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Hi I'm a beginner breeder and no one at my local daycare can answer my question. Which Pokémon suffer most from inbreeding? I've heard a lot about the region's starters being the most inbred but here in Hoenn that doesn't seem like much of a problem especially with Treekos.

Starters, Eevee, Pikachu, some dragon-types, and “fad” Pokémon. Fad Pokémon are ones that become really popular after a movie, book, or television show features one. Unfortunately, when a lot of people want the same Pokémon at the same time, a lot of breeders will “cut corners” and unhealthy babies result. Zigzagoon and Phantump, for example, have it rough this year because of that comic book movie that came out during spring break. It can take years to get a “fadded” Pokémon’s bloodlines back in check.

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The adrenaline had finally begun to wear off completely, and those short shots of pain ripping torrents through his body became a sudden flood that refused to let up. The colour had seemed to drain from Poison’s features and a layer of nasty sweat covered his body. His breathing was ragged and all he could do was stare blankly as he shook. This wasn’t the first time he had dealt with extreme pain like this. He had gone through so much, from getting cut open to having his throat slit. But sitting there, the leg wound oozing as the radiation in the air started to bite at it, and his arm in a sling, leaving it questionable if he’d ever regain feeling or movement, was a new level of pain. Bile began to build up in the back of his throat, threatening to send him into a heaving mess spilling his guts on the floor.

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After the chaos of what had happened in the public streets, Fitz found himself bolting to where he hoped Daisy would be. Out of everyone he knew she made the most sense to him, he trusted her, he loved her like the sister he never had, and he knew she would be able to help. She had to, that’s what they did for each other, the Bus gang: they helped each other against all odds.

As he made his way over Fitz thought about when Daisy’s abilities manifested, how frightened she had been and how dangerous her uncontrolled abilities were and had thought at the time he understood how she felt. But he was wrong, the young man who helped Daisy in those early days had no idea of the real magnitude of discovering one had abilities. The terror, the confusion.

It was all far more than Fitz had imagined it would be and with his hand painfully pressed over his mouth to the point his grip left marks on his cheeks, Fitz came to a stop outside her door.

He wanted to call out, say her name, but he coudn’t trust his voice.

Fitz knocked with his spare hand instead, urgently, incessantly in hope she would answer quickly.

Flawed (Rp)

Bing hadn’t intended on this happening. It sounds cheap when he says it out loud, but he really didn’t. He can’t visit Chase as often as he’d like, and that’s his only friend. In the mansion everyone is either busy or… He’ll leave it at busy. He doesn’t want to think that the truth could be they’re just avoiding him. Bing likes to joke. He likes to laugh and he likes to tease. Google especially, it’s all in good fun. Maybe he picks at the other Android but it’s their thing. Isn’t it?

Bing didn’t realize how much their dynamic would change when Google upgraded. Now there’s more of him, and he thought maybe it would be a good idea to show Google Blue and Red his new skateboard trick. Granted, he hasn’t practiced very much so in hindsight, he should’ve waited until he knew for sure he could do it. One might argue he shouldn’t skateboard in the house.

He tried a flip and ended up knocking Red into Blue, they fell and a bookcase was knocked over in the process. Before Bing could apologize he had Google standing over him, yelling at him. Bing had never heard Google yell before. It was always that calm, disappointed tone. That somehow seemed worse. Still, it hurt when Google said Bing was annoying and a pain to be around. He sent Bing out with his head hung and his board under his arm.

He sits outside the mansion on the front steps, absently twirling the wheels on his board as he contemplates his purpose.


Fight for Me (A Heathers AU)

Lotor was fairly used to this. The assumption that he was gay (which he was) and weak (which he wasn’t). What these jocks didn’t know, however, was that Lotor knew how to fight. Knew how to dodge. So when the two assholes grabbed him and started trying to beat him to a pulp, he fought back.

Within moments one of them was on the ground, the other across from Lotor in that stance football players took before charging their opponent. The tall male rolled his eyes, brushing a lock of white hair behind his ear and narrowing his eyes. “Come on then, or are you scared I’ll beat you too?” he asked, smirking a bit and earning a growl in return.

The man charged, and Lotor swept out of the way at the last minute, laughing to himself as the other teen went barreling into a lunch table. It was then he caught the eye of that boy he’d been talking to earlier…Keith? He winked, moving to grab the jock by the collar and knee him in the stomach. Sure he was just showing off at this point, but who cared?



