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Stiles, Derek and Sex. Who talks dirty and what do they say? Who is super flexible? Who wants to cuddle? Who gives the best blow jobs? Who is the most likely to instigate? Who is the most romantic?

Oh I like this, I feel like I’m choosing spots for some incredibly kinky “Most Likely To” yearbook spread. ;P

Dirty Talk

You’d think Stiles would be the talker, and you’d be right. At first. Stiles is the one to talk dirty before they’ve started, before they’ve even touched, maybe. Throwing out some far too unsubtle innuendo right in front of the pack, or locking eyes with Derek over dinner and saying exactly what he’d want to do with him, just for the fun of seeing Derek’s eyes blow dark. When Derek’s the one to initiate it’s usually a lot less words and a lot more lifted brows, leaning in, and pointed touches.

Once they get started though, that shifts fast. Stiles is usually rendered wordless by the time they’re halfway to coming, stripped down to needy noises and single syllables, if he’s lucky. But Derek’s the exact opposite: rough sounds morphing into words as his inhibitions crash down, into how good Stiles is, how fucking beautiful he is, how much Derek wants him… everything he feels and wants slipping out between kisses, and that would probably be enough to wreck Stiles even without Derek’s dick in the picture.

Most Flexible?

They’re both honestly pretty flexible. Derek is a powerhouse but have you seen his acrobatic skills? And all Stiles’ lanky, lithe muscle (and hours of lacrosse training) definitely comes in handy in the bedroom, which gives them both a lot of options and a lot of positions to play with (which is good, because Stiles wants to try everything and Derek’s pretty inclined to let him).


Can I say both of them? Honestly, Derek is such a closet cuddler it’s not even a secret at this point. He craves contact, both as a man and a wolf, and it’s been so long that he’s let himself really reach out for that, be vulnerable in that way, that once he and Stiles settle into their relationship Derek is basically a constant blanket/pillow/chair for Stiles. He’ll drop down next to Stiles when he’s texting, reading, or watching TV, just lean in wordlessly until there’s a warm pressure all against his side. And it’s a good thing Stiles loves cuddling just as much, because contact eventually becomes Stiles’ number one indicator about how Derek’s feeling –– once he stops leaning into Stiles’ space, it pretty much means there’s a problem. That Derek’s hurting somehow. Because Derek’s response to any kind of pain, physical or emotional, is to close off and wall up to try and protect himself. And that’s probably also when he needs Stiles the most.


Um… both of them? I don’t know, they would obviously definitely say each other. And see the thing about Derek is that he can absolutely lose himself in tasting Stiles. The scent of want pouring off him, the way it spikes when Derek hits him just the right way. The only problem with giving blowjobs is probably Derek getting distracted by other places in Stiles’ body, working his mouth down his thighs and up his quivering belly, sucking marks all across his pale skin until Stiles comes from that instead so… if that takes away points from blowjob skills, there’s that.

Stiles, on the other hand, gets intensely focused on it. Stiles and oral fixation is definitely a thing, and the feel of Derek in his mouth is something he can find himself craving at any point in the day. He would happily push Derek down and work him over for hours straight, studying his reactions, tracing the lines of veins with his tongue, taking him down deep and easing up again, pushing and teasing until Derek’s shaking, shredding sheets and begging to come.

Most Likely to Instigate

Stiles probably does more often, if only because Stiles will text Derek from school or work –– or, hell, the grocery store –– with some line of text or (Derek claims) indecipherable emojis detailing exactly what he’s thinking about right now and how it’s Derek’s job to help him out with that. When Derek instigates, it’s a lot more about lifting his brows in just the right way or leaning Stiles against the nearest surface and kissing the fuck out of him until Stiles gets the hint.

(Stiles will claim that Derek always instigates just by being too fucking hot to exist, but I’m not sure that really counts.)

Most Romantic

They’re both ridiculously romantic in different ways. Stiles would be the one for the huge romantic gestures: to plan things out months in advance, with multi-stage presents and detailed events. Anniversaries and birthdays would be Stiles’ domain, laying out perfect presents like he’s trying to win some sort of prize for it (except the prize is just the soft flush on Derek’s cheeks and the way he tries and totally fails to hide smiles).

Derek’s gestures would be far more subtle, and a lot more spontaneous. Like tracking down that rare tome Stiles was lamenting over not having and leaving it on Stiles’ nightstand without mentioning it, or wordlessly making him a cup of coffee and slipping it into his hands when he’s feeling drowsy (or taking away his coffee, bringing over a blanket and a pillow when he’s too drowsy and refusing to give up research for the night). Romantic dinners on a random night because he happened to have some free time that day, or because he was thinking about Stiles and how happy he made Derek and just wanted to do something. Subtle things whenever he’s feeling like it, slipped in almost like he’s hoping Stiles won’t notice. (Stiles notices.)


Or close the wall up with our dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
as modest stillness and humility.
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
then imitate the action of the tiger;
stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood.

I Dreamed of You

Deanxsister reader

for @nichelle-my-belle 4k angst challenge my prompt was “I dreamed of you last night. I slept with the lights on.” 

Summary- Reader has trouble trusting Dean after something happened while he was a demon. Angst

word count- 1700

warning- Angst, stabbing, nightmares, panicked reader  

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Don’t Run. Don’t move. Don’t even breathe.

It’s what Dean taught you to do if you were ever trapped with a monster. In a locked building, or underground, anywhere that you might be that you couldn’t get out of.

“Don’t run, just hide. Sammy and I, we’ll come find you. If you run you’ll make noise, or you could fall,  something could get knocked over and give away exactly where you are. You’re better off hiding until you know you’ve got the upper hand.” Dean had given you the same lecture at least a hundred times, you could hear his words echoing in your head as you slowed your breathing down so much you weren’t even sure how your brain was getting enough oxygen.

You were taking every word Dean had taught you and applying it as you hid in the small dark storage closet. You’ve hidden from monsters before, but you never thought you would be hiding from them in your own home, the bunker… safest place in the world. The worst part of is was, the monster you were hiding from was the same person who had shown you how to hide in them first place. Dean.

