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Can we not compare Dean to John Winchester in the parenting department?

It is true that Dean was being a little shit to Jack, but please it would be close to blasphemy if you say that Dean Winchester is John Winchester who was canonically a shitty parent. Dean, for all intents and purposes is not Jack’s parental figure (at least not yet) and Dean is one of the three best parental figures in the entire show , the other two being Jody and Bobby. Dean was a mother and father to Sam. He practically raised him, cooked for him, looked after him, probably made sure that he had the chance to stay in school because he knew how much Sam loved school and took care of him all his life. Dean was Ben’s dad for an entire year and made such an impression on the child that he tried to get Dean and Lisa back together just so that Dean would come back to him. Dean is the one who shares that special bond with Claire and every other teenage kid they meet. Heck he forms a bond with every other kid they meet in a handful of interactions. On the other hand John Winchester was canonically an old drunk who abandoned his children in shitty motel rooms and forced them to grow up in a hazardous environment. John Winchester was the man who wanted to train his four year old son to become the perfect soldier. He was the son of a bitch who destroyed childhoods.

So don’t you dare say that Dean is John, Dean never was and never will be his biological father. I love Jack, I really do and I screamed profanities at Dean when I watched 13.02 but saying that Dean is John is not just the worst insult but also untrue. Dean’s mistrust towards Jack itself is in fact his parental instinct going on an overdrive and nothing else.

but if cas, in his first appearance, told dean that good things do happen. and if he told dean not to be too hard on himself for being unable to prevent what happened to his mother. and if he took sam’s hand into both of his own when they first met and told sam that he was honored to meet him too and that he was glad sam had ceased his extracurricular activities, because if sam hadn’t, then he’d be forced to kill him by heaven, which, given his comment, is obvs something he didn’t want to do. and if cas told uriel that he shouldn’t refer to humans as mud monkeys and told him that he was close to blasphemy. and if cas told dean that he was praying that he’d save the town and that humans are “works of art.” and if cas told dean that he’d give anything not to have him torture again. and if even when cas was helping to start the apocalypse (because he’d been been tortured back into obedience by heaven after trying to prevent it), his motivation was at least it’ll bring about paradise for everyone…

in what fucking universe was cas not compassionate in s4. in what fucking universe did he not care about people.

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Why is Dean in a henley so important? Why is he “nakee-Dean”?

Welcome to my “spn fashion hour pffft” tag, where we take on such life-sustainingly urgent questions as “but what size are their shoes?” and “what’s with that one purple dog shirt.”

Dean doesn’t wear a henley as often as he does his t-shirts, but when he does he’s more likely to wear JUST the henley, instead of leaving 37 other layers atop it:

Originally posted by deanjackles

Like this. (from 8.14)

Plus, I had an anon who specifically asked when the last time Dean wore a henley was before 13.02 (where he wore a henley for the first time in AGES. The most recent we’ve found before this was in 10.17). I do try to answer anons when I can. That’s why we were discussing it in the first place.

Also, what the guys wear on the show is actually very carefully thought out by the wardrobe department. If you pay attention to every time you see the same shirt on one of these guys, you’ll notice they’re in similar circumstances or dealing with similarly themed issues. Like watch s10, and you’ll notice that the further Dean succumbs to the MoC again, the darker his t-shirt gets until it’s just black all the time. So it’s interest to track his henleys not only because they look adorable on him, but because he DOES wear them as a single-layer, and when he’s sleeping. He’s comfortable here. Heck, the gif I picked is that scene where he was “nesting” and made burgers for him and Sam.

The “nakee” thing is a joke. Loooong ago (like 4.03 long ago…), there was a behind-the-scenes photo of Jensen and Misha standing by a stone statue thingy without any of their coats on. Fandom flipped out because they were “practically naked!” and folks were under the mistaken impression that they were going to be dressed like that in the show. And of course, it was just behind-the-scenes and not an actual clip of the show (similar to how folks were freaking out even THIS season because Jared was wearing something weird (something about his sleeves?) that we’ll probably never see on the show… because he probably put his jacket on before they rolled… It gets warm wearing all those layers for hours and hours while filming, so they logically remove their coats while they’re standing around waiting.

Anyhoodle, that’s the origin of the “boys in just their shirtsleeves = nakee” thing. It a bit of a laugh, Not anything serious. Just basically making fun.

