Dark eye rings and a sunken face making you look older than you are. You can hardly concentrate and it’s difficult for you to go straight.
“Come.” Carl says quietly and accompanies you to the bed.
But you don’t want to. Every time you close your eyes you see these horrible pictures in your mind.
“Carl.” You whine with a blush as he bends down to open your shoelaces.
“You need to sleep, (Y/N).” He says decisively and you follow him on the bed.
You rest your head on his chest and close your eyes while he wraps his arms around you. His steady heartbeat keeps you calm.
“I’ll not say that you’ll forget it, but it’ll be easier.” Carl whispers and kisses the top of your head. “I promise you.”
“I hope.” You mumble and look up to him. “Can we do this every night?”
Grateful you give him a soft kiss on the lips.

The whole night he holds you in his arms and when you wake up from nightmares he’s there. He knows what he has to say to calm you down and feel protected.