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Come Closer (Antisepticeye X Reader)

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(( @bellflowerboy : ‘If I could, I’d like to request an Anti x Reader with a reader who fights back- and he falls in love with that (and them)’


@justwritingscibbles your impure would be appreciated!

I’m not sure who made up the concept of ‘The Void’ so I’ll just credit those who I’ve seen use it, sorry is this annoys y'all. If there are any I missed feel free to let me know and I’ll add them:




     Jack had been acting weird lately. Sure he was weird normally but this weird was…different. It was off. It was wrong. Your best friend had never been like this before in the vast span of time you two have known one another. Not once had he been this odd; sure he had pranked you many times before but this wasn’t a prank. Something was wrong.
     Something was very wrong.
     Your usually happy go lucky, do anything for a pal, loving puppy of a friend was now distant and cruel almost like he had done a complete make over of his soul. Not about to take no for an answer this time you made your way to his home and used the spare key to get inside before searching for the man of the hour. “Jack?” You called out into the eerily silent home.
     Everything looked normal and in place, but there was this odd static in the air you couldn’t quite place. It was as if TV static had become tangible and buzzed around you, tingling your skin as you made your way into the living room only to pause and look around. Maybe he was in his room? Turning and making your way towards the room you felt your heart sink as the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. What was that? It wasn’t cold so that couldn’t be it, and you usually didn’t feel this way while in his house. Usually the environment felt warm, safe and inviting but now…not it felt cold, dark and malicious. Like something wanted you dead. Like you weren’t suppose to be there.
     Like you needed to get out.
     Shaking your head you ignored the feeling of dread slowly creeping along your skin as you drew closer to Jacks room only to pause just before your hand grasped the door knob. Was that…laughter? It sounded like it but something was wrong. Something about it seemed so fake; not that it was forced but more so that it was edited, glitchy and echoed. It almost didn’t seem Human. Tilting your head to get a better hear of the sound, the laughter continued going low then loud, slow then fast. Just as you were about to open the door, it stopped.
     Dead silence.
     Muttering to yourself about how stupid you were being, you grabbed the icy knob and opened the door only to find yourself face to face with an empty room. Well not empty per say, it held everything that his bedroom usually held except something that had caused the laughter. “The hell…? But…I coulda sworn…” you muttered to yourself while making your way into the room trying to convince yourself you were just missing what had caused the sound. Maybe he had left his Computer on? Nope that wasn’t it. Maybe he had placed a small Stereo somewhere you couldn’t see it?
     “Jack is this some kinda prank?” You called looking around trying to convince yourself that this was all just some joke for his channel.
     Silence fell on your ears adding a sensation of unease to your already nervous frame.
     Shrieking you spun around to see the now closed door with none other than the man of the hour standing infant of it giggling. Taking a deep breath you felt the wave of calm only for a second before realizing he had something that he shouldn’t. His neck was slashed. “S-Sean!” You cried out, “The hell man this isn’t funny!”
     “I think its hilarious!” He cackled his head twitching every now and then as he stood there staring at you with a burning gaze.
     That…wasn’t coming from a Computer. No way could he be making this voice on its own! No way in hell! “Jack…what’s with your voice? Are you ok?” You managed to get the question pass your lips, your voice a bit more shaky than you would’ve liked.
     “Oh I’m more than ok kitten!” He cackled while slowly stalking towards you his eyes almost glowing Green, “But…there is one thing…”
     “What’s wrong?” You asked for some reason taking a half step back. Why were you scared? Why did your body feel the need to run? This was Jack, you’re best friend, no way would he ever hurt you!
     “I̸̞͇̼̣'҉̟͈͈̙͉͔ͅm̙̗̠̼̯ ͉̤̟n̨o̷̥̠̯͔͎̮̟t͇ ̵̼͍ͅJ̜̮͇̺͈a͡c̜̠͉͉̪̩̥k̗̳.͓̘͖̱͙̙͢”  It almost didn’t register in time for you to dodge as Jack, or whom ever this look a like was, rushed you attempting to hit you with something. What was that? Stumbling to the side as you looked over your best friend you noticed he had something in his hand.
     A knife.
     “J-Jack what the hell!?” You cried out clearly shaken up by the fact your supposed best friend had just rushed at you with a knife and attempted to what you could only guess was cut you. This wasn’t like him. Your Jack would never do something like this! Never! What was going on?
     “I̪͖̤̥̫͎͇ ̜̘̙̥͠a͇̤m̢̫͇̙ ͓ń̗oͅt̛͙ ҉̣̘͇̩̤̙͙t̻͔̫͖̭̬h͇͇̝a͍͍̺t͚̩̤͜ ̕w͕̦͍e̹̭̩̥͝a̩k͚̖̩̞̺̪l̘̭̥̕i̮n̰g!̬̲ ̱͇̹̻̱̩̥I҉͇̰͚͔̫ͅ ̻͉͉̹̞͜ḁ̞̤͓̺͈̕m͏ͅ ͍̯͍͉Á̭͇n͏̲t̺̻̤͇͉i҉̻̘͚̳̹͈s͍̩͙̜e͠p̥̳͇̤̪̖͘t̪͓̼̰̠̬̩ị͡c̦e̷͉̥̻̣̤͚̳y̲̭͉̗̰e̱̮͈,̼ ͕̖̲̻̘a̦̟̝̝͍ͅn̫̮̼̩̙d̠͎̭͓̩ͅ ̙̱̜̪I̛̳̰̪̠͎'̖̯m̭̗͝ ͔̕h͖͓͔̩̀e͎͖̪̱r̬̙e̹̣̯̞̹̤ͅ ̺̺̘̭͕̯͟tͅa̕ ̲̞̥̩̭̰s͝t̺̻̣͈̺̬͖͘a̖͍̕y̘͓̭̤͚ͅ~͏̺̣̮̜.̹͜ ̡̝̘̟I̼̼̻̤͓͍̲'m̷̫̗͚͎̫͕͖ ͙̪͎no҉̝t͔͚ ͚͚̦̤̯̭̜g̘̦͓͜o̯̱͖͍̲i̛̲͔͙̞n̩͠'̸̝̝̼̞̞̠ ̟b̨͔̮̗̮̦ac͔̳̱̯k̷ ̣t̼̟͔̟͙̳a̳̱̪̪ ̸̠̤t̞̖̕ḫ̖̩͟ạ̛̫͙̟̩̹̟t̲.̨.̳͙̖.͓̬t̡̠̤̥͚̺ͅh͝a̴̰̣͚t͍͔̰͕̫ ̛̱̠V͔̖ơ̦̼͇̹̳͙i͙̘ͅd͇͙̱̞̟̗!̬̮” Anit snapped baring his fangs as he once again lunged at you; though this time faster. Much faster. Easily pinning you to the wall he raised the knife with a laugh and was about to swing his arm down to stab your shoulder when he felt something hit him in a rather sensitive place. Groaning he stumbled back and fell to his knees, dropping the knife and cursing up a storm.
     Panting you quickly rushed out of the room heading for the front door ignoring the growing laughter. But it wasn’t happy. It was an angry laugh with a low growl hidden within the changing pitches.

