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Happy Birthday to @spiderholland

Sabrina, you’re amazing and I’m so happy we’ve become great friends! I appreciate are talks so much and I wish we lived close to each other so we could watch Spider-Man: Homecoming together! 😭  I hope you have an awesome day celebrating being 20 (you and tom are the same age right now omg)! Love you so much ❤️

You know how sometimes you walk into a cheap discount store, the sort that is a cheap knockoff of Wal-mart in and of itself, and you walk into the toy isle because you’re looking for a fucking Spider-Man action figure, right? And you pick up the box, and it’s Arachnid-Guy, and he looks a helluva lot like Spider-Man, but he’s different. Like the spider emblem on his chest is rounder and he’s got an extra patch of blue on his mask or some shit, and he looks CLOSE, but he’s still not Spider-Man. You know what I’m saying?

That’s what the Free! Eternal Summer dub is like.

A first date with Tommy Holland would include

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  • Him being super nervous
  • Constantly changing the plans you two originally had
  • “Tom, let’s just do something normal like watch movies and have a homemade meal”
  • “But y/n this trampoline park sounds so much better”
  • Ending up going with your idea
  • Him making the meal and you picking out the movies
  • You trying to figure out what he’s making but him not telling you
  • “It’s a surprise, love”
  • You end up picking Spider-Man, Star Wars episode 5 and Deadpool
  • “Interesting choices..”
  • Him finishing the dinner
  • The dinner being pasta
  • Him bringing you your dinner, utensils, drink and napkin
  • Putting Spider- Man into your dvd player
  • Him sitting very close to you
  • Hand holding
  • Cuddling
  • Laughing at that one scene together
  • “GO WEB!”
  • “SHAZAM!”
  • “FLY!”
  • Making out when Peter and MJ kiss
  • Him washing both of your dishes when the movie finishes
  • You helping him
  • Him splashing you
  • “Tom! Really?!”
  • Heated makeout session
  • Detangling yourselves so you can watch Star Wars
  • You both fangirling throughout the whole movie
  • Him having you lay on him
  • Him massaging your thigh
  • Him secretly taking pictures of you
  • “Thomas Stanley, are you taking pictures of me?”
  • “Noooo”
  • “Liar”
  • You both taking cute couple pictures
  • “I like this one”
  • By the time you guys start watching Deadpool you start to get sleepy
  • “Do you want me to go so you can sleep or?”
  • “No, just stay here. Please”
  • “Of course, anything for you love”
  • Falling asleep in his arms

There ain’t intolerance for Gwen, just for the false claims made about her character as based upon flanderized idealizations, inaccurate flashbacks, Emma Stone and Spider-Gwen’s popularity.

As for ‘how much canon is cited’…there isn’t any. MJ and Gwen were friends but if they were one another’s best friend it was by default as opposed to them being all that close. Few hard canon sources actually outright say or show MJ and Gwen being close friends.

The best bet is Spider-Man: Blue which has waaaaaaay too many contradictions of the Silver Age to be considered canon, Sins Past, same deal, and then stories where characters in the present are remembering Gwen in a way which she wasn’t. E.g. ASM #365. ASM #365 outright contradicts Silver Age stories in very difficult to reconcile ways and anything it could conceivably say about MJ and Gwen’s friendship can be more easily explained by just saying you know what MJ and everyone else are wearing nostalgia goggles.

They were friends, but love it or hate it A LOT  more canon makes it clear they were rivals too. So at best they were frenemies.

The idea that they were close doesn’t even make sense when you consider Mary Jane’s whole deal back then was keeping people at arms length. It wasn’t just a rule she applied for men, but for everyone, no one got to get overly close to her. That only changed when Gwen died!