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Elliot was quiet frankly tired of school. School work had been making him exhausted and with all the wonderful dreams had been having he wanted nothing more then to take a nap and hopefully escape reality for just a little while. As he made his way towards his room, out of the corner of his eye he spotted a door. A door in the place where he swore a wall used to be. Slowly, he walked towards it and reached for the handle. He hesitated for a moment, before curiosity got the best of him, causing him to turn it slowly. When he walked through the door, he was greeted by the scent of cinnamon, a smell that wasn’t uncommon back home in Arendelle. The face that he saw waiting for him,  was one that he had loved dearly. He brightened up quickly. “Mom!” 


From The Depths

Closed Starter || @violeteyedwarlock || Plot Based || Muse: Alice

What she thought was a world of wonder and beauty had revealed itself to be a new kind of horror. The isolation and boredom she’d escaped from had merely been replaced by terror and distrust. 

Only a year had passed, and Alice found herself repeatedly attacked. A petite and naive girl made a perfect target for all sorts; not having a place to comfortably rest her head had made it all the harder. Alice had never imagined struggling to survive the winter.

That had passed, but the pain lingered; the memories were there, haunting her, causing her to jump at every sound and sleep with eyes open. There was a way to escape, she decided, and to never feel that pain again.

Or so Alice thought as she stood at the edge, the steep drop downwards making her heart pound. She stepped off, her bare foot hanging over open air, and let go. The fall was quick; the force of impact with the water made her head spin, but that wasn’t the worst of it. 

An unseen storm caused the ocean to toss and turn, waves towering over her and pulling her deeper. Even as instincts took over, body begging for her to live, to try, there was no point in struggling for the top. Alice couldn’t swim, but not even the strongest would be able to withstand such a tide. 

The cold numbed her to the bones, and almost without her realising, the world faded away, replaced with an empty nothingness. Whether it was from lack of oxygen, the fall, or crashing her head into the cliffside, she didn’t know. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore.

Highschool AU!

It was the first day of Senior year. The long blue haired teen stood in front of the huge school, a bit intimidated as she felt her anxiety rising. Last year of high school. She fixed her red framed glasses and marched up the stairs fixing her white blouse that was buttoned up but fit her petite hour glass shape nicely. She fixed the red ribbon tie and headed down the busy halls, nervous. This would be the fifth new school she had transfered too due to bullying.

Outlander Au: Closed Rp


A trip to Scottland was how it all started. Liana had made a point to herself that she would see at least most of the world before she would get married to her husband, Ryland. Everything was going swell in her life before she heard the buzzing sound coming from atop of a hill that had these stones on top of it. Out of her own curiosity, she decided to investigate by going up there. The sudden urge to reach out and touch one of the stones filled her body. She walked slowly up to the middle stone, feeling a slight push at the moment her hands touched it. And in a moment she felt her back hit the ground, and she opened her eyes to stare up at the sky covered with trees, hearing slight shouts and faint gun shots fill her hearing. 

Sitting up quickly she heard the loud thumping sound of hooves on the ground behind her. She scrambled to her feet looking up at the man on the horse dressed in old time Scottish ware. She was so confused that she thought that she was dreaming, until a shot rang out that went past her head into a tree making a dent. This was no dream. “what the hell is going on???”

Icy Fire


Emma and Havok had been out and about taking a stroll when the latest Villain of Storybrooke had decided that it’d be a smart idea to attack them. He tried to slip away, but Emma wasn’t having it, This guy had been causing havoc in Storybrooke for weeks now, and she was gonna get him, so whipped out her cellphone to call David for backup, and she chased after him, Havok hot on her heels.

Which eventually led to this situation. A standoff in the clearing in the forest outside of Storybrooke, Emma holding a gun up pointed at him, warning him to drop his weapon. The villain looked like he had a knife, but no gun on him. David’s voice came over the radio, asking where they were, and Emma took a split second to answer David over the radio, telling him where in the forest the clearing was, and that’s when it happened. Emma didn’t notice, but the guy pulled out his own gun.

The sound of a gunshot went off.

But it hadn’t come from her.

At first, Emma didn’t realize anything was wrong, and didn’t feel any pain, or realize that it’d been her that the villain had shot. Or that she now had a bullet wound going through her stomach. 

