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Out Of Sight - Auston Matthews

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I have a different account I wrote imagines on but this is my first hockey related one so let me know what you think! If you don’t know who JT is, check Auston’s “Good Company” and “Knees were breathin heavy” posts on Instagram. I hope you enjoy this!

Word Count: 1144

Warnings: None? You may possibly get your heart broken.

    You and Auston have been dating for about a year now. You met him through your brother JT. Obviously with having a protective brother you guys had to keep it a secret. However, that didn’t last long. About 4 months in you felt too guilty to continue on with the lies. At first JT was resistant, until he saw how happy you guys made each other.

You would think the secrets stopped there but they didn’t. You and Auston came to an agreement to keep the entire relationship hidden from public. Which meant wearing hoods and sunglasses in public, no social network posts and often visiting inside your apartments. Not that you didn’t want to show each other off. Simply to protect you from the exhausting media.

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On a small house on a one-way street in Cambridge, we extracted the old front door like pulling a rotten tooth. For a time, inside and outside went undivided. The gape spoke to all sorts of entries and exits and had me thinking about what it is to invite someone in, to allow entry. How nervewracking it is, and how vulnerable the act of showing someone what’s on the inside. I am slow to learn, but it seems the nerves are worth it: so much time is wasted feeling safe.

Passersby made comments, jokes, as we dismantled and remantled the door. One woman said we were going about breaking into the house the slow way. M. and I wrangled with the new door, a heavy thing, wood and glass. It put up a fight and we huffed and swore as we got it to sit right in its hinges. The thing with doors, said M. as we jiggled knobs and locks into place, is that you can’t leave until they’re finished. It closed with a satisfying thwump, and the owner, from France, was enthused in a gratifying way. “What a difference a door makes!” he said. A door, a day, a difference in the opening up.

[Image: Andrew Wyeth, Open and Closed, 1964]


Acting and photoshoots

BAFTA interview and Q & A with Benedict Cumberbatch. First question from the audience came at 33:33. ‘Considering all the different techniques and styles of acting out there, which one do you work with or choose…do you have a process?’

BC: ‘waffle - directors’ ‘waffle - homework’ ‘waffle - Meryl Streep’.   At 39:33: “Some directors, they want to position you. And they say wait, we’re just going to feel what this is like. It’s going to be lovely. Now, just put your left finger up, then there, there. No, no, there, there. And you’re like - this isn’t really…”

End of answer - 40:51

You taught me my emotions were something to hide.
Something to be ashamed of.
Something to bury, to deny
to shut behind closed doors.
When I was younger,
you told me to go to my room when I was upset.
By sixth grade, you didn’t have to tell me anymore.
I shut myself in my room whenever I felt myself slipping,
falling under the weight of these new emotions I’d never felt before.
Now I’m sixteen and I can’t leave my door open
even a crack without feeling vulnerable.
The sound of my door latching
is a sound of safety, of comfort.
I am allowed to feel sad when there is nobody watching.
I am allowed to break when there is
nobody to slip on my shattered pieces.
But I am not allowed to open that door
and walk downstairs
and tell you how I feel.
I know I can’t change the past,
But I can’t help wondering-
how much would be different now
if you had only knocked on my door one day
and ask me how I felt?
—  love really is an open door // c.r.h

💣 Before, when Damian was new to the Manor, Bruce’s bedroom door was always locked. Damian told himself he did not care. He could get in other ways. 

He didn’t know why he checked the lock every day. 

  • Winston, on the phone: Hanzo Shimada. I wondered if you would like to join Overwatch, the crime-fighting -
  • Hanzo: Oh no, I have no time for such things in my busy schedule.
  • Winston: Perhaps another one of our agents can persuade you?
  • Winston: *hands the phone to McCree*
  • McCree: *clears throat* 🎵Baby close them doors and turn the lights down low🎵
  • Hanzo:
  • Hanzo:
  • Hanzo: oh look, there's break in my schedule FOREVER

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….