I feel crazy today. I feel
something tight against my ribs,
dead weight, lead melded into ache
to remind my lungs that my heart
can’t take it much longer.

I feel tired, as if sanity was
hanging by my eyelashes,
closing my eyes to the realities
I do not want to see.
Apathy as a sort of defense.

I wish I could pull my head
out of the water, clear away the
mismatching images, refracted light
that trip me over the simplest things.

Physics tells me that a change of environment
alters perception, alters behavior,
and isn’t that just the truth?

I feel sick today.
I feel like a farce, like a girl
who is still trying too hard to take
love into her chest, to let it live,
to hope it will break grief’s hold.
I hoped it would let me breathe.
—  I don’t know how to say what I mean (LM)
Got7 as students

anonymous asked:

um…Ik in your description you don’t do this..but i was wondering if you could do a thing like what kind of “whatever” this band would be…if you know what I mean?. If you can, can you do got7 as types of students.

OK so I’m going to do this a little different like add how would their dialogue would be. Hope you like it still. *REMEMBER THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT DON’T TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUS* Also pretend if the members wasn’t close like they are in reality, they are just peers to each other in this text.

Jackson-Type of student: Class clown

JB-Type of student: Serious student

Jr-Type of student: Quiet student, laughs and smiles from time to time.

Mark-Type of student: Student who doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings and have to ask what’s going on most of the time.

Youngjae-Type of student: Does really weird things out of nowhere for no reason at all. Sometimes the stuff he does can first be taken out of context.

BamBam-Type of student: The second class clown, right hand man to the original class clown.

Yugyeom-Type of student: In their own world, just plain crazy.

Interactions in the classroom.

BamBam and Jackson fooling around

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JB: “Can you guys stop it, your distracting me I’m trying to focus”

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Jackson: “Boy if you don’t getcho yo I’m tryna focus lookin ass” (Don’t mind Mark in the back)

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 *Dies of laughter*

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*Looks up from his work because of BamBam*

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*Sees BamBam* Mark: “What is he doing?”

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*Eye contact with Jackson*

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*Eye contact with Youngjae first, then looks at teacher*

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*Teacher looks at him*

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*Vibing in his seat*

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*Teacher yells his name*

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vexingcosmos  asked:

So I read this fic once that Dan and Phil found @phanfic and ended up sending in real prompts and hating AUs and eventually Dan sent a series of anon hate to this girl in the phandom after she didn't like something he wrote which actually happened but forgot to hit the anon button on the last part and then got a really fed up answer about abusive creators and it ended there. I think it was on Ao3 and that somewhere it was jokingly called the meta fic? tysm!

ProblematicLate one night, Dan stumbles across the blog phanfic and is captivated by the reality tag. He wonders, if these writers had access to a few more choice details about his and Phil’s relationship, just how close to reality could they get? He decides to find out.


anonymous asked:

Seriously, Eddie is no threat to WA..if Iris knew how she felt she would have chosen Barry over Eddie..ALWAYS! Iris stayed because she was loyal af..n that was very noble of her. But to think that now that she finally knows how much she loves Barry, she would leave him if Eddie comes back is incredibly false. Iris' feelings for Eddie has nothing on what iris feels for barry. I'm sorry to say this but he can't even come close n that's the reality of it. So anons, pls chill n don't worry about it

All true. Iris staying with him in S1 was an act of charity on her part.

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Regarding the whole Ghostbusters thing, what's worse is that I've heard that Sony has many more reboots lined up for the future. They're even planning on remaking freaking Lawrence of Arabia. No joke.

See, this is why I was against the Ghostbusters reboot since day one. If this does well, if this is a success, it’s gonna open the door for a bunch of shitty reboots and remakes. Remember that YGOA joke about how Naruto hated “The Godfather starring Will Ferrel?” That is close to being a reality.

I don’t get how a company that did such a great job with a soft reboot of 21 Jump Street could fuck up rebooting so bad, but here we are. We’re living in a dark age if Shitbusters opens the door for more rebbots.

so as i mentioned on another blog, I went on a date.

it’s technically the second date with this guy, who we’ll call Tom the Dom. he’s married, poly, dominant and very experienced.

Aside: I’m very particular about the kind of dominants I will interact with. I actually haven’t interacted with many in person, just two including TtD. Things with the first dominant didn’t go well; he held too much power over me, I’ll leave it at that. aside from the bare minimum requirements like basic human decency, attraction, getting to know one another and establishing trust, they’ve just gotta have a certain style that I vibe with.

