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Bon appétit (Sebastian x Reader)

Summary: Porn without plot! Everybody’s favourite! | Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: smut, oral sex (f receiving) yumyumyum
Word count: 1428
Edit: fuck this gif????? i hate him


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’’Hey,’’ you cheered as you stepped inside the hair and make-up trailer, the door falling shut behind you, creating a whoosh of air to whirlwind around the small compartment. Even though you were tired you were still excited to come to work every day. Working as a make-up artist on the set of Captain America: Civil War was a big deal; this was your first big break. You knew your boyfriend Sebastian had everything to do with you getting this job, but you were grateful nonetheless and were determined to prove your worth to the Russo brothers.

Stacy, the other make-up artist who you shared the trailer with, smiled at you sweetly as she seemed to be packing up her stuff.

’’You all done for the day?’’ you quipped as you plopped your purse down on a single empty counter next to the sink. You sat down on the couch and looked at your watch; you still had about 10 minutes to get ready. Sebastian was supposed to come so you could fix his hair for his final shoot – the post credit scene in Wakanda.

’’Yeah, been here since 5 a.m. I’m ready to bounce.’’ Stacy closed her make up kit and threw on her jacket before waving you a goodbye and leaving you alone in the trailer, but not for long. You had just gotten up from the couch to get your stuff ready when the door flew open again and in stepped Sebastian.

’’Hey baby. You ready to make me look pretty?’’ he gave you a quick peck on the lips before settling down in the huge and slightly impractical armchair. But hey, everything to make the actors more comfortable.

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Thunder Baby

Can you have a y/n and c/n imagine where he is your friend and there is a big thunderstorm and you get scared and call him and he cuddles with you and plays with your hair, and other fluffy stuff? Then you fall asleep in his arms?? Can it also be long.. Sorry if this is too much!! If not, can you at least do the part where he is cuddling with you and other cute stuff?? Thanks! :))


Could you do one where a guy and a girl have been best friends for a while and he realizes that he’s been looking at the girls he’s been dating for someone like her and he realizes he loves her? Like she’d be emotionally supportive and would put effort into understanding what he likes. Could it be from the perspective of the girl? Thank you so much if you decide to do this

The tv lit your room to a brighter dim as you read the news on the screen. The words, thunderstorm warning flashed across the ten inch screen right into your wide eyes. In the middle of summer, the last thing you expected was a thunderstorm. You stood up quickly, rushing to the closet to find your storm survival kit. Well, it wasn’t per say for survival, more like things to help you get through these horrid nights. You opened the box and checked for your usual needs. Lighter, candle, snacks, batteries, stuffed animal, portable charger, and of course movies for when the power is still in tact.

You closed the kit back up and set it on your bed for instant reach. Your small apartment flickered every once and a while causing your nerves to increase. Thunder clapped again so you covered your ears and shut your eyes tight to hide from the sound. You saw your phone light up in the dark room and read the text as if it was sent from God itself.

c/n texted you the simple words, I’m on my way. You sighed in relief and held yourself together until he got here. 

You laid under your blanket in bed with the music blasting in your ears. It’s wasn’t until you felt a hand on your shoulder when you screamed at the top of your lungs. The blanket was ripped off the bed and (c/n) stood there with eyes wide and hair patted down with water droplets still in tact. You held your hand to your chest and took the earbuds out of your ears, with the music now pouring out the small buds.

“How-how did you get in my apartment?” You ask with a fast beating heart. His frame was so large from where you sat on the bed compared to how high he was above you. He flicked on the lamp but no luck with power and just sighed, pulling out the battery run candles in his bag. He pulled something out of his pocket and you looked at he shiny key glisten then return back to his back pocket.

You remembered the day when you gave him the key as a sign that if you ever needed him you could send a text and he would be right over. He gave you a copy of his own key a week later. That’s how you knew he was your best friend. He placed the bag down beside the bed and took off his shoes and sweatshirt. He stood there in a t-shirt and grey sweats that hung low enough to see his boxers. His shirt was lifted a little to see his stomach that looked so warm.

“Are you going to scoot over or just day dream?” You snapped back and scoot over. He climbed in beside you with his warm chest scraping along your back. You awkwardly scoot over more to give him more room. He scoot closer the more you moved away from him. You were scared he could feel your heart beating out of your chest if he got any closer. When it came down to you beside the wall and him being in the middle he finally threw the blankets back over you guys and he grabbed your waist pulling you closer. “Why are you so far? You didn’t text me over here to just take up all the room".