For the first time, the gates were open without survivors going in or out of the enclosed area. Michael did not hesitate to leave, determined to get out of the poor replica of his childhood home and to find his true home. Where he belonged. Where he needed to be.

 For what felt like ages he aimlessly walked, his pace brisk and his heart pounding, his determination never dwindling. He felt he was getting closer to something - closer to just another barricade to move past. A gate. An open gate that led to a small clearing with falling snow.

His strides slowed to a stop, and in that clearing he lingered, watching the snow fall but never stick. It brought back memories that he refused to dwell on. Instead Michael replaced them with a growing irritation that made his body itch. Finally he pressed forward, walking past the double doors and into the facility that vaguely reminded him of Smith’s grove.

Dog Chase Bone


Stiles couldn’t help but take a sneak peak at the Derek Hale. Ever since his first encounter with the older male in the woods, Stiles couldn’t help but take every opportunity to be close to Derek. Was it a bit stalker-y? Sure. But for Stiles, it was par for the course. There was just something about this muscled raven-haired man that caught his attention, and dammit, he just couldn’t let it go.

“Wow….” He whispered to himself, and perhaps maybe a bit too loudly as he was a bit dense like that, as he peered onto to Derek, shirtless an mentally drooled.

Munch Munch, It’s Time for Lunch

She had left him.

Well, not really. Carson had kept true to his word and by the time the bell had rung and she had walked out of that door, Carson was standing and waiting, Just for her. He struggled to contain the heavy heaves his sprint had managed to turn his breath into, her smile as she saw him more than worth the stitch in his side and the awful realization he had been slacking when it came to his training, and he was going to have to pick that back up again.

He had booked it out of his class, had simply brushed his teacher’s ‘You can’t leave’ off as he  had jumped over the plastic chair so he could be there on time for Requiem to See him waiting for her. As he stood there his hands in his pockets and his gaze locked on the door with a little sliver of window that didn’t show anyone he wanted to see, he mused on how much effort this was, that he was a damned Alpha prince, he shouldn’t be taking the job of the welcoming committee.

But here he stood.

Still, Carson found his mind didn’t have much room for anything else, not when it was so full of pretty blue eyes and the depths of of the ocean contained behind thick black lashes. She was still just as stunning as when he had seen her earlier today, though maybe a little more down after an hour of bio. She smiled as he saw her, his pushing off the wall to respond to her call that she made with slight inclinations . His smile was natural as he crossed the distance between them, easily moving around the other students.

“See, that wasn’t so bad was it?” He spoke, a little louder then normal with the dull roar even this private school had, though it’s normal  class number were significantly lower than the Beta Public school down the road.

“Did Mr. Knowles Bore you to death?”

He had made small talk with her as they made their way through the halls, his heart hammering like he had never felt it before. It was like it was cracked up to max, that his blood roared and raced in his ears as even the lightest and tiniest of brushes from her made his skin burn like fire. She had this way about her, this certainty that had him drawn to her, a moth to flame, instinctive, natural. She felt… natural by his side, like she belonged there, like she belonged near him

Which made no sense, because he had literally just met the girl.

Carson turned his eyes from here was he breathed in, taking that last step into the cafeteria. He breathed out, struggling to give voice to the words that played against his mind, ripped at his chest. He parted his lipos, as he felt the heart starting to crawl up his neck

“Do… You want to maybe sit with..?”

By the time he had turned around, Carson saw she had already ran off toward a table that held a tall girl that stood next to it, violet eyes flashing as she took the smaller wolf into her arms. Carson felt his heart sink, but he swallowed around it to turn toward his normal table,which was already being filled with his friends that shared this lunch.

“That her?” Ebby voice was harsh, his eyes flicking up from the tray before him Carson flopped himself into the chair. He groaned before flopping his head against the table.

“Yes…. and I think i just got ditched.”

Eye for an Eye

Kurloz stood in front of the rogue defector as he was tied up into a chair, looking up at the Highblood who had already roughed him up a good bit. The punk refused to talk, and this situation requires him to spill what he knew. About 3 hours prior his associates had gathered intel about the court and their private information regarding their connections. Since this young fool had strayed off the ways of their faith he had given the small band of rebels vital information in exchange for salvation if his own hide of a revolution were to come. Kurloz looked at the runt in disgust, and delivered a blow to the young trolls kneecap.

