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Why you should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Of the seven main characters, only one is a Christian white man

- This particular man has dozens of hobbies which include local food critic, sewing, yoga, and other traditionally non-masculine interests

- The main character is Jewish

- One of the main characters is a middle aged gay man who isn’t a TV stereotype, who is married and lovingly committed, bringing up his husband in casual conversation throughout the show without it being the only important thing about his personality

- Every female character has a distinct personality, goals and fears and aspirations, and all have multiple episodes focusing solely on exploring their characters and development


- Terry Crews as a big buff doting father

- Humor that never relies on offensive jokes or stereotypes, that is genuinely funny with great comedic timing

- Multiple accounts of close friendships between men and women without any implications that there will be more

- The few relationships that do exist between the main cast are developed naturally over time

Thank you for reading, go forth and enjoy this fantastic show!

he was 65, his wife was 66, had
Alzheimer’s disease.

he had cancer of the
there were
operations, radiation
which decayed the bones in his
which then had to be

daily he put his wife in
rubber diapers
like a

unable to drive in his
he had to take a taxi to
the medical
had difficulty speaking,
had to
write the directions

on his last visit
they informed him
there would be another
operation: a bit more
cheek and a bit more

when he returned
he changed his wife’s
put on the tv
dinners, watched the
evening news
then went to the bedroom, got the
gun, put it to her
temple, fired.

she fell to the
left, he sat upon the
put the gun into his
mouth, pulled the

the shots didn’t arouse
the neighbors.

the burning tv dinners

somebody arrived, pushed
the door open, saw

the police arrived and
went through their
routine, found
some items:

a closed savings
account and
a checkbook with a
balance of
suicide, they

in three weeks
there were two
new tenants:
a computer engineer
and his wife
who studied

they looked like another
upwardly mobile

—  ‘Hell is a Lonely Place’, by Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)
Living the Nightlife: Tips for surviving night shifts.

I’m not talking about clinical skills; if you’ve gotten this far, you can do it. My tips about the techicalities of night shifts can be found in my Tips for New Junior Doctors post. Nope, it’s just hard to get used to night shifts at all. I’ve spent quite a bit of time chatting to various colleagues, and gathered a few things that seem to work for me, so this is a lost of suggestions which might help for those struggling to ease into the world of working nights. Not mandatory, by any means. I don’t really feel it’s a complete list, but I do feel like putting it out into the aether. If you have any tips, feel free to add to the list :)

In the lead-up to nights:

  • Sort out your life admin. On-calls don’t leave much time for other things.
  • Try to go to bed a bit later than normal. This is easier if you have a weekend or a day off before you start.
  • Let yourself sleep in late in the leadup to nights. The aim is to shift your body clock closer to when you will be on nights, so that you will feel less of a shock when everything flips.
  • Tell your friends and family you will be on nights. Anyone likely to text/call/whatsapp you during the day. Not to brag or whinge, but so they know that they shouldn’t disturb you, or sulk if you don’t answer!
  • Schedule any deliveries for the days before your nights, or only for times you know you don’t plan to sleep on your nights block. There is nothing worse than being woken up by a ring at the door halfway through your sleep. If you wake up it is harder to snooze off again.
  • Plan your ‘packed lunch’. Yup, 12 hour shifts are long, you WILL be hungry. Your doctors’ mess may not be well-stocked. The hot food and vending machines at your hospital may also be broken; always plan in advance; I spent my first night shift snacking on huge piles of shortbread because the machines were broken and there was nothing else in the Mess. Never again.

On the day:

  • Get as much sleep as humanly possible.
  • It may be easier to sleep in until late, then get up and go about your day before your evening shift sets in.
  • Or, some people prefer to get up at a relatively normal time, and take a nap in the afternoon preceding the night shift. There is no right answer.
  • Eat a good ‘breakfast’ before your shift starts. I usually eat ‘dinner’ in the morning (before bed), then ‘breakfast’ when I wake up (before work) then halfway through the shift when it is less busy (2-4am) I have ‘lunch’.
  • I feel it helps to set out the day pretty similarly to normal days, because it feels less jarring. Trying to eat at reasonably regular intervals also helps avoid that hypoglycaemic feeling of despair and not being able to cope. And the hangry rage.
  • I also pack snacks because long days are exhausting.
  • Don’t forget plenty of loose sheets of paper and your clip board, request forms etc.

The shift itself:

  • You will get a pile of jobs as soon as you start. The aim is usually to band to gether as a team to clear them as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that the person who handed over those jobs gave you all the right infromation.
  • Make two jobs lists: urgent jobs, and the ones that you ‘can do if you find a spare moment’
  • If you are lucky, it will become more peaceful around 2-3am.
  • If you are moderately busy, you will catch a breather around 4-5am as people stop wandering around or going to A+E.
  • You need to eat. If it hasn’t petered out by 2-3am, talk to your counterparts to plan breaks and cover each other.
  • You don’t need to have no jobs or patients on the list to eat or got to the toilet. If there are no urgent ward jobs, you can eat quickly.
  • If the patients waiting to be seen on the acute take have been triaged as low risk, are clinically stable, and have not been waiting long, having a cup of tea and a quick sandwich is not harmful. They will be monitored by your nurse colleagues. Just let your senior know so they can crack on with seeing patients.
  • You cannot look after patients to your best ability if you are exhausted, hungry, dehydrated or bursting to go to the toilet.
  • You never know when 30 people will turn up to A&E at once, or when 5 patients will fall on the wards in rapid succession. Take it easy when you can.
  • If it’s not bad on your take, help your ward equivalent.
  • If it’s not bad on the wards, check the A+E list for referrals and help your colleague clear patients.
  • Update the list whenever you have time.
  • If you don’t have time to eat but are feeling completely exhausted, a hot drink or some juice, or even a cup of water can work absolute miracles.
  • caffeine in reasonable moderation is your friend.

