“with great power...” >> benji & mike


“So, I found a bootleg of the new Spider-Man movie, but the quality totally freakin’ sucks, so we could watch the Tobey McGuire one, or the Andrew Garfield one. Then there’s, like, the animated Spider-Man shows. Or we can just watch the bootleg. Honestly, we have a ton of options!” Benji says excitedly, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. He was genuinely surprised that Mike had come over. They had only talked that once, and had texted a bit since then, so when he had suggested they could watch a couple of movies together, he expected to be shot down. But, low and behold, Mike was here, in his bedroom, down to watch movies with him. He sits down on his bed, pulling one knee up to his chest to rest his chin. “It’s all up to you, really, you know, I’m down for whatever,” he says, smiling at the other.

Sit Down; Be Humble

Wicked or weakness?

                                                        You gotta see this—



“YOU? Fightin’ D-Boy?!”

“FUCK nah.

                                              I’ma deal wit’ THAT fucker myself.”

Skull Brawl was behind them—the guests long gone, the streets returning to their usual grungy state. And despite the fact that the admins had been busy dealing with their own devices, Guzma himself had not been seen. Whereas he would normally be roaming around, harassing his underlings, he had seldom been seen in Po Town.

Unnerving as it was, nobody wished to look for him—for they could assume that he was handling serious business.

[ ☠ ] — Mmmhmmmmm…

The Calavera chuckles to himself, rummaging through a backpack that he had brought along with him as he moved through the Alolan wilderness; there had been reports that the fallen Kanto Champion—Damien Iwata, had been spotted in the general area—the EXACT face that the thug was looking for.

“This some shit… This some GOOD shit…”

Lips tugged into a grin, cackling a little more as he pulls out a mangled, barbed baseball bat from the bag, tapping at the end of it with his nails for just a second.

This that GOOD SHIT…!

                                             Time t’vent my sins…


As the kingpin’s voice ROSE, it echoed through the trees, audible for quite a distance as he continued chanting, beginning to run full speed through the humid wilderness, occasionally slamming the bat into different objects to test his swing. There is a harsh grunt in his voice, almost like that of a growl– daunting seriousness returning to his tone.

                         “This fuckin’ vacation is over.”

Starter for fluff-of-yarn

“Prince Fluff~!” Kirby’s eyes lit up as he saw his old friend. Paying no attention to anything that might be going on around him, he rushed over to the yarn puff, immediately trying to hug him. “I haven’t seen you in forever! How have you been, poyo? Has anything happened since we last saw each other? Oh, oh, so much happened to me!”

And then, realising he was getting a bit too excited, he quickly stepped back. “Oh, sorry about being all loud like that, I-I’m just so excited to see you again, poyo…!”

—– He’ll just brush Sky’s hair from her shoulder with gentle fingertips as they laze back against claw foot tub, candlelight dancing back and forth in it’s reflection atop comfortably warm water. The scenery was pleasing to the senses on it’s own, but not quite as perfect as the sight of the woman before him. His woman, his partner for life. Cloaked radiantly in flickering flame as she lean back against him, toned skin slick with softened waves and bubbles. The kiss placed to shoulder was intentional, the grazing of pierced lip along the curve of her neck merely a taunt. He did smile, though, rare as that was. Although..it wasn’t so rare when he was with her anymore. ( @nascentesxmorimur )



She didn’t know where else to go. Yellow Diamond couldn’t see her cry. It wasn’t allowed. But she was going to cry, so she had to duck away somewhere before that actually happened, and she didn’t want to be alone right now. She wiped her eyes with her hands.

“Please open the door. It’s me.” Her voice was shaking.


Closing time drew nearer but the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was still open for business with a late party dwindling down inside as parents began rushing to and fro to gather up their children and return home. Members of the restaurant’s staff hurried in and out to wrap things up and clean in preparation for the next morning when in walked a man in a purple security uniform, happily bidding farewell and holding the door for a family on their way out. 

He walked across the main show area to a corner area off to the right of the stage and began sorting through a series of time cards  when a lone little girl off to the side or the stage caught his eye. He smiled and decided to drum up friendly conversation. 

“First time at Freddy’s? The new place sure is big isn’t it? I still get lost here myself from time to time!”

“The name’s Fritz.” He said, pointing to the name tag askew on his shirt.


Mateo bit his lip nervously while slowly approaching Viktor’s house, his hands tucking in his hoodie pockets shyly. He hated how he left things with him and wanted to try to make things right. Even though he knew that would most likely be hard to do since he’d been gone for a few months. He wished he had been there to see their little baby boy born or be there to help with him. He tensed up as soon as he stepped up to the familiar door before taking a deep breath and raising his hand, knocking on the door slowly.


