• villain: now, hear me out... what if we blew up the entire planet?
  • villain: i think there's a lot of positives to that that some closed minded critics aren't considering
  • hero: killing everyone and the planet as well would be bad
  • villain: there's that kind of rude dismissiveness i'm talking about. you're not hearing me out because you're too upset. you could at least debate me
  • supporting hero: yeah, he's being polite, the least you can do is hear him out
  • hero: are you fucking with me
  • villain: wow, more rudeness. guess that's just what i should expect

no one can convince me that scanlan isn’t pike’s right hand wingman, you just can’t.

I think one of the things that frustrates me the most about Inquisition is that everyone seems to know what’s best for the elves, but no one ever really seems to ask the elves what they want.

Solas is on this huge quest to free the elves of their attachment to their gods, but he doesn’t seem to take into account that things have changed radically for them. In some ways, their religion is the only thing they have left. The gods themselves are so absent as to be virtually nonexistent - the magic that bound them to their gods is broken and forgotten. The traditions have changed, evolved, and become completely divorced from what Solas remembers. He doesn’t even consider himself Dalish, but he’s A-OK with going about and enforcing his will on people (who he’s stressed aren’t his) who neither asked for it nor were asked. 

you guys are so quick to beat yourselves up, which I understand because I do it too. but you can’t blame yourselves for stressed out being overplayed. it’s not our fault people are getting tired of it or are deciding they don’t like our band. it’s not because of us that Tyler is insecure. we support him really well. don’t be upset about his recent lyric change during stressed out. just keep enjoying what he creates and he’ll be okay, I promise.

It’s 6 A.M. and all I have are Lady Vex’ahlia feels. Buckle up, it’s time for some extrapolation.

- Obviously, we know that Whitestone and its well-being are tremendously important to Percy. We also know from Taliesin that Percy tends to think of himself as the only adult in any given room. So what an incredible symbol of trust, respect, and affection it is to give Vex’ahlia a legitimate title with weight and authority in his own city! Granted, it isn’t much weight or authority, but he fully expects her to wield what it has; he made a point of mentioning that she’d have to attend a political event at least once a year. Whitestone is his home, when all is said and done, and he’s given her, only her, a place of honor and power in it.

- And yet afterward, when Vex asked Percy if it was a real barony, he spoke apologetically of all the things it was missing, as if he felt the title alone wasn’t enough. Like he was embarrassed not to be able to offer her a mansion and gold on top of political clout and her father’s approval. Percival, please.

- Vax was equally scorned by his father and by the people of Syngorn! There was at least one other barony available, if Percy was giving titles out on a whim! But Percy gave Vex the title. Percy chastised Syldor on Vex’s behalf. Granted, Vex was the one who was upset about things in the first place… but I don’t think I can be blamed for seeing some favoritism in it. (”Never forget that you’re my favorite…”)

- What must this have felt like for Vex’ahlia, I wonder? Aside from Vax, everyone Vex spent any time with in her youth looked at her as if she was something to be ashamed of, and they weren’t afraid to make sure she knew it. The mere memory of that judgment, the fear of returning to it, drove her to genuine tears. And then Percy took a stand, publicly, and said “no.” Said “you are valuable. You should be valued. You will be valued.” But he didn’t just use his own status to protect her, and he didn’t force her to accept his perspective on the worth of the elves’ judgment; he gave her the tools to uplift herself, in the language she was most capable of understanding. That means so much to me. What must it have meant to her?


“Orpheus!” *deep tone*

“Orpheus!” *girly tone*








Persona 3 eye-close-up during critical attacks or exploiting enemy weakness. If you dare pissing them off. :>


Sometimes the only way to get through to certain people is to give them a dose of their own medicine. In the end it doesn’t always make it right, but unfortunately that is the only way to teach people who are accustomed to old methods. 

And those that judge or pick apart other’s weaknesses or flaws are most likely hiding something they are afraid to expose of themselves. 

In the end the best advice I ever received from my father was to always look at where any negative criticism is coming from to understand why people do or say the things they do.  

They will never learn the importance of their own lessons that God or life or their experiences tried to teach them. Don’t let them stop you from learning your own.

—  Joanna Strafford