After the shift:

  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks after your shift.
  • …Unless you have a long drive ahead and need it for your safety.
  • Don’t drive long distances after night shifts. If possible, d not drive or cycle at all: you will be hugely exhausted and sleepy so are at particular risk of accidents.
  • Eat your ‘dinner’ when you get home, not long before ‘bedtime’. The postprandial effect may even help you drift off more easily.
  • No matter how awake you feel, go to bed, just as if it was night time.
  • Don’t get out of bed, even if you don’t feel sleepy.
  • If you wake up, don’t sweat it. It may be harder to get to sleep, but you can keep trying. Just stay in bed, don’t play on your phone or computer and you are much more likely to drift off.
  • Read about good sleep hygeine.
  • Don’t play on your phone; that will only kee you up.
  • Blackour curtains or a sleep mask are an absolute must.
  • Close your windows.
  • Put a note on your bedroom door/fridge/etc to let your flatmates know that you are working nights.
  • Explain to them that being noisy is the equivalent of you banging pots and pans around in the middle of the night for them.
  • Silence your whatsapp/text/ringtone. Everything that is not your alarm clock should be switched off.
  • Give yourself a good 7-8 hours of sleep. I always try to sleep more hours on nights than I do normally, by being stricter with myself. It actually means I barely feel sleepy on nights at all!
  • When you wake up, leave a good amount of time to eat and get to work.
  • Night shifts are 12=13 hours long usually. Even with sleep accounted for, if you don’t live too far away from work you still get a couple of hours to eat/watch TV/catch up with someone close/chill. Try to de-stress in that time.

After nights:

  • You get days off! YAY
  • But getting your body clock back to normal will be brutal.
  • Personally, I recommend not sleeping through the day that follows your last night shift, if you can. This will leave you more sleepy when it is night time, and hopefully make it easier for you to go back to normal sleeping patterns.
  • If you must nap during the day, keep it short and set an alarm so that you don’t end up sleeping the entire day and lying awake all night.
  • Despite your best efforts, you’ll probably find that you feel more sleepy during the next few days, and find it harder to sleep at night. That’s common, and your body will eventually settle back.
  • Practise sleep hygeine as best as you can, to settle into a normal pattern quickeer.
Saying goodbye to my 20s and my birthday wish to all my young hopefuls.

Today I will be saying goodbye to my 20′s. It has never been so clear to me that time is indeed real, and what you do with your time is crucial.

I remember when I turned 20.. actually, I don’t. My memories are blurry when I was young, solely because I choose not to care, because I was 20 and I thought I had all the time in the world. All I knew was that I was young, I was healthy,  I cared only about spending time with my boyfriend (I was determined to get married to him at the age of 21), and that I have to submit my assignment to my legal professor by Monday. Mediocre, and lazy- that was me. At 20, I had no idea that at 9.9 years later I would be in the kitchen of my apartment in the heart of Los Angeles, and writing this, with you in mind. Also at 20, I went to my first indie band rock show, and that changed EVERYTHING. And so, my life lessons began..

At 21, I decided I didn’t want to settle down so soon, I wasn’t ready. I went to an entirely different direction, went into music and discovered that my whole childhood of loving music and singing wasn’t a scam, and I started writing songs of my own.

Me at 20

22 (2008) was when I learned about dignity. I walked into my first record label meeting, sitting across a man, leaning back in his corporate chair telling me I will not go far in the music industry if I
1) kept my headscarves on
2) sang my English songs.
I said no thank you, and proceeded to (with my little knowledge of Company law that I learned in school) start my own company called Yuna Room Records, with my 22 year old cousin, Wawa. We still run this company today. Also this year, I got interviewed for the very first time by my favorite music magazine at the time, Junk, by my all time fav person today, Didi Ramlan.

Young Yuna with bandmates Efry, Paan, Adil.

22 was also when I learned that quality is key. I wrote a song called Dan Sebenarnya, and was willing to let the rough recording of it live forever. Turns out I was wrong, radio wouldn’t play my music because of the crappy quality. I went to get a RM1000(about USD$200) loan from my dad, went to a professional recording studio, to record an EP so the radios will stop saying no to my song.

My bedroom in university. You can see my passion for photography and a photo of me performing my first show with a guitar on the wall, and my law notes sprawled across the table as I stay up studying.

23 (2009) I learned how to manage my financials. I received my first royalty paycheck in the mail, and when I opened it I had to sit down and made sure if it was meant for me, and remember thinking if I deserved all of it. Dan Sebenarnya EP was being downloaded almost 100,000 times a month, my first paycheck was almost RM30k. Too much. I paid off my dad’s loan, split it with my bandmates who helped recording it in the studio with me, and started my savings account and learned how to pay tax. I also graduated from legal studies this year.

With friends from law school. Already you can tell I’m out of place.

24 (2010) I learned that even if I thought I worked really hard for something, second place is a good place to be. I competed in my first national tv music award show performing my song, and lost to a very talented young man who I am now close friends with Aizat Amdan. Sometimes you have to know that some things are just not meant for you. That night, I didn’t get an award, but I got a wonderful friend that I can depend on forever. 2 years later, I got an award that was taken away from me, but because of this incident, I had already learned how to not care so much about awards. Awards do not define you. I also graduated this year, earning my degree in legal studies. Finally!

25. (2011) I learned to take a leap of faith. I went to America with a small bag and a big dream. I was a shy foreigner, I was alone and I was a little bit scared. But, I knew that if I don’t start talking, I will not go anywhere. Being awkward and shy is a waste of time, I learned. The more you want to talk to people, the more respectful you are, the more you will learn.

I learned that you are the only person who can sabotage yourself. When people say you can’t, the only person who can prove them wrong is yourself.

Pharell and I, 2011.

My very first apartment in Los Angeles. I remember every dollar i made from work was to pay for this rent.. I ate a lot of instant noodles and shopped at dollar stores. My furnitures (and one piano that I still have) were all hand-me-downs from my friend, Niles (now a big time DJ, KSHMR!)

26. (2012) I learned how to travel and perform at the same time. I was in different cities everyday, performing every night. Something I didn’t know I could do. I saw people from all races showing up at my show, a diversity and I learned to loved them all, something I didn’t know existed. All my ignorance and stereotypes melted away just from traveling across America. I also learned about loyalty, and the meaning of friendship. Didi, Faiz, Lincoln formed this experience together with me and I will never forget it.

Faiz, Didi and Lincoln, us on the road, across the country for a month in 2012.

Lollapalooza 2013.

27.(2013) I learned about the REAL treasures in life. That your parents are the true treasure that you will never find anywhere else, at any point of your life.  That breaking their hearts is never an option for as long as you live. 

My last moments with my late grandfather. I miss him so much.

28.(2014)  I learned that money is not everything. You can make millions, but you can’t buy happiness. Money will not save lives. I tried my best to save my uncle or my grandfather from their sickness with whatever money I had, and I lost this battle. God saves lives, and he takes them at His will. You can plan, but He is the best planner.

