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Akira stared at the screen of his phone for a long moment before tapping a number and bringing the phone to his ear, waiting.

His mother hadn’t answered his text messages ever since he arrived in Tokyo, unlike his father, so this time he was gonna try with a direct phone call.

Though he doubted that she’d answer. As much as he doubted his father when he tried to reassure him that his mother wasn’t angry at him, but at herself…

Still, he waited…


Luego de terminar su turno en la florería, Aurora se paseaba por los jardines más cercanos, buscando una forma de evadir volver a casa. Deseaba regresar hasta el anochecer, pero no tenía con que ocupar el tiempo. Mientras tanto se entretenía contemplando aquel arbusto, dueño de flores bastante exóticas. — Ojalá tuvieramos de estas en la florería —comentó en un susurro, sin pensar si alguien podría estar próxima a ella—. Son tan lidas —agregó, acariciando uno de los pétalos con una sonrisa.

Inky Waters


That parrot would have made a terrible lunch anyway. Warner thought bitterly to himself as he dragged his body to sit up, wincing when he put pressure on his left arm. An accident out at sea that had needed bandaging all the way down onto his hand and fingers. The boat he has…. had. It was barely a boat at this rate, sprouting leaks every minute, it was a miracle that Warner made it to dry land before it really started to sink. After all that, after almost dying again and again on the open sea, there was no way in the world he was ever going to get on any sort of boat again! It was a bad idea the first time and it would definitely be even worse a second time!

But that could wait, his rubber bones just screamed for some rest and the warm sand was so very comfortable. The rabbits, wait no, not rabbits. Crab like creatures scurried around him, clicking their claws dismissively while the palm trees swayed in the breeze. 

Why did he do this? Oh yeah, because it looked like a fun adventure. Laying back down on the sand, if he could go back to when he thought this was a good idea, he’d strangle himself. 

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“George I hope you cleaned your room. We’re expecting guests and I don’t want them to think I allow you to live in a pig pen.” Wendy lectured her son as she carried a basket of dirty clothes past his bedroom door. This night was important to her and to her son whether he realized it or not.

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It had been sixty five days since Yoon Bum had first laid eyes on Oh Sangwoo. Forty three since his crush had turned into obsession. Thirty seven since he’d found the man’s address, and started visiting in secret. Twenty since he’d started stealing things from the man’s bookbag every class. Two weeks since the last time he had dared to make fleeting eyecontact. One hour since receiving the invitation to Sangwoo’s house party, and his hands were still shaking in excitement.

Why Oh Sangwoo would invite a nobody like him, he didn’t know–perhaps he had finally realized his feelings for Bum, and was going to talk to him at the party. More likely, he was just mass-inviting a lot of people. But nevertheless, Bum made sure to look his best that night. With a green and yellow polo shirt and khakis draped over his overly skinny frame, he threw a jacket on and headed out to walk to the apartment.

It wasn’t a long walk, and one he had made many times before; within ten minutes, he was standing outside the door. This would be only the second time going into Sangwoo’s home, the first ending up with him stealing one of the man’s pillows. But then the door password had changed, and he hadn’t figured out the new one yet.

In the present, he took a deep breath, steeling himself for what was to come. With trembling hands, he knocked on the door.

Rebekah could count on her hands, if she had been given an infinite number of them mind you, the many times her brothers left her life and re-entered with quite the entrance. Either in quiet stealth with a simple greeting, or with quick murder and a bloody smile – she’d take them either way, finally feeling like home was within reach when they were near.  

But in this moment, Rebekah held her ground, arms crossed, utterly un-phased at his arrival. She would normally run with arms ready, into his wide open ones – it was a simple welcome they had become accustomed to. The hug of greeting, of solidifying her love of her brother, and his love for his little sister. But n o w, now that an earthquake had caused wreckage and she had seen little of him and worried for his safety nearly daily, she was left with a slightly antagonistic reply, “To what do I finally owe the HONOR of you willing to crawl out of the depths of your solitude to join our lovely family? Surely you got my calls, cell reception was not down the whole time.”