I mean, this is a fandom where we routinely make jokes about how many layers these guys wear, that you pull off one flannel and another magically appears beneath it. That the only reason they’re not dead yet is the hundreds of layers of plaid protecting them. I mean, we take our fashion fun where we can get it, and after 13 years some of us have officially cracked, so… :P

Most of my supernatural fashion hour tag is just for fun. Like the whole Detective Mittens Saga at the very beginning of the tag. It amuses us. That’s all.

(eta: some links to the aforementioned nakee pics:

from 4.03

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It's so sad I want to love Robert the way I used to but I just can't stand him right now. How do you state positive when he does shit like tonight? I love your blog by the way

Hi Anon! Thank you for your kind words!

Oh boy. Okay. At first I wanted to answer with some variation of “he makes me laugh, it’s not that deep” but, uhm, I feel like that probably wouldn’t help you that much. So, Anon, just for you, I’m gonna go deeper that I have ever publicly gone on this blog. For you, babe.

This would ordinarily be under a cut, but, you know, mobile blogging. So just skip it if you’re not in the mood for a bajillion words of completely #off brand Robert meta. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Okay so. I think, the main reason why I can enjoy Robert at every turn is that, to me, Robert always read as an anti-villain. Like. I’m putting Robert in the same category as the truest love of my life Magneto here js, which is pretty much as close to blasphemy as you can get, but anyways. And the reason why Robert to me is an anti villain instead of being a straight up one is the depth of feeling he’s allowed to have on screen.

Like. I read Robert’s baseline as being a huge fucking dick, everything else is a bonus. And I, as a viewer, I find that endlessly fascinating. I enjoy watching Robert rationalize (or try to) all the horrible shit he does because he thinks he has the right reasons or because he thinks he’s owed something. Because like, narratively speaking, it’s easy to dismiss everything a straight up villain does because the narrative won’t allow you to identify with them. With an anti villain like Robert, it’s easier to identify. I mean, look at so many of the bi people in the fandom (me included) who identify with him because of that alone! And I think that’s important because it forces you to examine the kind of shit you rationalize because you internally allow yourself to. How many indignities, big and small, do we perpetrate or watch others perpetrate because of the way we were raised or because of the society we live in? And like. Not to be fake deep, but seeing that in fiction, as simplistically as it can be represented in a soap opera, is endlessly fascinating.

But back on topic! Why should you like Robert? Good news is, you don’t have to! Seriously, if you hate him, find joy in hating the shit out of him, Anon! FIND YOUR JOY IN FANDOM LIFE AND PURSUE IT. That said, if you wanna know why *I* enjoy him, it’s because, as I said, I delight in the complexities, dichotomies, and idiosyncrasies of his character. I like that he can be careless and cruel but also loving and attentive. I find it so fascinating that he can love Aaron SO MUCH and still willingly hurt him in so many ways. I love that he can clearly step up and be a good person when he needs to be, but that it’s such hard work for him. I love that he clearly suffered a lot to get to a place where he’s semi-comfortable with his sexuality and still be a dick about others’. And like. I get it if that’s not for you! I wouldn’t expect it to be for everyone! And that’s fine!

I just. I see a lot of people being like “oh this thing Robert did feels so ooc” with both the bad and the good. And like. I don’t…….really……….agree with either side. I think characters, like people, can contain different sides and shades to them. Robert even more so than others. I don’t feel like I need to justify or defend either position simply because they can coexist.

Also, he makes me laugh.

Caught this in a WaPo article - I just want to talk for a minute about how insidious and poisonous this entire thing is, from a Christian perspective but also a societal perspective. It speaks to a huge problem in Christianity as a whole, but perhaps particularly evangelical Christianity as it manifests in the central US. This demonstrates a really bad strain of theology that really only serves to benefit the wealthy and powerful - but it is dressed up in language that the poor and oppressed, as well as every day people, can get behind.

Notice that these people are apparently willing to forgive Trump’s misgivings because, as it is worded here, they “converted from lives that were even more unprincipled than the life Trump led.” Trump has had divorces and uses foul language, and those are “sins” - but why should he be condemned for those “sins,” when everybody commits those? Those are both extremely common “sins.” And we are all saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ exclusively, so condemning him for those “sins” is wrong. This seems to be the line of thinking, but it willfully ignores power dynamics - as well as more general conceptions of what “sin” even is.