I learned that fame is not everything. You can have millions of followers, a few friends who thinks you’re awesome, but you can still feel very alone. Being liked, or dislike, does not give you infinite happiness. I also learned the horrible truth that for some, fame and money is everything.Time is the best gift you can give to your loved ones.

I learned that physical beauty of a person means nothing. We are all flawed. I am flawed. I learned how to see people’s hearts and hoping that my heart is worth seeing. I learned that being in love is not everything. I learned how to piece myself back together slowly after someone has broken every fragile part of me. I learned that the person you spend your time with can either bring the best out of you, or unleash a monster inside of you. People come into your life to teach you valuable lessons, and you have to learn from it. I learned that if you lose someone, it doesn’t mean its because you’re not worth it. It just means you’re growing. How you rise above this, will be your life’s best victory.

29,(2015-today) this is my favorite year. I learned to let go, and learned to realize that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else. I learned that I was not entirely healthy, and decided to take care of myself better before it’s too late.

I learned that you can find love in the calmness of being in someone’s presence. Never disrupt that calmness. ‘Don’t be an idiot’, I tell myself, ‘Don’t screw this up!’

I learned to stop caring what people have to say about me, because of the simple reason being- they have no clue what’s going on. They don’t deserve a space in my thought process. I learned about having the courage to be me. I learned the hard way, that there are givers, and takers. There are people who are here to take advantage of me and use me, and I have to walk away from them. I learned to shut doors to people who sees life in a negative way without any second guesses. I learned how to say no when people try to take away the best qualities that I’ve taken all these years to shape. I learned how to sever ties with people who drain my energy. I learned how to fight for my identity. I learned how to fight for my life and the lives of people that I care about. Most importantly, after all these years of thinking I should be this and that, I want this, I want that, .. blablabla. I learned one important thing - its not about me. It’s about how can I contribute to make the world a better place.

Al-fatihah for Aina.

On my 30th birthday, I don’t need gifts. I just wish for my young fans to not waste their time. Know that your time is yours, but it’s not yours. If you are in your 20′s, spend your time wisely. Go have fun, you’re young, but don’t forget to contribute your energy, you’re young. Time flies, but take your time learning. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Don’t try to grow up too fast, stay in your zone and be present as much as you can. Remember, you are so much more than what people say about you. People rush you into doing things.. but ask yourself what do YOU want? Go and live life fully, learn as much as you can. Achieve greatness and bring out greatness in others as well. Be aware of whats happening in the world, not just yours. Learn to see whats on the other side, and try not to settle in what your setup has been set up for you. 

Be woke. Be intelligent. Be there for the people who need you. Keep your head up and be confident, but know when to keep your head down and be humble. Never underestimate what your heart tells you. It’s okay to be wrong, its okay to fail and know that you are flawed, and life will prove this to you again and again. Know that you will rise, again and again. Being flawless comes after you learned that you can accept your flaws and not giving up doing something beautiful for the world.

Happy birthday to me and to you, here’s to us, who will see today as Day 1.

Her Nuzzling Her Face into Their Crotch While Asleep: BTS


HE WOULD BE SO TRAUMATIZED, OMG. Like, he’d get horny but at the same time he would just smile at the TV real big and start talking to himself to calm his inner urge to jump you.


Falls asleep before you so doesn’t feel anything weird.


Is a mix of surprise, shock and everything in between, with his throat closing in till it’s painful to breathe and he has to gently move you either back on his knees or off from himself in general.

Rap Monster:

You sleeping? Don’t matter. You created the mess that was he, so you were going to be accounted responsible on all behalves.


Stares at you real hard to figure out whether you’re actually sleeping or not but when you started to nuzzle your face into his crotch his mind just turned itself off, and he could still barely remember how his inner voice yelled curses.


Gets aroused, a.k.a pops a boner, but instead of bothering you he just carefully moves you away from his lap and goes to the bathroom to take care of it.


Is so shook that he nearly fell unconscious.

Accountable: Arrow 5x14 Review (The Sin-Eater)

As Anatoly explained, a sin-eater is someone who consumes a ritual meal to magically take on the sins of another person, thus absolving the person and saving their soul.

Christianity has another name for this person: Jesus Christ. The son of God who died for our sins. The concept that superheroes are Christ like figures is nothing new, and is certainly one I’ve written about before. However, “The Sin- Eater” is as close as Arrow has ever come to a literal comparison.  Oliver Queen has a history of taking others’ sins upon himself. Essentially, blaming himself for their wrongs. As if somehow taking responsibility for them will save them.

If Christ died for our sins, if that action of selfless love is our salvation, then why do we ever need to be held accountable for our sins? Aren’t we already forgiven?

Sorry, but that’s just not the way it works. There is nothing we can ever do that will stop God from loving us, but that does not prevent us from seeking His mercy. Yes, Christ died for our sins, but we must be held accountable for those sins. We have to seek forgiveness. We have to desire salvation in order to truly achieve it. The door to God is always open. There’s nothing we can ever do to close it, but we still must make the choice to walk through it.

So, is Oliver Queen really saving anyone by being a sin-eater? Or maybe the better question is…  is Oliver even worthy of the title?

Let’s dig in…

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May I Trim Your Hedges?

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

‘Don’t hold back for me (l/n), 

                                                I got some new things I think you’d like learnin.’

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: Smut (teacher/student)
Word count: 3k


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the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparationUncle MudlerNormalBackseatMudler-senseThe FBIUnthinkable


Innocently mowing the lawn, Scully looked up at Betty and waved as the older woman made her way quickly across the street. Seeing what she took as a frantic face and not a happy to see you face, Scully cut the motor, “everything okay?”

Betty walked quickly past her, taking Scully’s arm as she did, “you haven’t watched the news, have you?”

Without question, Scully pulled herself from Betty’s and tore up the front steps, banging through the screen door, “Mom?! Mom? Turn on the news.”

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The Guardian from Afar

Member: Rap Monster // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: A leader was supposed the most composed figure in a gang, meanwhile NamJoon had long since lost his cool.

A/N: Took me like forever to write this. Sorry, @kawaii-hedgehog, but I still hope you’ll find this as enjoyable as the previous ones xD

Words: 2.3k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

“NamJoon, wouldn’t it be a great thing to have an invisible red tie of fate with the person you are destined to be with; to know that somewhere in this world, there is someone out there, waiting for you just as you wait for them?” her sleepy voice asked as she was hunched over, supposedly studying.

