Future!Voltron AU:

- Black Paladin
- Leader of Voltron
- Co-Leader of the Resistance
- Member of the Blade of Marmora
- Team close combat and high speed combat specialist

- Ex-Black Paladin
- Co-Leader of the Resistance
- Main Strategist and combat specialist
- Commander/Pilot of the Castle of the Lions

- Princess of Altea
- Red Paladin
- Co-Leaderof the Resistance
- Diplomat

- Blue Paladin
- Sharp Shooter
- Ranged combat specialist
- Underwater combat specialist

- Green Paladin
- Team Inventor
- Stealth and infiltration specialist
- Computer Specialist

- Yellow Paladin
- Team engineer
- Heavy ordinance specialist

DAY TWENTY-FOUR – Which squadmates do you think will best compliment Ryder’s combat style?  Alternatively, who do you plan to take out most in the field?

Sara is a biotic whose primarily responsibility is to provide support and control on the battlefield.  I think she will be best complimented by a second biotic like Cora or Peebee, and a close combat fighter like Liam or Drack.  The second biotic would provide biotic combinations while the close combat fighter would be able to take down incapacitated enemies.

With that said, I plan to take out Liam and Peebee for the most part because what is class composition when you’re in love.

(Mass Effect: Andromeda 30 Day Countdown)


Battle-hardened and masters of close combat, warriors are pivotal to any group entering battle. As front-line fighters, they absorb the brunt of opponent attacks, steal enemy focus, and create an opening for deadly ranged assaults from other classes. While some warriors prefer visceral, sweeping damage, many are silverite-clad bulwarks, weathering any blows they don’t deflect with their shields.

  • [Explosions are heard in the distance]
  • Donnie: Yeah.
  • Leo: What is happening?
  • [Explosions continue]
  • Raph: I hear a bunch of explosions, and Donnie went 'Yeah.' So I'm guessing it was Donnie.
  • Mikey: That's a fair guesstimation.

ive been playing a lot of skyrim, i have an orc battlemage (heavy armor and spells, but i also specialize in one hand for when im in close combat) and i got this follower:

his name is inigo and he’s a purple khajit and he has better writing and personality than anyone in the games, like im more moved right now by him than the whole dragon story. he had a brother… and he was an ORPHAN

 so if youre into skyrim again sometime check him out…a great cat friend

ive also been watching shirley curry’s skyrim playthrough. she’s my role model


Bet you didn’t know I have an Overwatch OC, eh?

I was thinking about Zenyatta’s line in-game when he mentions having brothers and sisters at Shambali, and there’s been a distinct lack of female-presenting/voiced omnics so far, so… I made my own! This is Tekhartha Quanatta–named for Quan Yin, a buddhist figure of mercy and compassion.

Quanatta wanted to help spread Mondatta’s message, so she took to traveling, learning to fight to defend herself (I was inspired by Shaolin Monks) if necessary. She moves from place to place, teaching small groups about human-omnic harmony; especially children, whom she adores. She is soft-spoken, sweet and reserved, adores plants and flowers, and prefers to leave violence as an absolute last resort; she tends to be forgiving of others to a fault.

In a fight, she primarily uses her (collapsible) quarterstaff in swift, close-range combat, rarely staying still–she is fragile but quick, and is capable of blocking some attacks with her staff a limited number of times. She also uses her connection to the Iris to manipulate a set of steel lotus petals, which typically hover around her at rest, and can be shot off as weak ranged attacks (out of combat, she can move them around to make little ‘puppets’ to help tell stories). Her ULT is called Petal Storm, where the steel petal blades kick up in a flurry around her, deadly to anyone who ends up in melee range.

Designing an omnic monk was really fun and I hope to draw more of Quanatta in the future! ♥


I decided to give some of my close combat Noise Marines scenic bases to increase the sense of movement. I have also been working on my blending and experiementing with zenithal lighting. Hopefully I will actually finish these one day, but irrespective they are a lot of fun to paint.
Note: the colours look very bland in the photo. It is hard to tell here but the bases have subtle tones of purple and pink. Eventually when I get to weathering the C:SMs I hope that the bases and the models work in harmony with each other.


finished dana!! thought i’d post the full thing as well as some choice close ups
she is an absolute joy to draw, my beautiful muscle daughter.

More info on Dana
  - she specialises in two handed weaponry, with her strength she has the ability to give hammers and halberds decent swing and with her second set of arms, she can use shields and smaller weapons for close combat.
- Although she’s half elf, she’s non inherent (a being that cannot perform any feat of magic). This would usually count against her in her course (most heroes have some form of magic as back up, in case their sidekicks get knocked out), but her quick thinking and battle strategy as well as obvious physical skill make up for her lack.
- she has a huge sweet tooth. whilst she is very careful with her diet, for her course, she manages to fit cakes into her calorie count. Her favourite is carrot cake.
- her clothes, apart from her work out gear which she has modified, are all hand made. Despite there being many clothes shops in the city that cater to four armed beings (elves being the majority of the population there), none of them cater to a being of her size and width. So push comes to shove and she makes her own. She’s rather good at it. 
- she will often fix her fellow students battle outfits
- “dude, how long has that seam been torn, dude, just, just give it to me before we have to endure it ripping mid practise. i don’t need that before exams, Atam”
- she will literally sit between practises either lifting weights or fixing the younger students tunics.
- they never see the symbols she sews into the lining, good luck symbols, symbols to protect, and she will deny it, shut up tiny, the fuck would i do that for now hurry up and rush me before you drop that sword in that shitty hold you have, dave.
- she is great at colour co-ordinating her outfits. she is aware that her dress accentuates her muscles, yes, and that it goes with her eyes. she is aware.

i love my daughter, i think i’ve said this.
my character thankyou