. This is one of the reasons his friends take him everywhere, because they know if he says some romantic enough words he’d be able to get the girls to fall for him & his friends. 

 Brandon’s Connections:

Noah Dixon - Close Friend
Aaron Santana - Brother 

Brandon’s Secret:

“ Do we really have to share these things… " 

Carson Martinez // Eighteen // Senior

“People consider me the slacker because after being separated from my sister in the system, I stopped caring about anything.”

  • [ + ] : Protective, Charismatic
  • [ - ]: Detached, Stubborn

Nobody Knows But:

Me and Nylah were told around the age of 7 and 8 that our father was dead and that’s why we stayed with our grandmother, but I recently found out that he’s actually living in Georgia with a new family. 


✗ Nylah Martinez: Carson and Nylah are siblings and share the same father. They were separated after being placed in child protective services following the death of their grandmother and have not seen each other in five years.


My name is NICO DI ANGELO and I am EIGHTEEN years old.  I am a son of HADES and reside in CABIN THIRTEEN.  Some say I look like ASH STYMEST but I say he looks like me.

☠ Q U O T E

“With great power comes…great need to take a nap.”

☠ B I O G R A P H Y

Nico di Angelo, son of Maria di Angelo and Hades, and brother to Bianca di Angelo was born in the 1930’s in Venice, Italy, before World War II started. Nico and his sister were brought to the Lotus Hotel and Casino where they thought they had stayed for only a month but ended up being there for approximately 70 years. After that, when they were brought out of the Casino, Nico soon found himself in the midst of the Great Titan War. During this time, Nico earned himself the title of the Ghost King having taken it from King Minos, and the title of the Ambassador of Pluto. Unfortunately, his experience in the Great Titan War wasn’t all earning titles, when he was ten years old, he lost his sister, Bianca while she was on a quest with Percy Jackson and his friends. It took Nico quite a while to finally let go and forgive Percy, but luckily he did and they became quite close friends.

Nico doesn’t quite know what to make of what’s going on with his father.  He knows for a fact something is wrong, and he knows the jist of what’s happening, but Nico feels as if his father is still keeping something very significant under wraps.  Nico wants nothing more than to try and help, especially since he holds the title of the Ghost King, but being kept in the dark is making him more angry than anything else.

☠ C O N N E C T I O N S

Percy Jackson - Friend - Percy was one of the first people Nico actually came to know after being taken out of the Lotus Hotel and Casino.  Though Nico really won’t admit it to anyone but those he deems his close friends, Percy was also Nico’s first crush.  By now Nico has told Percy about this, and Nico’s thankful that Percy doesn’t tease him about it too much.

Jason Grace - Close friend - Surprising to just about everyone, Nico and Jason hit it off pretty well, though this is mainly because Jason showed just how much Nico could trust him after being the first to know and keep secret the fact Nico had a crush on Percy.  Now Nico finds it fairly easy to actually somewhat joke around with Jason.

Hades - Father - Nico is often thought of as to be the closest child with Hades, but mainly because of the longer history the two of them share.  Nico cares deeply for his father, though he does have some issues with Hades’ morals.

Nico Di Angelo is CLOSED

➢ I N T R O D U C T I O N

My name is LUKAS SUMMERS and I am EIGHTEEN years old.  I am a son of HECATE and reside in CABIN EIGHTEEN. Some say I look like LUKE HEMMINGS but I say he looks like me.

➢ Q U O T E

“Find something that makes you happy and don’t let anyone take it away from you.”

➢ B I O G R A P H Y

Michael Summers II, otherwise known as the man who would come to sleep with the goddess Hecate but not know that she bore two sons instead of one.  The goddess had bore twins, but only left Michael Summers III in her place the morning she left Michael Summers II.  It didn’t slip Hecate’s mind that it was unfair to take one twin and train him as her prodigy while leaving the other behind, but she wanted someone to train.  A child to train.  