“In a romantic perspective, sure, but in reality, it would only hurt you more at the end.”  He answered curtly, shutting his book and sending her a fleeting glance. “Why? Thinking about marriage already?” it was a childish jab at her, the kind that they always played upon each-other, only this time there was silence as his reply. “Wait, seriously?” his eyes widened in shock, and his heart swelled with pain. “Aren’t you a little bit too young for that?”

She sighed disdainfully and pushed off her `Psychology on the human behaviour` books to the side. “I have one too many debts nowadays; can’t keep up with them, either. Marriage seems like the only way out of this mess, you know?”

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Gaming Buddies ¦ Jungkook x Reader (Part 2)

*(Y/N/N) - Your unisex nickname

(Y/F/S) - Your favourite song

Online gaming is all fun and games until your group of online friends ask you; hey, should we meet up?

parings; jungkook x reader, namjin, yoonmin, taeseok

fandom; bts

genre; humor

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

FRIEND REQUESTS RECEIVED FROM: GucciBoi, AgustD, BusanBoi95, CookingMaMa.


Well, of course you accepted it. They quickly became the group of internet friends that you would always play with. There were a couple of additions to the group as well such as DANCEMONSTA who was Namjoon and Hobiii who was Hoseok. You guys would swap out as it was normally first come, first serve.

The only person that you weren’t as close with was Jungkook. You constantly got into fights with each other about who was the best Widowmaker which resulted in multiple 1v1’s which were always quite tied. Despite this, you both refused to believe that the other was the better player.

Another thing was that, you didn’t know anything about them other than their names. This wasn’t really needed, when your playing a video games.

You guys constantly use Discord to communicate. This meant you didn’t know what they looked like, what they did or where they lived as you both spoke a mixture of English and Korean. Despite this, you became close to Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin because of your personality. 

Another thing Jungkook still thought you were a boy. Ever since Jungkook called out that you were using a voice changer, he never really thought any different. When you say you might be a girl, he thinks you are just trying to trigger him. But that wasn’t the case.


You make your way to your bedroom to see your simple room which included: a bed, posters, a tv, and your gaming computer. You turn your computer on which automatically brought up your Spotify account and your Discord.

You start to shuffle your badass playlist. You hear (Y/F/S) which causes you to start jamming. Your head starts bobbing up and down whilst moving your body around to the beat on your small gaming chair. You swear you were trying to stay on it.

When Discord finally loads in, it pops up. You see a group of messages in the ‘GAMING BUDDIES ★’ group server;

‘is anyone coming on today?’ ➝ GucciBoi

‘sure’ ➝ BusanBoi95

'whatever'➝  AgustD

'can’t, have a date.'➝ Windowmaker

Date? Since when can that nerd get a date?’ You thought to yourself, you were somehow overcome with jealousy you find yourself typing a fast response without thinking.

'you, date? sure, sure’
'and i would love too’ You swiftly type each answer, wanting to rile up Jungkook.

'yes it’s a date'➝  Windowmaker

'no it isn’t, we live together’ ➝ AgustD

im just busy, k?’ ➝ ’Windowmaker

'i knew it’ ➝ EDGELORD

'well, you couldnt get a date even if you tried'➝  Windowmaker

'um, excuse you? im hot af. you have no idea’  ➝ EDGELORD

'well, neither do you’ ’➝ Windowmaker

'your personality just tells me’ ➝ EDGELORD

'same here for you’ ➝ ’Windowmaker

guysssssss, stop flirting. can we just play?’ ➝ Gucciboi

'Flirting?’ again, thinking to yourself whilst grabbing the nearest pillow from your bed to rest your head against.
You click on Overwatch to see an invite from Taehyung.

'we are both guys, tae
'and im not really into them’
idk about (Y/N/N)’ ’➝ Windowmaker

You receive a discord call from GucciBoi, you rush to click on it to say;
“I’m into guys”

There was a pause until, you hear two quiet same’s. You could see that only Taehyung and Yoongi were in the call.

Windowmaker/ Hobiii/ BusanBoi95 have accepted the call.

“What were you guys talking about? (Y/N/N), you should of realised I wasn’t there to make a comeback ” Jungkook’s obnoxiously smooth voice calls out.

“I wasn’t making a comeback-” You reply, getting cut-off by a excited welcoming.

“Hey (Y/N/N)” Hoseok screams, causing the whole group to move the headphones away from their ears.
After you finish laughing at his excitement, you start to gush;

“Ahhh my Hobiiiii. I’ve missed you, my love. Still love you.” You were gushing being able to talk to one of your best friends after a couple of days of silence from both parties.

“Of course you do” He was always quite smug when you proclaimed your love.

“Hey, what about me?” Jimin and Taehyung both chimed in, they sounded whiny with one being husky and the other quite high but soft.

“Awww, I love you both too, my best friends” You smile, they generally were your best friends you would tell them everything.

“Ew. Guys, I really don’t care, let’s just start playing” Jungkook growls, his voice holding a bit of jealously within it.

There was another pause.

“I forgot…love you too Yoongi” You add, smirking as you hear a group of laughter.

“(Y/N/N), I swear to god-”

“Jungkook fuck off, lets play.”

You look to see your team of Gaming Buddies finding a match. 


“How come internet friends don’t normally meet up?” Taehyung suddenly blurts out during the middle of their 5th competitive match. You were on a winning streak for the past 5 games.

Taehyung’s question causes you to start stuttering as you become more and more nervous.

“Ehhh” You stutter, trying to stall.

“(Y/N/N). We’ve all known you for like 2 years now and I know the guys won’t say anything but we really want to meet you-”

You grab ahold of your nearest drink and start to down it in attempt of distracting yourself from the conversation.

“So…hey, should we meet up?”

Masterlist: Updated on the 9.06.2016 :)


#1 SHINee seeing their future wife walking past them for the very first time

#2 SHINee trying to actually talk to you for the first time.

#3 SHINee asking for your phone number

#4 SHINee being interested in you, but up till now your only just friends and seeing that you are really close to another male idol.

#5 SHINee trying to call/text you for the first time after getting your number

#6 SHINee suggesting to hang out (with a group of people) – succeeding

#7 SHINee suggesting to hang out (with a group of people) – failing

#8 SHINee to finding your social media account by accident, while you are still getting to know each other.

#9 SHINee receiving a Postcard – they demanded – from you when you are away on a trip

#10 SHINee reacting to seeing another member getting friendly with you too

#11 SHINee being on a TV program and suddenly seeing you in the crew working wholeheartedly

#12 SHINee excepting your request to take care of your pet while your away

#13 SHINee finding you sitting alone on a bench looking like your feeling sad

#14 SHINee waking up from a dream they had about you and him on a date at a cute café.

