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15'x 110’ wall
San Diego, CA
A close up of one of my Blue sharks On this 100ft mural I dedicated to those educating and fighting the good fight in protecting these animals.
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“maybe you don’t have to rush, you could leave a toothbrush at my place.” 

Words: 500+

Summary: a smol blurb inspired by the song toothbrush by dnce. i apologize for my horrible grammar bUT I AM TIRED ALRIGHT

Your head was pounding and your face was pressed against something hard, no, someone. You rubbed your sleepy eyes as you untangled your legs from the messy sheets and glanced at the boy next to you. He was sleeping deeply, snoring a little. His bare chest sparkled in the bright sunlight. 

It was not the first time you had followed Calum home. He had pushed you up against the wall as soon as you had closed his front door yesterday. Maybe the tequila shots that you had taken earlier that evening was the reason for why you let him touch in your most vulnerable places. Or maybe you just really trusted him when you let him undress you on his bedroom floor. But it wasn’t until he whispered secrets into your ear and pleased you in the way only lovers could that you realized what you were feeling was more than just pleasure. It had felt good back then. But when you woke up the next morning you just felt miserable. 

One night stands wasn’t usually your thing, and even though you secretly hoped that you were more than just fuck buddies you knew that a boy like Calum didn’t date. You knew that he didn’t do relationships. 

Your head was spinning as you picked up your pants and the shirt that made you feel good about your cleavage from the floor. You dragged his shirt over your head, a black tank top with the word ”anxiety” across the chest. Calum had been wearing it when you met him and his friends last night at the club. You slowly inhaled his smoky and musky scent before you left the room. It took you a while to find the chunky black heels you had been wearing last night. You quickly slipped them on your feet and grabbed your bag. You where just about to unlock the door as Calum became visible in the doorway. 

”Y/N?” he mumbled, his voice still croaky from sleeping. ”Are you leaving already?” He was only wearing a pair of black boxers, and you noticed that his bare arms was covered with goosebumps from the cold air. 

”Well, yeah,” you shrugged. 

”You don’t have to rush,” he said and scratched the back of his head. ”As long as you don’t want to, of course.”

You dropped your bag on the floor again. ”Do you want me to stay?”

He gave you a small smile. ”You can leave a toothbrush at my place.”

You chuckled as you kicked off your boots. ”I can probably stay for a few minutes,” you smiled and took a step towards him.

”Perfect,” he growled and wrapped his strong arms around your waist. He threw you over his shoulder, your bare feet were kicking the air as you begged him to let you down. ”Never,” he whispered in your ear. 

Calum tossed you on his bed. He placed his body over yours, pinning you down on the mattress. ”Get this off,” he mumbled as he tugged on your leather jacket. 

You wrapped your legs around his hips as he pulled your body even closer to his. ”Let me go,” you laughed.

”No. You belong to me now,” he breathed as he pressed his plump lips against yours, and you felt your heart skip a beat.

So in the last episode of Stranger Things, it’s shown that the lights light up when someone walks past them in the Upside-Down.

But…how does that explain how Will was able to light up the letters which were all extremely close together on a vertical wall that he couldn’t exactly walk up and even if he did, he would have triggered the other lights, explaaaaain!?


After seeing some screenshots of sims inside of the Dusk realm I realised that the world definitely needs some fixing. Especially the main lot. The fence on the bridges of the entrence was hiding the sims from view and the yellow walls were really disturbing on close-up screenshots.

I am now trying to make the ambience more attractive for screenshots by recoloring the wallpapers and using CC by Luna. 

This is what I “fixed” so far.

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The Line - astralfreckles - Girl Meets World [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Here’s the line,” she says as she waves her arm in between the two of them. “Let’s cross it.” She leans in close, making Farkle back up until he meets the wall of the closet, and she whispers against his lips, “Show me.”

This fic was inspired by the prompt “How dare you!” sent in by an anon. Thank you to whoever sent that to me!

Cloud really seems to love Aerith but he can’t pinpoint it himself

Recently, I’ve had a revelation of sorts regarding how certain men express their love towards a woman. By certain men, I mean those that are closed off, have a million walls up, won’t admit their weakness, wish to impress. Not every guy has all these traits and I’m positive that 4 character traits do not sum up a person. However, there is a reason as to why I only mentioned these 4 traits. 

I wish to draw a comparison between two characters, namely Sisyphus Sagittarius and Cloud Strife, both of which seem to express an unconventional version of romantic love. Sisyphus is a character in the series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and he is a gold saint sworn to protect his current era’s Athena, which is Sasha Athena. Out of all the 12 gold saints, Sagittarius is usually the saint that has a more romantic link with Athena- as if he’s a personal bodyguard of sorts. 

Spoilers ahead

Because of the Sagittarius’s position in relation to the Goddess, a budding romance is hardly ever expressed- it’s almost always kept under wraps. Right when you think there could be something more between them, it is shot down immediately. Sisyphus is no exception to this rule, he doesn’t admit that he personally is in love with Sasha until way later. 

Initially, I noticed the chemistry between those two characters but I never felt that it was love. I thought it was just a sense of duty, some type of undying loyalty out of the way of personal romantic emotions. But Sisyphus shares a very telling scene with Sasha, his entire story line seems to be telling of a strong love towards Sasha Athena. 

Somewhere in the end of the first act/first season, Sisyphus gets shot through the heart by his own arrow. 

Because the arrow  was reflected back at him by Hades, the rottening of his soul was amplified. That’s what his arrow does, it damages the soul directly and Hades only made it worse. Due to this, Sisyphus went into a coma and had a similar Lifestream event as Cloud did when he fell in the pool of Mako alongside Tifa. The Gods of Sleep made sure that Sisyphus would never wake up, never reincarnate, and would never resolve his own feelings of resentment towards himself….at least until Sasha showed up inside Sisyphus’s own recurring nightmare.

Here’s a bit of context before I continue this:
Sisyphus was the gold saint tasked with finding Athena before she awakened as herself. He had pinpointed the girl that would become this era’s Athena and although she was an orphan, she seemed happy with her life. He felt guilty that he took that happiness away from her and had blamed himself for ruining her life. He blamed himself that he took away the possibility that Sasha could’ve lived her life without dealing with war, pain, and grief- that she had the slight possibility that she could live happily ever after.

This particular sense of guilt was eating away at him in his own nightmare.  

Until Sasha made him admit that he felt guilty, sad, depressed-what have you.

When he admitted this resentment, he hurt her by piercing her in the heart with the same arrow that had caused his soul to rot. 

Funnily enough his own pain was completely absorbed by the arrow and thus Sasha felt the same pain he was feeling for all that time. 

She understood his pain and sadness and even so she accepted him wholeheartedly. 

I think that acceptance is what made him fall in love with her.

A little later on Sisyphus eventually dies in an attempt to prove his undying loyalty to Athena. He did this by sacrificing his own life willingly to make sure that Athena and co. had a fighting chance against Hades (similar to how Aerith sacrificed herself). Before he died, he admitted that he loved Sasha, not as a Goddess that he had to protect, but as a woman he could see himself grow old with. Someone he could see himself living his own version of a happily ever after with. This of course pained Sasha but she had to continue so that Sisyphus’s sacrifice was not in vain. Sasha was also killed, but she completed her duty as Athena in defeating Hades.

Their story is bittersweet….so much so that it seems to be the purest portrayal of love….yet the most confusing portrayal. It is this version of a romantic confession that makes the romance between Sasha and Sisyphus an unconventional version of romance, because it ended so abruptly before any of them had a chance to be happy together. It seems to be a parallel to the story of Cloud and Aerith, yet instead of both dying it is only one that dies.

Cloud seemed to have also admitted his own weaknesses before Aerith and she still accepted him for who he was. It’s not similar to the understanding Tifa has towards Cloud in the Lifestream Event. It’s different. It’s almost like a pure sense of the word love. It’s debatable whether Aerith really knew who Cloud was before the date in the Gondola ride. I say this because Aerith was mainly preoccupied with trying to understand what being a Cetra meant in her case…..Despite her own troubles, her own worries, she could see the truth in Cloud, she saw his calm exterior crack even if it was a slight one.  That being said, I can’t really pinpoint when Cloud started cracking during disc 1, but I think it started happening when they were in Cosmo Canyon. Going to Nibelheim only made the crack a bit more apparent.

Sometimes it takes one little rip in your own mask for a person to know who you really are deep down.

This is mainly intuition on my part, but Cloud was suffering and Aerith noticed it. But noticing something like that isn’t enough for you to understand a person; you need to be able to relate to it before you can understand and accept a person for who they are. Cloud and Aerith were similar in how they were coping with what they lost.