The thunder rumbled again and your heart beat fast and faster as you could feel it against the walls that the storm moved over your neighborhood. Another strike burst in the sky and this time the rain poured rapidly as you glanced out your window with fear.

“Hey look at me,” (c/n) said. You sniffled and looked into the dark orbs with the candles illuminating his features. “Just distract yourself from what’s out there. Something that makes you happy (y/n)”.

You snuggled deep into his body. Showing him you were okay again as you exhaled into his chest. He pat your hair down and tried running his hands through the tangled mess. You felt his calloused fingers attempting to escape the long hair but failing miserably. You giggled and grabbed his hand, slowly pulling it out, where he places it on your waste. You switched places, running your hands through the damp hair and tugging on it barely. The rain patted on your window, causing a drum like beat to surround you. All was good and then your TV turned back on. You sat up in amazement. A cooking show played and (c/n) sat up looking for the remote.

It was finally found and you got up, rummaging through the drawer of movies until you came across a happy movie to brighten your mood. You quickly put in the disc and climbed back into bed to escape the cold frisk air. Laying back into (c/n)’s arms once again you sighed in some relief that the storm was easing.

You sat quietly embracing the warmth until you felt (c/n)‘a arms graze your side in a playful way. You looked at him with a stern look, only causing him to smirk. He danced his fingers up and down your waist, causing your stomach to churn. Suddenly he applied some pressure to your hip, releasing a sqeal.

“(c/n). You don’t want a black eye tonight”. He laughed at your statement, “that is so adorable”. You rolled your eyes. “Tickling me will seriously hurt this friendship”. He this time grabbed both sides of your waist and pulled you on top of him so your chests touched. His fingers wrapped around and grasped your waist lightly. Your legs lay to the side of his you didn’t lay exactly on top of him. He held you a little closer whispering close to your lips, “I can think of better ways to ruin the friendship”. You looked at him with eyebrows raised. He smirked and put some hair behind your ear, keeping his hand on the back of your neck and slowly leading you closer to him.

Everything happened so fast you didn’t know what to think of it. He looked at you with a small smile and a little bit of cockiness. His eyes suddenly closed and lifted his head from the pillow. Your eyes widened wondering if this was really going to happen. You closed your eyes and waited for what was to happen. So many thoughts crossed your mind while your stomach twisted in knots. You felt his breath sweep your skin and suddenly your lips. Except they weren’t on yours. They grazed your cheek lightly. Your eyes widened and you took a step back from his dreamy eyes. “I thought you were going to kiss me!” You say loudly. Taking your face farther than his to avoid the evident blush.

“Well maybe I was getting to that”. You looked at him with confusion. You now sat up with your legs straddling his. His hair all messy from the pillow. “That’s not how you kiss someone (c/n). You don’t lead with a kiss on the cheek.” You crossed your arms with defense. With hands on your legs, he said, “show me”. Your eyes widened. His head turned to the side a little. Giving you the “well what are you waiting for” kind of look. You didn’t want to show lack of confidence to such a cocky guy like him so you shrugged and leaned down to kiss him. You knew it sent shock through his mind when those lips planted on yours. He kissed back and melted into it, pulling you closer to him. Now you both were positioned very intertwined with your leg in between his and arms wrapped around each other. You pulled away when you needed a breath and blushed immensely, resulting in you hiding in his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around you pulling the blankets over your back so it ended on your neck. The heat surrounded your bodies in a warm sleepy state of mind. You peeked back up at his face and saw him look down at you as soon as you moved. He smiled softly and kissed your forehead. “I really like this” he said graspy “what, us? You like us together?” He nodded and smiled. “I’ve wanted to kiss you a while, I just needed a reason.” You felt the same way but couldn’t put into words how much you wanted to ruin the friendship. You buried your head back into his chest, squishing your cheek on his flat chest. He squeezed you tighter and kissed the top of your head. The rain hit your window hard but the lightning was swept away. The peaceful silence brought you two to sleep in happiness and to hopefully kiss again in the morning.

I’m a piece of shit for taking so long.

Just The Beginning Part 3

Pairings: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 3441

Note: Think i’m going to leave this as the last one, but we’ll see. Feel free to message me, or give me suggestions for stories, not going to 100% guarantee that i’ll do them all, but I just might never know! I apologize now for any errors. Please Enjoy!