     It had been about a Month sense then and you had had many terrifying encounters with this…Antisepticeye. He’d shown up at your house, your job, when you were at the store, out for a walk, when you woke up, when you were in the shower; you name it! He’d tried to strangle you, to stab you, beat you to death with a pipe - hell he’d even tried to push you down the stairs! But nothing worked. Sure you had gotten your fair share of bruises and cuts but you never gave up the fight.
     You fought him tooth and nail at every turn, clearly not about to let him get away with it. Something had…changed however. Now when he showed up it was more or less to just bother you it seemed. Flickering lights, the TV turning off, power not working, glitches, voices and giggles that weren’t suppose to be there; every attempt that he had made to kill you before had shifted into a childish need to cause every disruption in your life that he could.
     It was annoying.
     Here you were sitting on your bed reading silently when low and behold your friendly neighborhood stalker showed up. Sort of. Looking up as the lights flickered and dimmed before turning off completely you sighed with a roll of your eyes.
     “Whats wrong kitten, don’tcha wanna see yer favorite- well thats still a secret~.” Anti giggled insanely as removed throughout the wires in your walls.
     Shaking your head you snapped your book closed and glared up at the walls trying to find him, “Get out here you annoying Imp!” You demanded.
     Soon enough there was a bright Green glitching in reality as a type of fog formed in front of you on the bed. Moments later Anti sat criss cross with the biggest grin as he watched you like a cat. “Whats wrong (Name), ye mad at me~?” Anti asked as he pouted, his pointed ears drooping slightly.
     “Yes! You’re an annoying little shit! Where is my Jack?!” You snapped angrily growing tired of this game.
     “Up here~.” He giggled insanely as he tapped his temple, “Well…sort of~. The Door is up here.”
     “Door?” You asked clearly confused as to what he meant. No way would there be a door in his mind that didn’t make sense!
     But before you could ask anything Anti had moved suddenly, stopping right before your noses touches. His grin growing wide once more Anti spoke in a low purr, “Oh kitten~. Where he is doesn’t matter…because he’s n̜͔͇͇̻̟e̪̻̙̝͕̬v̱͙̤͢ͅe̝̮̪̳̲͢r͙̖͓̖̯̘͖ comin’ back. I’m here now, in control, and that’s just where I wanna be.”
     “Why? Why are you doing this?” You asked, voice soft and filled with worry. If what he was saying was true you’d never get to see your Jack again.
     “Well ta be honest (Name) this started as a laps in his control. He was weak and I took over…but…meeting’ ye I knew things would be different. Ye fought be back. Struggled. Sassed. Never once stopped tryin’ ta figure out what had happened ta yer sweet little Sean~.” Anti giggled his head twitching at the mention of Jacks real name, “I was gonna kill ye. Make it nice an pretty…maybe let him out long enough ta see what he’d done ta his closest friend~. But then you went and did the most dangerous thing ye coulda done kitten.” Moving closer to you until you were stuck between him and the headboard one of his cold hands came up to caress your cheek, his eyes for once seeming…warm.
     Almost like Jacks but you could tell it was still him. They still held that insane glint in that sick Green shade.
     “Ye made me fall in love.” Anti muttered just before pressing his lips against yours.

     “An̸̼̪̣̲ I̥͕̬͓̜̪ͅ'̗̰͉̩͈͉͞m̻̣͍͇̹̩ ̖̯n̢͙̯͎͇͙ͅͅé̜̬͇̟̠̻ve͕̲̫͈͕̦̯r͟ ̨͕̙̭̤̖le͎̠͙̩̰a͓̰͉͍̞͈͢v̥̱̻̪̤̖i̱̘n̡'҉̪̳̫̭ ̯̺̙͉͠y̡̹̘̝̩͙e̤̥̥,̧͎̜̳̩̞̳ m̴y̮̻̫͎̤̕ ̯̘̻̝̻s̨͕͕w̜̹̜̱̫ęe͇͙̦̗̕t̫͉̹̥̰̱̯͠ ͉͔͕̼̱̕li͕̬̝͇̳̦͜t̳̺t̖͔ͅl̳͙̗̳̣͕e̘͕̬͚ ͉̭͔̲͉́k̼̹͓͔̙͓i̛̺͔̞̻ͅt͜t͍̱̠̝̤e̲̞͖̬͈̫n̻~̧̺͈.̯̲͈̹̫̱ͅ”

| Stranger | Older! Chat Noir

Adrien frowned, yet again.

“Dude,” Nino raised an eyebrow, interrupting the blonde’s deep thought. “Are you planning on consuming that pencil whole?”

Adrien paused red-handed at the question. He’d been chewing on the end of said mistreated pencil for unnaturally long and flushed red, lowering it from his lips.

Nino chuckled. “What’s got you so twisted dude?”

Adrien tilted his head and Nino followed his line of vision, pushing up his glasses.