You can easily say that the entire FF7 cast can relate to Cloud and that’s true. They can all relate, they all have their losses in common. However, Aerith is more understanding and accepting towards Cloud than the rest. It is her particular type of acceptance of him that made him fall in love with her. He already felt something romantic towards her during Cosmo Canyon. The date they shared in Golden Saucer made those feelings deepen. The Ancient Temple made them bond more. The wedding confession made it more apparent that there was something between them. Even though the entire group noticed that there was something between them, it was those two lovebirds that didn’t really notice or recognize that there was something between them yet because they were both yearning for more, for an actual confession if you will…..for there to be certainty about the feelings they had for each other…..for them to be certain that there was reciprocity.

Almost everything was aligned for them to get together romantically……And then it was all taken away so swiftly- in a matter of seconds, something that was budding for weeks or even a couple of months, was completely destroyed.

No one said the words “I love you” even though that’s what they were feeling towards each other. And it is that fact that makes their romance so unconventional and confusing. Despite that, I believe the love was there….it just wasn’t said out loud.  

Two Ladies in a strange world [RP Miri&Emi]

Miri sighed as she slid out from beneath the truck she was working on in the family shop. It had been some time since she had been under the hood of a truck this bad. Her faded blue jumpsuit was smeared liberally with various car fluids and grime. She sighed and looked down at her uniform with a disappointed look on her face. Her stomach grumbled and she looked up at the clock on the wall. It was closing time for the night and time to see if Emi had made dinner or ordered out. Miri chuckled to herself thinking about her lovely friend and maybe hugging her in this mess. Either way she shut the shop for the night and headed to the connected house and the kitchen within to go see what her love was up to.


You reached for the hand that was squeezing the back of your neck and screamed.

“Shut up! Do you think somebody will hear you over the screaming crowd out there? You’re wasting your breath.”

You didn’t need “somebody” to hear you, you needed Taekwoon to hear you. He had said hybrids had better hearing than others. So, you continued to scream.

The man pushed you and you fell to the empty concrete floor. You silently cursed yourself for wearing shorts as you knees were now skinned. The room was dark and empty but not inescapable. You’d fight like hell until Taekwoon could find you.

You stood up quickly and felt blood slowly trickle down from your knees. You bolted for the door. You had your hand on the doorknob when his arms came around you and pulled you back. In a second your back was slammed up against the wall close to the door.

“Now. Calm down so we can talk a little bit.” His breath was hot against your face and you wanted to throw up.

“I don’t want to talk! Let me out of here!” You pushed against him and kicked him in the shin. You felt a sharp sting on your face when his hand came up and slapped you. He grabbed your upper arms in a death grip and held you still. You were frightened even more by how strong he was.

“Stand still! Now, I know you know what I am and you’re going to help me. With you, I can be even stronger and I can be a king among the hybrids!” His silvery eyes shined in the darkness and you could see the crazy glint in them. “All you need to do is just stand really still while I attached my mind to yours and I promise you won’t feel a thing!”

‘What?! He needed a handler? Oh, hell no,’ you thought, 'you were not going through that again!’

You were also worried if it would interrupt the connection with the other boys. You needed to get out of there and fast. Your heart was beating rapidly and prayed again that Taekwoon would soon hear it.

You began to fight against him again with everything you had in you. You clawed, scratched, kicked, pushed, and everything in between. You managed to get your hands free and you went for his eyeballs. Remembering something your older brother had taught you years ago, you placed your thumbs on each of his eyes and pushed inward. He screamed in pain and grabbed at your hands. He pulled you away from the wall and threw you to the floor. This time, you landed on your right elbow and skinned that, too.

You tried to stand but he ran over and held you down, his knees on either side of your hips preventing any movement. He grabbed your head and tried to hold your eyes open as he needed them to get a connection.

You were still screaming when the door busted open and flooded the room with light. The cameraman let go of your head and you were able to look around him as the door closed again and all you could see were six pairs of glowing red eyes.

“You son of a bitch! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Taekwoon’s voice was deathly low as he reached for the man and threw him up against the wall. His back hit with a sickening thud and he slid to the floor. Ravi advanced on him and began punching him. Hakyeon rushed over to stop Ravi and they restrained the man together.

“We’ll take him to HaeJeong.” Hyuk ushered the other four out of the room.

It wasn’t until Taekwoon came and knelt beside you that you started crying. Placing his hands under you knees and behind your back, he scooped you up in his arms. Your arms immediately went around his shoulders and you hid your face in the crook of his neck.

“I’m so sorry I was so late.” He held you closer to his chest and you shook your head. You just cared that he came at all. “Let’s get you to the car and take you home.” You nodded and held onto him as he walked out of the room.