You were woken up suddenly when you heard a loud bang. As you came to you realized it must have been a heavy metal door. You went to sit up, but you were stopped by the sleeping archangel, Lucifer. He must have fallen asleep after you did. His wings were twitching as he slept. It was actually kind of cute. He must have been comfortable because he was in the same place he was last night. Feet hung over the arm of the couch, head just under your chest, one hand on his chest holding your hand, the other hand lying along the side of your leg.

“[Y/N]!? Lucifer!?” Upon hearing his name his icy eyes opened lazily. You pulled your hand out of his and shook his shoulder lightly smiling down at him. He got up and stretched, you pulled yourself up and fell back down onto the couch. Your arms and legs were a little shaky, everything else was numb, and cold to the touch. Lucifer saw you fall back onto the couch and smirked at you.

“Price of being close to the Devil.” He walked up to you and rested two cold fingers on your forehead and within a matter of seconds you were warm again and you could move.

“Guess I didn’t notice it before.” You said as you carefully got off the couch once more. You brushed your hands over your legs to fix your pant legs a little.

When you stood to your full height once more you saw the boys slowly fill into the room. First Sam, then Castiel followed closely behind Dean. You frowned wondering where Crowley was, and if he was dead or not. The man scared you, but he was still someone you didn’t wish death upon him, yet. You took a step forward to stand next to Lucifer.

“Hello darling. Miss me?” You jumped as his familiar husky voice spoke into your ear, his breath brushing against the back of your ear. After you had jumped you ran to stand on the other side of Lucifer and glare at Crowley, while holding Lucifer’s arm.

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Kisses - Cancer Crew Preference


“Ian, quit!” you giggle, squirming around on the bed as your boyfriend presses kisses all across your stomach, driving you absolutely insane. It tickles like crazy, and Ian seems to be enjoying himself way too much.

“But you’re so cute when you get like this,” Ian says, smiling up at you softly. You play with his hair absently, smiling back at him. Ian dips his head down, pressing one last kiss to a little spot of skin above your bellybutton, and then he’s crawling up the bed to kiss you properly.

“I love you,” you murmur, talking against Ian’s mouth as he keeps trying to kiss you over and over again.

“I love you too,” Ian says, hugging you closer, and for some reason, you feel like your chest is going to burst.


“Babe,” Joji says, shaking you a little. You acknowledge him with nothing more than a discontent noise, fisting your hands in the fabric of his shirt in an attempt to pull him closer. This has been the god of all naps, and you never want it to end.

“Baby, we really need to get going. Ian and Max are gonna come get us soon.”

But Joji’s not making any serious moves towards getting out of bed, so you figure you can bargain with him on this pretty successfully.

You press sloppy kisses to your boyfriend’s chest, reaching to hold his hand. “Fifteen more minutes, I promise.”

Joji sighs softly, but then you press another wet kiss to the jut of his collarbone, and he caves. “Fifteen minutes, but that’s it.


“I’ll be back in a few weeks,” Max tells you, squeezing your hand reassuringly. You duck your head and look away from him, the sounds of bustling people and scores of cars all around you. It’s dark outside, but the drop-off area of the airport is brightly lit, so much so that you’d think it was the middle of the day. It never ceases to amaze you how strange airports are, even on the outside.

“I know, just… I’m gonna miss you.” You look up at Max again, trying to swallow down the knot in your throat.

“Three weeks,” Max presses, squeezing your hand more intently now. You nod, and he kisses the top of your head, drawing you in for a hug. Curling around Max, you blink silent tears onto his coat and try to revel in this, the last embrace you’re going to have with him for quite some time, but all you get out of it is a cold feeling in your gut. It chills your insides, but your chest is still burning. Trying to hold yourself back from crying is hard work, at least that’s what you’re quickly learning.

“I love you,” Max murmurs into your hair, hands rubbing your back. “I’m gonna call you everyday, I promise. Twice a day if I can, even.”

“I love you too,” you sniffle, pulling away so you can wipe your face. Max leans down and kisses you for a long, long moment, gentle and almost sort of sad.

“Don’t cry, love,” he says, wiping your cheeks with the sleeves of his own coat now. “Just go home and try to get some sleep, yeah? It’s late.”

And it is. Flights to American can never leave the Perth airport at a less ungodly hour, or that’s what it seems like to you.

The two part with one final, hard kiss, one that makes your stomach turn and your heart nearly stop dead in your chest. You drive home by yourself with a heavy heart, eyes bleary and lips burning.