There you were.

Not too far from them, close up against the wall and almost blending into it. Your head was down in a book as usual, fingers absentmindedly twisting the strands of your hair into a mess. All that was known about you was that you were a new foreign exchange student and that your name was Y/N. Besides that, it was like you had faded into the background without so much as a trace.

Adrien found it…intriguing.

As if feeling the stare on your person you glanced up. Your eyes met Adrien’s for a split second before you purposely glanced away, your lips tugging down.

Nino whistled slowly, amused. “Well that was intentional.”

Adrien groaned, leaning back into his chair and boring holes into the ceiling. “I know. She’s been acting that way around me since she got here, and I don’t know why. Anytime I even try and start up a conversation she bolts.”

“Technically she’s like that around everyone; some chicks just can’t be fazed man,” Nino shrugged, patting his friend’s shoulder in a consoling motion. “Let it go.”

Adrien furrowed his eyebrows. He wished it was that simple, as he’d been telling himself the same thing for the past two weeks. But no matter how he tried to push you out of his head you had taken up permanent residence there with a mortgage and everything. No, there had to be something he could do.

In the middle of his contemplation someone passed by your desk, laughing at a pun they had shouted across the room. You visibly bit the inside of your cheek and giggled, before coughing into your hand.

Adrien’s eyes widened. “She likes jokes.”

“I guess,” Nino blinked, scratching the back of his neck. “So what? Are you gonna start cracking up like a clown to get her attention?”

Adrien shoved him in the side and Nino retaliated with a contagious grin, ruffling his hair.

No I’m not,” Adrien rolled his eyes. “And I can’t anyway, because, like you said, she is uncomfortable around everyone.”

Light came to his jeweled eyes as he turned to look outside the window with a concealed smile.


“But I do know someone who can.”

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I have no idea how this is going to go, but hell. I want to give it a go. (Ft. My Take on a Galra Transformation)

Keith wakes up one morning feeling slightly run down. A dull ache pulses behind his eyes, and his limbs feel heavy. But, it’s fine, he thinks to himself as he gets out of bed to get ready for the day. He can manage.

Breakfast is loud and bright, maybe a little too loud and too bright. Or, Keith thinks, maybe he underestimated how he’s really feeling. He can make out each sound: forks clinking against plates, Lance choking on food goo while laughing at something Hunk says, Shiro’s quiet sighs. Each sound grates against his ears, and pair that with blinding lights that feel like miniature suns boiling his blood, and he can feel himself growing frustrated as the headache from this morning strengthens in intensity.

Everything is suddenly too much, and Keith politely excuses himself, leaving his untouched food as he books it to the training deck.

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Or close the wall up with our English dead. Set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide, hold hard the breath and build up every spirit to his full height. On, on, you noblest English. Whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof. And you, good yeoman, whose limbs were made in England, show us here the mettle of your pasture; let us swear that you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not. For there is none of you so mean and base, that hath not noble lustre in your eyes. I see you standing like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start. The game’s afoot.

One of my favourite pages from the AoT manga.

I spent too much time on this! But I’m happy on how it’s turned out. Not perfect, but pretty decent imo. Especially the grass, It’s also the first time I’ve paid special attention to shadows. Probably because I mostly do face close-ups in tokyo ghoul.The wall I added is actually from the anime…hehe, I tried painting it from scratch but it just looked terrible!

 Anyway, hope ya like this, I’ve been meaning to colour AoT pages for quite some time, but I’m not that great yet at certain things like grass, so it makes the image quite dull. Regardless, i’ll do what I can :3 cya next timeo! 

Hopefully we get walldians next chapter


1312 chic street - 1br / 1ba, no cc

cc-free scandi-modern style apartment reno for the weekly challenge over on reddit! no internal walls were added or moved due to challenge restrictions, but i did decorate the shit out of it.

download tray files

drop onto the 1312 chic street apartment in san myshuno, close up the walls, and enjoy. alternatively: drop it onto an empty lot and build a house up around it. you are your own boss.

you can also download this on the gallery - search ea id, dellaluce.


For anon…POV is Draco’s as requested and reader is Hufflepuff. Y/F/N means your friend’s name.

Draco sat at the Slytherin table with his regular demeanor of boredom. Pansy was sitting next to him, chatting away about her day. She knew Draco was dating Y/N, a Hufflepuff, but that didn’t seem to stop her advances. The boy snorted to himself at the thought. He raised his eyes from the food to across the hall. He smirked slightly as he caught sight of his girlfriend. The Hufflepuff quickly averted her gaze, turning to her own food.

“Caught you,” he thought to himself with a chuckle.

Unfortunately, Pansy took this as a laugh to what she was saying.

“I knew you would find it amusing, Draco,” she cheered while batting her eyelashes.
Draco gulped. “Yeah. Sure, whatever.”

Giggling, Pansy playfully shoved the boy, causing him to slam into the girl sitting on his other side.

“Sorry,” he quickly apologized.

The girl just giggled in response, causing him to roll his eyes. It was then that he noticed the closest guy was on the other side of Pansy. Huffing, Draco pushed his plate away from him. He looked back over to the Hufflepuff table to see Y/N standing up. Her gaze remained low as her friends tried to keep her there. Draco’s eyebrows furrowed as she shook her head and left. The friend that had been sitting closer to her shot a death glare at Draco, further confusing him.

Immediately, Draco stood from his seat, causing Pansy and the other girls to whimper. Rolling his eyes, the Slytherin went after his girlfriend with a quick pace. His pace paid off. The second he was outside the dining hall, Y/N was just turning toward the Hufflepuff dormitories. Draco reached out his hand and grabbed her arm. They ended up close to the wall, out of view of the hall.

“Hey,” she rebuffed before her eyes widened, “Oh. Hi Draco.”
Her eyes were red and puffy, worrying Draco. His grip lessened.
“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, “Y/F/N gave me a stare that could give a Basilisk a scare, so don’t say you’re fine.”
Despite her mood, she chuckled. Her face fell again. “It’s just…”
“Yeah?” he encouraged gently.
“All those girls-perfect Slytherin girls-I don’t look anything like that.”
“Wait,” he replied in confusion, “What do you mean?”
Her face flushed as her tears picked up. “I’m not as gorgeous as them, Draco. I don’t even know how you wanted to date me in the first place.”