In my view, we should really be talking about “sin” as a singular thing, referring to the fallen nature of humanity compared to our potential. We are all living in sin, because we are all living in a world nothing like the Kingdom of God as described by Jesus. Nothing that exists in our capitalist world filled with commodity fetishism and dehumanization resembles anything like the Kingdom of God, and so day in and day out, we experience sin. We also, both willingly and unwillingly, participate in and perpetuate that system, which could be called committing “sin.” But none of the sins described above, like divorce or foul language, actually do anything to perpetuate the sinful nature of the world we live in, at least to any significant degree. Divorce can be painful and horrible, especially when kids are involved, and it can occasionally lead to acts of individual aggression, greed, and selfishness. But it isn’t “sin,” in the grand sense, in the same way that “being the president of an aggressive empire and killing innocent people abroad in the service of that empire” is, but this conception of “sins” as a collection of individual wrongdoings attempts to equalize it all.

It also preys on the guilt of those who are least guilty for the state of the world, by elevating their “sins” to the weight of the giants actually killing all of us. Everybody feels guilty after a divorce, or after they said something they really shouldn’t have said to a loved one. People should feel guilty for those things, to a certain degree, and reconciliation and redemption should be sought for in those instances. Repentance is a beautiful thing. But those wrongdoings are infinitesimally small compared to the ravage being wreaked by those holding power over us, and “sin,” in the grand sense, really should only be used when talking about the state of the world that they are actively creating and holding us hostage to.

You can see this approach pretty readily in the Gospels - Jesus goes out of his way to never condemn or even really correct those who committed small “sins,” or acts of social wrongdoing, during his time. Jesus elevated drunks and prostitutes to the throngs of his discipleship, and he never once preaches harshly at them or calls them the problem. Jesus saves his harsh words for those in power - for the wealthy who prey on the poor, for the religious leaders who take advantage of the pious, for the imperial system - and that’s an essential part of the Gospel message. Jesus came, not just to “wash away our sins,” but to wash away “sin,” the state of the world, to make the whole thing new. He proclaimed release to the captives and justice to the poor. Salvation is not just forgiveness for our individual acts of wrongdoing, but a whole remaking of the entirety of humanity - a “new heaven, and a new earth.”

But that message, the real Gospel message, is really revolutionary and can’t possibly sit well with those in power. So instead of actually preaching the Gospel, these people talk about “sins,” individual acts of wrongdoing, and pretend like that is the entire message. “Come, one and all, repent of your ‘sins,’ all of those things you feel guilty about, and we will cleanse you. Humble yourselves before God, and maybe you can make it into God’s kingdom after you die.” That seems to be the entire talking point - but it’s just wrong. As Mary said, Jesus came to “throw the mighty from their seat, and to LIFT UP the lowly.” Power dynamics are an essential part of the entire Gospel message - they may be the most essential part - and ignoring them is getting dangerously close to blasphemy.  And it really only serves to keep in power those who are already in power, killing us all with their commitment to the anti-Christ.

The media only plays into this narrative by focusing on Trumps’ stupid tweets, or his “foul language,” or his misgivings. Those are simply not important as the work of justice rolls on. And people who have been poisoned in this well of bad theology are just going to keep ignoring them.

Winter Carnival


“Absolutely not.”

Bella’s brows drew together as she wheeled around to where the voices had come from. Butch and Vishous both stood in front of the library door, their legs encased in leathers were braced apart, their muscles bulging against the black shirts they wore as they stood with their arms crossed. The only difference between them was V was wearing a Red Sox hat.

Bella put her hands on her slender hips and glared at the brothers. She was casually dressed in a dark green cotton short sleeved blouse along with blue jeans and bare feet.

“Excuse me. Last time I checked you were not Nalla’s parents.” Bella said as she pointed at the two hard ass vampires.

“She’s our niece, enough said.” Butch said with a note of finality.

V nodded his head in agreement. “True? True.”

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Enjoltaire Week 2016 - Day 3 : Greek Myth

The child was looking ever more intently at the small drawing that was taking form on the discarded piece of paper, and Grantaire smiled without even lifting his eyes from his work.

- What do you see that pleases you, little one? It’s nothing more than a scribble.

- They look so happy.

Small fingers brushed over the figures, intently and yet without malice, and the child spoke up again.

- Who are they?

- It depends. Sometimes they all look alike. That is what comes of being utterly consumed by them. But for now…

Another smile and the pen continued to scratch a golden likeness; ,the child wouldn’t understand, but it wouldn’t matter anyway.

- For now, they are Alexander and Hephaestion at the desert shrine of Siwah, awaiting the word that will send them both on the journey of their lives, a journey that would change the face of the world and see them remembered as heroes.

- Heroes? What did they do?

- Ah, the epic failings of this generation. Should I tell you their story?

The child didn’t say anything and simply sat on Grantaire’s lap, eyes shining. For all his faults, everyone agreed that the drunk in the corner span the most wondrous stories.

