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Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

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I love that Mercy is basically blizzad's pinup gal, but they basically don't give her any sort of character development, we haven't even gotten like a comic or anything and now she's basically being reduced to as Genji's savior. They're gonna strip away her agency as all her motives were for saving him because "something something".

the entire ship is based on the premise that Mercy is ok with an unhealthy power dynamic in a relationship which is ????? considering that it’d be extremely unprofessional of her to even consider that. I mean there is a reason why therapeuts etc. have to stop once they feel like they grew too close with their patients.

G*ncy is not about Mercy, it never has been. It’s always about Genji and what people thing HE needs, but the truth is the ship hurts his character as well.

When Bokuto falls quiet, Keiji listens.

It’s not to say he doesn’t listen any other time, when Bokuto is chattering on and on about volleyball practice, about getting a snack from the konbini after volleyball practice, about the new ghost story Komi told in the changeroom before volleyball practice. Bokuto has next to no filter between his brain and his mouth, but it’s nice, in a way, once you get used to it. Like having the radio on in the background when you do your homework. You just notice it more when it’s gone.

Bokuto is a loud person. Even his silences are loud. 

So Keiji sits with him, quiet in his own patient way, close enough for his friend to know that he’s there for him. Close enough to touch, an anchoring presence, if he needed it. 

When Bokuto is quiet, Keiji stays.

I take a long time with relationships. I move slowly. I move slowly when it comes to them in all ways, mentally, emotionally, physically… I take a while to soften up around the idea of including people in my life in that way. I need to take in each portion and process it fully, mull it over and consider each piece. I don’t rush. Ever. But once I truly settle into the idea, the motions, and the emotions, I am there. I am resolved. Entirely. So once I am there I will be soft and present. Please do not hurt me once I finally make it. It takes me awhile, but not because I do not care. I care very deeply. Please understand and let me do it in my own way.

the jacket

a/n: I’m shitty with titles. Other than that, hope you enjoy this though. And requests are always open if you want something.


After a long day at work, I was finally happy to be able to go home and sleep in, not having to work the next day. Being a nurse and working 12 hour shifts 3 days a week was tiring, but so rewarding to see the smiling faces of your patients.

You had grown close to all your patients, always finding something to talk about. Whether it was 412’s love for basketball, 308’s grandson, who loved to go fishing, or 114’s traveling stories. You always loved making conversation with them, and they taught you to really be grateful and enjoy the little things.

My favorite would have to probably be the elderly women in 216 though. She would constantly be telling you stories about growing up. All her stories of sneaking out, and just being young and reckless.

I did however, love to hear her stories about falling in love. She said she was about 16 when she found the man of her dreams, but sadly Elvis Presley was unaware of her existence. But it was at one of his concerts that she met the love of her life, John.

It was a heartwarming story, and I loved all the tales of all their adventures together. It was also so tiring, working all day though, so I was so happy to be able to get home and sleep.

I had just got ready for bed. Tank top, pajama shorts and high nike elite socks. Messy bun, contacts were removed, so I had my glasses on, and no make up. I had just got in bed. Despite the money I was making now, was good, I still lived in a small little apartment. I simply wanted to save up enough money for a nicer place, and I was only in my early 20’s. I still had a lot in life to figure out.

I wasn’t gonna go out and buy a house when in a few years, I’ll hopefully be getting married and moving in together. So there wasn’t a point in me buying a house now. I just wanted to save my money up now.

I eventually fell asleep, setting my glasses on the bedside table. It was probably around 1 am, but I finally passed out.

I woke up to the fire alarm going off. Not just mine, but the whole entire complex. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 am. I groaned and grabbed my glasses and climbed out of bed, stepping into my nike slides and ran out of my apartment, down 3 floors and out the front door, where everyone else who lived in the complex was. The fire trucks were coming, you could hear them from a mile away.

I however was totally unprepared for this. My tank top and shorts gave me little warmth. I was freezing. I looked around and saw several people who had blankets, and others who had coats. I folded my arms across my chest to try to keep some warmth.

It had been about 10 minutes and the firetrucks were there, they we’re inspecting the building. I was shaking at this point.

“uh hey.” A sudden voice spoke from behind me, startling me, causing me to jump a bit. I turned and the guy was laughing at my reaction. I took this as a time to get a good look at the stranger.

He was quite attractive. Tall, with the cutest smile. And his eyes, It was so easy to get lost in his brown eyes. Just looking at him, white tee with a leather jacket, jeans and a snapback.

“sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m John Swift, but you can call me Swazz.”

“oh no, you’re fine.” I laughed it off, “I’m just a little tired and jumpy, but uh I’m (y/n)”

“so you live here?” he asked, nodding at the complex.

“yeah, and you?”

“yeah, for now. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you around before.” He stated.

“hmm, maybe you have and just didn’t realize.”

“no, I’d definitely remember.” He stepped back and looked me head to toe and then back up, biting his lip and smiling. I looked down and tried to fight the smile off my face.

“smooth.” I laughed, but shivered.

“are you cold?” he asked.

“just a little, but I’m fine. We should be going back in soon.” I smiled, shivering a little bit more.

“well here” he said, sliding his jacket off. “take my jacket.” He smiled, reaching out and holding it out in front of me.

“no, then you’ll freeze.”

“no don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be fine. You’re freezing, just take it.” He spoke, this time, holding open the sleeves so I could slide my arms in, which I did. It was a bit big, but it smelled heavenly.

We stood there and talked a bit more, or shared a few laughs more so. He was really funny, and the whole time I was standing there with him, I couldn’t help but smile or laugh.

After about 15 more minutes, our landlord finally told us we can go back in the building. Swazz and I walked in together, but he ended up getting distracted by some more friends, but not before he said bye to me.

Once I got back into my place, I realized I still had John’s jacket. I didn’t know his apartment number, and I never see him around, how was I gonna give it back to him? By the looks of it, it was an expensive jacket, I’m sure he’d definitely want it back. Hands in the pockets, I felt a piece of paper.

I pulled out the little piece of paper and unfolded it, laughing at what it was. The paper read.

you’re hella cute, and I’m gonna need my jacket back. Call me 555-679-1738, -swazz’

I saved his number into my phone and then locked it, setting it on the charger and falling asleep for the night.


I woke up the next morning around 9:00, wanting to get an early start on my day off. I showered and got ready, tossing on a white tank top with a grey sweater/jacket type thing, ripped washed out skinny jeans, all white nikes and loosely curled my hair.

I texted John while I started making a smoothie for breakfast.

To Swazz: hey, it’s (y/n), from last night. You let me borrow your jacket.

I left for the grocery store, deciding to get some more food, and other necessities. I got back home at around noon, and put everything away.

It was in the middle of making lunch, that my phone went off.

From Swazz: yeah I remember. I told you I’d remember you (;

To Swazz: oh right. Forgot how smooth you were.

From Swazz: You know it babygirl (;

I smiled at his last message.

To Swazz: righttttt

From Swazz: is that sarcasm I’m sensing?

To Swazz: me? Sarcastic? Never

From Swazz: it’s definitely sarcasm

To Swazz: guilty

From Swazz: alright, I see you babygirl. So what’s a gorgeous girl like yourself doing today?

To Swazz: nothing, just lounging around all day. What about you?

From Swazz: well, I’m about to take this gorgeous girl out to lunch.

Reading that kinda sucked. He was over here flirting with me, but going out to lunch with some other girl? Classy.

To Swazz: oh, well have fun on your date then.

From Swazz: oh I plan on it.

Was he really like bragging about it? Seriously. I was so annoyed I just decided not to reply. What was the point even?

I was in the middle of watching supernatural. Mhmmm the things I would do to Dean Winchester, but there was a knock on my door.

“the hell?” I asked myself, unraveling from my blanket. I walked up to the door and pulled it open, shocked.

“what the hell are you doing here?”

“yeah, it’s great to see you too.”

“sorry, I just, how did you find my apartment?”

“well, I may have tipped the doorman a few extra bucks to tell me which apartment is yours.”

“oh, I thought you were going out on a lunch date?” I asked from the door.

“yeah, let’s go.” He said, smiling at me.

“wait, what?”

“let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” Swazz said, reaching in and grabbing my hand and pulling me out of my door as he turned and started walking. I couldn’t help but smile as I followed behind him.


