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What Are We?

Pairings DeanxReader

Warnings: Implied sex

Summary: Your relationship with Dean is intoxicating and you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Yet when it comes to putting labels on it you can’t seem to find the right words.

You weren’t sure what to call you and Dean. You weren’t even sure what, what the two of you had was. All you knew it was passionate, hot and it consumed your thoughts more than it should have. 

You had with him, what most girls wanted with him. It was no secret that Dean Winchester was attractive, the kind of attractive people didn’t believe was real until they saw him up close. That celebrity, magazine cover guy look that had girls falling over themselves to get with them. Yet you were the one lucky enough to be sitting next to him. 

Every inch of that perfectly carved face, every little detail was stretched into your brain. You knew those candy apple green eyes lit up a certain way when the sunlight caught them. You knew if you were close enough you could see that all too familiar pattern of light freckles that danced their way across the tip of his nose and his flushed cheeks. 

However it was his smile that was the most memorable. The first time you saw those plump lips turn upwards, you knew you were in trouble. It was the same feeling you had now, after all this time. Your stomach would still flip at the sight, you heart beat speeding up. 

It wasn’t just his face that had you captivated. If you were being honest, it was everything about the man. The way he walked, those bow legs that carried him effortlessly. The same ones you could pick out from a crowd with ease. Those callusol hands, worn from years of hunting and gun holding yet still knew exactly how to make you squirm. Those arms, muscular and broad, trained to fight and defend, but yet were so gentle as the wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him.

Sometimes you found yourself wondering why you. Dean could have any woman he wanted, you knew that, he knew that, yet every night it was your bed he crawled into, you name that he moaned over and over again. 

Sometimes, rarely, but occasionally you would find yourself thinking about leaving him, running away and escaping it all. Deep down the self conscious part of you, the scared little girl that you kept well hidden feared that Dean was doing this as some part a sick humourless joke. Maybe it was bet, maybe it was a part of some ridiculous pass time that he used to distract himself from life before something better came along. Who knows? You tried to push them down, forget that you even thought like that in the first place. You knew Dean, he was a good man even if he was a little messed up and you prayed he wouldn’t do that to you.

You could still remember the first time, even the second and the third. If you closed your eyes you could feel him on top of you, his lips ghosting over the skin on your neck, his finger tips digging into your flesh. You could imagine his teeth scrapping against your lower lip, his hips pushing down in between your thighs. You could hear every moan, every groan, the way your name sounded as it fell from his lips, the sounds so beautiful they shouldn’t exist. 

So if anyone ever asked you what you and Dean were, you wouldn’t know how to answer, you wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe it. All you knew was that you never wanted it to stop. 

Saturnalia: What is it?

Around the Winter Solstice every year, the Ancient Romans would celebrate Saturnalia. What is Saturnalia? Well, it’s more like a who. Saturnalia refers to the agricultural god, Saturn. Saturnalia typically begins on December 17th, and lasts about a week. 

During Saturnalia, roles were reversed. Sure, their were still strict boundaries, but slaves were free to be as impertinent as they wanted. For example, the Master will serve the slaves, but the slaves had to prepare the food. Businesses and court proceedings closed up for the entire celebration, and food and drink were everywhere to be had. Elaborate feasts and banquets were held, and it wasn’t unusual to exchange small gifts at these parties. A typical Saturnalia gift might be something like a writing tablet or tool, cups and spoons, clothing items, or food. Citizens decked their halls with boughs of greenery, and even hung small tin ornaments on bushes and trees.

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This was the equivalent to Christmas/Yule for them. Saturnalia was the reason for the season!!

Blessed Be