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(So I’m finally watching Criminal Minds and I just watched the episodes in Season 6 with Prentiss and her undercover story and needless to say my brain took off with it)

Hold On You

Is there a Bratva AU where CIA agent Felicity goes undercover to gain access to the brotherhood? Where Felicity’s goal is to take down the notorious Solntsevskaya Bratva Kapitan Oliver Queen, the American man who not only quickly climbed the ranks of the brotherhood and is considered the right hand of the Pakhan, but has also taken the world by storm, elevating the Russian mob’s international influence in every arena he sets his sights on? Where Felicity Smoak targets Oliver Queen, her only goal to get into his life in any and every way possible, to find out everything she can about him in order to bring him to justice? Where she starts small and smart, posing as an arms dealer who works her way through bigger and bigger circles with her amazing weapons connections, until she reaches him? Where her mission instructions include doing whatever is necessary to earn his trust, including killing someone (she doesn’t really, come on, her handler John Diggle helps stage it) and even entering into a relationship with him?

(In this AU, Oliver really is a bad guy. He’s not a good man… until he meets Felicity Smoak.)

(In this AU, Felicity really is a good guy who wants to put a criminal behind bars for the rest of his life… until she meets the real Oliver Queen.)

Is there a Bratva AU where undercover agent Felicity Smoak and Bratva Captain Oliver Queen start a relationship - both business and personal? Where it slowly morphs into something more over the years? Where passionate fucking starts turning into lovemaking? Where they fall in love - real love? Where they both know it’s different, but they only talk about it in whispered voices deep in the night? Where they’re just Felicity and Oliver, two people in love, two people who connect on such a deep level that life without each other starts to sound foreign? Where Felicity starts questioning her mission, where Oliver starts wondering if his future could be different?

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver’s second-in-command suspects Felicity is too good to be true, so he starts his own investigation on the side? Where he tells Oliver that Felicity isn’t who she claims to be? Where he has hard cold evidence showing her meeting with John Diggle, with another operative, with representatives of Interpol…

Is there a Bratva AU where she’s extracted before he can confront her? Where Felicity nearly loses everything because her entire world is tied up in Oliver Queen?

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver Queen is sent to a prison that is so completely off the grid that nobody but a select few people in high places know about it? Where Felicity Smoak goes back to her job, pretending like she didn’t fall in love with this man, that she didn’t fall in love with a murderer, a criminal, someone who flooded the world with darkness? Where Oliver spends the next seven years in absolute hell, using his love for a woman who betrayed him to get through all of it? Where all he thinks about is her… finding her…

(To bring her back to him, or to kill her? The answer changes every day, every hour, every minute.)

Is there a Bratva AU where one night he escapes? Where Felicity’s old handler finds her, where he tells her that Oliver Queen has escaped, that Interpol can’t find him, that he’s simply vanished? Where she feels real fear, but even worse… anticipation? Where she asks, “Am I in danger?” and Diggle tells her, “Yes. You need to disappear. Now.” Where she’s reminded that he’s a very, very dangerous man who knows her role in his capture? Where she finds herself caught between wanting him to find her, and wanting to run, not just for her life, but for her emotional sanity? Where she goes home, grabbing her go bag and a few items she keeps secure in a safe (including the ring Oliver gave her, the one belonging to his mother, the one he wasn’t supposed to have because he was the illegitimate son of a Russian mobster who wasn’t supposed to exist), where she’s leaving…

Except he’s already there.

He’s found her.

And he takes her.

Is there a Bratva AU where Oliver Queen kidnaps Felicity Smoak and they find out in the worst ways possible just how far they’re willing to go for the one they love?

If there isn’t, there should be, because I really want to know what happens in this story.

“A Coy Smile” - Digital Oil Painting

I imagine Rumple taking Belle somewhere sunny on their honeymoon, or just a random trip for fun, and at one point, she takes off her sunglasses and gives him this smile.

“Rumple, I think I’m getting a bit too much sun. Shall we go back up?”

And he takes great pleasure in making sure the sun doesn’t come close to touching his wife’s skin for the rest of the weekend as they hole up in their fancy hotel room.

Eventually, he comes to realize what this smile means all on its own, without her hints. It becomes one of his very favorite smiles. Of course.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

That time in PP3 when Beca became Vegan for Chloe..

Part 12

The Bellas watch as Chicago strides out of their restaurant to make his way up the street. Fat Amy frantically texts Beca and lets out a relieved sigh when she sees that Beca has seen her message. The Bellas look at each other nervously.