Liana had been in this town for quite a while now and she needed to get into something. She needed to start helping people instead of siting around and being afraid. She sought out a couple of cases and found one that dealt with vampires. Or at least she thought. She was pulling up to the morgue to take a look at the body when another car pulled up and a blonde hair man got out. He didn’t seem like  the hunter, or FBI, but then again she could see past all that. She walked into the building and to the front desk. Before she could even speak the secretary spoke. “Guess you are here about the body, third door to the left..” she sighed and walked in. She didn’t even to get to pull the sheet back before the door behind her opened again. She sighed and pursed her lips. 

hells yes | Avery & Adelaide

Talking to Kizzy had been a revelation but it was Ade’s words that affirmed for him just how hot he found that whole “daddy” idea. He honestly had no idea that just one word could be a straight shot to the libido. No wonder Dominants around the place were so hot to trot for their titles if they had even close to a similar reaction. He was pacing around the place with nothing to even so much as tidy as he waited for Ade to arrive. He swore she was taking her sweet time just to melt his brain.


Start Fresh

Harry was pleased with himself. Eighteen months of training, hefty education, and more bruises than he’d ever remembered carrying on his person at any one time, and he was finally knighted as Agent Galahad.

Twenty years old and full of far more than simply piss and vinegar, Harry was given his first mission; protect the Prince and his newly-crowned Princess on their wedding day. Lady Diana Spencer became Princess Diana Windsor-Mountbatten, Princess of Wales, and Harry became the sauciest, most outrageously haughty agent Kingsman had seen i some decades.

“I was magnificent, Merlin, did you see? One shot and the man went down like a weighted sack of potatoes. Thumped right to the pavement! It was both exhilarating and somewhat mind-numbing, I’m afraid. I’d less time to see how lovely the Princess looked on her way to the Abbey, and it saddens me. I’ll have to pick up a copy of the Sun to commemorate it, won’t I?”


The night before had been quite the blur for Dex, something he usually didn’t feel any shame for since he knew he had a good time. But today, after the texts from Lila, he did feel bad since she was clearly pissed at him, and he really wasn’t even sure why he did feel bad or why his brain was tugging at him to go make things right with her. Yet, here he was, cautiously walking up to the front door of the building her studio was in, hands in pockets. “Hey,” he greeted when he saw her. “What’s up?”

Beauty and the Beast

“Hello?” Bodhi called hesitantly as the door creaked open. “Is anyone there? I’ve come to find my mother, I…” He trailed off. The castle’s entrance hall was dark and imposing, with gargoyles looming over the stone steps. Who kept gargoyles inside? Bodhi hesitated, before hearing a cough. He grabbed a candelabra and hurried up the stairs towards the sound.

He heard his mother’s voice, and his hurry turned into a run. “Mum!” He turned a corner and found Majida, setting down the candelabra. “Mum, what happened?”



Monique sat at a table in the bar, waiting for her best friend. The two weren’t supposed to meet for another five minutes, but she’d made a point of showing up half an hour early. Partially because she made it a point to always be early to everything, but also because she’d wanted time to collect the money the bar owner owed her family for their protection. She looked up from her phone when she heard someone approaching the table. “Bonsoir, bitch” she said with a smirk. “How have you been?”

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> Almani: Suspend consciousness.

In hindsight you would never have expected this to happen.

You never expect anything so disorienting and incongruous it turns out to be more aggravating for your own sanity and peace of mind than it was a magical experience like it could have been.

You are dreaming. You are dreaming the best you can and there is someone breaking and entering and cruising about in your cronked nugbone like they received an open invitation to the Empress’ party on 12th Perigree’s Eve.

You do not even know how or even why, but the kickass hunter’s awareness in you jumpstarts on its guard and warns you of imminent danger. With a slight flick of the wrist you brandish several scalpels between deft fingers and raised your fins at their highest in catching the slightest touch of vibration in the tense air.

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@lxstbrain Dom had been over to visit Braxton, grabbing a bit of his stash for a smoke session later. Plus, he was a little worried about the mess he seemed to of recently gotten himself in. But the late night visit turned into the two passing out at four in the morning only for Dom to wake up with no one, so he thought in the apartment his friend had been staying at. 

Sighing, used to this kind of behavior from the elder Cross brother, Dom looked to gather his things. Needing a clean shirt to feel a little less grimy, he jacked out of Brax’s. In mid shirt pull he saw a body pass the doorway to the open bedroom. “Uh-shit I thought no one was around. I’m uh–I’m leaving. Just grabbing my stuff.” He spoke to whoever it was that had passed.


          this wasn’t uncommon in beacon hills, the town was a cornucopia for the supernatural and the chaos that followed these creatures. alistair and his family moved here originally to hunt werewolves but alistair had gone out of his way to follow his own code and protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. some kid named ryan had stumbled in town and got chased by wendigos and alistair saved the kid but they were too far out of town for him to get back to his family house. “HERE” he said, entering the small cottage his family had owned and slamming it shut after the other got in behind him. “WE SHOULD BE SAFE FOR NOW”