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Arme, Mochi and Apos being forced to sleep in the same bed with their fem crush?

You are pissed. Very pissed.

All around you are the bickering voices of the three Celestials. You want to know why they all decided to sleep with you on one bed, but the answer became clear when you listen closely to their bickering.

“I got here first, you ungrateful whelps!” Arme hisses. 

“You can’t say that~.” Mochi purrs. “I claimed this bed…and her~.”

“…I want her…” came Sia’s quiet voice. “…She doesn’t mind me….She wants to stay with me…”

They continued to bicker on who got here first and who claimed you, but enough is enough. Veins pops across your forehead as you scream…


They all kept their mouths closed and you managed to get a good night’s rest.

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when their pups are distressed from nightmares, alphas will hold them to their chest and grumble lowly with their mouths closed; the combination of the vibrations and smooth purr of their deep voice calms their pups, and makes them feel safe and protected too. [this also work on their omega, though they'll blush]

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I am just…deceased. 

RIP to Sarah. 


an actual sneak peak lol


“She said something about me hurting her before? That I did the same to her? I honestly have no clue why this happened, she probably mistook me for someone else. I don’t even belong here.” You rubbed your head.

“She said that you did the same thing to her?” Mulligan repeated, looking at the other men. You nodded, puzzled.

“Yea, why?”

The three men exchange looks, like they were speaking to each other while keeping their mouths closed. You looked at them, wondering what they were thinking. “Guys, tell me. What’s up?” You asked again.

the chapter will be posted either friday or saturday!

Hey fellow white people, what have you done to ally yourself today?

Did you listen, really listen to what was being said?
Did you close your mouth and let others speak about their experiences?
Did you use the correct pronouns?
Did you notice your own inherent biases and try to correct them?
Did you take the step forward to make your allyship an action instead of a label you wear proudly?
Did you offer support?
Did you ask if that support was what is needed?
Did you think about the impact of your actions?
Did you do what you did because it’s what is right and NOT because you wanted a pat on the back?
Did you educate yourself?
Did you read a book, or watch a documentary, or read an article?
Did you remember to take care of yourself too?

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22, 27, 47 & 55✨

22. description of crush - Well I think everyone knows who Hoseok is ^^ but the person i’m talking to at the moment is cute, brunette, wears glasses, tall, has an accent (yes, it’s hot) 

27. things i hate - People who chew with their mouth open, close talkers, rudeness, stereotypes  

47. turn ons - (Anything that I write about is a turn on of mine) pet names, sub/dom, spanking, choking, moaning, I could keep going but this list would be waaayyy too long :) 

55. tumblr friends - There are so many people i’ve met on here but the ones I talk to the most are @kae-popx (I love you to death) @skyheight (you’re so sweet and I love having deep talks with you) @cupidtae ( you’re a babe) @borderlinehc (<3) @btssmutgalore (you’re one of the first real friends I made on here, love you) @j-uly15th (i’m so thankful we starting talking, you’re my doctor now ^^) @loooveee2ne1 (you’re too nice too me :)) @kim-taehyungieee (you’re awesome) and so many more but it’s awesome to have a family like this on here. 

Thank you for the ask!

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Could you do 5 and/or 6 for the angsty prompts with jim and zsasz?

“say it again.”  or  “don’t lie to me.”

Yess… i love my Jisz you know me so well.


Jim set his head down against Victor’s shoulder, shuddering from the pain in his side.

“Say it again,” Victor murmured into his hair, arms around Jim’s ribs to hold the weight of the weak and shivering detective. Getting stabbed hadn’t been part of the plan, but they were inside the compound, and that counted for something.

“This is all your fault?” Jim grumbled, one hand fisted in the shirt at Victor’s hip, the other pressed tight over the painful but not life-threatening wound in his side.

“The other thing, Jim,” Victor’s voice was short but amused, mouth intimately close, and Jim grinned despite himself.

I trust you”

It was a new step in their less than conventional relationship, but the way that Victor’s arms tightened around him told Jim it wasn’t unwelcome.

Hopefully they would would be able to get out of there soon and explore this development further. Preferably when neither of them was bleeding.

Hmm anybody know how to add fangs to a closed mouth bjd? The thread on DoA is super old and none of the pictures work anymore. It also seems to just be people saying “oh yeah you can do this with this thing” but no one actually explains the process. I’d like something that won’t damage the faceup. I’d probably just do teeny tiny ones like they just barely poke out. I think that’s cute lol

Can i literally just sculpt tiny teeth tips and tack them on? Does that look ok? Does any one have pictures of this??

Send help

highkey want a parallel moment where lance and keith are at some alien restaurant or something and like, halfway through their meal, lance pauses with this dumb grin on his face, which then leads to the following:

lance: hey….. we’re talking……

keith: (his mouth full) yeah?

lance: and eating….….

keith: so?

lance: so…… is this a date ;)?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: in season 9 episode 21 of Friends "The One With the Fertility Test" Chandler tells Monica they are both incapable of having a baby, due to low sperm motility and an inhospitable environment. I always assumed Chandler lied to Monica about his low sperm motility so Monica wouldn't find out she was the reason they couldn't conceive. (Even though there was no way to prove it). However, when the doctor calls and Chandler answers, he asks to speak to Monica...if something was wrong with Chandler, the doctor would've told him because he was already on the phone. And when Monica asked Chandler if there was a problem with him or with her, before answering, Chandler hesitates and looks off to the side a little before saying "actually it's both of us."
  • so basically all I'm ever going to think about is how Chandler probably did lie to Monica to protect her from knowing that she is the reason they cannot naturally have a child, the one thing she has wanted since the beginning of season 1, and now i have to cry for eternity

Saying ageist things about Carol is not only hateful and disrespectful to Melissa McBride (undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of all time) it’s awful to the many women who watch the show and champion Carol. Sometimes I watch the show with my Mom (a domestic abuse survivor who is Carol’s age) and I see the happiness it brings her to see a character that reminds her of herself who is such a force of nature. Representation matters, and when you diss a character like Carol for trivial shit like her (lovely) gray hair, you’re attempting to invalidate what she represents based on age alone. She represents survivors. She is strong and capable. She is beautiful and desirable. And though it doesn’t define her, because she would be just as great of a character without it- she is definitely worth the attention and love of the favorite male lead.

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