Aubrey: We’d better go find Chloe and Beca.

Fat Amy: Agreed…

The Bellas all begin to stand up. Aubrey exhales heavily as she shrugs her jacket on:

Aubrey: Jessica, Ashley, you go with Cynthia-Rose and Flo out the front and up the street. See if you can find them. Try not to bump into Chicago…

Jessica, Ashley, Cynthia-Rose & Flo all nod seriously as they put their own jackets on.

Aubrey: …oh and take Lily with you just in case.

The women turn to look at Lily who is rummaging purposefully in a large leather satchel she’d brought with her.

Aubrey: Lily?

Lily looks up from the satchel at Aubrey who raises her eyebrows seriously:

Aubrey: We want him alive, okay?

Lily rolls her eyes and lets out a long frustrated sigh:

Lily: *mumbles* I’m never allowed any fun when you’re in charge…

The Bellas all frown as they look at each other, none of them having understood quite what Lily had said.

Aubrey: Amy? You and I will take Emily. We’ll head out the back and see if they’ve managed to escape out of their restaurant that way…

Emily walks around so she’s stood beside Aubrey. Aubrey looks around at the Bellas seriously:

Aubrey: Ladies, stick together and be safe. We’ll meet at the top of the street.

They all nod in agreement. Fat Amy brings her hand to the middle of the little huddle and grins:

Fat Amy: ‘Aaaahhh!’ on three bitches!

The Bellas all hesitate, looking to Aubrey who is just frowning at Fat Amy.

Fat Amy: No?

Aubrey shakes her head then tugs Emily’s sleeve to guide her to the fire escape at the back of the building. Fat Amy looks to the rest of the Bellas.

Fat Amy: Poor timing?

The Bellas give her a small sympathetic smile, then go to the front door of the restaurant. Fat Amy keeps her hand out:

Fat Amy: Guys! Come on, I thought that was the perfect opportunity!

The Bellas leave the restaurant and Fat Amy sighs, bringing her arm back and shrugging:

Fat Amy: Alright. Rain check…

Fat Amy goes to the back of the restaurant and steps out of the fire escape with Aubrey and Emily. They walk a few paces into the alleyway and look left and right. Emily lets out a small gasp as she points up the alleyway at Chicago, who is walking away from them and almost at the top. Aubrey, Fat Amy and Emily watch as Chicago looks both directions then takes a left turn and disappears.

The three Bellas begin slowly wandering up the alleyway.

Fat Amy: Well that answers the mystery of where Fabio went, but it doesn’t answer the mystery of where Beca and Chl-…

Aubrey, Fat Amy and Emily freeze as their eyes land on the figures of Beca and Chloe tucked in a gap in the wall of one of the buildings. 

Chloe has her arms wrapped around Beca’s waist, her hands smoothing up and down the small of Beca’s back. Beca’s hands are tangled in Chloe’s red hair. The two are kissing pretty heavily.

Emily look like she’s just caught her parents making out. Aubrey is kinda grimacing/kinda smiling at the PDA her best friend is sharing with the love of her life. Fat Amy is grinning broadly.

Fat Amy: Good to see that the threat of having your disgruntled marine boy-toy crash your date hasn’t caused you too much distress, Red!

Beca and Chloe part their lips quickly in surprise. Chloe keeps her arms around Beca’s waist. Beca brings her hands down to Chloe’s upper-arms. Chloe bites her bottom lip and smiles while leaning her forehead against Beca’s temple. Beca looks over at their friends with an awkward smile. They’ve been caught.

Emily: So what do we do now?

The women all look at each other nervously.

Aubrey: We go back to the hotel. Come on.

Aubrey begins making her way up the alleyway, closely followed by Emily, who is closely followed by Fat Amy. Beca takes Chloe’s hand and they follow their friends a few paces behind.

December 11th- Sleigh ride!

Here is more Emily! 


Emily sits staring at one of the many Christmas cards in the pile that Scully has already read.  The card is of a snowy forest scene cut through by a Victorian family in a one-horse open sleigh.

“Can we do this?” Emily asks and points to the festive sleigh.

Scully glances at the card before smiling at Emily.

“There’s not enough snow here for that.”

Emily pouts and continues staring at the card. She puts her little stubby finger on the figure of the little girl dressed in red that is riding in the sleigh. The girl doesn’t look much older than Emily and sits between a man and a woman who Emily decides are her parents. Emily is captured by the image and begins to imagine that she is the little girl surrounded on either side by Mulder and Scully.

