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Kiss, interrupted: part 3

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“Of course, Sister. Now pray excuse me,” she said and fled to the quietness of her room.

Sister Bernadette closed the door behind her and took a deep breath. She felt dog-tired, but knew that she could not sleep. Her head was in turmoil.

You will have to ask yourself what the habit you wear really means to you. Sister Julienne’s words kept going round and round in her head. Sister Bernadette fingered the navy fabric. There had been a time she had felt blessed to wear it. It hid her body from the world, providing a sense of security and comfort that had been unknown to her before. Now, it felt restricting. She removed the cross from her breast, then her wimple. The heavy fabric of her habit followed; she folded it neatly and placed it on the chair next to her bed. Dressed only in her slip she knelt in front of the cross on her wall, folded her hands and prayed.

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Bernadette and Vincent!

My two trouble makers. Vincent has a huge to crush on Bernadette. He tries hard to act suave and cool but always ends up being a a clumsy dork. He’s not the best at hiding his feelings since he blushes whenever Bernadette gets close. Bernadette knows but she likes to play around with him, finding his actions adorkable.