Draco painfully frowned. His heart clenched as he could feel her sorrow. How could she not see how wonderful she was? How perfect? How intelligent? Beautiful? He brought Y/N close, just wanting to hold her. She clutched onto him in desperation. Draco rubbed her back soothingly before kissing her temple.

“Y/N, I love you,” he started, “You’re more perfect than any of those girls combined, alright?”
“Even Pansy?” she muttered.
Draco chuckled. “Definitely more than Pansy.” He kissed her cheek. “You are stunning, adorable, and so many other things. And that’s not just looks, love. On the inside as well.”

Y/N raised her eyes to meet his green ones. Draco smiled softly at her. Gently, he wiped away her tears with his thumb. He raised his eyebrows and smirked.

“May I see that radiant smile of yours?” he asked.
Y/N let out a breathy laugh, beaming in the process.
“There it is,” he replied while kissing her forehead.
“I love you too,” she whispered.
“Good.” He kissed gently kissed her lips. “Can you make sure Y/F/N knows? They may kill me in my sleep if they don’t.”

Y/N laughed loudly at the comment. She nodded before laying her head in the crook of his neck. Draco smoothed a hand over her hair, still holding her. He placed a final kiss on her temple to solidify his feelings.

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The Ghost of Juice Ortiz - Shades Alvarez |3|

“You can’t fool me.”

You sat there at your kitchen table. You had been going over every possible reason in your head as to why this man would look like Juice. You started making theories as to what it could have been. You knew you weren’t just imagining him, because Luke made it obvious that he seen him as well. So he wasn’t a figment of your imagination.

Not to mention that the day after he had saved your life from being hit by the truck you had started to see him everywhere you went. It didn’t matter if you went to the store, out for a walk, or to Pop’s barber shop.

For some odd reason he was always there somewhere within the crowd.

It was almost as if he was following you. You didn’t want to believe that he was stalking you because that would only add more to your worry and concerns.

When you decided to come to New York you were here to start a new life. You wanted to get away from all the heartache and the drama that you found and Charming California. But upon coming to Harlem New York you soon found that the heartache and the drama could not be ran away from.

You had yet to talk to this man any other time after he had saved you from your near death from walking the dogs.

It was almost as if every time you had noticed him within the crowd he would just vanish like a ghost.

That was until one night you were walking home alone in the dark.

As you had went to round the corner to take a short cut on your way back to your grandmother’s home you were jumped in alleyway bye three men. They had grabs you and pin you up against the wall away from the main road where nobody could see you.

You honestly believe that you were going to either get raped or killed that night. But luckily the man that had been stalking you had come to save you once again.

From out of the darkness dressed in all black he came out and looked at you as you were pinned up against the wall by two of the three men.

Your eyes were wide as you were shocked to see him standing there looking so calmly toward the men that held you. Normally you would have asked him under any other circumstances why he was following you and why you had seen him around town every time you would been out. But right now you needed his help and you hoped he would offer it to you once again.

“I suggest you let the lady go.”

He spoke up in a serious tone. Anybody who wasn’t an idiot could tell that this man meant business and that he wasn’t about ready to play around.

“What’s it to you?”

The man that wasn’t holding you asked him.

“Last warning.”

Was his response. The man in front of you chuckled as he pulled out a switchblade from his pocket. He showed the man that looks like Juice the weapon and chuckled slightly.

“You gonna make me?”

He asked pointing the blade toward the man in shades.

Then in an instant had you went to blank you knew you would have missed it. The man wearing the shades stepped forward and grabbed the man’s wrist holding it out straight he took his other arm and whacked the man’s elbow having a large snapping sound be heard as he dislodged the blade from his hand and also his elbow.

The man screamed out in pain and the other two men let you go. You make sure to put yourself up as close to the wall as you could as you watch the other two men run toward the only exit that wasn’t blocked by the man wearing shades. The man that tried to attack him manage to get up to his feet and run away with his tail between his legs as well.

That left just the two of you in the alley alone.

You watch the man closely with widened eyes. You couldn’t believe what you had just seen. That was definitely a type of fighting skill that you had not seen even after being around the Sons of Anarchy.

“Are you alright miss?”

He asked tossing the blade away into one of the mini dumpsters that littered the alleyway. He kept his general direction of his face towards you. You were able to see his eyes behind the glasses but you had a feeling that he was looking at you and the way that his head was turned and he was silent waiting for your answer.

You swallowed harshly and managed to nod your head as you looked at the man with so many questions flowing through your head not knowing which one ask first.

“Why are you following me? Who are you?”

You asked managing to find your voice. The man just cracked a wide and white grin your way.

“Somebody has to look out for a woman like yourself. The names Shades.”

He said in and almost matter-of-factly type of tone. You narrowed your eyes slightly upset with the way the bad spoke to you. Not to mention admitting that he was following you even though he hadn’t said it right out.

“What do you want from me?”

You asked wanting to know exactly why he was following you.


He said shaking his head.

“You can’t fool me.”

You replied only to cause him a slight snicker. He took a couple steps toward you and you had nowhere to run being pressed up against the wall behind you. As he stopped in front of you he looks down upon you. He did not touch you. He did not speak. He did not do anything but just look at you.

“Who says I’m trying?”

He asked you before backing away and going to leave the alleyway. You stood there for a moment trying to figure out what the hell just happened. This man known as Shades just saved you and admitted that he was not only stalking you but doing it to protect you?

“Be more careful next time miss.”

He called out to you before he disappeared on to the busy night time street.

Vanishing like a ghost.

