Beast king

For many centuries, the people of the mountains were thought to be a legend. A myth brought together from Nymphs who liked to play tricks on those passed through their forest on the way to the mountains. Years of folklore painted them as beast hidden under human skin, worse than any were could ever be. One with nature and one with the animals, bloodthirsty monsters that would kill any who dared to harm the forest or the mountains.

It wasn’t until the turn of the new century that the people of the lands knew that it was not a myth. There were six tribes hidden away deep in the mountains. They had been dubbed ferals– seem to be bred from humans and elves– maybe with weres. No one knew, and few got close enough to one to even begin to ask the questions so many found on the tip of their tongues. They were a race entirely undocumented for so long, thought to be a myth.

The only individuals ever get close to them… Were elves. Why? They looked the least threateningly and were the closest to nature of all the races that came to see them. It was elves who were allowed in to the mountains to speak with the king of beasts, and it was elves that were granted an opening to come and discuss means of alliance and treaties of good will against common enemies with war brewing right below the surface at the meeting of the leaders

Duncan Ataman was their prince– their heir to take over the king of beasts position once he passed and went to let his soul rest with the moon. The king was his father, a man of strength and skill, while The high priestess was his mother, a woman of dark magic and rage similar to that of the wolves. Duncan was a mixture of the two of them: Pure strength and unbridled rage tied in to his body like missing pieces finding their connection with his birth. He was a warrior by heart, a priest under his mother’s guidance, and a leader by trade, waiting to see what the elves had brought to see him.


You are my Guardian now: Closed Rp

Woke up alone, and afraid. Her first protector had left her out of the blue without giving her the reason why. So she decided to seek out one of the people he constantly spoke about while she was with him. She was able to find Michelle’s apartment with a simple location spell. Her hand slowly made the tiny knock sound  as she waited outside for the girl to answer. When the door opened she got a sense of hope. “Are you Michelle? My name is Liana, I’m-i’m a friend of Austin…he told me to come find you if he ever left..”



A lovely long night had passed.
   An the the reaper hadn’t noticed that he had rolled to far of the bed as a loud thud came.
The reaper had found himself on the floor next to the bed as he slowly started to wake up.
   Hoping he hadn’t woken the angel since he had allowed her to sleep with him that night.
His cat however now looking down at him with a rather shameful face.

I wonder if I should put pars on this bed.
  A meow came from the little cat as it still continued to stare at him.
Yeah yeah.. I guess I should try not to fall of the bed..

The reaper got up as he looked over at the sleeping angel relieved he didn’t wake her.
  Now going for the door he would let her sleep a little longer they did have a little time anyway.


Yuri was skating along the rink being watched by his two coaches. The men he had fallen in love with and he had admired all his life, at least, all his skating life.

After he had managed to land perfectly the last jump of the choreography and finished it just as gracefully as he had started it, the eighteen year old boy rushed to the sides of the rink, breathing heavily but with a smirk on his face.

“H-How did I-I do?! That was amazing, w-wasn’t it?!” He asked as he tried to get his breathing back to normal. 

He couldn’t help but feel excited for Viktor’s and Yuuri’s praises. 

Team Up [closed with aurasensitivescholar]

It hadn’t taken Serebii long to pack up. No clothes, just all of her spare medicines, Berries, whatever other first-aid she could find. She had no doubt that Au’Drastus would need these. She could feel her PokeTech vibrate in her pocket. As she exited the courtyard, a familiar face surprised her.

“Tiamat?” She asked, noticing the seething anger written all over the dragon’s face, “What are you… wait… did someone tell you about Au’Drastus?”



—-; {He held his cellphone in one hand, along with Natsumi’s number in the other one. Right now, it was break period and he decided to finally call her. But, he wasn’t sure if the reserve course has a similar schedule. He might be calling her during class and get her in trouble…}

—-; {He entered her number, pressed ‘Call’, put his cellphone up to his ear, and waited.}

A Siren’s Song

@violeteyedwarlock || Closed Starter || Mermaid AU || Muse: Alice

It was the one place she could be alone. Truly alone, without even the worry of being seen by landlings or her own kind. No one came so close to shore, and landling could see over the towering cliffs surrounding the cove. But that wasn’t her only reason for staying there. 

The cover was lovely. Waves splashed upon rocks perfect for sunbathing, and if she climbed upon a tall enough stone, she could just reach a patch of bright purple flowers.