“You haven’t talked… you deserve to be blooded. But you’ve put your kind in an unfavorable position. I will find out which sect you belong to, and I will be sure to eliminate their entire bloodline. Filthy fucker, tainted soul by the idea of salvation from others instead of your Messiahs. Disgrace upon you in the eternal sleep. “

He walked out of the tent for a moment, awaiting the arrival of a certain purpleblood that was skilled in torture and extracting information from her victims. While he waited he took out a cigar, lighting it with a match and took a long drag, the tobacco and paper burned bright orange as he inhaled the cancerous stick.


Hideout || Closed RP


“Welcome”, Mark hummed softly as he opened the door to his old family cottage, now his and stepped aside to let the older man in, “Its not much but it’s home”, he shrugged.

“I don’t want to rush you but I could give you a quick tour now or do you prefer that I just show you to your room and let you settle in first?”, He suggested as he helped him carry his luggage in. He had to admit he’d expected more things and therefore freed up more space since he expected him to bring enough for what could be one year.

Or more. No one knew how long this new mission would take or how long the senior auror would have to stay hidden in his own home. It didn’t scare Mark, nothing really did after the war and everything he’d been through but it was an adjustment and he was willing to go through it if it meant helping his older brother, the only person he truly cherished and cared for these days.


     He flexed his hand in an easy motion – getting a ‘yes’ out of Sam was a taxing effort but productive when the odds ended in his favor. Usually once this task was complete, he’d go forth with his original task, seeing as he was at full power ( untouchable, really. ) But Lucifer needed to take more measured steps this time around. Perhaps keep his true nature within his vessel hidden from others, until the right moment to take action came upon him. If he had to play pretend for a while, it would hardly prove to be a challenge. After all, he knew Sam Winchester well.

     He must have been pretty convincing enough if Dean hadn’t suspected anything – faking long enough to scope around the bunker before disappearing on him. It wasn’t an anticipated meeting when he found himself running into Jessica, someone who like many it seemed, were alive once more. Unimportant information, however. Still, he took a confused look, portraying the emotion Sam would use with a single utterance of her name in question. “Jess?”

First Days

Three hours. Three hours and twenty seven minutes had passed in her eight hour tour into hell. Almost three and a half hours had passed since he had last seen anyone that she could say she even remotely knew. Perilum was on the other side of the school, Ashlin was down stairs and god only knew where Abby was. But here she was. Locker number seven-twenty-nine staring her dead in the eyes. It was menacing really, not that the awful amount of human waste of spaces in her vicinity or even the obscene amount of eyes she could feel on her skin, not even the little whispers that echoed through her lowered ears. Not of that was what made her feel small, it was the sad portrayal of a lonely new girl standing at her locker alone that was haunting her now.

God. She was pathetic.

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Dress Up

You know for as many balls, Auradon seems to have I don’t think I’ve found it in me to stop being excited. The music, the lights, the fashion, the food, did I mention the fashion?

All of it is so breath taking. We never had anything quite like it on the Isle. Speaking of, have you thought about what you’re wearing the masquerade?

‘’ Welcome back, sleepy head ‘’

// closed starter // @lokiwhathaveyoudone //

It had been three full days since the lost one had fallen on Sakaar, three days since he had been found in the piles of dumpster, surrounded by metal scraps and rotting corpses, three days since the guards had taken the lost one inside and asked their ruler for orders. The Grandmaster had seen the lost one laying almost lifeless on a levitating bed, surrounded by his guards. En Dwi Gast had not expected what he saw; a beautiful man with long, raven black hair, pale skin now bruised up and covered in a few scratches almost like he had been in a fight or at least been through something harsh. He had a black and green leather suit and even a cape. Overall he looked attractive, almost peaceful in his deep slumber.

But in fact, the lost one had hit their head hard which caused this. Something made the Grandmaster feel different as he had seen him. He didn’t want the guards to throw the weakened body into the dungeons. Something strong was within that male, something powerful, magical. The Grandmaster couldn’t put a name on whatever it was but he knew it was valuable. So he had ordered the guards to take the lost one to the healers and let him rest until he would awaken. 

Three days had passed and the excitement seemed to grow. En Dwi was eager to know what had caused him to be so kind and generous. It even bugged his mind at nights. What could possibly be different in this one? After pacing around the tower he called his palace, he had finally received good news; the man was beginning to show signs of awakening!