While Michael Summers III was taken care of by their father, Lukas, the younger of the twins was taken away to one of Hecate’s temples where the goddess trained him once he had grown old enough.  Since Lukas grew up with magic and the knowledge of gods and their world, he didn’t find these things as wonderful or horrible as demigods usually did.  All of this was just a part of his life, and therefore he didn’t question it once.   Of course, what he did question often, was why he couldn’t have any friends.  Though being raised by a goddess as her prodigy would have been a fantastic thing to anyone, Lukas included, the young boy couldn’t help but also wish he could have some friends his age.  Lukas had asked his mother this question numerous times before, but Hecate always replied with the same thing which was that others couldn’t know about her or this world, and as time went on Lukas dropped the subject.  

It was during a day of training alone in one of the rooms of the temple that Hecate had approached Lukas with the idea of going to Camp Half-Blood.  She went on to explain that he could help with teaching her other children how to control their abilities, and Lukas nearly jumped up and down at the idea.  For once in his life he’d be surrounded by people his age and maybe actually get to make some friends.  It was that night that Lukas and Hecate left for Camp Half-Blood.  Hecate dropped him off at the entrance to camp before enveloping him in a hug and leaving.  There was one crucial piece of information that Hecate never ended up mentioning to the boy, and that was the fact that Lukas’ older twin brother had been killed in a monster attack several years back along with his father.

➢ C O N N E C T I O N S

Hecate - Mother - Unlike most of his siblings, Lukas has a very good relationship with his mother, this being because he ended up growing up in one of her temples.  The only downside to this is that Lukas has to typically deal with hate from his other siblings, or hear them hating on their mother.
Cassia Blake - Sister - Cassia is probably the sibling that Lukas is closest to.  She was the first siblling of his that he met upon arriving to camp, and for a while followed her around like a lost puppy, constantly asking her questions about camp.
Nyssa Lorenzo - Friend - Lukas’s closest friend at camp, the two of them met while Lukas was still living at his mother’s temple.  Nyssa had come by to help fix up the place after a rather horrible monster attack, and while Nyssa was there, the two bonded, Lukas being happy to have a finally make a friend his age.

Lukas Summers is CLOSED

— ❝ If you weren’t already aware, this is AIDEN TESSEMA, a 25 year old male from Scarborough, Canada. He has the tendency to be intuitive and charming, but also inexplicable and detached. Aiden is often told that he bears a striking resemblance to abelxo but, he doesn’t see it.


  • Aiden’s family immigrated to Canada in the early 80’s from Ethiopia. His parents both being in his life up until the age of 7, Aiden became very dependent on his  mother and grandmother, but since his mother worked he was mostly around his grandmother who taught him Amharic, which is his first language followed by French and English. Aiden isn’t angry with his father, many of his actions mirror his fathers, negative and positive.
  • At 17, Aiden convinced his best friend Lamar Taylor to drop out of high school with him. One weekend, Aiden grabbed his mattress and threw it in the back of their friend’s van and left home and went to go live a “Downtown” lifestyle. Aiden and his friends lived in a house on 65 Spencer in Parkdale, Toronto. Later that house and that fateful weekend became the spark of his early career, using the house as inspiration for his mixtape “House of Balloons”. Unbeknownst to many, before Aiden started to go by “The Weeknd”, his stage name was Kin Kane and he was apart of a Rap/RnB trio “ Kin Kane Bulleez & Nerdz” in 2008.
  • Upon releasing his mixtapes on his tumblr page, a well known rapper, Isaias Moreau, heard it and brought him to perform thus giving birth to the “OVOXO” duo. Gaining buzz afterward Isaias presented an offer to Aiden to sign with OVO. Unfortunately, Aiden declined in attempt to remain independent which immediately caused tension between the duo and created a cold war between them. Recently both parties cleared any rumors of beef between them and continue to be friends/enemies. Aiden, sticking to his guns, is still to this day under his own collective “XO”.