Scully watches Emily carefully and feels a now familiar pull to make all her dreams come true. She goes to Mulder who is currently in the kitchen making them dinner. He grins brightly at her when he sees her.

“Wanna try the sauce?” He holds out the spoon for her to taste. Mulder looks so domestic wearing an apron in front of the stove and Scully can’t help but smile and try the sauce. It’s surprisingly good; apparently from a recipe that he found in one of her seldom used cookbooks.

Ever since Mulder has started to move into her apartment he’s been doing things like making meals, brownies, and doing various chores. Scully worries that he feels like he needs to prove to her that he belongs there but she appreciates the effort.

She slides her arm around his waist in a casual way that still feels exciting to do.

“Emily wants to go on a sleigh ride.” She tells him and lays her head on his arm.

“That sounds fun.” Mulder says and adds something to the sauce.

“I don’t think they have those around here.”

Mulder looks up like this hadn’t occurred to him.

“Maybe we can do one of those carriage rides around the Mall? I mean they are all decked out for Christmas, there’s a little snow on the ground, and it will still have a sleigh ride like feel to it?”

Scully beams, kisses his cheek, and turns on her heel to go make arrangements.

They bundle Emily up carefully a couple days later. Emily wants to wear what she calls her ‘fancy coat’ that Maggie bought for her for when they go to church. She also asks if she can have a pretty hat and muff.

Scully says no but later that night Mulder asks about it again pausing as he performs cunnilingus and she can’t say no. So Mulder goes out and buys Emily the cute accessories that will go with her coat.

All dressed up Emily looks strikingly close to the little girl on the card and Scully can’t feel irritated. Scully brings along the new camera that her mother had bought for them in the spring and she takes a couple shots of Emily before they leave.

They’d explained to Emily beforehand that it was not exactly like the picture but as soon as Emily sees the horse, with garland on it’s harness and holly in its hair, she doesn’t care.

“What’s her name?” Emily asks after bounding up to the driver who smiles down at kindly at the little girl.

“Candy Cane.” The driver responds and pats the horse.

“Can I pet her?” Emily looks from the driver to Mulder and Scully as she asks.

He nods, “And you can even feed her a carrot if you’d like.”

Emily bounces up and down in excitement to show that she would like.

Mulder lifts her up to the horses head and she pets her gently before the driver hands her a carrot.

“Now watch your fingers.” He says and Mulder keeps a close watch as Emily feeds the horse.

Emily is delighted and Scully takes pictures of the whole interaction. Emily begs the driver to sit up front by him and, after looking to Scully for permission, he tells her she can. First Scully says she wants a picture of the three of them together in the carriage. Emily barely sits still for it and is scrambling up to the driver’s seat as soon as he says he’s got a good photo.

Mulder pulls Scully up against him and puts a blanket over their laps. For the first few minutes of the ride, Scully watches Emily nervously but relaxes after she sees the little girl is not going to fall off.

Emily chats excitedly to the driver the whole time, asking all kinds of questions about the horse and creating a whole horse family for her.

“We’ll have to give him a good tip.” Mulder murmurs against Scully’s temple at one point and she chuckles.

“This was a good idea.” She says to him as they ride past the Lincoln Memorial.

He kisses the top of her head, closes his eyes, and takes in the moment.

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Prompt thing: People's reactions to meeting human!Outsider. (Bonus points for different ships)

A/N: I’m probably not going to get bonus points because I don’t really know what you mean by ‘different ships’.  But other than that, I hope you like it!

(Though to be honest, my guess is that if people recognized him, he would make like that alien in that one vine with the X-files song: try to run away and crash into something.)


“Do you think that the Eyeless have any Serkonan plantains lying around?”

Billie snorted.  “Food wasn’t exactly the first thing on my mind when I was trying not to get speared by Envisioned.  But considering that most of the cultists don’t seem to leave the mountain ever, I’d say your chances are pretty high.”

Seeing him perk up, she added, “But we’re not detouring from getting out of here.  There could still be Envisioned around.”

The Outsider glanced at a pile of snoring cultists that they passed.  “Only Envisioned, I’m guessing?”

“You weren’t watching?”

“I was somewhat preoccupied over what I assumed was my impending death.”

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@langleytimesEmily Simunac, 12, got up close and personal with some of the cast members from Riverdale in Langley. She wanted to meet some of the actors, so her dad, Joe, took her to Fort Langley to watch them film. “She stuck it out and stayed all night,” said her mom, Tamie Simunac. “She got to meet Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa, and they were both so friendly and classy. As were the other people working on the set.