#15 SHINee having a long night phone call with you, talking about everything that comes to your minds.

#16 SHINee reaction to being invited to your (their crush) apartment for the first time

#17 SHINee tripping in front of you

#18 SHINee asking you out for a first real date, with just you two

#19 SHINee reaction to their child running up on stage during rehearsals trying to copy what they are doing

#20 SHINee picking you up from work to show of that you are with him

#21 SHINee dealing with a break up (+Who will try to get back together)

#22 SHINee getting a surprise birthday party from the members and you

#23 SHINee reaction to seeing you (their girlfriend) wearing a sexy dress. Requested by Anon.

#24 SHINee reaction to kissing you for the first time. Requested by biased-tbh.

#25 SHINee reaction to being stuck on an island together. Requested by Anon.

#26 SHINee reaction to being kissed by you out of nowhere. Requested by Anon.

#27 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend being insecure because her weight is higher than the beauty standard. Requested by Anon.

#28 SHINee reaction to going out with a foreigner and she is scared of not being accepted by their parents. Requested by Anon.

#29 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend being a foreigner. Requested by Anon.

#30 SHINee reaction to you making a special event for his solo album. Requested by Anon.

#31 SHINee reaction to finding out you liked another member before him. Requested by Anon.

#32 SHINee reaction to their date idea failing and not going as planned. Requested by Anon.

#33 SHINee reaction to you reading smut about him x reader and you being embarrassed about it. Requested by prettygirljosh.

#34 SHINee reaction to meeting your family (foreigner). Requested by Anon.

#35 SHINee reaction to you wearing his clothes to sleep. Requested by Anon.

#36 SHINee reaction to you being reserved around him but loud around your friends.

#37 SHINee reaction to you being a happy/flirty drunk and you’re flirting with him in front of his members. Requested by Anon.

#38 SHINee reaction to finding you drunk at their doorstep. Requested by Anon.

#39 SHINee reaction to you falling asleep on his lap at a movie night and they actually have a major crush on you but your only friends. Requested by Anon.

#40 SHINee being jealous. Requested by cherryblossomkarasuno.

#41 SHINee reaction to you asking them out on a date. Requested by Anon.

#42 SHINee reaction to seeing you in lingerie for the first time. Requested by Anon.

#43 SHINee showing off to their girlfriend. Requested by Anon.

#44 SHINee reaction to finding out you’re liking another group and don’t really listen to SHINee’s music. Requested by Anon.

#45 SHINee reaction to finding out you’re fluent in three languages and are studying a forth one, but you never brag about being multi-lingual. Requested by Anon.

#46 SHINee reaction to waking up in the middle of the night by their girlfriend tossing and turning in bed because of a nightmare. Requested by Anon.

#47 SHINee reaction to you being a good singer. Requested by Anon.

#48 SHINee reaction to a foreign idol saying they are their celebrity crush. Requested by Anon.

#49 SHINee reaction to you - a really pretty fan. Requested by Anon.

#50 SHINee telling you they want to have a baby. Request by Anon.

#51 SHINee reaction to you confessing to them. Requested by Anon.

#52 SHINee confessing to you. Requested by Anon.

#53 SHINee’s reaction to you telling them you can’t eat food they really like because you are a picky eater. Requested by Anon.

#54 SHINee reaction to you walking in on them masturbating. Requested by Anon.

#55 SHINee reaction to coming home after work to their girlfriend cooking in just a t-shirt of them and short shorts. Requested by Anon.

#56 SHINee reaction to seeing you bump into an ex-boyfriend who is being flirty/touchy and hinting that he is interested in getting back together. Requested by Anon.

#57 SHINee reaction to them looking like they are going to win at Mario Kart, but at the last second you throw a blue shell at them, causing them to lose first place. Requested by dreamcatcherkatie.

#58 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend telling them that she wants to lose weight, because she is slightly chubby. Requested by Anon.

#59 SHINee reaction to finding out that their girlfriend knows every single one of their choreographies. Requested by Anon.

#60 SHINee greeting their girlfriend after a long time of separation due to a tour. Requested by Anon.

#61 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend giving them the silent treatment. Requested by Anon.

#62 SHINee reaction to freezing at an outside winter date with them since you forgot your scarf.

#63 SHINee reaction to another member getting physically really close to you

#64 SHINee being possessive/protective of you. Requested by Anon.

#65 SHINee being more clingy then usually and wanting more affection. Requested by Anon.

#66 SHINee telling you that they love you for the very first time. Requested by Anon.

#67 SHINee reaction to seeing you in a nice dress when you normally don’t dress up like this. Requested by @cherryblossomkarasuno

#68 SHINee reaction to seeing their girlfriend naked for the first time. Requested by Anon.

#69 SHINee reaction when they have to cancel plans due to work. Requested by Anon.

#70 SHINee missing you since you are in a long distance relationship. Requested by Anon.

#71 SHINee waking you up with a breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. Requested by the cute Anon<3

#72 SHINee reaction to see you for the first time since you started out as an online couple. Requested by Anon.

#73 SHINee reaction to their toddler nephew says he wants to marry you (their girlfriend). Requested by Anon.

#74 SHINee reaction to you going back in time and telling them you’re their future wife. Requested by Anon.

#75 SHINee reaction were they look through their girlfriends tumblr account and see it’s mostly about them. Requested by Anon.

#76 SHINee reaction when they found out you’re older than them but you look like 18. Requested by Anon.

#77 SHINee being drunk and you having to deal with them. Requested by Anon.

#78 SHINee reaction to you being pouty because they used a blue shell against you while gaming. Requested by @dreamcatcherkatie

#79 SHINee reaction to seeing you waking down the aisle towards them. Requested by Anon.

#80 SHINee reaction to their friend touching them inappropriate on accident. Requested by Anon.

#81 SHINee reaction to you catching them starring at you. Requested by Anon.

#82 SHINee taking you on a shopping spree. Requested by Anon.

#83 SHINee reaction to seeing you on the couch because you waited for them to come home. Requested by Anon.

#84 SHINee reaction to you mumbling their names while sleeping. Requested by Anon.

#85 SHINee reaction to accidentally confessing their love to you when you are just friends at the moment. Requested by triple-Anon.

#86 SHINee reaction to you, their crush being physically disabled (deaf, mute, blind). Requested by Anon.