A little drink!
  • AFD!Weiss, shouting from the RWBY apartment's doorway: UUUUMM....YANG???
  • AFD!Yang, getting up from the couch and walks over a bit to peer down the apartment's hallway, looking at Weiss: Umm...yeah?
  • AFD!Weiss, opens the door fully to reveal a hysterically sobbing Cinder: She uhh...wants to talk to you?
  • ~~~~
  • AFD!Cinder, sitting at the apartment's dining table, sniffling a little as she holds tight to a mug of cooling coffee: She...she just left. I woke up earlier today and she wasn't in bed. I thought maybe she'd have come here.
  • AFD!Yang, leaning against the sink, arms crossed and irritated, though trying her best to sound normal: Yeah well. That's my mother for you. She just leaves. That's her thing.
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Probably doesn't help that you're an eccentric lunatic./
  • AFD!Weiss, also sitting at the dining table, having her chair scooched over closer to Cinder, with a comforting (yet slightly uncomfortable) hand placed on her arm, sharply to Yang with a glare, but then speaks in a much softer tone: Yang....but Cinder, I'm certain you're just...over thinking this whole situation. We all know how...err...'flighty'...Raven can be.
  • AFD!Yang, groans internally and checks her scroll, a message back from Blake saying she's still busy at work and she can't talk taking up the screen, a similar message from Ruby pops up as well, quietly: Great...
  • AFD!Cinder, with a weak smile, her tears having dried up but marks were still present on her face: Thank you. Both of you, you're such sweet children. I'm very thankful for both of you, for all of you really.
  • AFD!Yang, dragging her hand down her face, thinking: /I'm not even your kid, NONE OF US ARE YOUR KIDS./
  • AFD!Weiss, with a little forced laugh and smile: Of course Cinder! We're more than happy to help, if you'd like you can stay here for a little while.
  • AFD!Cinder, oblivious to how both girls really don't want her there right now, but speaks up a little: Oh, oh no no. I don't want to impose!
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Wow, too late for that huh?/
  • AFD!Cinder, standing up slowly, being joined by Weiss, who ushers Yang to follow suit: Besides, I've got to go out and grab something for dinner. Well...just in case she's back by then. Tata loves, thank you for the coffee!
  • AFD!Weiss, escorting Cinder to the door with Yang trailing behind, a genuine smile on her face: Of course, of course! Come by any time!
  • AFD!Cinder, after giving them both tight hugs and kisses upon the cheek, takes her leave: I'll make sure to stop by again soon~!
  • AFD!Yang, waiting a few moments after the door closes, before walking up to a wall and hits her head against it, leaving it there with crossed arms: FuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK.
  • AFD!Weiss, letting out an exhausted sigh, not even caring to chastise Yang for her language: She. Is. Too. Much.
Kneel Before Me (Part 2-final) (Loki/Avengers x reader)

Part 1

“Agent Coulson is down.”

You were sitting on the floor next to him when the light left his eyes, your hand over his when it dropped away lifelessly.  Reaching up slowly, you touched the side of his neck, waiting…waiting…waiting to feel something, but there was no pulse there, no heart beat that would give you or Fury any hope.  “Nick…”

“Medical team is on it’s way to your location.”

“They’re here.  They called it,” Fury replied in a solemn tone. He looked at you, watching you wipe Coulson’s blood from your hands and onto your uniform, feeling completely helpless. “So now what, agent (Y/L/N)?  I’m open to ideas.”

You took a deep breath, clearing your mind of the anger and hatred that filled you in this moment, having watched as Loki cut your friend down.  Remembering the audacity of him trying to lure you away with him, and the look in his eyes when he was rejected.  The only reason that you were still alive was because he believed that he cared for you.  Right now, you couldn’t believe that Loki was capable of anything more than evil.

“Director, this was never going to work if they didn’t have something…” you paused, searching your mind for the answer, “if they didn’t have something to bring them together. Something that made the fight worth it enough to be a team.”  You glanced down as the medics lifted your friend from the floor and onto the gurney to take him away, suddenly seeing the answer clearly in front of you.  

“I think we might have it now.”


This had to work.  If the team had any chance of stopping Loki or this army that he had ready, you needed to get the Avengers to work together. “Alright, Phil, help me out,” you mumbled to yourself as you opened his locker, pulling the small pile of Captain America trading cards out and into your pocket.  You closed the door gently, leaning forward to rest your forehead against it, taking a moment alone to say goodbye to your friend and mentor.  


Your spine stiffened at the sound of Loki’s voice behind you, and your blood ran cold.  When you turned to face him he was nothing more than a hologram, faltering in its image slightly as the distance between you grew greater.  “What would you know of sentiment?  You tried to trick me into thinking that you cared about me somehow,” you snapped, “which I never really believed anyway.  You were going to use me against my own team.  You know nothing of feelings, of sentiment, of love.  You’re nothing, Loki.”

The image of him stomped towards you with an angry expression, making you step back reflexively, even though he wasn’t real.  “I am not nothing, (Y/N).  You shall see that soon enough.  When this is done, you will see that by my side is where you belong.  You will see.”  Loki’s image was now directly in front of you, so close that your bodies would be touching if he were real.  “And I do care for you, darling.  Very much. From the very first moment, I knew. I think that you did as well.” His false hand reached up to touch your cheek, but it passed through you; in that moment you swore that you felt it, and against your better judgment, all you wanted was more.


Nick had given quite the speech about the team, using the cards you had retrieved from Phil’s locker as the dramatic point maker that you hoped it would be, but you didn’t know if it had worked.  You followed Tony to the holding area, standing silently as you watched him stare at where the cage had been, wondering what could be playing out in that genius mind of his.

“Mr. Stark,”

“Call me Tony.”

“Tony,” you agreed silently, “he was just doing his job.”

“He was an idiot.”

You smiled slightly, not really finding a valid point to argue that with.  “I’m starting to feel like we all are.  How the hell are we supposed to do this?  The team is scattered, if it’s even a team…”  Your voice faded as Steve entered the room, crossing his arms and leaning against the bulkhead, watching the two of you from across the room.

“(Y/N), I need to know what’s going on between you and Loki.”

