anonymous asked:

Any fanfic recommendations?

I haven’t read many fics on here yet, unfortunately. But I can recommend the ones that look really interesting and that I’m planning on reading once I’m finished with the school. 

@intoyou-phff (this is the only fic I’m actually reading at the moment!)




I’ve also been told to check out @thatgingermuppet‘s fics so maybe you can too if you’d like. :) 

I wish I could recommend more! :( If anyone has any good fic recommendations (especially of lesser known fics), please feel free to send them in so that we all can enjoy the amazing work and creativity that’s in the fandom! :)

Edit: Here are all the ones that people have suggested - @phff-melody-of-the-heart-2016, @afirethatwontdie-phff, @swedishroyallove, @phff-loveatfirstsight, @historyrepeatsitself-phff, @theunexpectedhappened, @papillon-phff, @onewildride-phff@phfanfic-closedheart, @undeniable-phff, @whydontyoustay-phff, @startingnow-phff@royallyexpecting, @hrhduchessoflancaster, and @lovinghenry-phff. Also, check out @royalfanficcollection for more! Thanks to everyone that gave their recommendations! I can’t wait to check these out and I hope this helped you out, anon. :)