Immediately, he had made his way to the guest room that was taken by the black haired man. He was incredibly curious to learn more about him. What was his name? Where did he come from? Why did he land on Sakaar? 

En Dwi Gast walked inside just as the healer was about to leave, knowing that the creator of Sakaar would like a moment alone with their ‘guest’. The room was big, the white floor and white walls making it appear even larger. The man was sleeping on a big, king-sized bed with golden sheets and pillows. It was quite an extravagant room, just as everything else in the Grandmaster’s palace.

He noticed that his eyes were closed but moving around underneath the eyelids. His fingers were moving slightly and he was breathing deeply. He seemed better, as his wounds had been tended. The curtains were pulled in front of the windows, making the room quite dim. With a sigh, En walked to the windows and pulled the bright blue curtains aside, allowing natural light inside. He hoped it would help the man wake up. He needed answers.

‘‘ It’s time to wake up! ‘‘ The Grandmaster attempted to wake the man up, taking a seat on the seat beside the large bed. The man only responded with the slight movement of his fingers which was a bit disappointing. ‘‘ Come on, you’ve been asleep for…for..three days ‘‘ He continued, believing that somehow the other could hear him. His thoughts had been right, because a moment after that, the man fluttered his eyes open and stared up at the ceiling. The sight of him waking up filled the Grandmaster with joy because he would finally speak to him.

‘‘ Welcome back, sleepy head ‘‘ En Dwi just smiled, hoping to catch his attention. He had no idea what to expect. Would he speak? Did he understand what he was saying?

A soft purr rumbled from the feline’s throat as he stretched out against the sheets of the comfortable bed. Never had he thought he’d go from rags to sleeping in a princess’s castle, but here he was. Princess Twilight Sparkle had been a gracious host in letting him stay after Songbird Serenade’s concert. 

However the more he began to wake up, the more he began to realize that there was a slight problem. Well, more like lots of slight problems. He had no money, no access to anything but the food ponies ate, and all of his belongings were at his home… which he was still quite hesitant to return to. The instant Capper stepped back into town, Virko would be on him like white on rice. 

He slid himself out of bed and moved into the bathroom to freshen up; gazing at his own reflection for a long moment. There was no way he could just ask his new friends for money. Pickpocketing wasn’t an option either. Going straight was going to be harder than he thought. Maybe he could ask Rarity for work? Surely the fashionista could use a pair of paws in her workshop. Or perhaps Pinkie Pie would need help.. doing whatever the party pony did. Then there was Applejack and her farm. 

All three of them sounded like god options to start with. As much as Capper wanted to ask the Princess if she needed any help, he had a feeling she probably didn’t fully trust him yet. Not after he’d initially tried to sell her and her friends. 

Finally he made his way out out the little town. Everything was so bright and cheerful in comparison to his old home. No more red, brown and clay colored city. Just fresh green grass, brightly colored houses and pastel ponies. As he wandered around trying to find his way, his stomach growled quite loudly. Maybe food needed to be his first priority. 

“Don’t suppose any of those ponies have any fish or chicken layin’ around,” he muttered to himself. 

Closed Starter || Andy

Andy was working out at his gym, punching the hell out of a punching bag to try and sweat out the hangover he was battling. He had his headphones in and was trying his best to tune everything out, but there was a woman who had walked in and she was basically commanding his attention. He finally gives up for a minute and stops to drink some water and watch her for a bit.

[Closed Starter for @spokenwithhands]

Swirls of vivid pastels fade into reality, bringing with them overwhelming waves of absolute fear bordering on paranoia. The singular yet overbearing emotion brushes past and over the Eldritch Terror, a ghostly sensation that’s not entirely unfamiliar; one that near consumes yet only sweeps over what remains of the entity’s soul.
More corporeal than this feeling is that of being watched. Along with it comes the definite sense of no longer being alone. Though it is not a sensation that instills the prior fear.
It doesn’t take long at all to locate the would-be voyeur, seeing as there’s nowhere to hide here. If there were, he would absolutely be hidden right about now. He looks an awful lot like a spooked alley cat; on the verge of abandoning his task and fleeing back to whatever reality he’d disappeared to.
“G- G– Wh-Wha– W-What’d they d-do to you…?”
The long lost parasite stammers out his question, voice dripping with aforementioned fear.