Alice was stringing such flowers into a necklace, humming as she did, and that humming soon turned to song. A wordless tune, a string of notes.. she didn’t know from where the melody came, but it felt.. she was singing with her soul.

Another playmate?! - closed starter


Nightmare had chained up his new victims which there arms before there backs, legs tied up as the victims were sitting on there knees and heavy chains around there necks.
He turn on the camera and this laptop as he put his plague doctor mask on and walked in front of the camera “wake up you to!” He smiled under the mask, kicking the women next to male victim as the girl let out a cry.


It had been a long day for Kristoff. He’d worked all day at his job, stocking the ice for local supermarkets. If his body hadn’t been used to it by now, he knew he would’ve really been sore.
Still, he pulled up at his apartment and began to trudge up the stairs, eventually making it to his place and opening up the door, where he was happily greeted by Sven, his German shepard and oldest companion. As he petted the dog, he then took him outside, calling his girlfriend, Anna, to talk about the day and tell her good night.

The thing about Anna was that she loved to talk, and Kristoff loved that about her. He enjoyed sitting and listening to her. He talked with her as he ate his late dinner, eventually giving her a sweet and loving goodbye, promising that he’d see her tomorrow. He then showered and got himself ready for bed, Sven climbing up in bed with him as he drifted off to sleep.

Behind the old shut down Sam’s Lot on 21st street, 5 minutes before midnight. All seemed pretty calm besides the noise of excited giggled from the small gangrel as she paced around impatiently around her ‘pig’.

“It’s gonna be great Hayday, so don’t give my those worrying grunts and groans.” She spoke as she hopped around a little now, she hated waiting and was doing anything to pass the time. Didn’t help that they had been there since sundown either.

Hayden groaned a little more as he pulled his scarf down just enough to expose his noise as he now sniffed through the air, wanting to see if he could catch a whiff of anyone around as he raised his nose to the air.

“Boy better get 'ere fast, or i’ll fight you instead!” Mackey now yelled as she threw a few punches into Hayden’s side, he seemed unaffected as he grunted.

“Oh…Yeah, I guess it could be a girl. That would be pretty sweet too, maybe the type with the killer thighs? Like the Muslim chick that hangs around Anarch territory these days. Mmmmmboy what i’d do to get between those!” Mackey now laughed a little as she thought about it, would be a fun place to bite down for sure.

Hayden gave a disapproving grunt, just shaking his head a little and rolling his eyes.

There she was, following a Medic whom looked like a ghost, just some more steps and finally she was able to see her boyfriend. It passed too much time since she had seen him and he wasn’t neither feeling alright the last time. He had an operation, and that Medic operated him, she didn’t want to think about what he could have done to him.
“So… What are his condition now?” she asked, the hallway seemed never ending.


   A rather typical night in the Elysium as things were calming down a little after the ghoul and Prince scandal with just some new rumors and suspicions floating around about said escaped ghoul. Some whispering that she probably drowned herself before Eva got her, or that she’s in the depths of a Tremere laboratory paying for everything she ever did wrong.

  Rowlyn fakes a yawn after overhearing yet another parroted conversation about it. “I wish something else’d happen already” He tells his friend in a bored tone, “It’s like they all have nothing better to talk about.”

  His wish is seemingly almost immediately answered as someone puts a sealed letter and a folded piece of paper in front of him in passing. Blinking in surprise at that Rowlyn looks at the rapidly retreating back of another Tremere apprentice and frowns. “Okay…” Finding this a little peculiar but not uncommon inclan to pass messages along he reaches for the folded paper and opens it up, raising a brow curiously at the instructions and the name of the person he is apparently supposed to deliver this letter to. A very familiar name lately. “Oh, wow. Guess what?”

Little Witch - Closed RP w/ Moder-Svea

Emil was awoken to the sound of a loud knock coming from his front door. He was fairly certain it was still dark, so he was unsure why anyone would be knocking at a time like this, unless of course they didn’t want to be seen with the witch.
He quietly got up, grabbing the knife from beside his bed and walked over to the door, taking a deep breath out of worry. It could end up being something bad… he prayed not though. The boy slowly opened the door, knife at the ready, although he didn’t see another person in sight once it had swung open. Aside from a small body laying outside the door… Emil wasn’t sure if this was a trap or something, but he still carefully picked up the person, closing and locking the door before going and lighting the fire. She was dirty, blonde hair knotty, and most likely filled with lice. Right now he didn’t care though, examining her in the light, “Hei, little one..”


