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Agents of Shield 4.04

Me: Aw man, Daisy ditched Robbie, and it looks like they will both be doing their own thing. Guess that means there will be no Quakerider interactions this week…

Robbie, bursting in out of nowhere and catching a fiery chain to save Daisy: Bitch you thought!

‘ Pink Gerbera Center ‘   zillions of mini petals around the center of a Gerbera Daisy by Bob Bauer.   This is a directly scanned photograph.  So it is huge in file size.  It is 200 megapixels.  Dealing with these large files is pretty cool, You can go in and in and in and the extreme detail keeps going. (this is ten times the file size of a professional camera).

You can purchase a  fine art archival matted and mounted print of this at:


Leopold Fitz in every episode4x02 ‘Meet the New Boss’
“She’s turned her back on us, Mack! Because something terrible happened, and she didn’t want our help getting through it. Slow down, Turbo. We’ve all been through terrible things. All of us. And we’ve never turned our back.”

Trust Me (Chanyeol Pt.1)

Part 2 | Part 3 

Type: Chanyeol x Reader ; Scenario (Fluff Fluff)

Words: 1348

Summary: Your best friend since childhood Chen invites you camping, leaving out your crush Chanyeol would be coming along. 

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“Why would you not tell me Chen?!” I push him, making it clear I was pissed. He stumbles back a in a fit of laughter.

“I’m sorry okay? He decided to come last minute. It is not my fault you have such a huge crush on him!” He says a bit too loud for my liking. My eyes go wide and I shush him on the spot. What a loud mouth he is.

“Oh go ahead, tell the whole forest about the man I like!” I hiss, hitting him repeatedly on the shoulder. Little shit, he could have messaged me before he got to my house that Chanyeol was coming.

The car ride was so awkward for me. I had to sit on Chanyeol’s lap for the love of cake since there was no more room. It didn’t help that Chen kept looking at me from the corner of his eye with a smirk plastered on it. That just caused my cheeks to turn bright red and Chanyeol kept asking if I was okay.

“Stop it, if anything it will be you who will shout out the truth. I have kept this secret for 2 years! Why would I break it now?” He sasses me as he takes out all of our luggage from the trunk of the car. I make a face at him before leaving to check out the area we decided to stay at.

The campground was beautiful. We were high up in the mountains, away from all the city noise. The trees were tall and thin which happily brought in rays of sunshine through the branches, lighting up various parts of the grassy green ground. The air was fresh and seemed hypnotising with every breath you took. Peace was what consumed this place.

Little yellow and white flowers danced as the light wind blew them. I take out my phone and pull up the camera. I crouch down to the ground and get a close up of the pretty daisies.

“So pretty.” I awe as I quickly capture the small beautiful moment. A pair of big hands then pluck one of the cute little white daisies from the ground.

I look up and see a happy looking Chanyeol, smiling widely. I couldn’t help but let the blush on my face form.

“H-Hi.” I try to say, but my awkwardness of course ruins it. Did I really just stutter? Nice Y/N…nice.

Chanyeol then holds out his hand down to me. What? I stare at his hand confused, causing a chuckle to escape Chan’s lips.

“Come on get up. I want to do something.” He grabs my wrist and pulls me up from the ground. What is he going to do?

Chanyeol lets out a slight cough before signaling me to come closer with his hands. “But why-” I try to ask, but he pulls me to him. I let out a little scream from the sudden situation.

“This is why.” He explains, putting the delicate white flower into the right side of my hair. He takes back his hand a few seconds later examining my face.

“I thought it would, uh, look nice on you. It brings out your eyes…” He softly compliments me. A little streak of rose appears on his cheeks. I press my lips together for a quick second, not knowing what to say. If I try to say anything, I might just make it more awkward on my end.

“Hey Chanyeol! Come help me with this tent, yeah!?” Kyungsoo’s voice calls out for help from the main area we are going to be staying at for the night. Chanyeol turns his head before looking back at me.

“Well I better get going, you should try and see what Chen is up too. He might need some help with the food.” He recommends brightly before leaving to go help Kyungsoo, who seemed to be struggling with just one pole.

Making dinner for everybody with Chen was always something I did when I got the chance. It is one of my favorite things to do with him. His true self seems to come out a tad bit more. Today he seemed even more true.

“You seem happy.” Chen mentions as I turn the raw meat on the grill with ease. I don’t know what he means. What is he talking about? Chen points to the flower in my hair and I instantly knew what he was talking about.I hold my right hand up to my hair and try to hide the grin on my lips.

“I think he likes you.” He says wiggling his eyebrows. Not even!

“Chanyeol, liking me? No. Chen stop it before I start believing you.” I try to laugh off, but it was obvious how stoked I was. I could replay that moment forever.

“Y/N, just keep cooking okay. We don’t need another D.O incident.” He points out and I giggle at the thought of me actually ruining the meat. Everybody would be so mad at me. They would probably sacrifice me as a way to get more meat.

Dinner was all finished and I placed everything on the picnic bench. This was a lot of food for only 4 people. We practically had a buffet of choices. I wasn’t surprised though, when all the boys came to sit down the food seemed to disappear quickly.

“This is so good guys. The meat is delicious!” Chanyeol enthuses while stuffing more of it into his mouth. He is so messy. A little bit of sauce got onto the corner of his mouth and started to laugh. He looks so cute right now. I can barely contain the feels shooting through me.

“Oh Y/N made it. She is quite the cook.” Chen announces to the table and Kyungsoo complements me with his natural kind words. I then see the shocked face Chanyeol had and I looked around. Is there a bear or something?

“You made this! Wow, good job.Can you make this for me next time? Well, if you don’t mind.” Chanyeol gives me a toothy smile and I just nodded in agreement. Is my cooking that good? I barely know what I am doing when I cook half the time.

“Thanks.” I say, letting the favor sink into my heart.

I was done with my food and started looking around the set up a bit. I wonder where my tent is. I mentally count the tents and I nearly died.

“Um, Chen. Where is my tent?” My voice get higher from the worry pumping through my veins. Chen stops eating and looks at the campsite with me.

“Uh oh. I must have forgotten to take it out of the storage.” the food muffles his voice. An instant panic rushes through me. So am I sleeping on the cold ground tonight?!

“I can’t believe you forgot my tent Chen! You had one job!” I scold him and Chanyeol starts laughing at him. I hit Chen on the head and get up from my seat. If I didn’t move myself from the situation, his head will be propped up on a stick to be sacrificed to the tent God.

After I cooled down Chen comes up to me with a guilty smile.

“So, we figured out where you are going to sleep.” He says with his smile becoming more scared. What did this boy do?

“Okay tell me.” I wait patiently for the answer to be given. This has to be bad by the way he is looking at me.

“In Chanyeol’s tent! Yay!” He lamely cheers and my jaw drops to the floor. Is he serious?! Can I just jump into the fire and die?!

“No, no way Chen. You know I will make a fool out of myself!” I argue and Chen puts his hands on my shoulders. Here comes the lame plus to this.

“But guess what, you will have a whole side to yourself! Better than the small back of the car.” He explains and I was now mentally wishing I didn’t agree to this trip. Am I going to regret this?

a/n: I hope you liked this part. I am going to make this a 3 part scenario. Thank you for reading Lovely!

~Jeanne Xx.