(August 17)

Do or Die - Part One

For the anon who requested sex in a car with Jared. Sorry, I couldn’t make it a one shot.  I had way too much fun with it!  I hope you like it!!!!

Alessandro rushes through the front door throwing a garment bag on the couch. “J, here’s your suit.  Where is she?”

Jared shrugs. “She’s been hiding upstairs all fuckin’ day man.” Jared waives his hand towards the garment bag over his shoulder.  “Is that her dress? Let me see.”

Jared reaches for the bag but Alessandro, slaps at his hand and quickly turns away. “Make yourself presentable. I’ve got a masterpiece to complete,” he orders J as he disappears up the stairs.


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To Me: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Inspiration: Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Always A Woman’

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader, BAU Agent

Setting: Season 7

Rating: Mature        Warning: Unhealthy relationships, Smut, Religion

A/N: This song got stuck in my head and all I could think about was how it fit EMILY to a tee. I own none of the characters/ lyrics / images. Here is my first piece featuring the gorgeous and fierce Agent Prentiss. The reader is a little hopeless guys, I wanted to make her a challenge. I hope you enjoy. xoxo Stu

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she’s always a woman to me 

You and Rossi were talking video games in the conference room on that Tuesday morning. JJ was hovering by the doorway, she had Spencer and Garcia going over ideas for Henry’s birthday party. You were proud of Spencer, being such an active Godfather. Emily was running late, nursing her coffee, her lip stick staining the lid. You inadvertently lick your lips as you notice hers. Finally, Hotch entered the conference room at a hustle, nodding to Garcia.

The bubbly blonde took her usual place by the giant screen. “Alright, we have three dead in the forest of Vermont. Victims are all female, white and brunette, ages are harder to pin-point. The dumpsite was discovered by a leadership retreat; the company that owns the land wants it out of the press as long as possible. No local missing persons match the victims, and the local officials need all the help they can get.” Garcia said without taking a breath.

“Garcia, what do you have on C.O.D.?” Reid inquired.

“Oh, yeah, the icky stuff,” Garcia pouted, “Best guess so far is, they were crushed to death? The M.E. has a lot of work ahead of them, the bodies had been there from 3 months to two days, respectively.”

“What are we talking about here?” Emily pressed, “Boulders? A compacter? An Acme Anvil?” You smiled despite yourself, her humor was dark.

“Nothing is ruled out at this time,” Hodge added.

“It would take approximately 4000 newtons of force to crush a human femur bone. To crush the whole body it would need consistent pressure ranging from 2300 newtons approximately 520 lbs of pressure for the skull to up to 19000 newtons the maximum force human bone can withstand. Obviously death would occur without that much force, but these crime scene photos show overkill. This was not something the unsub could have done alone, he would need help mechanical or otherwise.” Reid shared.

“If he decimates his victims, how is he transporting them to this dumpsite?” You interject. “Wouldn’t that be a mess? He would need a lot of planning.”

“Is the cause of death just a forensic counter-measure?” Rossi noted, “To obscure the identities of the victims? What is he doing with them before then?”

“With Morgan on vacation, we need to be on our toes.” Hotch closed the briefing, “Wheels up in 20, its a quick flight.”

You watched Emily gather her tablet and notes. Her hair a curtain hiding her from complete view. She was graceful, confident and you were still completely in love with her.

The case dragged on, more bodies, more evidence to shift through. You and Garcia had finally pinned down who the victims were; all seven were soccer moms-types missing from different states of New England. So far the unsub hadn’t found a victim in the same state twice. But with the discovery of his dumpsite, he knew the FBI and the BAU were on to him.

Hotch had sent you and Rossi to Maine to speak with the latest victim’s family. It was a terribly long drive for such a small distance to cover. The files in your lap kept calling out to you, but your mind needed external stimulation, even insight.

“Rossi, do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or more of a Casanova?”

“Well, kid, way to hurt a guy while he’s down.” Rossi chided. Rossi had just got back from burying his first wife. “I like to think of myself as a little bit of both.” He seemed thoughtful, “But with the work, Casanova is the only thing I can offer, ya know?”

You nodded, appreciating the honesty.

“Can I ask where this is coming from?” Rossi asked knowingly.

“I am debating on who I want to be.” You admit. “There are needs and there are wants. Sometimes they don’t fit the same person. I NEED to move on, but my heart won’t let me.”

“Y/N, you are a tough one. You can get over her, but you have to make the decision to do so. Stop with the moping, maybe?” Rossi was summarizing, the emotional stuff wasn’t usual what he had to talk with you about.

“Maybe.” You agree, with an embarrassed smirk.

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