MEDITATION: it can help you relax, improve concentration and even your mood! Doesn’t take too long and can be done at any time/place.
-Last time I was waiting for a ride on a bus stop for just about 5 minutes, and took that time to relax :) I was so calm afterwards! 

Everyone can do it differently, but the key is to relax and try not to think of anything. 
1) Take a comfortable position and put on some gentle, calming music
2) Close your eyes, straighten up. You can lean against a wall.
3) Let your thoughts come and go. If something starts to bother you, think “I can totally do it later, it can wait." 
4) Only 5-10 minutes a day is all it takes!

Here are some sources and more info on that: 1, 2
For beginners: 1 2
Some music: 1 and Songza


so i totally forgot i made this quicky comic. 
im pre sure I just wanted to draw sans asleep with “anime eye” blindfold. but I headcanon that Tori is early to rise, while Sans is the kind of person that sits up with his eyes closed for twenty minutes, facing the wall, hating the sun, then slooooooowly stumbles out of bed. 


“Training, I hit myself in the eye twice in one day, that was superfun. I made the very, very intelligent decision to practice them in my hotel room with a very full glass of juice sitting far too close by on a coffee table. That juice ended up all over the wall really, really quickly. I broke the glass. It was not a proud moment for me.” -NOEL FISHER (X)

okay, i promised myself i would reign it in and pay the toll to real life responsibilities before i flailed about my feelings on the update, but i’m already trash so

  • honey. sweetheart. bye bits, lo-
  • casual intimacy for jack is so groundbreaking though. bits.
  • of course bitty has little hearts and a cake on the calendar for jack’s birthday
  • bitty has a lego jack. that he pecks when he can’t kiss the real thing. lord.
  • bitty takes more after his mother, but has his father’s eyes like whoa
  • consistently impressed with n’s ability to demonstrate inherited family traits
  • that close-up picture of jack on bitty’s wall when he’s talking about curling
  • jack’s plaid flannel hanging on the back of bitty’s door
  • i love the idea of bitty driving a pick-up (and jack and bitty gettin’ it on in the bed of it)
  • i am positive they were pressing their calves together under the table when they were eating with the bittles. it’s not up for discussion
  • jack’s teammate noticing how earnestly happy jack looks when talking on the phone to a certain someone
  • “my girl” :/
  • it’s gonna hurt though, because the falcs will rib him about his girl and jack just wants to avoid these discussions completely. he feels terrible for not being ready to be out yet and keeping bittle in the closet. it’s not going to be a fun time for him, keeping this on the dl :(
  • but also dang that bey poster is smokin’

A request from @nightofthelark - Pike returning to the group while they were retaking Whitestone during the Briarwood arc <3

The request was originally just for Pike returning OR Percy and Vax leaning down the wall to help her up…

BUT THEN… I decided to make it just a leeeeetle more epic >;3 cause I am an over achiever lmao!

I hope you like it!!


close up of the members on the wall because I’m really happy with how they turned out!


Or close the wall up with our dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
as modest stillness and humility.
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
then imitate the action of the tiger;
stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood.