i’m having a difficult time processing how to handle seeing a private cockles moment up close in HD. where’s the blurry pic and the secondhand explanation of what happened? where’s the tree?? where’s the handler walking in front of them blocking the view??????

unobstructed private cockles ?????? how do i????? proc es s?????

 Coronation Gown for Empress Leia Vader
Michael Cinco, Couture Fall 2013

What if… Darth Vader discovered Leia on Alderaan at a young age and reclaimed her. Raising her as his daughter and training her as secret apprentice…

Unclasping the brooch of her heavy mantle and let it drop to the floor. Ignoring the priceless overgarment on the marble floor, she would send for a maid or servant would pick it up later. Using the Force, Leia closed the doors of her private quarters. She needed to be alone.

She was the ruler of the Empire, but it was a bitter victory without anyone to share it with. Her father was death, the man who called himself both Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader had sacrificed himself to save her and her brother from Palpatine. While brother still refused to join her and was now hidden away from the galaxy.


Our favorite restaurant here in Makarska was closed for a private event tonight, so we ended up at a little seaside joint called Pizzeria Timun.

We went with the house specialty, the Pizza Timun, which is topped with house smoked speck and local leeks, as seen above.

That white ball in the center of the pizza… I thought it was mozzarella. Nope. Fresh sour cream, which they put on pizza here!

This huge pie only cost us $10.