“So you thought I was talking to you about going out with another girl?” Swazz asked.

We were currently in a little diner in town. We walked, hand in hand the whole way here and talked. And once we got to the diner, he held open the door for me to walk in first. I was gonna turn around and compliment him on being such a gentleman, but I caught him staring at my ass.

He just laughed it off, saying he was just ‘appreciating the view’ but it gave us something to laugh about. And it also made conversation easier. But he was so sweet and such a sweetheart. So kind and polite the whole time.

“yeah, it was an honest mistake though. You can’t blame me.” I laughed, taking a fry and popping it in my mouth.

“what other gorgeous girl would I be talking about?” he laughed, reaching over and taking one of my fries.

“hey!” I yelled, swatting at his hand. Both of us laughing.

“okay so tell me.” He said, eating my fry with a cute little half smile. “why haven’t I seen you around before if you’ve been in the apartment for a year now.” He leaned back.

“probably cause I leave early for work and get back later. I work at the hospital, so I’m out of here by 6 in the morning to avoid traffic, and then don’t get back home until around 7:30 at night. And my days off I either go to the gym, store or just stay in.”

“the hospital? That’s pretty cool.”

“yeah, I’m a nurse. What about you?” I ask, with a smile.

“oh uh, I guess a little bit of modeling. But other than that I usually just hang out with my friends Sammy and Skate. They’re rappers, but yeah. I just go with the flow I guess.”

“that’s pretty cool.”


We were walking back to the apartments, hand in hand again. Swazz paid for lunch, and we had been talking the whole way home.

“did I tell you, you look gorgeous today?” he asked, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me in closer to his side.

“maybe once or twice, or like 5 times.” I laughed.

“well I just thought you should know.”

We talked more as we walked up to my apartment. Once I had my keys ready to unlock it I turned and looked at Swazz.

“I really had fun today, thank you.” I smiled up at him as he stepped closer to me.

“of course. Anytime.” He breathed out, biting his lip and looking at my lips.

“alright, well I’ll uh, see you around?” I asked, hopeful, cause, I did have fun today with him.

“yeah. What would you say to doing this again?” he asked, shyly. And I instantly smiled.

“yes!” I replied quickly.

“alright.” He laughed.

“okay, I’ll see ya then.” He spoke, scratching the back of his neck.

“yeah, I’ll see ya.” I smiled, before heading into my apartment.

I closed the door behind me and took off my sweater and tossed it on the back of the couch when I saw John’s jacket. Grabbing it I ran back out of my apartment, only to run right into John’s chest. He was right in front of my door.

“sorry.” He laughed. “I just forgot something.” he said, his hands on my waist, supporting me from when I ran into him. One arm on his chest, the other had ahold of his jacket, but was resting on his arm.

“yeah, your jacket.” I said.

“no, this.” He said before backing me up against the hall and crashing his lips to mine.

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Is having a bond with a patient as bad as everyone makes it out to be? Many people have told me that a doctor always has to cut themselves off from the patient which I partially get because of what can happen but is it that bad to care for a patient?

Absolutely not. Bonding with your patients is a good thing. Doctors and nurses need to be human. I love getting to know my patients and forming relationships with them.

The warnings are really more about getting too close to a patient - losing sight of professional boundaries. It’s about not having romantic relationships with patients or treating family or close friends. It’s about knowing when to stop futile treatments and when to advocate for your patients. Sure, you do have to put up some walls so that you don’t fall apart every time you have a bad outcome. 

Having boundaries doesn’t mean you don’t care though. Actually boundaries are set because we do care and we want to do what’s best for our patients.