“Honestly, I can’t believe they haven’t killed you yet,” you say to Chad, working intently on bandaging what’s only the latest in a series of injuries he’s received this week. Monday it was a burn on his leg from a filming light, Tuesday it was a knot on his head from falling on the floor, yesterday it was a rash from spray paint that wasn’t safe for contact with delicate human skin… and today, he got a cut on his arm that nearly made your drive him to the hospital for stitches.

“It’s all in good fun,” Chad says, waving away the matter with a gesture and one of his easy-going smiles. You shoot him a look, knowing that he’d say something like that. He always loves it when Ian and George blow into town for filming, even if it means that he ends up looking like Frankenstein by the time it’s all over.

“One day, you’re really gonna get fucked up, and I’m gonna say ‘I told you so.’” You finish wrapping his arm, taping the bandage down as an extra precaution, and start closing up the first aid kit. “I worry about you sometimes. You always volunteer to do the stupidest shit.”

“Aw, babe, come on,” Chad says, smiling and trying to pull you into his arms. You let him, still pouting even though it feel good. “I’m tough,” Chad tells you, smiling softly as he brushes your hair off your face. “I can take whatever those guys throw at me, and besides- doing stupid shit is my passion.”

You roll your eyes, and Chad kisses your forehead.

“But I do have one request,” Chad says, and you look at him evenly.


“Kiss it better?” he asks, holding up his bandaged arm. You roll your eyes again, but this time you’re smiling.

“Sure, Chad,” you say, pressing a soft kiss just beside the end of the wrapping. Chad grins, declaring himself healed, and you can’t help but shove him a little before giving him a proper kiss.


Can you do an imagine where andy meets yn at a meet and greet after a show and then after everyones leaving and the shows over andy sees yn walking down the street from his bus window and she gets mugged and andy goes out and beats up the guy but yn is hurt and its all fluffy cutie stuff? thanks c: LOVE THE BLOG

Y/N’S P.O.V.

Knees shaking and heart racing.

That’s literally my life right now.

The line starts to move forward and my stomach jumps to my throat as it’s my turn now.

It was only Andy, Jake and Jinxx at the table, Ashley and CC were somewhere taking pictures with fans.

I manage to get through taking to Jake and Jinxx without pissing my pants.

So far so good.

I walk up to Andy, my face probably beat red but, who cares?

“Hey there.” He smiles, making me blush.

“Hi.” I squeak, a smile wide enough to break my face.

He chuckles, twirling the sharpie marker in hand like CC does with his drum sticks.

“Anything you’d like me to sign?” He asks sweetly.

I nod, unable to form words as I shyly hold out a copy of the self titled Black Veil Brides album.

It doesn’t feel like butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach like normal people would explain if they see someone attractive.

Their kicking my ass from the inside out.


Skipping down the sidewalk, I grin like an idiot as I clutch the album to my chest tightly.

I fucking got his damn phone number.

Score: 1

I pass by his bus, looking at the window in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone, but they already beat me too it.

Andy was peering out the window, and now looking at me. I smile, waving sweetly at him.

He grins in response before I pass by the bus.

I hear footsteps behind me and I glance back, seeing a burly man covered by a dark hoodie.

I pick up my pace a little bit, bit hearing the man do the same. Scared, a bolt down the walk but he comes chasing after me.

I feel arms around me and we go crashing to the ground. The man straddles me, pinning me down on the ground as he digs in his pocket for something.

He slams the butt of the knife against my temple, making the edge of my vision swim.

It’s wasn’t enough to knock me out, but enough to momentarily paralyze me.

His weight is lifted off me and I roll onto my side, gasping at the sudden rush of airflow.

I hear a struggle going on and I look over, the rocks on the ground cutting into the flesh of my cheek.

Surprisingly, Andy is above the man, holding him by the shirt but managing to keep him down as his fist slams into his face multiple times.

I rub my face, my fingers coming away slick with blood. Turns out when he slammed the knife against my head, he cut into my skin as well.

An arm slides under my legs, another supporting my back as they lift me up.

I tilt my head to see Andy, only his lip a bit busted up from the struggle and a few scratches on his face, but other than that he seemed fine.

Bright lights surround us and I realize we are on his bus. I close my eyes, tilting my head so my face is hiding in his chest so the light doesn’t bother my eyes.

He lays me on the couch and I hear his footsteps walk away, coming back and kneeling besides me.

I open my eyes slightly, looking at him with a concentrated look on his face as he presses something that stings against my wound.

He manages to clean me up and starts to put the stuff away but I grab his hand to stop him.