In many ways/thus far Tom’s about as close as reality gets to the ideal Dom in so far as his style closely complements my own and he seems pretty responsible and careful. considerate, etc.

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I need your help

Autistic terms like stimming, sensory overload, meltdown, spoons etc. aren’t established in Germany. Not many german autistics know about such things. They dosen’t speak english well enough and there isn’t any information about these terms in german textbooks. I want to explain these important parts of autism and asperger to german speaking autistics.

But I want to use posts and resources from autistics (not from autistic moms or specialists or textbooks) in english and german. My posts will be close to reality and from autistics for autistics and not a listing of clinical symptoms.

I search for information about autism, aspergers, spoon-theory, stimming, stim toys, sensory overload, shutdown, meltdown, executive dsyfunction, autistic burnout, special interests, misophonia and other interesting topics.

So if you know any good posts about autism in english or german, you can tell me about them. You can tag me or message me. It would be so helpful.

Thanks for your help.

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I just saw a post saying 'I feel like the song the lucky one could be a close reality for Taylor' and I'm just.....

I GTG!!!!!!!!!!

game of thrones

I’d say people are nuts for all of their “fuck plot” conspiracy theories … but then I remember how obsessively people were watching Kit’s hair before this season so they could tell if Jon really died or not. Crazy tends to be pretty close to reality with this show. Just saying.

anonymous asked:

do you ever think what it would be like if Eric + Dylan didn't die, and were still alive. Like, what would they be doing if they didn't go through with the shooting.

Way too often, yes :( I like to think that some of my happier imagines would have been close to that reality, like if they got married and decided to have kids or wanted to travel. I think I’ve said this before, but it would be wonderful if reincarnation was real, because then they might be able to get another chance at fulfilling lives, whether they felt a connection to their past lives or not.

When you say ‘hello’
what did you really mean?
or is it just my head working working overtime?
so much that I thought you meant something else
like 'uhm I miss you’ kind of something else
but sometimes what is in mind
is never close to reality isn’t it?
maybe that is even steps away from the idea of you and I

See Into My Eyes (Closed)


Escaping his reality wasn’t easy. Everywhere he turned he found his kind dead, the virus spreading to every mutant across the world. Thankfully because of his unique ability of Hydrokinesis being water based, he somehow formed an immunity towards it. Famous mutants like Professor Xavier, Magneto, and even his own mother - Jean Grey - were taken much too soon. He’d managed to find a dying mutant named Pathway whom could bend the space time continuum and jump through worlds. He was able to access his power temporarily with his telepathy (albeit with a lot of focus as he wasn’t used to channelling other people’s gifts) and made his way out of his world. It didn’t matter how brave he felt, he had no other choice and wherever this was going to take him would be better than being alive in a world where humans would hunt the last mutant standing. 

He’d found out what time and year it was because of a newspaper and the world seemed very similar to his…almost exact which made him wonder if he’d time travelled. In fact he was in the year 2016 which is around 10 years before his time but he couldn’t be sure. Charlie made his way towards the mansion, anxiety filling his chest. The dark blonde stared at the familiar gates and had the eerie feeling that something here would change his entire life. There were too many “what if’s” - what if he saw his mother? What if the people here wouldn’t believe him? What if he did indeed just go back in time and Virus X was still being developed? He took a deep breath his head aching from his lack of focus and all the voices surrounding him because of his telepathy. Charlie Grey stepped forward and rang the bell to the front door. His heart pounded with each moment he took and when the door finally opened Charlie’s blue orbs widened seeing a very scruffy grumpy looking man. He expected the other to speak first but he was just staring at him so Charlie was forced to break the silence. “Is..uh…Is the Professor at home?” 


I went to bed early. Falling asleep, through the roam of motorbikes on the street I dreamed that I am in Anosovo–which, incidentally, was true. And that Anosovo, I dreamed, never ceased existing as a place of nascent urbanity which it emerged as, the “city of the future,” never ceased and developed into the greenest urban center with mirror-even roads, not very high buildings full of windows, and medical and scientific centers–which, alas, was not confirming to reality.

I was on the map of Anosovo, embedded in the map, the map of excessive detail, exceeding quality; the map was, in fact, so close to reality in the representation, that it coincided with Anosovo itself, and one could live there and even fall asleep–which I did–without as much as a a second of forgetting of the structure of the settlement.