#87 SHINee reaction to you proposing to them. Requested by Anon.

#88 SHINee reaction to seeing you defend your best friend from a flirty idiot. Requested by @thewriterpixie

#89 SHINee reaction to you dating Jinki and the both of you have an age gap of 6 years. Requested by Anon.

#90 SHINee wedding vows. Requested by Anon.

#91 SHINee getting mad at you for making them wait longer than you said at the library. Requested by Anon.

#92 SHINee reaction to you having a stress melt down and you crying. Requested by Anon.

#93 SHINee wishing you a happy birthday. Requested by @dreamcatcherkatie

#94 SHINee reaction to you being worried that they will cheat on you with a co-star of theirs. Requested by Anon.

#95 SHINee reaction to you catching him talking to another member about his crush on you. Requested by Anon.

#96 SHINee reaction to their child waking the two of you up in the morning with kisses and jumping around on the bed. Requested by Anon.

#97 SHINee reaction to you being ticklish. Requested by Anon.

#98 SHINee reaction to you crying because they forgot your anniversary. Requested by Anon.

#99 SHINee’s first time with you [more of the overall feeling and less smutty]. Requested by Anon.

#100 SHINee reaction when they come to watch you perform a song. Requested by @cherryblossomkarasuno


#1 EXO reaction to you naively forgiving them, that they cheated, because you don‘t want to lose them. Requested by @einhornontheisland

#1 Rich Boys of Gangnam - [BTS] Noir!Au

Originally posted by bbomb

[A/N] I’m back after Tumbleweed, Her. Now that the series have ended, I’m starting a new one with BTS to cope with the withdrawal symptoms of BTS taking a break until further notice. Hope you like it!

That’s right. The bills this month had reached another toll. It’s probably due to the broken socket in your house, the one next to the television. You sighed to the total numbers at the end of the paper, 150,000 ₩ and the salary this month was postponed due to internal conflicts.

You wished you were kidding, but you know your bank account is going to hurt the most this month. Hope your stomach can take all the MSG the instant noodles is going to provide you. It was late. Heck, it was 11 minutes to midnight and yes, most of the restaurants are closed, and all the good ones are packed.

Not to mention, your purse didn’t have the capability to afford outside food for now. You sighed again. You climbed the final step and turned first thing to the left. Upon shoving the keys into the keyhole you realized the door was already open, leaving a gap.

Adrenaline rush through your veins and you felt spooked all of a sudden. There’s a scary criminal on the loose and you’re a tenant in one of the most cheapest and dangerous neighborhood in Seoul. Your heart beats like crazy. Should you enter or should you just bail, not caring if people would call you paranoid if it turns out to be absolutely nothing.

Should you be calling someone?

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2017 Indonesian Television Awards ☆ 170920

Fan account

I was one of the staff last night, so i was so close to him (30-100cm). He’s very tall. He understands and speaks english very well.
When he arrived at the black carpet, he greeted everyone with smile and also answering the MC’s Qs with english.
After the media took some photos of him, he entered the tower with some kor and ina staffs behind him.
This is when he was entering the building with the staffs (incl me). I was this close to him and he smells like a fresh scent.

After that, he entered the elevator with his staffs and went right into his waiting room.
At the awards event, Minho greeted all of his fans. The staffs behind me (mostly men) all talked abt how handsome he is.
Oh before the event, there was a rehearsal where Minho would pick his partner for reading the nominees.
At the awards, he entered the stage with his smiley face with Lucifer as the bgm, and talked some indonesian sentences.
He soon walked his way to pick his partner up, and give her his hand. TALK ABOUT OUR WELL MANNERED BOY!
They went to the stage with the girl, locking her hand in his hand omg so sweet
Here’s also a gif when he was all smiley, abt to go to his partner. So handsome that I nearly died last night.
The girl, was very talkative and funny that even Minho cracked up at her jokes.
After giving the awards, he went to the backstage and after awhile, he showed up on the front row seat. Sitting between girls.

External image
Me and all staff were so happy because Minho enjoyed the rest of the show.
But here are some things that I’d like to point out about the girls that were sitting beside him.
I know you girls are so happy and overjoyed knowing you sat beside Minho, but pls, stop asking for selfies with him TOO MUCH.
I know Minho would say yes to every selfie you asked for, but pls, let him enjoy the show.
Also, the girl that was on Minho’s right side, was putting her hand on Minho’s back ALL THE TIME.
I was so angry at them that I had to ask some of the staff to stop them. Finally a staff told the girls to stop and they stopped.
Minho was moving his body with the beat of the song. I was beyond happy watching him like this.
Minho did his signature pose while taking selfie with the girl. I was lol-ing at that.
External image

© choiming_

The Day Off

Genre: fluff
A/N: Thank you to the anon who requested this! This is also my first one-shot/scenario. I hope this has everything you wanted.

You woke up to birds chirping outside your window one Sunday morning. As you checked the clock, which read 8:30, relief washed over you. Your boyfriend, Christian, was coming over so that you two could spend time together. Today was the only day the both of you weren’t doing anything, so you were excited. You got up to shower and get ready for Christian. A few hours later, you heard knocking on your door. You went to answer it and there was your boyfriend in a gray T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and white Nike’s.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

“Hey, Chris,” you said as he pulled you into a tight hug.

You breathed in his scent and knew that today would be good. You moved from the doorway so that Christian could come inside. He stepped in and walked straight to your couch. After closing and locking your front door, you turned around to him smiling at you. You walk over and sit down next to him.

“So what are we doing today?” you asked.

“Why dont we just stay in and watch a movie? You know, enjoy each other’s company,” said Christian before kissing your forehead.

“Good idea. Let’s find something on Netflix.”

You stood up to grab the remote to your TV and turned it on after sitting back down on the couch. Netflix was already on from your marathon binge of your favorite drama the previous night.

“What do you wanna watch?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, babe,” said Christian as he placed his arm around your shoulders.

You flicked through the movies and found one called The Accountant. It was an action movie about a man who worked as an accountant who also struggled with autism. You watched more until it was 10:00 at night. While watching a comedy movie you fell asleep, so Christian turned off the TV and carried you to your room. When he laid you onto your bed, your arms found their way around his neck and held him close to you.

“Don’t go, Chris,“ you mumbled sleepily.

“I’m not going anywhere, (Y/N).”

He pulled covers back and got into bed with you. After covering the both of you, he hugged you close to him.

“I had fun watching movies with you, babe. We should stay in more often,” said Christian.