Aiden is an independent recording artist with 3 studio albums out and is currently working on his 4th.


LUST - If it wasn’t for his father’s infidelities, Aiden wouldn’t be the man he is today. Aiden “idolized” his father for his sins, even as far as using them as inspiration. Often sexualized as a mysterious man, Aiden used it to his advantage. Women weren’t objects to him, he loved every woman he was with until one broke his heart. Unable to cope with his heart break he’d go from woman to woman trying to find his missing piece only to find himself growing emotionless and cold. Pussy was easy to get and he came to the conclusion no one would ever be that “somebody”


  • N/A.

Ja'Marius Gladney // Seventeen // Junior

“People consider me the student athlete because I can do both very well. Keeping a high GPA as well as high stats..”

  • [ + ] : Chill, Intellectual, Intelligent
  • [ - ]: Uncertain, Dull at times, Irritable

Nobody Knows But:

My father sold drugs so that I can get the basic things in life that me and my sister needed. That was until he was gunned down close to our house. I still have nightmares about it from time to time.


✗ N/A


[ A B O U T V I C T O R. ]

  • Victor was born and raised in Jump City, California by his parents, Silas & Elinore Stone. Both of them worked at S.T.A.R Labs as scientist, frequently spending time at the lab on their Dimensional Transmitter project. Victor occupied himself by taking walks outside or staying at his grandparents’ place.
  • Victor was a promising strong teenage athlete during his high school career. Following the last game of his senior year, he and his mother got into a car accident on their way to visit his father, Silas Stone. Silas was supposed to meet up with Victor’s mother at the game, but he was too preoccupied at the lab and forgot about the game. It was on their way to the lab that another car crashing into them, severely injuring Victor and killing his mother. He has a deep resentment for his father because if he showed up to Victor’s football game as promised, the accident could’ve been avoided.
  • He had to take some time off during high school in order to recuperate. During his down time, he took up computers and robotics as a hobby which led to him majoring in computer engineering in college. He spent a lot of his time tinkering and trying to come up with new technology.
  • After his father’s recent passing, Victor used the money left to him to start up his own auto shop. He’s still in the process of setting everything up.
  • Victor continues to get more tattoos in order to cover up his old scars.

[ E X T R A F A C T S. ]

  • Birthday + Zodiac: April 23rd, Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Occupation: Automotive Technician
  • Housing: (Admins will fill out)
  • Education: Graduated

[ P H O N E N O T I F I C A T I O N S. ] —

  • [ Incoming FaceTime call from “Nubs” ]
  • [ 10 new emails. ]
  • [ Text message from “BB.”- waffle run?  ]

[ C O N N E C T I O N S. ]  —

  • Teen Titans — Friends.

Meet BRANDON SMITH. He is 21 YEARS OLD and they are majoring in FASHION DESIGN as a SENIOR. People mistake him for CHOLOEADDY. He is UNAVAILABLE at the moment.

   “I'm thinkin' how she ride on it, if she sits on it, if she licks on it."

↳ C E L L  P H O N E:

@fuck_brandon: If you bout bullshit. Stay away from me.

15 of unread messages from: Don'tAnswer: “I’m sorry please pick up!”

↳  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N:

Extracurricular activity(ies), if any: Kappa alpha psi and Track

Job, if any: Intern at his step dad's Law Firm

DOB: July 31st, 1994

↳  B R A N D O N  K N O W S:

Lailani Martinez: Brandon and Lai have been best friends since they were the age of 8 years old. They’ve always been seen with each other ever since.

Karter Stevens: Karter is Brandon’s ex girlfriend. Karter once upon a time thought Brandon was cheating on her with another female due to the time he was spending with her, instead of Karter.

Mia Resendez: Brandon was Mia’s on and off fuck buddy while with Karter. They still have communication from time to time and still sleep around.