I remembered the remaining stripe of forest, preserved on the Northern edge of the village in order to shield the place from the wind as all other trees were cut to give way to the construction (re-construction) of the houses delivered from the villages soon-to-be inundated with the rising Angara River.

I was aware that the stela with bas-relief Lenin, in my future Anosovo, still was on the same place it stands,  preserved apparently because no historic rapture happened and it was still USSR in 2016.

Lenin looked at everyone with his habitual squint; he lingered among mosaics consisting of red flags and blue waves with white foam (three colors of the contemporary Russian flag, perhaps ironically); and while I dreamed about the future Anosovo which will never happen, I also dreamed about Anosovo the way it was, with its wide clay streets and old houses.

Everything was present on this planet, and the planet was rotating around the sun, and the sun was soundlessly running through space at unimaginable speed towards the constellation of Lyra (as “Angarskaya Pravda” published in 1960, informed me two days ago).

The regional newspapers here published material on the subjugation of the universe; other planets were waiting for us–Communists, humans, and darers.

I almost slept, and in my almost-sleep I bore the rusty skeletons of Anosovian machines on my palm; I had a map of Anosovo in my palm, only, it was a small map.

As I was falling asleep, or fell already, I knew that there is a Moscow on this planet as well–the Kremlin with red stars and two-headed eagles–something of it should be anachronism, I thought in my dormancy, but now, having woken up, I recall that eagles and stars alike indeed adorn spears–and imagined the bells of the tower clock, resounding above the Red Square–famously grey square–and I thought how lucky I am to have lived there, to had been exiting the house in my white dress to fresh foliage of linden trees, and cars, and the sun, and to plunge into the ringing and the roaring of the streets, and the laughter, and the noise.

Once Upon A Time: Western AU

Killian Jones - Storybrooke - 2016 - One Month Before the Due Date

The soft rocking motion of the Jolly Roger almost lulled him to sleep. His eyes slowly switched between open and closed, awake and asleep, reality and dream. He’d missed this: the gentle crash of the waves against the ship’s hull, the sound of creaking wood, and the smell of salt in the air. No shack nor apartment nor house could ever compare to the comforts of the Jolly, could ever replace his one, true home. Killian would always prefer the ocean to land, the easy roll of the waves to still ground, the open horizons to crouded cities.

Emma stayed with him every night, having chosen to make the Jolly her home as well. More often than not, Killian wondered if the rocking of the ship soothed her, wondered if it soothed the babe she carried too. Never had he thought he would become a father. He’d wanted to have a child since he met Milah, but Fate had twisted that dream into a nightmare. But now? Now the gods blessed him with Emma and in about a month, they would have a babe of their own.

It was a boy. Using a contraption that Killian still didn’t understand, Dr. Whale had told them the gender of their little pirate. Even after Emma explained to him that the device didn’t use magic, Killian remained skeptical. He added it to the ever growing list of things he couldn’t figure out in this land, right up there with talking phones and computers and moving pictures. It didn’t matter, though, if he understood it; he took Whale at his word, which meant Killian and Emma had a boy on the way.

A boy. He almost couldn’t believe it. In all honesty, part of him felt absolutely terrified. What if his son didn’t like him? What if he got hurt? What if—gods forbid—something awful happened to him and Killian wasn’t there to protect him? The thought alone struck icy fear into his heart and he felt it race like a horse. Oh gods, what if he became like his own bastard of a father? What if he became like Brennan?

No. No. He would never turn out like his father. He would never abandon his son. He’d die (again) before he allowed that to happen. Gods be good, his little boy would never even know nor ask about his grandfather.

Next to him, Emma stirred and rolled over on to her side to face him, opening her eyes to reveal the beautiful sea green he’d fallen in love with. She smiled that lovely smile, the one that knocked the breath clear out of him, the one that she reserved specifically for him, and he gently pressed his lips to hers. After a moment, she placed her hands on either side of his face and pulled away to look him in the eye, her gaze playful and serene.

“Why’re you still awake?” She murmured, voice still thick with sleep. “It’s late.”

Smiling slightly, Killian prepared a dismissal, but realized the futility of it; Emma would know; she always knew. “Just a little worried, love.”

She sighed and rested her head against his chest, a yawn escaping her lips. “About the baby?”

“Aye.” He swallowed and carded his hand through her hair. “I… I’m worried that I’ll be like my father.”

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