- Yes, tell me! I want to know everything!

- There I shall lack, for we cannot know everything. Who knows what glimmered inside Alexander’s mind in the small hours of the morning? But this is known : they were inseparable, on battlefield and in friendship. No bond was stronger than theirs, and such love… Ah, gamin, how can I speak of their love? No two hearts could ever have grown so close, it is nearly blasphemy to imagine otherwise.

His pen scratched faster, the shading becoming erratic, a slight nod to what was going on inside his own mind.

- They were beings of beauty, these young gods. Shining and perfect in their youth and glory. And Alexander, beautiful, dangerous Alexander, he wanted to reach out and touch the edges of the world. He wanted to change the way everything stood, he wanted glory and freedom and everything that went with it. And even when everything seemed impossible, he made it so simple that the men followed him wherever he went, hanging on every word, believing that as long as the son of Zeus went, victory would follow.

- Were they wrong?

The simple question drew a bitter sigh. Of course they had been wrong, young shining gods who saw nothing but their faraway dreams of freedom. They was been all so wrong…

- Alexander was wrong. But they followed, his words glowing in their breasts and dancing on their tongues. And where Alexander was, so was his shadow. Where Alexander led, Hephaestion followed. Their souls so entwined, one could not exist without the other. Like the sun and the moon, the sky and stars.

- You really like their story, don’t you?

- No, I find it heart-breaking. So many people should not put their faith in a single man and follow when they must surely know that not one will be happy. None of those heroes were. Cleitus was killed at the hands of his king. Perdiccas executed as a traitor.  And Hephaestion… He alone stood with Alexander to the end, but his own end came by treachery and deceit, poison or simple bad luck.

Grantaire poured another goblet of wine and sighed.

- Alexander mourned him for days. He spent days without eating, drinking or sleeping, as the story goes. But did that bring back his love? No. And three months later, Alexander himself died, and nothing in the world changed for it. So tell me, if even gods can die and be forgotten, then what chance do us mere mortals have?

But the child had disappeared, and soon a shadow fell across the small table ; Grantaire closed his eyes and raised his glass in mocking salute.

- I speak of gods, and here is Apollo himself come to chastise me for my hubris.
- I chastise nothing if not your unreasonable habit. For once, can you not refrain from the bottle?

- No, I cannot. For when I gaze upon those young gods you have surrounded yourself with, who look upon your countenance and your holy divinity, I fear for them all. You will kill us all, Enjolras. Like Alexander, your desire for freedom and choice and liberty will take us all. And I, like the poorest of substitutes for a rejected Hephaestion, I cannot tear myself away from you. So let the wine flow and with it my worries. At least it numbs the pain. What else could be so intoxicating?

The only answer Enjolras could find was a hesitant hand against his friend’s shoulder before walking slowly away. He knew Grantaire would be looking at him leave, and yet meeting those beautiful green eyes was too much to bear this time.


The Losers - Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Words: ~ 5 900

Rating/Warnings: T / Canon-Typical Violence

Notes: As much as I love the whole idea that Jensen and Cougar have a connection at first sight I think that depending on the circumstances Cougar wouldn’t appreciate it. Because, let’s face it, in a real combat situation Jensen would seem like cannon fodder at best and a liability to the team’s safety at worst. But I also think that Jensen is badass and deserves to be recognised as such. So today I took a couple of hours to write a little something about that. It flowed surprisingly easy and I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy. Betaed by Wayofthewarrior and z-delenda-est and can now be found on AO3 too!

Cougar'sfirst impression of one Jacob Jensen was decidedly unflattering. Maybe it was because their last three tech guys had all been inexperienced, skittish disasters in the field, or maybe it was the bright smile and incessant talking. Either way, Jacob Jensen made Cougar want to cringe in distaste. The techie’s cheerfulness had to be a pathetic front to cover up whatever insecurities he was hiding — poorly executed at that — because no one could possibly be that cheerful without pulling something.

Clay endured it, if only because he was the one who had filed a request for a new communications expert, and couldn’t very well send Sergeant Jensen back with an attached sticky note explaining that the one he had gotten was clearly defective. Roque might think so, but Clay insisted that that was not proper procedure when it came to these things. He also forbade Roque from finding alternative solutions — especially of the morbidly creative kind — to curb their temporary techie’s enthusiasm. His expertise, however relative it seemed to be at this point, was needed for the mission. And cutting off fingers was highly counterproductive.

Clay pointedly ignored Roque’s offer to take Jensen’s tongue instead of his fingers.

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