“I had fun, too. Let’s do it…” you trailed off as you began snoring softly.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N). Are you asleep?”

Your soft snores were the only thing Christian got in return.

“Goodnight, (Y/N). I love you so much.”

And with that, he kissed you on your forehead and fell asleep. Both were dreaming about the other and wished the night could last forever.

Still Think About You (Sebastian Stan)

word count: 2, 534

request: Haiiiiiiii can you Please make one with Sebastian and The reader get in an argument after him cheating. He is practically begging you back. The ending can be sad or happy. Up to you 😋😋😋

requested by: @simingisfun

a/n: Okay, well I just had to choose Michael B(ae) Jordan to play Reader’s best friend. Michael is a bae and…c’mon, 

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: You and Greg are both in the force, unrequited love situation- oh so you think, you guys have a fight, so you leave the force and get a job in Stockholm- and you don't tell him- carry on the story PLEASE WRITE A GREGXREADER FIC, PLEASE YOUR WRITING TRUMPS EVERYONE ELSES

A/N: Firstly thank you for the request, I hope you like it! And secondly uhhh THANK YOU! 😭❤️ that’s so sweet of you to say that about my writing! It’s made my week so thank you so so so much!

P.s. It’s a tad long (I got carried away)


You couldn’t help but look behind your shoulder hearing a light laugh echoing around you. You caught yourself smiling, it disappeared before anyone else could notice. You looked down to your gun and loaded it, trying to focus on something else other than the man behind you.

“You okay?”

Your focus vanished.

You turned on the spot to face Greg “Yeah, I’m fine. How are you?”

Greg smiled, you were the only one to ask him how he was feeling “I’m alright. You know the plan of attack?”

“Do you think I’m an amateur?” You teased “Course I know.” He nodded with a small smirk before talking off. You let out a sigh and placed your gun in your holder. You couldn’t help but feel that the feelings you felt for Greg were one sided. You had been crushing on him for years.

You got into position, waiting for the signal to go and as soon it was given, you stealthy manoeuvred around the building in attempts to find the suspect. You caught Greg out of the corner of your eyes and smiled to yourself again.

But you let your guard down and the suspect took advantage of that.

His towering figure knocked you to the ground causing you to whack your head off the concrete.

You looked up and saw him run off until one of the other officers grabbed him and managed to cuff him. You rubbed the spot that hit off the ground, it was warm and wet. You pulled your fingers back and let out a groan seeing the blood on your hand.

“Y/N?” You looked up and saw Anderson “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” you grumbled as he helped you up “Where’s-” you cut yourself off as your eyes caught onto Greg who was chatting and laughing away with one of the female officers.

“Where’s who?” Anderson asked and you snapped back into reality.

“No one, it doesn’t matter…” You huffed out and held onto your head as you started walking. You cursed yourself for being so stupid, letting him of all people distract you with his stupid perfect face and his stupid perfect smile, those stupid perfect things caused you to get hurt in the first place. In more ways than just the cut on your head.

You walked to your car, constantly wiping away the blood that was dripping down the side of your face.

“Hey!” You felt a hand grab on to your wrist “You’re in no fit state to drive home!”

“I’m fine, Greg!” You spoke through gritted teeth and tugged your hand out of his grip.


You cut him off “Oh Greg will you just fuck off!” His eyes widened at your sudden outburst “Stop pretending you care about me!” You screamed, capturing everyone’s attention.

“Stop shouting and I’ll take you home!” He snapped.

“Just leave me alone…I can get home myself, you can get back to that young officer you were attempting to chat up earlier.” You walked away from him and got into your car, despite greg calling you back dozens of times.

You didn’t know how you managed to get home in one piece, the blood loss was making you dizzy. You cleaned up your wound and put a plaster over it, luckily it wasn’t as bad as you initially thought. You sat yourself down on the couch and grabbed your laptop. You thought checking over your emails would help clear your mind a little.

Instead-one email in particular- made your mind whirl even more. A friend who had moved to Sweden about a year ago had sent you an email describing her adventures in great detail and attaching photos of where she had visited.

At the end of the email she had wrote; ‘You’re welcome to visit me (and Stockholm) anytime! Hope to see you soon x’

Your fingers twitched over the keyboard, you were about to reply but your fingers took you elsewhere, to various airline sights and hotel sites. Then you found yourself looking at long term rentals, then more permanent homes. The more you looked the more you felt a pull to move. You checked out the website that had information about the police force in Stockholm. It would be fairly simple to get in, you could fast track your application and be accepted within a week.

So you filled out the application form.

You had been stuck with DI Dimmock all week which you were half thankful for. At least you hadn’t seen Greg although Dimmock constantly brought up what happened the week prior.

“He just wants to talk to you yanno,” Dimmock told you, again, and you rolled your eyes, again.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” You uttered out and slumped in the seat of the police car you were stuck in with him.

“You’ve always been stubborn,” he laughed “I remember the day you first joined. You argued with the HR department all day, asking them to move your desk because you didn’t want to sit across from Anderson.” Dimmock giggled away in his seat.

“Can you blame me?” You asked raising a brow and before you knew it he had parked up beside your front door “Thanks for the lift home.”

You reached to open the door and grab your bag but froze when he said “See you Monday!”

You turned to him with a fake smile “Sure! See you then.” You grabbed your bag and made sure the letter you had written had intentionally fell out “Bye Dimmock.”

You shut the door over only to open another, your front door. You smiled at the bags that were lying beside it. You wouldn’t see Dimmock on Monday. You’d be in Stockholm.

‘I quit.’

After two years Greg was still heartbroken with your two worded letter. He felt like it was his fault you had left. Greg had no idea where you had went, it was as if you had vanished into thin air.

He always regretted how that day had turned out, he wanted nothing more than to make sure you were alright, hug you all night and take care of you until your head was better…he’d even continue to take care of you after you had healed.

But what you said stuck with him; ‘Stop pretending you care about me!’

Greg did care. Couldn’t you tell? He tried his very best to try and let his feelings to be known to you but you were oblivious, and Greg didn’t exactly try his best. Nerves always got the better of him.

Greg sighed and mindlessly played with his pencil that was lying on his desk. That was until Donovan barged in with a panicked expression “Sir! Turn on the news!”

You glanced down at your watch and let out a sigh at how long it was taken you to make a simple deposit at the bank. There was only two people in front of you as well.

You feet began to involuntary tap in attempts to pass the time but you jumped when you heard a cashier scream. You sent wide eyed and saw the man in front of you point a gun at the woman.