The hallway was almost empty as he walked towards the group’s van. When he reached the vehicle he managed to open the door while holding onto you. He gently placed you in the middle seat and began looking you over. He saw your skinned knees and elbow and the bruises on your face and arms. He looked at you and you noticed that his eyes were still glowing bright red. You reached up looked directly into his eyes and placed your hands on his cheeks.

“I’m okay, calm down. You still did your job as my guardian. That guy is gone and I’m right here, safe and sound.” You smiled at him even though your face throbbed.

“But, you still got hurt. I didn’t do my job at all.” His face was full of different emotions.

“Well, I can’t go through this life unscathed. Why kind of stories would I be able to tell when I get older?” He smiled a bit at that and his eyes started to change back to their normal green. “There. That’s that color I like. Did you know green was my favorite color? How awesome is it that my guardian’s eyes are my favorite color?”

Talking with Taekwoon like this was calming you down just as much as it was calming him down. He smiled again and reached for something under the seat. He pulled out a first aid kit and set it on the seat beside you. He opened it and began taking out the disinfectants and creams. You involuntarily flinched everytime the cotton swab of medicine touched the open wounds on your knees and elbow. He worked quickly muttering 'sorry’ here and there. While he worked on cleaning the cuts, reality began to hit you once more. Thinking of what the man would have been capable of doing to you had you crying once again. Once Taekwoon heard you he stopped what he was doing.

“What? Does it hurt too much?” You shook your head no but couldn’t answer him. You didn’t want him to feel bad anymore but you couldn’t stop the onslaught of tears flowing down you face. Taekwoon reached out and hugged you. Your face landed on his left shoulder and you soaked his shirt with your tears. Your stomach tightened a bit when you felt his soft lips on your collarbone. They stayed there for a few seconds and then they were gone. Instantly, you were calm and relaxed. The feeling washed over you like a warm breeze. You’re inside were no longer in knots and your crying had ceased. You leaned back and looked at Taekwoon.

“Ah. Um, you know just like what you did with Ravi? Uh, because I’m your guardian, sometimes I can transfer feelings of calm to you if you are really panicked or in pain.” He explained.

“Oh. Um, it worked, I guess.” You knew your cheeks were pink. You could somehow still feel where his lips had been.

“Yeah, uh, see you can do it with just a touch because that’s what you do. With me, it has to be a bit more, uh, involved? The contact has to make an impact for it to work which I’m guessing it did because you calmed down” Now it was his turn for his cheeks to turn red.

“Thank you, Taekwoon. For just now and earlier. I had no doubt that you were going to find me. I had already decided to fight like a hellion until you could find me. He was abnormally strong and fast and I think just thinking about what could have happened had you not been here freaked me out more tha anything else.” You rambled as he placed bandages on your knees and elbow. You were definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

“Things happening like this is really why I want to know the passcode for your door. I have no intention of invading your privacy or taking advantage of you. I just need to know that I can get to you if you need me.”

You nodded and told him you would text him the code later.

“Taekwoon,” he looked up at you, “what was he? I mean, what animal did he represent?”

“He’s a snake, in every sense of the word. You can tell by their silvery eyes. Some are good, some are bad. Just depends on the person. Just like there are bad panthers and stuff out there.”

You nodded and looked around Taekwoon as you heard voices.

“Noona! Are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital? Where are you hurt?” “Mother” Hakyeon gathered your hands in his and looked you over. Taekwoon reached over and pulled Hakyeon’s hands away from yours. Taekwoon received a glare for his efforts but didn’t budge.

“I’m okay. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow but I’ll live thanks to all of you.” You looked to Ravi and noticed he was bleeding from his hand.

“Oh, Ravi! You’re bleeding! Come here.” You grabbed his wrist and pulled him over to you. Once again, Taekwoon separated your hands from Ravi’s. This time he received a glare from you.

“Quit!” You smacked at Taekwoon’s hands like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He narrowed his eyes at you but you ignored him

You reached for Ravi’s hand again and began to clean and wrap his hand.

“I’m sorry you hurt your hand. But I’m thankful you got some punches in.” You smiled at him and you noticed Taekwoon was pouting behind him.

“Hey, I’m not the only one. It looked like you put up one hell of a fight. He had scratches and bruises everyone. And what the hell did you do to his eyes?” Ravi smiled as you finished wrapping his hand.

You explained the defense method that your brother had taught you and they laughed saying that the man kept complaining that he was seeing two of everything.