Yoosung Kim

-he’s too trusting pls be kind to him….
-always ready to believe the best in the people he loves (even to the point of it being unhealthy as with Rika)
-once his trust is lost, tho, hhOOO-BOY get ready for 2 years of groveling and getting the cold shoulder at the very least
-definitely bleached his hair the first time with the intent to feel closer to/honor Rika
-now he just likes being a cute blond
-has thought about putting fun colors on the ends or as streaks or sections, but chickens out every time
-ends up dying a matching lock of hair pink with MC when he mentions it, tho
-Yoosung’s fave color is actually pink, with bright green a close second
-looks up wrist/hand/arm exercises to prevent damage on YouTube
-pays close attention to patient vision when he becomes a vet
-was p nervous about introducing MC to his parents tbh
-actually didn’t need to worry at all?? Yoosung’s parents are glad that he and MC are happy together (and now there is one more person to dote on for the holidays huehue)
-love love LOVES playing co-op games with MC, they are a digital power couple!!
-he and MC always get matching versions of games (he gets Pokemon Sun and MC gets Moon. stuff like that haha)
-Yoosung Kim can not draw to save his life???
-his stick figures are pretty good bc he’s got steady af hands but like,, he can’t draw……. anything.. else….. (except stars. he can also draw stars!!!)
-very touchy-feely with MC
-always grabbing their hand or arm or shoulder or hugging them or giving smooches (especially cheek smooches)
-kisses on the cheeks are his third favorite place to kiss MC that is not on the lips
-super duper loves when MC sits in his lap and vice versa tbqh
-oh boy ohhhh boy Yoosung likes his hair being tugged on while making out (and actually just in general likes it when MC touches his hair and plays with it and stuff)

Hisoka sat in between Chrollo and Illumi as rain poured outside the window. The raindrops created a soft melody as they painted the window’s white canvas like an abstract expressionist, creating spontaneous patterns that reflected the rain’s inner emotions. The moon hid behind the clouds with its eyes closed, waiting patiently for the new year with its arms wide open. The stars twinkled brightly as they drifted along the sky’s black sea toward their scheduled destination singing gracefully.

Hisoka rested his head against Illumi’s shoulder. He held a pocket watch in his hand and made a humming noise as the clock’s arms moved closer to midnight. He was thrilled to enter a new year with his best friends but sad to say goodbye to the old year because he wanted to relive some precious memories that he choose to keep close to his heart.

“What is your new year’s resolution?” Illumi asked.

Hisoka laughed a little. “It’s a secret.”

“I want to know right now,” Illumi insisted.

Chrollo cleared his throat and looked away from the book in his hand. “Up to mischief again?”

“Maybe,” Hisoka teased.

“Just tell me what your new year’s resolution is,” Illumi demanded. He pushed Hisoka’s head off his shoulder. “I want to know.”

Chrollo closed his book and yawned. “What time is it?”

“It just turned midnight,” Hisoka said standing up and stretching his arms. “I’ll tell you my new year’s resolution on the balcony.”

Illumi raised his eyebrow. “I don’t want to go outside. It’s raining and my hair will get wet.”

“Please,” Hisoka reached both of his hands out to help Chrollo and Illumi up from the floor. “I promise it won’t take me long to tell you my new year’s resolution outside.”

Illumi reached out for his hand and stood up slightly irritated. “Fine.”

Hisoka lead Chrollo and Illumi toward the balcony with his heart beating faster against his chest. They stepped outside and looked up at stars as they continued to twinkle brightly in the sky’s black sea. The rain painted their bodies with ease while the moon opened up its eyes to witness the opening act to a play about lovers who traveled the world together.

“Are you ready?” Hisoka asked.

Illumi crossed his arms. “Just get on with it.”

Hisoka knelt down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it up. He held it out in front of Chrollo and Illumi with a smile while keeping his eye on the expression on their face. The box had two black rings with a small diamond in the middle. The words I love you were engraved on the inside of the ring in small print.

“My new year’s resolution is this,” Hisoka said with a shaky breath. “Will you two marry me?”

Illumi tilted his head to the side. “It depends. Promise me you won’t eat any of my apple bunnies.”

“Done,” Hisoka said quickly.

“Promise me you won’t eat any of my chocolate pudding,” Chrollo said nudging Illumi in the side playfully.

Hisoka sighed. “Alright, alright.”

Illumi and Chrollo looked at each other with a grin on their face before responding. “Yes, we will marry you.”

I hope you guys have a happy New Year!!!!

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#29! did i give this sketchbook an entire spread just for dean sitting on the impala in short shorts and a wet sponge?

i would never especially not when it’s canon  [inktober tag]

Happy new Year everyone !

It’s not 2017 at my place yet but I’ve to get ready for work ! I’m a nurse and I’ll spent the first hours of 2017 close to my patients, and taking care of them :3 So party hard for me okay ? ♥