Mackey silently waited at the bus stop, kicking her legs in an impatient manner as she sat there and looking through her phone to pass the time. Already her flaw of being impatient was hitting her and it didn’t help that she was excited for what she was waiting for. It made the wait feel even longer.

“Waiting sucks….Suuuuuuuucks” Now she was just acting like a child as she fell over on the bus stop bench, being over dramatic and hamming it up for herself as if the wait itself was killing her as she now groaned loudly.

Only stopping whenever she thought she heard something, and if nothing the groaning would continue.


This was stupid. Leo’s friends had agreed to meet him here at least an hour ago. Leaning against the fence, he watched the rides swirl about. People would pass by him, all of them in groups. What was the point of going to a carnival alone? It wasn’t like he could just leave either, he’d spent nearly all the money he had on tickets. 

Maybe he could just pass them off to someone. Yeah, it was a waste of money, but he wasn’t about to go on all these rides solo. He scanned the area, looking someone that at least looked his age. Leo didn’t like talking to kids, and actual adults would probably have no interest in the rides.

There was someone. She was alone, but maybe she was just separated from her group. Leo weaved past the crowd between them, cutting the woman off. 

“Hey, uh, I’ve got some extra tickets,” The wad he held out to her was far more than just leftovers. It barely fit in his hand. “I don’t know if you needed any, but I don’t think I’m going to be using them.”

   In the warren it takes no time at all for everyone and their rat to know the rumor that Miles was an ‘ex-hunter’. And so the elder pretending to be a fledgling soon found himself ostracized as an outcast. However instead of being upset Miles appeared to enjoy all the chaos he was causing and laughed quietly to himself since so far only Sunny and maybe to a lesser extent the ex-Sabbat ‘Pickles’ had noticed something about him not adding up.

  Miles spent a lot of his plentiful free time with the two fledglings, even suggesting getting something similar to wear to show solidarity. “Like a coterie.”
  The rest of his time was occupied with plotting and being ‘sent’ on missions that would usually kill a neonate. He of course took the hardest possible tasks available from Aurel on purpose.

  However he was still unaware that his trustworthiness has been put into question by his own childe. And the forum post that Aurel would finally decode would not help a single bit.

  Among a list of some random people having their secrets dragged through the mud was—

  One’d think it was just mostly someone the elder had jilted throwing slander around but the evidence seems to point out how the ‘Methuselah’ has been noted to disappear and unable to be located for long periods of time in the recent century of ‘activity’.
  Seems whenever he is recorded to have been in a warren other then the Istanbul one- well of those three turned up abandoned and empty and one completely destroyed. Attached to the post are two black and white photos in bad waterlogged condition, one colored and slightly burned, and two more digital show none other then Miles being chummy with the other Nosferatu in three of those warrens. Allegedly.

  Looked like it was a good time to maybe have a sit down with a certain tiny mysterious Nosferatu and get some answers…

  Meanwhile in the Camarilla Elysium the entrance door swings open and two figures become visible as they stride inside the safety of the area.
   A tall Nosferatu so thin that it is difficult to imagine how he does not break from walking, yet he is elegant and the movements are nearly hypnotizing as he practically floats across the room with only the rustling of the skirt to mark his passage. Chest held high and a prideful smile on his face he holds himself unlike most of his clan, unashamed of disfigurement and somehow even alluring. It was hard to tell if it actually was a Nosferatu, possibly a Tzimisce or a very fucked up Gangrel.

   Following after him and much meeker was another Nosferatu. Pale with some kind of white neck fluff, dressed in a dark grey suit and walking hunched in on himself with hands clasped together. A small cross rested on his chest.

  Neither smelled like sewer yet so that was a bonus.

  They headed straight for a ghoul that they must have found out beforehand belonged to the Prince and stopped near her. The tall one made a few hand gestures to the other.
  “Signore Florio would wish to speak with the Prince or Seneschal.” The pale Nosferatu translated, voice heavily accented with Italian. He was trying very hard to speak his non native language correctly and keep an eye out on those rapidly moving hands. “To uphold the fifth tradition and present ourselves in his domain”    
   With that ‘said’ Callias placed his hands back by his sides and smiled sweetly down at the ghoul.