She had left message after message, text after text, begging Elijah to come home, to say he was at least living. Though she felt in her heart, she’d know the instant his life ceased from the earth. “What’s been keeping your mind so occupied you couldn’t phone your dear sister?” 


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She met her sister with a smile, an unsettling bastardization of a grin. Row after row of triangular teeth stood at attention behind a pair of glitter glossed lips. Satsuki looked like a mockery of herself, swathed in pink ruffles and crisp white lace. She sat poised in her chair, parasol folded by her side and teacup held delicately in one hand, the saucer in the other,

“Well well Matoi, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Her voice was a syrupy croon, dusted with giggles and underlined with something cold and inhuman.

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“ I can’t believe this… “ throwing away her phone at a nearby lamp post, Ann shook her head and stared at her knees - why was she randomly sitting in one of Tokyo’s many streets, crying her eyes out…? “ … this is the worst.”

                    Glimpses of the life he had been taken away from seemed like a distant memory like so many other things as unconsciousness took over, after it was allowed to take him over unlike the hell he had survived over the past two weeks. JD barely remembered any conversation he managed to have with Ophelia, his rescuer and entering the hospital was nothing but a wishful dream that felt unreachable despite him actually being out of that basement and safe; was there even such a thing anymore? The wolf had attempted to mumbled words to his siblings when he saw them, his left arm unusable and yet he had tried so desperately to reach out to them, touch them to make sure they were real; then darkness took over. Blood. Torture. Unbearable pain and his own screaming jolted him from his unconscious state, his insides still burning as suddenly he became keenly aware that there was a mask on his face, bright lights searing into his eyes and though he couldn’t move all that much, well, the second he saw Ryan and Finley he tried to sit, to get to them. “Where am I. Where..” a failed attempt at speaking as he chocked on his words before admitting defeat as his body slumped from underneath the attempted movement. ( @finleyxdcrius@ryan-darius )

New Sheriff in Town


Carmen Sandiego was standing on the bluff over looking the Golden Gate bridge where the orphanage she grew up in once stood. It must have been torn down, but she couldn’t remember. Why was so much of her memory fuzzy or missing entirely? The missing time made her feel hopeless, what happened to everyone she cared about? She wanted to know but at the same time was scared to look, especially concerning her partner Suahara.
She was back in her brown hat and gear, boots and all. She rubbed her exposed forearms feeling a bit of a chill.


“Dude. Those are some nice tattoos”  she pointed to the tattoos on the boy’s neck. Druella had just finished her last year at Hogwarts and decided to visit America. She wondered how American wizards were like. Her stop was Colorado. In a small city. She liked quietness and this city gave her exactly what she wanted. The first day in Colorado was nice. She went for a walk and did some grocery shopping. At the grocery store she tried to find everything she wanted. Once she was satisfied she headed the row. In front of her stood a guy with some weird tattoos. She found those very strange, but also very intriguing. Too curious to stay quiet she decided to speak up. 

It’d been a hell of a thing, running into Griffin in Echo, Nevada of all places. He hadn’t ever expected to see the other Alpha again after their brief encounter in west Texas. But, he’d liked the guy well enough. He was companionable, easy to talk to, and Sawyer felt no need to pretend to be anything other than what he was in his company. There was comfort in that and with Griffin it was easily maintained. 

Naturally, seeing as they’d both decided to settle down in the same city for the time being, a friendship had flourished – easy as breathing. Which was why, when Griff had proposed they go on a run together, Sawyer hadn’t been inclined to tell him no. It was nice, every so often, to let his inner beast free, so to speak. 

Which found him outside Griff’s apartment, knuckles loud as he knocked  against the door. “Hey, Griff,” he called out. “Open up, man.”