Flame Prince → Prince→  17 →  TAKEN
(face actor is Rupert Grint) 

  • Heir to the throne of the Fire Kingdom
  • His mother wants him to be evil, but he wants to be good. Flames is torn between the two. 
  • He does not live at home anymore.
  • Flames is dating Fionna.

What’s wrong with you?! Don’t ever mess with me again! -Flame Prince


"I'm just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarrass easily.”

[ A B O U T T R E V O R ] —-

  • Trevor was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • He was born August 30, 1996.
  • He stared in a Disney Movie called “Let It Shine”
  • He has an older brother name Ian Jackson.
  • Trevor has aspirations to become a well known singer and actor.
  • One of his biggest influences is Michael Jackson.

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ] —-

  • twitter name: @trevorjackson
  • instagram name: @trevorjackson5 
  • fan base: Trevor’s Bae’s

[ C E L L P H O N E  ] —-

  • [4 Missed Calls from “Mom”]
  • [147 Instagram Notifications]
  • [5 New Emails]

[ C O N N E C T I O N S  ] —-

  • Zendaya Colemen; Close Friend.
Sirius Black | Nineteen | Order of the Phoenix | Pureblood | Taken
  • Sirius was born into the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black: the firstborn son, the heir, the one who was expected to carry on the family’s legacy and follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. 
  • His childhood was spent in the expected way: socializing with his cousins and other children of proper breeding, tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, piano lessons, French lessons, a betrothal set up from a young age. 
  • Behavior was a problem for him from a young age. As children, Sirius and Regulus had very distinct roles that they kept to. Sirius was the loud one, the boisterous one, the troublemaker, the leader. Sirius would often take the blame for Regulus on the rare occasions he did get into trouble, and never minded taking the hit when it came between standing between his brother and his parents’ heavy-handed approach to childrearing. 
  • Sirius did his best to struggle into the mold of perfect pureblood son (despite his penchant for troublemaking and making waves, amidst the feeling he didn’t belong where he was). When it came time to go to Hogwarts, he even went so far as to ask the sorting hat to put him in Slytherin, just to avoid making waves.
  • Luckily for him, however, he managed to catch the eye of the boy he’d befriended on the train, James Potter, and was sorted into Gryffindor before he could thing better of it. He didn’t know it at the time, but this same boy would be his rock through the next seven years, getting him through so much more than the scandal of his sorting. 
  • Life away from his childhood friends and family was hard, but Sirius made up for it as best he could, by befriending the marauders (who became a family all their own) and using his attitude to appear as if everything was running perfectly smoothly. 
  • He made quite the name for himself at school: sleeping around to avoid dealing with his feelings, pulling pranks alongside his best friends, laughing louder than anyone else in the room. There were times it was genuine, and there were times it was an act, but one thing was for sure: he was making waves. 
  • No wave, however, made a bigger impact than the summer after his fifth year, when he cut ties with his family for good and ran away from home, becoming a full-time residence of the Potter household and forging his own path for the first time in his life. The transition wasn’t easy, but it was good for him in the long run. His surrogate family of friends became the only real family he had, and he did his best to seem as though he never looked back.
  • The summer before seventh year, Sirius officially dropped out of school. It didn’t take long until he reenrolled, thanks to urging from his friends, but it was the first indicator of how he believed himself ready for life outside the castle walls. He wanted to take action, not just huddle amongst his peers and wait for the next shoe to drop. 
  • Seventh year brought a number of changes for Sirius. Although he meant to prove to himself how unlike his family he was, there were hiccups along the way. When his cousin Bellatrix used an Unforgiveable against someone he was close to, Sirius had little problem summoning up his old learnings from the House of Black and using one against her in retaliation.
  • This set him on a slippery slope: use of dark magic for what he considered ‘good enough’ causes, accepting lessons from old friends in hopes of defending himself and those he cared about. 
  • A duel over Easter Break was one of the things that really set him straight about his future: he felt at home dueling and fighting for things he believed in, but he felt even more at home when he was fighting alongside his friends, as well as for them. His eyes were opened to the realities of war and he was determined to do better for himself. He worked a little harder, made a more honest effort when it came to dating Marlene, and tried to be a more upstanding citizen. Like most things he put his mind to, it worked…for a while.
  • Upon urging from Remus and his cousin Andromeda, Sirius began to look into actual options for his future career, landing at last on cursebreaking, which would combine all of his disconnected interests and niche skills with adventurous, hands-on experience. Despite his lack of preparation, Sirius focused at the last minute and brought in impressive NEWT grades that made this new dream a reality for him. 
  • He bought a flat in London and welcomed two new roommates: his best friend and fellow marauder Remus, as well as his newly-runaway cousin Andromeda. 
  • As far as the war stands, Sirius is taking it very personally and is ready to step in at a moment’s notice. This is what he believes he was built for: he has the temper, the disposition, the love of adrenaline highs, and the right background to really stick it to the people that screwed him over so long.
  • He only hopes that he has what it takes to keep himself together enough to take care of the people he loves: without them, he honestly doesn’t know what he would do. The boy who’s been faking a joking smile for so long is finding it harder and harder to do so…but won’t give up the laughter, no matter the cost.
+ brave + clever + energetic + loyal
- facetious - dogmatic - cocky - reckless - emotional