“Come on guys, let’s go home. I’m so glad you’re okay, Noona.” Ken hugged you and hurried into the back seat before Taekwoon could reach him. Once he was settled in his seat he winked and stuck his tongue out at Taekwoon. He started towards Ken but you stopped him.

“Let’s go home?” You looked up at him and he just smiled and nodded. He slid past you to his normal seat. Since Ken had taken one of the seats in the very back to avoid Taekwoon, Ravi took his place. Another ten minutes and the manager was pulling the van out of the parking lot heading towards Seoul.

Another 15 minutes into the ride and you began to doze off and on. At one point, Taekwoon guided your head to his shoulder and you snuggled into him. You were asleep in no time and didn’t realize that all of the other members were buzy taking picture after picture of you sleeping against Taekwoon.

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K or F with Castiel. Please and thank you!

I’m going to do F, just because I just did K for Sam :)

F - Favorite Position


Cas’ favorite position is when you’re on top of him. Cas is so used to always being in control of every situation, that he loves when he can lay back and watch you ride him. He ensures his eyes roam every inch of you as you move up and down on his cock, and watching you sink back down onto him is the only thing that makes his sapphire eyes close. Castiel also loves to fuck you up against anything he can find - walls, tables, cars. Because he’s an angel and sex is so foreign to him, any moment he can get alone with you is bliss.

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I Know That I Won't Give Up

My walls may colapse,
The doors may close,
But even through rejection
I know that I won’t give up.

You may strike me down,
You may try to cut my wings,
But even when I fall
I know that I’ll keep on fighting.

I’ll keep moving forward,
I’ll keep getting up.
Challenges don’t scare me,
Your lies won’t hurt me anymore.

My heart is strong,
My soul is now unbreakable.
I have people who love me
And because of them,
I know that I won’t give up.

It’s cold out here. Cold and lonely and it’s starting to rain.

She hates it when he throws her out. Honestly, she’d rather he beat her, give her a few more scars on her pretty pale skin with those fancy knives of his. She can take a smack on the cheek, and right now it’s plenty hot with the one he did give her. But this? This she doesn’t like one bit. 

Harley presses herself up against the wall, as close as the door as she can get. “Mistah J? Puddin’?” She calls it out as loud as she can, trying not to sniffle as she does. “Can I come back in? I promise, I’ll be good! I’ll be all quiet an’ I won’t ask for too much attention, I swear. It’ll be like livin’ with a lil’ angel!” She waits. When she doesn’t hear anything, she bites down hard on her lip. “Pretty, pretty, pretty please? I’ll never, ever, ever make you mad again!” 

He’s gotta listen to her eventually. He always wants her back. Why wouldn’t he? She’s his Harley. She doesn’t know what else she’d be without him, not anymore. 

A close up of one of the many walls at La Maison Du Whisky of Paris • This place is whisky paradise and is absolutely a must visit when in Paris • 📸 • @commanderham

