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why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might happen:

  • Thomas Astruc alluding to Marvel’s Civil War when talking about season 2, a movie centered around two big superheroes splitting over ethical differences.
  • the writers confirming Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth.
  • the strain the mere possibility of Gabriel being Hawk Moth puts on LB and Chat’s relationship already–s2 ep 1 shows Adrien immediately getting defensive at LB’s suspicions and in the end doing something he’s never done before: ignoring LB’s fist bump without acknowledging her, without even looking at her, to go kneel by his father’s side. 
  • Adrien is very loyal to his father and rarely argues/directly disobeys him. He fears his father’s wrath upon not doing what he wants (taking the Miraculous book, losing it, etc). He misses his mother as much as Gabriel does. Gabriel is also the only parent Adrien has left, and Adrien is desperate to keep him in his life, no matter how rough their relationship is. Adrien loves him. He’s not likely to turn his back on his father even if he discovers his dad’s a super-villain. 
  • Marinette knows important information about the Miraculouses that Adrien doesn’t. This is pretty much a sure-fire way to miscommunications. The writers keeping Adrien in the dark about the equivalent exchange makes his joining his father to get his mother back more likely. He’d be much more opposed to the idea if he knew someone else would have to suffer. It also suggests he may discover his father’s identity alone, without LB there to tell him what she knows, which would force him to keep it a secret from her to protect his father (and possibly himself, if he’s afraid of what she’d think of him if she knew the truth). 
  • But as is repeatedly told to us, Marinette does NOT like liars. She believes Chat would never lie, especially to her, but in the ep she first says this, Copy Cat, Chat does lie. Not to her, but he doesn’t tell her that he lied in the end either, so she still has this belief that he doesn’t lie. (Ever heard of lying by omission, Adrien?) The fact that Marinette’s loathing of liars is repeatedly brought up means it might be important in the greater plot. Keeping the truth about his father from Mari would definitely do serious damage to their relationship, especially if Adrien never says anything and Mari has to figure it all out on her own. If she discovers Adrien has not only been lying to her but lying to cover for his super-villain father he may or may not kinda support…oh boy. Ohhhhh boooy
  • Imagine THAT reveal scenario. 
  • Marinette thinks more with her head while Adrien thinks more with his heart. More specifically, opposite of Chat, LB usually prioritizes justice and duty over loyalty and feelings. Marinette is more likely to view Hawk Moth as a villain she needs to lock up, while Adrien would see his not-entirely-evil father that he can’t stand to lose. Do I even have to explain how this might cause problems between them?
  • Adrien has yet to meet Master Fu. It could be because Mari is the protag we follow around the most, but the distance being kept between Adrien and Fu while Mari is so close to Fu might also suggest a future division of loyalties: Mari to Fu. Adrien to his father.
  • new heroes are joining Ladybug and Chat Noir. I can understand one new hero needed to take on one or two new bad guys, but not 3. Not when LB and Chat are so powerful. Unless they lose power because there’s tension between them or they’re at odds with each other or something.

why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might not happen:

  • this show’s too sweet and cute
  • it’s aimed at kids who might not appreciate their two big heroes at odds with each other.
  • it’s not that deep (then again i was skeptical Astruc would really make Adrien’s dad the villain in case it was too heavy, but that happened. we also got that new heavy info on the Miraculouses. so)
  • ????/ thats it
  • I’m nervous

Ahahah this was supposed to be a quick thing and I was supposed to schedule it to post in the morning but I don’t want to and here it is almost 2am. Go me.

I’ve always been really fascinated by eyes and I love painting them digitally, especially if there’s room for details. It’s one of my guilty pleasure drawing subjects. I’ll definitely do another of these for Chat Noir.

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two things: these guys do NOT suck live and they sure know how to enjoy their time on stage. also, this venue is the best one in prague. it is confirmed now. a true fact.

voltron orchestra au?? the one thing i Need in my life

  • keith n lance play cello
  • keith was kicked out (broke a violin??? idk)
  • teacher is iverson obviously
  • allura is a chorus kid?? is a senior
  • coran is chorus teacher??
  • hunk plays bass. yep. and also can probably play cello bc he’s TALENTED
  • pidge is viola?? i think. yes.
  • lotor is violin, ?? from another high school and they all see them at competitions or whatever
  • lotor has own quartet,,. with his Gals
  • shiro plays violin, is assistant teacher to iverson but also kind of a student bc he’s Actually Six,, fresh outta high school only one year older than seniors
  • zarkon is obviously the other principal at GALRA HIGH SCHOOl idk
  • garrison high school
  • shiro lance pidge and hunk are in a quartet bc why the heck not
  • keith comes to all concerts
  • keith is ready to fight lotor
  • keith n lance do cello duets bc gay
  • sometimes allura does orchestral covers with songs but has her voice in it kinda like an acoustic version of pop songs ?
  • shay is hunks gf, plays flute???
  • keith hunk n lance are juniors
  • pidge is sophomore
  • lotor is senior
  • lotor thinks he’s good at violin but actually only okay the only reason he’s first chair is bc his dad is principal and Will Sue if lotor isn’t concert master
  • galra high school orchestra teacher is haggar
  • to all rehearsals hunk brings snacks to enjoy bc he’s a SWEETHEART
  • lance can play cello and violin ,, switched to cello bc he’s rivals with keith but still keeps up with violin
  • practices his lil heart out god bless him
  • literally first chair cello and violin (if he wanted to) baby boy is so good
  • pidge is a frickn viola Prodigy
  • hunk holds them all together bc basses are iMPORTANT FIGHT ME
  • lance eventually has a play off against lotor
  • the bach double is the only thing lotion can play to make himself seem good
  • voltron quartet/orchestra
  • that’s all i got right now feel free to add more i love it

Frank Iero and The Patience at Omeara, London, England, United Kingdom - October 21st, 2017

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World Destroyer

Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!

London, this song is a protest song

Crazy (with Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir) and KISSES!

.Blood Infections.

Safety First

.Weighted. (with live only intro 5)

Viva Indifference

.Smoke Rings. (with live only intro 4)


It Ain’t Easy (Ron Davies Cover)

Announcement about cameras and intro to


I’ll Let You Down

Talking: ”because of you I get to live my dream”, thanks for opening acts, and intro to

I’m A Mess (with band introduction mid-song)

Helter Skelter (Beatles Cover)

No Fun Club

Dear Percocet, I Don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore


Thank Yous

Oceans (with Live Only Intro)

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