“No…” I protest, sitting up slightly, “it’s your turn now.”

I grab a clean cloth, dabbing it in disinfectant before looking up again. I bite my lip as I lightly press the scratches, muttering an apology as he scrunched up his nose at the sting.

I make my way to his lip, blushing as I brush over it with the cloth. His intense look does not go unnoticed by me, though.

I look down as I put down the cloth, closing up the first aid kit he brought out.

He tilts my face up by grabbing my chin lightly, looking me in the eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asks me, genuinely concerned.

I nod, “yeah, I’m fine. What about you?”

He smiles slightly as he thinks over his words, “I was more worried about you than myself.”

I blush, biting my lip gently as I look down.

His thumb touches my bottom lip, pulling it out from inbetween my teeth.

He glances down at my lips before looking into my eyes again.

At the same time we lean in, our lips locking together to form a sweet, and gentle kiss.

Let me tell you, that his lips are so… Perfect. That’s the only way to describe it.

I don’t feel butterflies anymore. I feel like someone is lighting off the Fourth of July.

Autumn Leaves
A close-up shot of the fall aspen leaves from Camp Creek.
Nikon D7100, Manual Mode, Nikor 18-55mm VR II, R1C1 Close-up Flash Kit, F/10, ISO-100, ET 1/250, Focal Length 38mm, Hand Held Vibration Control on

full-time and jealous

prompt: If you have time can you write a fic where Killian is the nanny and Emma is the single mom and he falls in love and maybe jealousy from his part but happy ending please?? - anonymous

word count: ~ 2,800

rating: g. 

a/n: yes nanny and jealous killian for the win!

When he first offers his services to be a nanny to certain single mother Emma Swan, he doesn’t intend to fall in love with her.

There is no intention for him to fall in love.

His intentions are fairly pure, to just take care of her ten year old because she sometimes can’t be home with her sporadic perp chasing schedule. Killian is rather impressed that she’s behind throwing bail jumpers into jail.

His schedule is always quite flexible, given he works from home and is his own boss, so whenever Emma needs him, he will always be there to help. Sure, it’s a little weird that he always seems available all times during the days of a week, but it’s easy once explained that he works from home and it’s just himself behind a screen most of the time.

At first, perhaps he seems like a technology nerd, but he is beyond that. He doesn’t let Henry play video games into the late hours of the night or right when he gets home from school. Killian enforces the entire focus on your education thing just as much, ensuring that the lad gets his homework done and doesn’t procrastinate since procrastination never really leads to the best results. It’s just a lesson he teaches her boy, which will hopefully carry on into his later years.

When he finds their fridge relatively empty, he knows he needs to go out grocery shopping, but also can’t leave a ten year old alone when it’s his job to be looking after him.


“Yeah?” he yells back.

“Grab your jacket, we’re going to the supermarket.”

That’s how he finds himself in the supermarket with Emma’s son, strolling through aisles and such, filling up the cart with what’s necessary for every home. And yes, he left a note on the counter for her to see in case she begins to panic that he’s gone off and kidnapped her son to trade illegally or something.

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Stop Getting Hurt || Jisoo || Oneshot

Word Count: 2325

Genre: oneshot, fluff, disgusting fluff 

Request:  AHHH REQUESTS ARE OPEN??!?!!?! A seventeen high school au scenario where Jisoo’s class/student council president and you’re the leader of the girl gang of your school. After a particularly bad (unfair) fight with a girl gang of another school, Jisoo finds you on the ground in an alleyway, barely conscious…

A/N: ewwwww eeeeeewwww. ouughhh. ew. gross. finger-curling –just. oh god. ew. *shudders* ugh

You had skipped school. Again.

Jisoo let out a frustrated grunt as the students filed out of the classroom. He glared at your seat angrily as if doing so would make you appear there on the spot. Okay, he gets it—you were going through a rebellious stage! He understood that. He went through one when he was in elementary school—albeit it was short lived and he didn’t establish an entire gang. But honestly, that didn’t give you an excuse to skip class. Couldn’t you just do whatever you needed to do after school? Isn’t that safer anyway? The authorities won’t get suspicious! Plus, now he had to go through the trouble of finding you tomorrow (if you even bothered to show up) and ask you why you didn’t show up, ask you to write a short essay, and then he’d have to present it to their homeroom teacher. And honestly, he was starting to get fed up with this routine.

