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I showed up twice in the SWCO Closing Ceremonies reel - which was gorgeous and is here

The first was from the 40th Anniversary panel tribute to Carrie. I was standing on a chair, and every one of those people around me was so wonderful and supportive. The second was from the Rebels panel with @lorna-ka immediately following Filoni’s announcement that the show was going into its final season. 

The past four days have been intense, mad, overwhelming, frustrating and so very wonderful. Thank you to every single person that I met, whether it was holding hands at the 40th anniversary or grabbing a quick photo, the fastest hello or a compliment or hours spent sitting in a queue together, or standing in the middle of the floor when a quick photo turns into an hour long in-depth chat. Thank you to every child who gasped, smiled or waved when they saw Hera walking their way, and to every fellow cosplayer who swapped tips and techniques. Thank you to everyone who adopted me and let me adopt them, and to everyone not here who has been following along on instagram and twitter. Double triple quadruple thanks and love to @lorna-ka . I love Star Wars and I love the incredible community around it, even if I only interact with tiniest little corner of it. 

What a wonderful thing we love, and my gods I am ready to sleep.

I love you all and MTFBWY!

People All Over the World, Start a Love Train!

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@aknightfornawt I can’t actually put down in words how happy you make me. LET’S MARRY, TRAVEL THE WORLD AND DISCUSS THE PENIS LENGTH OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Also, rhubarb vodka.

@theasexualscorpio my first fandom friend!!!! Our messages are full of random shit, graphic sex discussions and ridiculous gifs. Enthusiastically screaming at each other forever and ever amen.

@greengableslover i think you may be the sweetest person I know??? Like, you surprise me with the most wonderful gifts and you’re just so thoughtful and supportive it makes me want to cry. 

Happy 100th Once Upon a Time!!

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