But that bliss only lasted a moment before everything started to blur around her, the shock setting in on her body. Her gun fell from her hands, the wound started to bleed, and her legs gave out, the world suddenly sounding muffled around her.

A Siren’s Song

@violeteyedwarlock || Closed Starter || Mermaid AU || Muse: Alice

It was the one place she could be alone. Truly alone, without even the worry of being seen by landlings or her own kind. No one came so close to shore, and landling could see over the towering cliffs surrounding the cove. But that wasn’t her only reason for staying there. 

The cover was lovely. Waves splashed upon rocks perfect for sunbathing, and if she climbed upon a tall enough stone, she could just reach a patch of bright purple flowers.

Alice was stringing such flowers into a necklace, humming as she did, and that humming soon turned to song. A wordless tune, a string of notes.. she didn’t know from where the melody came, but it felt.. she was singing with her soul.

Familiar Face

Loki entered the book store and looked around with an interested smile. After leaving Asgard and finding her way into some money and a shabby place to live, she wanted to reward herself with some new things to read.

She wandered the shelves for a bit, trying to decide which books seemed the most interesting. So many new books, she thought, how will I ever decide?



It had been a long day for Kristoff. He’d worked all day at his job, stocking the ice for local supermarkets. If his body hadn’t been used to it by now, he knew he would’ve really been sore.
Still, he pulled up at his apartment and began to trudge up the stairs, eventually making it to his place and opening up the door, where he was happily greeted by Sven, his German shepard and oldest companion. As he petted the dog, he then took him outside, calling his girlfriend, Anna, to talk about the day and tell her good night.

The thing about Anna was that she loved to talk, and Kristoff loved that about her. He enjoyed sitting and listening to her. He talked with her as he ate his late dinner, eventually giving her a sweet and loving goodbye, promising that he’d see her tomorrow. He then showered and got himself ready for bed, Sven climbing up in bed with him as he drifted off to sleep.

There she was, following a Medic whom looked like a ghost, just some more steps and finally she was able to see her boyfriend. It passed too much time since she had seen him and he wasn’t neither feeling alright the last time. He had an operation, and that Medic operated him, she didn’t want to think about what he could have done to him.
“So… What are his condition now?” she asked, the hallway seemed never ending.


Closed Starter | @asyouwish-wes | Plot Based | Muse: Alice

Her days as a nurse were over. For now, anyways. The constant gore and death had gotten to her at last, and volunteering wouldn’t help pay the bills. Now, she taught a kindergarten class. Seeing the kids.. it made her happy. She may never have children of her own, but at least she had them.

“Good morning, Amelia–and you, Tyler! Did you get a haircut?” Alice greeted each little one as they filed into her classroom, offering a warm smile.

Behind the old shut down Sam’s Lot on 21st street, 5 minutes before midnight. All seemed pretty calm besides the noise of excited giggled from the small gangrel as she paced around impatiently around her ‘pig’.

“It’s gonna be great Hayday, so don’t give my those worrying grunts and groans.” She spoke as she hopped around a little now, she hated waiting and was doing anything to pass the time. Didn’t help that they had been there since sundown either.

Hayden groaned a little more as he pulled his scarf down just enough to expose his noise as he now sniffed through the air, wanting to see if he could catch a whiff of anyone around as he raised his nose to the air.

“Boy better get 'ere fast, or i’ll fight you instead!” Mackey now yelled as she threw a few punches into Hayden’s side, he seemed unaffected as he grunted.

“Oh…Yeah, I guess it could be a girl. That would be pretty sweet too, maybe the type with the killer thighs? Like the Muslim chick that hangs around Anarch territory these days. Mmmmmboy what i’d do to get between those!” Mackey now laughed a little as she thought about it, would be a fun place to bite down for sure.

Hayden gave a disapproving grunt, just shaking his head a little and rolling his eyes.

Welcome Home -- Closed Starter


Ana had decided it’d be best to take Susan home. She was okay with that, she guessed.

Dad hadn’t been home at the time. She was okay with that too, she guessed. She was too exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to try and form her own thoughts.

She guessed Ana had texted dad or something, because after making sure she was safe in bed, Ana left. That was okay, she guessed. She didn’t need her, she guessed.

She sort of dozed in bed for a while, groaning softly when she heard the front door slam and someone come up the stairs. Everything hurt.

She curled up a little tighter when her door opened. She couldn’t do this right now.