The man standing in front of you made an attempt to run but the gunman turned around and shot him in front of you eyes “Get down!” He screamed at you, looking clearly distraught at what he was doing and at what he had just did “I said get down!” He pointed the gun at you and it took you a few moments to register the situation you were in. You put your hands up and lay on the ground. The shooter told the woman behind the desk to come out and she did, lying beside you.

“It’s okay,” you tried to soothe the sobbing woman, you knew it wouldn’t be much use but you tried. “What do you want?” You calmly asked the gunman who was pacing anxiously on the tiles “Money?”

“It’s too late for money!” He screamed at you and pressed the gun to your head.

“Okay!” You whispered out, trying to remain calm “Okay what do you want?”

“I lost everything!” He screamed and wiped away a tear with his palm while holding the gun-shakily-in his other hand. “I lost my wife, I lost my child, my home all because this place wouldn’t give me a loan.”

“Okay…” you slowly spoke and held your hands up in defence “I’m sure we can help you.”

“No you can’t!” He roared and you lightly shut your eyes.

“Well I can try but in order for me to try you have to let the woman beside me go…” he raised a brow at your request “There isn’t much point of her being here if I’m the one helping you.” He was about to speak again but was cut off my police sirens. The woman had obviously pressed an alarm.
“Let her out now. I can help you. I can talk to the police.” You tried to convince him and you had barely managed to.

He let her go.

Shortly after he was dragging you to a phone, you could see all the police officers outside with guns, some of them your friends and colleagues. You picked up the phone that rang “Hello?” You answered, conscious of the gun being pointed to the back of your neck. You had a conversation with your superintendent “Do not shoot on any account.” You firmly demanded “And why the hell are news crews so close? Tell them to get back! Listen I’ll be-” the gunman cut the line.

“Sit on the floor now.”

“Can you get a flight so soon?” Donovan asked as Greg ran out of the office.

He saw you on TV with a gun pointed to your head, he wasn’t going to just sit about. It did surprise him to learn where you had been all this time.

“I don’t care if it costs ten grand I’m getting on the next flight!”

You pressed your head to the wall as your captor sat across from you with his gun still firmly in his grip.

“What’s your name…?” You softly asked. You received silence “I’ll tell you mine, it’s Y/N.”

“Why are you telling me this?” He sneered.

“Passing the time…” you trailed off and glanced up to the clock. Five hours had dragged in.

“Adrian,” he uttered.

You smiled at him. Not because you learned his name but because an idea popped into your mind. You had studied the infamous ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ before. Funny how you had ended up in the same predicament as those people did in the 1970’s. You could do your best to act like you trusted him with your life and maybe then you could convince him to let you go.

“It’s a nice name. I know you mean good by this situation…”

“What makes you say that?” His voice lightened.

You shrugged “You want justice. I admire that.”

You saw him smile to himself. He was beginning to believe that you trusted him.

Greg made it to the scene, police officers had to restrain him back before he showed them his badge “I know her!” He said “She’s my-” he cut himself off, not quite sure what you were to him now. He knew what he wanted you to be. He passed through the guards and saw you sitting crossed leg across from your captor…smiling?

He saw your lips move, he was certain you spoke his name.

If he was in there he would have realised that he was right.

“So who was this Greg to you?” Adrian asked.

“He was someone I loved. A part of me still loves him. I don’t think he ever felt the same…” you trailed off with a sad smile and Adrian looked to the floor.

You looked over and saw the dead body that had been lying for almost nine hours now. It was getting dark outside but in the bank the lights were bright and harsh, making your eyes constant squint to adjust to the brightness.

“What will happen if we leave?” Adrian asked in a whisper.

You went wide eyed and sat up a bit straighter “I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I’ll make sure you are okay.”

“Okay…” he reached his hand out for you to take, the other still held the gun.

You slowly walked out with him, he was holding you close. Your eyes caught onto a silver haired figure “Greg…?” You whispered out and Adrian heard you.

“That’s him?” He asked and you nodded, barely noticing the hundreds of gunmen around you “He must really love you if he came here.”

You blinked and tore away your gaze from Greg to look at Adrian “I miss my love…” the gunman sadly smiled and attempted to shoot himself but you quickly grabbed onto his whist and twisted it causing him to drop the gun before you tackled him to the ground.

“I can’t let you do that,” your breaths were rugged “I can’t.” Officers came in and arrested Adrian, he let out soft wails as they did. Another officer took you to a ambulance, you had lost sight of Greg in the crowd. You almost thought that you dreamt of him. A twisted hallucination.

“Why do they keep putting a blanket on me ?” You grumbled to yourself and tossed it off your shoulders.

“You’re in shock…” you turned and saw Greg standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Where have I heard that before?” You smirked and looked away.

Greg walked up to you and stood in front of your knees “Why did you just leave so suddenly?”

“Honestly?” You raised your head “Jealously got the better of me…” you whispered.

“That woman on the scene two years ago, the one where you bumped your head….I was asking her a question,” you raised a brow “About you,” your brow raised even further. Greg continued talking “I was asking her for advice on how to ask you out on a date. Everything after that just exploded and happened so quickly and before I knew it you had suddenly disappeared? To Sweden of all places!” He halfheartedly laughed.

“You could have just asked me on a date…maybe then none of this would have happened.” You felt a hand slip into yours, Greg squeezed it gently. You looked up to him with a smile before leaning up to gently kiss him.

You pulled away when you realised he wasn’t kissing you back “Sorry, I didn’t-” you were cut off by lips crashing against yours. You smiled as he placed a hand to the back of your neck, deepening the kiss.

“Come back with me,” Greg asked “You’ll get your job back.”

“I’ll come back on one condition,” you whispered.

“Anything,” Greg peppered kisses around your mouth.

You pulled away and bit down on your bottom lip “Take me on a date.”

You both let out a giggle and Greg kissed you again. You took that as a yes.

Things About Finland

— Biking around then stopping at a light only to find 20 little green insects all over your sweater

— Shops closing early on the weekdays and then closing really early on weekends.

— Berries. Berries everywhere.

— Random people picking berries in forests because you’re allowed.

— Free school lunches.

— Student accounts for school that allow you to use the wifi from your own computer.

— Mini cars, scooters and mopeds.        

— Roundabouts.

—  Thin textbooks.

Calling your teachers by their first name.

— Trying to watch a TV show back at home like: “This video is not available in your region.” 

— REALLY good chocolate

— Salads.