close the windows god


花樣年華 PT.1 - TRACK 8: 이사 (MOVE)

As much as this place was small, we were bound together tightly
Thank you to the 3rd floor in Nonhyeon-dong
Goodbye to this place we’ve become fond of
Let’s move together
To a higher place


I’m sure everybody loved Lana at the con everybody besides her bodyguards..they probably spent most of the time with running after her and screaming…

Lana get the hell down from that car!!!

Lana don’t jump into the crowd!!

Lana I said no crowd jumping you are a shrimp we never gonna find you again

Lana you sit in cars and close the windows for god’s sake

Lana what the hell Lana hey Lana don’t you dare

Damn it woman

“You know what they say: whenever God closes a door, he opens a window.”

“Well that’s really unhelpful advice for a submariner now, isn’t it.”

  💊    sometimes when god closes a door, he opens a window — but sometimes he also closes that window… wolfram stated, eyes narrowing in serious contemplation. it serves as a stark contract to the words themselves, nonsensical and ridiculous, but spoken like truth, like they aren’t just the conviction of a vampire who’s lost touch with reality long ago. that’s what it’s like to be a vampire.


All For One | Episode 26 | “The Connie Conundrum” aka “All hands on deck”

There’s a Portuguese saying that translates (very roughly) to “When God closes a door, it opens a window”. 

I sure hope the gods (aka writers) like to open windows because every time this ship starts sailing I swear I can see an iceberg in the distance.

Your capitalizations a ruthlessness of power
You told me once that when God closes doors
He opens windows; so we have somewhere
To jump out of, I said, but you didn’t laugh
And years have changed us but you still wouldn’t
My laughter long stillborn I am still burning questions
Demanding to know why your God would close doors
At all and you comment about tests with bitterness
I don’t think you hear and I am closed
To new openings afraid of a reality of new pain