“You and Loki?” Tony asked in total surprise, turning to you with wide eyes.  “What the hell does that mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything,” you replied, holding your hands up in surrender, “he seems to think he has feelings for me, if he’s even capable.  I think his play is to get inside my head to help him keep this team apart.”

“Is it working?” Steve’s tone became deeper as he moved towards you, glancing up at Tony as he approached.  He stood close, backing you up into the wall with his proximity and his towering height over you.  “I need to know where your loyalties are, (Y/N).”

Tony responded, putting his hand on the Captain’s chest and pushing him back slightly, “hey, maybe lay off the kid, huh?  If her loyalties were with Loki, why would she be standing here trying to help?  I think we’ve lost enough people in one day; we don’t need to start pushing more out.”  Tony looked at you with anticipation, wanting you to back him up.

“Believe me, Captain, I’m on your side.  Loki means to start a war, and we are nowhere near ready.  He made this personal when he took out Coulson.”  You pulled yourself away from the wall, ducking under Steve’s arm, pacing back and forth as you voiced your inner monologue.  “He hit us all right where we live, why?”

“To tear us apart,” Steve offered.

“Yeah, divide and conquer is great, but he has to take us out to win,” Tony agreed.  “He wants to beat us; he wants to be seen doing it.”

You continued to pace past the two men, trying to find any clue that would lead you to Loki, anything that would get you to him so you could try to convince him to stop.  If he really cared about you like he claimed, then you might be the only hope of avoiding an all-out war.  “Loki’s a full-tilt diva, right?  He wants flowers, he wants parades, he wants a monument built to the skies with his name plastered…” your voice faded as your gaze shifted to Tony, both of you immediately understanding.

“Son of a bitch.”


“This is why we strap in, Cap,” you groaned, your stomach flipping and feeling full of knots as Clint tried to land the jet as safely as possible, still barely maintaining control. Steve had grabbed onto a roll bar on its roof, struggling to keep his grip as his body swayed with each movement of the plane.  “I swear if you fall and land on me, I’m throwing up on you, Steve.”


You did your best to keep your mind off of the building nausea waves with each motion as Clint finally brought the jet to the ground.  Throwing off your harness you rushed behind Steve from the back of the jet and stood marveling at the war zone around you.  At the limits of your vision you could see Thor and Loki atop Stark tower, fighting for control.  “We need to get back up there!” you shouted above the commotion.  

“Hey sweetheart, let’s not keep your boyfriend waiting!”  Tony swooped down and grabbed you around the waist, hurrying to get you to the roof of his building.  He lowered himself just enough to release you safely, moving quickly to avoid a blast from Loki’s scepter and returning to the battle below.

“What are you doing here?” Loki asked angrily, reaching down to grab you and pull you to stand between him and Thor.  “You are not meant to be here, (Y/N).”

“Then release her, Loki,” Thor commanded.  “Release her now and put an end to this.”

You could feel a low growl and a laughter in Loki’s chest as he held you to him, beginning to back away towards the tower’s ledge.  “Loki, please, you don’t want to do this.  You need to stop it.”

“No, it’s too late,” Loki sneered, pulling the two of you over the edge and onto a Chitauri speeder passing by.  “Hold on tightly, my love.  I should not wish to drop you now that I finally have you.”

“I won’t be yours as long as this continues, Loki.”  

“Do you not see, (Y/N)? This is now for you as much as it is for me.  We will rule together, as I have said all along.”  His attention quickly shifted to his left, his eyes focused on something in the distance that you couldn’t see.  “Such valiant effort, but so wasted,” he mumbled, reaching out to grab Hawkeyes arrow from the sky just before it connected.

You heard the small beep from the arrowhead and clutched around Loki’s waist tighter, knowing what was about to happen.  Seconds later you felt pain throughout your body as you landed on the roof of the tower, rolling to a stop when you hit the wall.  Natasha landed right behind you, positioning herself between you and the Asgardian.

“Come on, we need to shut this down!”

“You are all of you beneath me!” You pulled from Nat’s grasp at the sound of Loki, rushing towards him to see the Hulk holding him back from getting to you.  “I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by-“

You winced watching him be thrashed by Hulk, seeing the ground smash beneath him with each hit. Once it stopped and the Hulk left him, you rushed to his side to both keep him in control and to check on him. “I told you, there was no way to win,” you said quietly, your eyes deliberately kept up from him, watching Natasha as she closed the portal once and for all.  “We never would have worked out, Loki.  You don’t listen to me.”

“You were chosen for me centuries ago, my love.  Do not give up on me so quickly.”

Your eyes widened as you finally looked at him, seeing a mischievous grin cross his lips.  Before you could ask him to elaborate, Steve’s hands were around your arms, pulling you up and into the group, separating you for the last time.


You wanted to know what Loki had meant, but the answer wouldn’t be coming today, not that he would have been likely to tell you anyway.  He seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in leaving you with the questions that now consumed you.  Watching as Thor led him away in shackles and muzzled, it felt as if you would never have your answers.

“I can return, if you should need me to, (Y/N),” Thor said quietly, glancing back to his brother.  “If I learn anything, I will contact you.”

You nodded wordlessly, your eyes still on Loki.  You watched as his fingers wrapped around the casing that held the Tesseract, the thing that brought him to Earth in the first place, but now you wondered if there was more to it; if he had come for you as well.  Looking around the circle to each member of the team, you stopped to hold your gaze with him for just a moment before turning your back to him, holding your breath as you heard him disappear, not knowing if you would ever see him again.

“Hey, you okay, kid?”

“Never better, Mr. Stark,” you replied with your best convincing voice, grabbing your gear to head to your car.  Your phone buzzed in your pocket so you stopped briefly, reading the message quickly and trying to hold in your excitement as he watched you.

T.A.H.T.I. is underway.  I need you there.

“Good news?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, “and it’s about damn time.”

Part 3

lazyasianscientist  asked:

*kicks door open and storms in the house loudly(clearly disturbing a family dinner) - holding 2 fell ver of handplates skelebros* I CAME FROM UNDERELL HANDPLATES AND I AM IN NEED OF MOTHERLY LOVE, FLUFF AND CARE! *tugs underfell skelekids to toriel , sans and papyrus*

“Oh goodness!”

