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Do you think Felicity the Stripper and Oliver the Customer are still together? Every time I read those chapters (yeah, lots of rereads on those) I wonder. ;-)

(I’m legit rolling on the floor because you reread those chapters, L! *screams in ten different languages*)

(I actually wanted to write this into a multi chapter story but since my plate is full at the moment, this is just off the top of my head- the completely non dramatic, straight forward version with no serious plot *winks*)

Pole dancer Felicity

Customer Oliver

Behind Closed Doors

Of course they’re together. 

After that night in the club, that heated, sexy, night where Oliver promised her a date after sexy times, he keeps his word. She walks out the door after blushing at what they’d done and he lets her go. 

The next morning she gets a call from him, asking her out. She says yes. He takes her out of the city to this river bank that he’d discovered when he was a kid with Tommy, and they stay the night there, having take out dinner and making sweet, sweet love under the stars and talking while the river flows beside them at a distance. 

It doesn’t take them long to move in  together. Ever since she got with him, she’s had no time for dancing and that had been something she loved doing. And though she misses it, being with Oliver is amazing. But Oliver understands that. 

So, in their new house, he makes a room that is an exact replica of the private room of the club, with the same decor and the same furnishings and the same lighting, and with a pole right in the middle of it, attached to the ceiling and the floor. 

His gesture is simple - she can dance any time she wants, be happy doing what she loves (because he likes her being happy), but the only man watching her will still be only him. 

She dances. He watches. 

So, in a way, a lot of things remain the same, while everything changes :)

(How was that?)

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What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: But like, will Mr. Clarke ever know how integral he was to saving Will Byers and keeping the town and all the other kids safe from the Demogorgon and the Upside Down? He’s the reason they were able to talk to Will on the radio, he taught them about the Upside Down to begin with and he took a break from his date to teach them how to make a sensory deprivation tank over the phone. He basically puppet-mastered the whole thing but everything’s so hush-hush he’ll probably never even know.

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

How you feel when you realize you’ve played the main story, epilogue, sequel, sequel epilogue, HIS PoV, season 1, 2, 3, Voiced special , Proposal special, Proposal PoV, Wedding special, Wedding PoV, Christmas special, Valentine special, Birthday special, Baby special, Baby PoV, With pet special, Pet PoV, Random special, Random PoV etc. etc. of a certain Voltage cinnamon roll….