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100night  asked:

omg, i would ask u to do ALL the drabbles but that's unfair so for now i will settle for #69 mikayuu thank u very much///

I hope you enjoy this one!! You did choose a good prompt after all lmao

Before Yuu could say anything Mika’s tugging him inside the house with pupils blown wide.

“Why the hell are you bleeding?!”

Mika sounds shocked. He’s flabbergasted, utterly bamboozled. And Yuu felt like an absolute idiot. He knew exactly why he showed up to their door with a gigantic bloody gash on his arm and now of all times he can’t even answer the question.

“Uh.” Yuu starts. Mika’s hauling him into the kitchen and he’s muttering swears and other things under his breath, something along the lines of “where did I put the damn health kit” and his hair is messy, there are bags under his eyes and Yuu didn’t fail to notice the way Mika was avoiding trying to inspect the wound at all costs.

“I don’t know.” He blurted out. Yuu regretted this answer. But he also knew telling the truth meant Mika having his head. So he weaved his way through that and swallowed thickly when Mika retrieved the health kit from the kitchen cabinet, slamming it on the counter. He paused for a moment, freezing to stare at Yuu, squinting in disbelief.

“You-” Mika’s eyes narrowed even further, “You don’t know?”

Yuu scratched the back of his head, silent. What he should’ve said was, actually I do know. I was the one who inflicted this giant cut on myself with Asuramaru because you haven’t fed in weeks. 

This isn’t the first time Yuu’s done anything bizarre. He was panicking, he knew how Mika felt when it came to using his own body for him to feed but he just couldn’t take it any longer.

He realizes Mika’s still staring at him, and Yuu blinked.


“Shut up.” Mika silenced him, pulling out a chair. “I don’t wanna know. Just sit down.”

Mika turns around to grab the first aid kit and Yuu sighs in relief. Guilt washes over him and he shuts his eyes tight, stupid. He tells himself. 

“How is it?”

“It hurts.” Yuu doesn’t hesitate to sputter out. “It hurts a lot.”

“Yes, I can tell.” Mika dabs a cloth on his forearm, and when he applies alcohol and places it on the bleeding gash a second time Yuu swears loudly.


“Hold still. This is why I should’ve told Shinoa you’re not allowed to patrol by yourself.” Mika grumbled, “You come back with this cut and you nearly gave me a heart attack, you can’t keep getting hurt like this, Yuu-chan.” He rubs ointment on it, and Yuu witnesses the softness in his voice and expression.

“You know how hard it is for me.” Mika whispered. He moves over to bandage his warm, and Yuu stopped Mika, gripping his hand tight and letting it hover over his lips - pressing a warm kiss to his knuckles.

“I do.” Yuu mumbled. “And I’m sorry.”

He releases Mika’s hands, and holds his almost wrapped arm in bandages close to his chest.

“Truth is.” Yuu sighed, “I just want you to trust me. I don’t like it when you make yourself suffer like this. I’m willing to help you, I trust you, and I know that you’d never hurt me Mika.”

“Of course I trust you.” Mika argues, and he finishes bandaging Yuu’s arm. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be so reckless and beat yourself up about it.”

“Yeah I do,” Yuu sputtered out a laugh, “If that means I have purposely do this then yeah, call me reckless.”

“I can’t believe you, tell me why I’m not surprised.” Mika rolled his eyes. “Yuu-chan.” He said sternly, and Yuu surrenders.

“I won’t do it again.”


“When have I ever told a lie to you?”

“All the time.”

They share a laugh, though Mika’s is a bit more weak. Yuu unbuttoned the top of his uniform, stretching the collar to the side.

“Are you thirsty?”

He almost smirks at Mika’s surprise, as he’s closing up the first aid kit and placing it back in the kitchen cabinet.

“How did you-” Mika halts, and he muttered something under his breath. 

“It was obvious wasn’t it?”

Yuu grinned, “Kinda.” and he raises an eyebrow- Mika’s own eyebrows crease, and he submits. Because sometimes Mika’s a sucker and Yuu didn’t have a hard time getting his lover into doing what he wants, he’s only asking to confirm his trust after all.

Mika settles onto Yuu’s lap, feeling his radiating body warmth join his on the wooden chair. Yuu’s hand reaches to stroke Mika’s hair, as the other lowered down, mouth coaxing open and fangs revealing just a few centimeters away at the juncture of his neck.

There’s a click of tongue.

“I hate you.” Mika says halfheartedly before sinking his fangs in.

Send me a pairing or a number and I’ll write you a drabble!