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I was tagged by @turtlemama
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drink - milk (i have the strongest bones of anyone i know! milk ftw!!)
Phone call - UM do skype calls count sobs (i never talk on the phone–too shy)
Text message - was @panicatthenowifizone
Song - Dead or Lie
Have you ever:
Dated someone twice - i’ve never even been on a date (who wants to change that) then again @gracelingdesolate signed my official document on gf day so there’s no going back now dingus
Been cheated on - nope!! tbh i’m so scared about this that i tend to put up walls to keep myself from getting close to people–even friends ;w;
Kissed someone and regreted it - nope (never kissed i’m too shyyy)
Lost someone special - yes..
Been depressed - yes!! severely earlier this year. i was in very dark times, but now i’m finally getting through it. i have to thank my friends at #tph for being there for me when i literally had nothing but my story left to cling on to. even if u guys are mad at me… u kind of saved me. so i will always love all of u
Been drunk and thrown up - nope!! i’ve kind of vowed to not drink bc i heard it ruins brain cells and idk if that’s true but i like my brain cells tyvm
In the past year have you?:
Made a new friend - yes!! @nantendogamegirl, @dangan-noya @andynely @turtlemama @awesomexxdashfan @halcyontorpidity @gracelingdesolate @kyubey-kat @nagihopekomaeda @beyonceps @artemisaro
Fallen out of love - i… hehe. i’m so quoi. have i even been IN love? dsjfnhsd
Laugh until you cried - YES ESPECIALLY YESTERDAY TBH gosh darn shitty fanfics i cannot believe those words came out of my mouth
Met someone who has changed you - yes!!
Found out who your true friends are - yes I have!
Found out someone was talking about you - i don’t remember rip.. i hope not i get scared when people talk behind my back ;w;;
How many people on Tumblr do you know irl? - ummm only like 4!!
Do you have any pets? - my cat named jinx!! he’s 1 year old and a total dork–i used to have sugar gliders
Do you want to change your name? - yep!! too many people named madison in this world. i go by talia usually
Time you woke up this morning - 1:00 pm
What where you doing last night? - finished the official ref of my character from my gn!!
Name something you cannot wait for - DR3 UPDATES + RE:ZERO UPDATES
Have you ever talked to a person named tom? - yep!! my uncle and my cousin
What’s getting on your nerves right now? - my dependent personality disorder sobs
Nickname - shrike (shriek by a few nerds ;P ily guys tho), talia, talz
Zodiac sign - Sun: Sagittarius, Moon: Pisces (i forgot my rising rip)
Fav show - hmmm… some weeaboo anime. (probably steins;gate, higurashi, or re:zero)
College - i have honestly no idea–i’ve been trying to SURVIVE this year ;w; i might not even go to college
Hair color - dark ginger/auburn
Long or short - shoulder length (a little longer now but i’m getting it cut in a week or so)
Do you have a crush on anyone? - yep ;w; but like usual, they’ll never know (or at least i hope not bc i’m terrified of rejection)
What do you like about yourself? - i’m v smart, compassionate, and loyal!! i’m a great problem solver and pretty good at a variety of things
Righty or lefty - right mostly, but i’m not bad with my left either
Surgery - i’ve only had stitches, not actual major surgery. it was on my forehead tho when i fell down a flight of spiral stairs as a kid ;w;
Piercing - my ear lobes
Best friend - ggggggsghejhq this is embarrassing. probably @gracelingdesolate and @panicatthenowifizone ….. but i love all my friends a lot so it’s like GKHREDSWJGK 
Vacation - i go to michigan every year for a family reunion so maybe that?? 
Pair of sneakers - i do not remember AT ALL
Eating - a bowl of raspberries with evaporated milk and sugar :3c
I’m about to - draw or chat on skype with my friends
Get married - ahaahhhh well first i need to sort out my personality disorders so i can be in a healthy relationship ;;w;;
Career - i want to make graphic novels!! also regular novels haha
Which is better?:
Lips or eyes - eyes!!
Hugs or kisses - ummm probably hugs
Shorter or taller - shorter :3cc
Older or younger - older!
Romantic or spontaneous - spontaneous
Sensitive or loud - oh god um. tbh i don’t know. i like both tbh
Hook up or relationship - had neither of these things rip. definitely relationship tho. i’m not really into sexual stuff at all?? might be ace
Trouble maker or hesitant - hesitant
Have you ever?:
Kissed a stranger - nope
Drank hard liquor - nope
Lost glasses or contacts - nope
Sex on the first date - NOPE
Broken someone’s heart - i hope not ;w; not intentionally
Been arrested - nope
Turned down someone - yes actually rip
Fallen for a friend - YES i’m demi as fuck
Do you believe in:
Yourself - yes i do!! i finally believe in myself and it’s amazing
Miracles - i believe that miracles won’t happen without you meeting them halfway. you need to work hard, and if you put your all in and still can’t make it, miracles can happen
Love at first sight - no way that isn’t love imo… just attraction. u need to know someone’s personality and who they are for real love. not just what they look like.
Heaven - yes!! i am a catholic smol child ;w;

I tag: @panicatthenowifizone @gracelingdesolate @dangan-noya @halcyontorpidity @artemisaro

If anyone else would like to answer please tag me!!! 

How He Kisses You {A 5SOS Preference}

Ashton: He would push you up against the wall, his body close to yours with his lips trailing up and down your neck, eventually meeting your own. His hands would be groping your ass as he did so. He just really likes kisses you because he feels like he’s in control.

Calum: He would gently cup your cheeks in his hands and bring your face to his, softly laying his plump lips against yours. You would smile into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck to bring him closer to you. Calum would always be gentle with you.

Michael: He would give you spontaneous kisses, like in public or when you’re getting ready for the day. It would either be on the cheek or lips, but when his mouth is on yours, it’s passionate and rough. His hands would be on your hips, his cheeks cupped with your hands. How could he resist someone so attractive?

Luke: His kisses were the best. Whenever you were in public, they would be soft, loving, meaningful kisses. He would always kiss you on the cheek when they’re were paps around, but when you two were alone, he’d kiss you instead. In private, his kisses are rough and needy, like he has the longing to fuck you.