close up of the adorable drunk expression


Imagine stroking Sonny’s hair as he falls asleep

r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n s 

Song: Breakfast by Haley Blais

Sonny stumbles in blatantly drunk.

“Baby…” You run to guide him. What is the man doing? You thought he was at home studying or doing homework - well that’s what he told you, anyway.

“I thought you have one of those law homework things,” you say worriedly. Sonny on the other hand just continue to giggle. He smacks a full wet kiss on your forehead.

“My y/n always worrying.” You sit him on the couch, moving your novel out of the way. You’ve never seen him drunk in the year you’ve been dating which is why this is too amusing.

“Yeah, yeah,” you say dismissively.  “I’m going to make you tea.” You were going to leave but he pulls you by the arm, making you fall on the couch next to him. His eyes are droopy, lips in a lopsided smile. His grin falls unfaltered.

“Can I have a kiss?” You smirk. Sonny resembles a puppy way too much at this moment. His unruly hair sticking out in all places.

“Nope,” you say, making the ‘p’ pop.

Sonny inches closer to you. “Please,” he whispers. You smell the alcohol in his breath and scrunches your nose.

“Uh, uh.” Sonny places his hands on your hips and cuddles his head in the crook of your neck. There was silence.

“Baby, wanna have sex?” The bluntness of his suggestion made you cackle and throw your head back. Sonny just looks up in a confused tone. He looked unsure as to why you were laughing loudly.

“You’re drunk. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you,” you wink and attempts to get up again to make that tea.

Sonny sighs and pulls you closer.

“Okay…” You smile at him. He is so adorable with that pout. Sonny cradles your waist, his head laying on your chest.

“Sing me a song?” You watch Sonny’s features. It’s amazing how his expressions changed from mischievous to slumbersome.

You stroke his hair and start to sing to Sonny.

I don’t mind that you are sleeping

I won’t wake you up.

Sonny’s eyes are starting to flutter close but he fights them.

You look lovely

When you’re dreaming

I won’t wake you up

But just know that.

Sonny cuddles closer to you. You pause on stroking his hair for a second, but he grumbles. You smile at your little cannoli and continue.

In your pleasant slumber

I am just one pillow over

If you finally choose to wake

I would love to get some breakfast with you.

His eyes are closed with breaths exchanging evenly. You continue to stroke his hair and hum until the two of you falls asleep.