“are there versions of him in every universe?”


[Fell!Sans and Fell!Pap stare at the three of them, then immediately run into a corner and huddle up as close to the wall as they can.]

“they … seem kinda …”


[Fell!Pap makes a sound suspiciously like growling.]

“somethin like that.”

“Oh dear …” [Toriel gets down on her knees to be a little closer to the level of the two new boys.] “Hello, my children. My name is Toriel, and this is … well, this is Sans and Papyrus.”

[The Fell!bros just keep staring, though they don’t cling to each other quite as much as Sans and Papyrus do. Toriel sighs.]

“I … understand a bit about your universe from what I’ve heard. I’ve heard it is very scary. Very mean. And if what my boys went through was already so bad … I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve endured. But you’re safe now. I know it’s going to take a long time for you to believe that. But we will take care of you here. No one will ever hurt you again.”

[The Fell!bros keep staring. Fell!Sans is still shaking, and keeps himself low, but he shifts a little closer toward Toriel. Toriel smiles at him. He is technically smiling, but it isn’t a happy smile.

[Papyrus seems to get an idea. He scurries into the kitchen and comes back with two slices of butterscotch pie. He slides the plates toward the Fell!bros without getting too close.]


[The Fell!bros stare again. Fell!Sans is the first to tentatively swipe his finger over the pie and taste it. His eyes light up, and he immediately digs in. Fell!Pap hesitated a moment longer, then scoots forward and digs into his own pie. Toriel smiles sadly, while Papyrus and Sans watch with mixed emotions.

[It’s going to be another long process. But it’s a start.]

//I have even less experience with Underfell than Underswap, so apologies for that. :)//

anonymous asked:

Ichi reacting to hearing his s/o is in the hospital? <3


- Mod Kei


“Ichimatsu-nii-san, it’s for you!”

There was a quiet huff as the sliding door to the sextuplets’ living room creaked open, revealing a head of messy, dark hair.

Todomatsu held out the phone, only to be met with a tired grumble.

“Tell them I’m not here.”

“Ichimatsu-nii-san!” The youngest brother gasped, just loud enough to be picked up by the person on the other end of the line.

Ichimatsu grit his teeth, now he HAD to answer the phone.

That little shit.

He got to his feet, shuffling across the floorboards with his shoulders hunched forward. He held the phone to his ear.

“Matsuno Ichimatsu-san?” The woman on the line asked, and something in her voice began to worry at him.

“Speaking.” He grunted, waving at Todomatsu to leave, but he stuck around. It wasn’t everyday that the most introverted of the brothers got a phone call.

“How do you know _____ ______? You’re in their phone as an emergency contact.” She was too monotonous, like she was calming him down in preparation to drop a bomb of bad news onto him any second.

“I’m their friend.” Those words still felt weird on Ichimatsu’s tongue. He never imagined that he would ever say something like that in his life.

Hell, he never even expected to know anyone outside of his brothers.

“There’s been an accident outside of their home and they’ve had to be taken to hospital.”

Ichimatsu was silent.

“Matsuno-san?” The woman asked, her voice suddenly beginning to get on Ichimatsu’s nerves.


“We just wanted to let you know, if you want to visit, I think it would benefit to _______-san.”

“Are they okay?”

“Things are a little shaky at the moment, but-”

There was a crack as Ichimatsu flung the phone at the wall.

“Nii-san!” Todomatsu jumped as the phone shattered, following after his older brother, who had made his way back to the living room, flinging open the door with a force that shook the whole house.

His throat felt like it was closing up, the walls falling in on him from every direction and every shadow mocking his entire existence.

Fuck, he was terrified.

What if something bad happened to them?

What if…?

No, Ichimatsu couldn’t even think about that happening.


“Ichimatsu, what’s wrong?”

No no no, stop talking.

“My buraza, you look troubled.”


You’re making me dizzy.

“Shut up.” It was his own voice, the room spinning around him as his mind attempted to shut down and block out all the feelings and thoughts clamouring in his head.

His heart was beating fast, and his breath was caught in his throat, hands trembling at his sides.

Then he felt anger.

And he felt tears slipping down his face.

What was even going on anymore?

“Nii-san?” It was Jyushimatsu who spoke, snapping him out of his inner thoughts. “Are you okay?”

“I-I…” His voice was broken, like he hadn’t used it all week and just spoke for the first time. “I need to go.”

“Ichimatsu.” Now it was Choromatsu, and he paused, taking a step back to look at the rest of his brothers, sat around their table.

And they looked… worried?

About him?

“Who was on the phone and what did they say?”

“______’s in the hospital.”

“EEEEH?!” The brothers jumped up, asking questions frantically, and the room started spinning around Ichimatsu again, his knees nearly giving out.

“Guys stop! Ichimatsu-nii-san knows as much as you do and you’re scaring him!” Todomatsu protested from the doorway, only to be met with a cry of ‘shut up Totty!’

“I have to go.” Ichimatsu repeated again, not sure if anyone even heard him.

They didn’t.

“Ichimatsu, you’re not going anywhere until you tell us what’s going on!” Osomatsu slammed his hands on the table, and Ichimatsu grabbed some stuff of _____’s that they had lying around. Perhaps he should stop at their house?

“You can’t stop me.” He growled, moving to storm out of the door, only to have a hand grip his ankle and make him tumble to the floor.


“Get the hell off me!” He was yelling now, anger flaring up inside him. His brothers looked around nervously, apart from the eldest.

Osomatsu could never turn down a challenge.

“Sit down!”

“Let go!”

“Calm down!”


He didn’t know what he was talking about.

He didn’t love _____ like he did.

“It’s not the end of the world!”

Ichimatsu couldn’t help it.

He slammed his fist into the door, tearing a hole right through it.


The house was silent.

So deafeningly silent that he could’ve his tears hit the ground if the sound of his own heartbeat wasn’t rushing in his ears.

He had to go.

So he went.

And no one followed.