  • Narcissa Black: cousin; slowly becoming more estranged
  • Andromeda Black: cousins, closer than ever after her break from the family
  • Bellatrix Black, Regulus Black: estranged relatives, bitterness
  • Remus Lupin: best friend, marauder, roommate 
  • James Potter, Peter Pettigrew: best friends, fellow marauders
  • Lily Evans: close friends
  • Marlene McKinnon: it’s complicated, to say the least
  • Dorcas Meadowes: cursebreaking co-worker
  • Alecto Carrow: ex-betrothed, tutored him in the Unforgiveables
  • Evan Rosier: childhood best friends turned enemies
Faceclaim: Ben Barnes

Magnus Bane || 800+ || fc: Godfrey Gao || Taken

Just before the battle, Magnus Bane resigned as High Warlock of Brooklyn and moved out of the city, refusing to provide aid to the Shadowhunters any longer. But now, he’s having headaches and nightmares and he thinks it might be connected to the Shadowhunters coming back to life in New York. Will this mysterious connection be enough to bring him back?


Gilderoy Lockhart | 19 | Ravenclaw Alumni | FC: Bradley James | TAKEN

You are yet to meet a more narcissistic fellow than young Gilderoy Lockhart. This boy will do anything for the spotlight. He is quite a fan of lying and cheating just to get what he wants- everything. Gilderoy has the looks to match his pride, mind you and most girls fall weak at the knees for him, to the shock of the majority of males.

Gilderoy will literally do anything to get on top. He’ll use his good looks, lie and cheat, but how low will he actually go to gain power?  Is Gilderoy actually using someone else to do all his work for him? Of course. He’s too pretty to do his own work. It also begs the question, will he be easily swayed to the wrong side if they offer him a good enough deal?

Friendships: Up to roleplayer.

Romantic Interest: Rita Skeeter.


"If they don’t know your dreams they can’t shoot them down.”

[ A B O U T D E V I N ] —-

  • He played college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats.
  • He was drafted 13th overall in the 2015 NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns.
  • His birthday is October 30th, making him a Scorpio.
  • He is from Mississippi.
  • He plans to go back to college after playing professional basketball for 5 years.
  • He speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Italian. 

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ] —-

  • twitter name: @_dev
  • instagram name: @dbook  
  • fan base: N/A 

[ C E L L P H O N E  ] —-

  • [Outgoing message to Lo: wake up nigga we got shit to do]
  • [Reminder: Photo shoot at 2]
  • [12 missed calls]

[ C O N N E C T I O N S  ] —-

  • D’Angelo Russell; Close Friend.