Thing that have actually happened while I was playing Pokemon Go
  • My coworker ran out to the dumpster in the middle of work to catch a Meowth.
  • My bosses had to have a formal discussion with us about not playing games at work.
  • Walking down the road, I heard from the next block over “FUCK YOU WEEDLE.”
  • Went to a Pokemon Gym a few towns over at 12am. There were over 500 teenagers all playing and talking about Pokemon go.
  • The starbucks in said town earlier was at max capacity because someone had caught a Dragonite there and everyone found out and legit sprinted there.
  • 30 People fighting and catching the SAME tentacruel
  • Met a couple at the park at 10:30 pm walking their baby and playing.
  • There were 3 groups of about 40 kids playing in said park.
  • Public safety legit drove onto the grass and announced that everyone had to leave because the park was closed.
  • Nobody listened so they turned on all the sprinklers. I got soaked along with the couple and their baby. 
  • As I pull out of the parking lot, someone drives down the road blasting the pokemon theme song.
  • My county’s PD released an official notice to “pokemon trainers” and drivers to be extra cautious.
  • My friend racked up $50 in data overage charges.
  • Someone walked into my workplace, caught a jigglypuff, then left immediately without a single word.
  • My six year old cousin who has never even seen pokemon asked me if we could go outside to catch some “squirties” (squirtles lol). I of course said yes. He was disappointed that we saw no squirtles.
  • I was in gamestop for thirty minutes browsing for games, six people came in to see if they had the pokemon wristband in yet after visiting the pokestop next door.
  • My 72 year old grandma called me just to tell me that the little boys next door found a “rare pokay-mans” and then asked what the boys were even talking about.
  • I got over her house to explain and see what this rare pokemon was, it was a rattata.
  • The post office in my town (and pokestop) put up a sign saying no loitering yesterday, (hmmm i wonder why?)
  • I hugged a random stranger who had just caught a clefairy. It was nice.
The Court of Dreams at Disneyland

Rhys and Feyre: The cheesy couple that holds hands the entire day and has romantic make out sessions on all the rides.

Mor: Squeals at every new thing and takes a billion pictures.

Azriel: Quietly observes everyone, but secretly winks and smiles at all the giggling children. Finds every hidden Mickey in existence.

Cassian: Cuts lines to get pictures with Mickey Mouse and Elsa.

Nesta: Starts the day grumpy and irritable, but has the time of her life and refuses to leave when the park closes.

Elain: Dances up and down Main Street with flowers in her hair dressed as Rapunzel. 

Amren: Scales Sleeping Beauty’s castle and makes herself a secret hideout in one of the turrets. Hoards snow globes and park pins.

Inasmuch as one can RP in an Elder Scrolls game, I celebrated the completion of the twin grinds of the Dawnguard DLC & the Mages Guild questline finales by:

  • adopting a child
  • expanding my Lakeview home into a small village via several nifty mods
  • headcanoning that expansion as natural due to a minor population shift driven by mercantile needs and establishment of a new regular carriage stop
  • alphabetizing my entire book collection and making a real-life list of what volumes I’m still missing in any sets (I’m fairly sure I’ve finally completed the Wolf Queen series, which is unreasonably exhilarating)
  • murdering a cruel NPC so I can adopt his child in three days from the orphanage
  • leaving my character in her greenhouse with her wife for in-game hours so she can putter around all the flowers (and it still delights me that butterflies and bees spawn if you have all the pots of soil filled)
  • shouting at the sky every time it considered clouding over
  • taking way, way, way too many screencaps of all the r&r, as if that way i could make it real

no joke but some guys got kicked out of my local park by the police bc they were playing pkmn go at 1 am lmao


My AU Photoset: Stormpilot + Dog Walking

Requested by: anon

Unexpectedly busy at work, Finn has to take his dog, Storm, to Poe’s Pooches for the day. One of the best dog walkers in town, Poe loves dogs. Only problem is that Storm is very playful and easily distracted. During the walk, she slips her lead and runs off. Poe can only go after her slowly as he has to watch the other dogs. But, the park is closing and Poe is devastated when he has to leave without her. Poe thinks Finn will be incredibly angry but he’s pretty calm - knowing Storm can be a handful. They decide to sneak back into the park and see if they can find her. Will she be found? Features: an all nighter in the park, bonding over dogs, adventures in the dark, lots of worrying, and an oblivious dog. Spoiler: It’s morning, they are sitting against a tree about to give up when Storm walks over. Lots of hugging ensues.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!