close up of blue brush teeth

Okay but after a battle one day, the Avengers all wind up getting snow cones.

Steve gets one third cherry, one third silver fox, and one third blue raspberry because OH MY GOD Tony if it will shut you up then yes, I’ll get one that’s red, white, and blue.

Tony never fails to get cake batter. At first, he tried margarita, but he said it tasted too close to the real thing for comfort while he was recovering.

Thor always gets a mix of wedding cake and cotton candy called “Barbie.” He eats it with zero shame.

Natasha gets blackberry and if anyone asks why, she says that it’s the same color as her heart.

Clint likes jalapeno and is not allowed to breathe near anyone until he brushes his teeth.

Bruce used to get the green tea flavored one, but after some serious ribbing from the team, he tried out tutti frutti. Nothing will ever make him go back.

Wanda tries out a different color every time just so she can stick her tongue out and freak Pietro out.

Pietro doesn’t care what flavor he gets as long as it’s red, pink, or clear. Tongues are not meant to be purple, Wanda!

Happy Birthday, you dork. ❤

(An imagine I wrote for a friend of mine:) enjoy💕)

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. Today is Monday, June 13th. It takes you a moment to realise what this means….it’s his birthday. You glance at the handsome man sleeping next to you, shirtless, his gorgeous blue eyes closed and his face so cute and peaceful that you want to squeal. You smile and kiss his forehead tenderly before putting your slippers on and leaving your king sized bed, slowly , silently and carefully so that you won’t wake him up. His schedule has been hectic due to all the filming for his latest movie…..he deserves some more sleep today.

You head to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face and try to fix your “straight outta my bed” hair. You sigh and go to the kitchen to make breakfast. You decide to make bacon, pancakes and eggs as Chris absolutely loves them. While you’re cooking, the radio is playing one of your favourite songs and you softly hum along with it, without even realising it.

Suddenly, you feel two strong, muscular arms wrap themselves around your waist and a pair of soft lips kiss your neck.
“Good morning, beautiful” says Chris with his sexy, raspy morning voice. You smile and turn around, giggling. “Good morning to you too, birthday boy” you say and you two share a passionate kiss.
“I see you made pancakes, bacon and eggs….” he says, laughing. “You know me too well!” “I do, don’t I?” you say playfully as you place the plates with the food and two cups of coffee on your kitchen table and sit next to Chris.

After breakfast, you glance at the clock. It reads 11.30. “Erm….. Chris?” “Yes, baby girl?” “Hadn’t you planned to go out with Sebastian, Anthony and Robert at 11.45 today?” you say, smirking. “Oh shit, you’re right….” he exclaims. “Language!” “OH COME ON NOW!” You burst into laughter “Okay sorry! It was just a joke!” He smiles “I know….I think I should go get dressed….thank you so much for reminding me sweetie….what would I do without you?” he says and places a soft kiss on your forehead.


After Chris went out, you invited Scarlett and Elizabeth over in order to plan Chris’s surprise party.
“We should totally buy him a Captain America birthday cake….if you don’t do that, i’m not coming to the party!” says Scarlett and both you and Lizzie laugh. “Nahhh….forget it!” you reject her idea. “So, when are they coming?” says Lizzie. “Well….i have informed his family about the surprise party and their flight will be here by 12.30 Chris knows nothing about that of course….Hemsworth promised to  pick them up from the airport by the way. As far as the rest of the guys are concerned, they will find an excuse to leave Chris by himself and they will come here as quickly as possible. In the meantime, i will call Chris and tell him that something happened and that he needs to come back home ASAP.” “Hmm, sounds good!” exclaims Scarlett. You sigh “I just hope it’ll work…..”

(Part 2 is coming ;)💙)

@bbbarneswrites so, you wanted to read some of my writing…there you go! It’s not as good as your imagines though….🙈💙