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Amandla Stenberg Is a Voice for the Future
Neo-feminist, biracial, post-gender . . . eighteen-year-old actress and commentator Amandla Stenberg is an inspired, eloquent voice for the future.

“I don’t think gender even exists.” It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, and the eighteen-year-old actor Amandla Stenberg is sitting under a flowering tree in the backyard of her rented bungalow in West L.A., very much living up to her reputation as the wokest teenager alive. “My sexuality’s very fluid and my gender is very fluid,” says Stenberg, who is petite and cherubic at five feet three, dressed in black denim overalls and a purple-and-white thrift-store shirt, her hair cropped short for her latest movie. “I don’t think of myself as statically a girl.”

Stenberg was already known for playing Rue in 2012’s The Hunger Games when, two years ago, a video she made for a high school class went viral online. Titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” it’s a romping Internet mash-up in which Stenberg delivers a thesis worthy of an American-studies dissertation in four and a half minutes flat: The adoption of the hairstyle by non-black pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry is part of a larger appropriation of black culture that divorces its aesthetics from the struggle that produced them. Narrating on-camera with the confidence of a trial lawyer, Stenberg closes her case with a pointed question: “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

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Niobe: She Is Life by Amandla Steberg and Sebastian A. Jones

Voice Actor Needed!

Hey everyone! Dear Children is currently undergoing some renovations, including updates to our character’s voices lines. So, long story short we need a voice actor for Isaac here!

About the character:  A bit of a lone wolf, Issac tends to keep to themselves and does not have many close friends. Isaac is incredibly intelligent and loves tinkering with contraptions and engaging in theoretical science. Despite an outwardly haughty attitude, Isaac is still a teenager and tends to have an affinity for blatantly false gossip. After school, Isaac works at the local 7/11 variant and competes in (and usually wins) various science fairs held in the state.

Additional Info: Issac was born in North America, and only speaks English. They are okay with he/him, she/her, but prefer they/them pronouns. Issac is genderfluid, and we would prefer to have a voice actor who identifies along similar lines, although mic quality is the most important factor for us. If you are a great actor but have a mediocre mic we will not be able to accept you at this time. We’re sorry, but that’s just how it has to be. Especially since this will be a paid role. We will discuss that after we have cast a voice.

If you’re interested, try the lines below and send them to We will respond to you promptly.

Sample Lines:
-(Irritated) “No, there’s an alarmingly small number of cool people here. So few cool people this place is practically sweltering.”
- “(Sarcastic) “Oh, great. I always wanted another person I could awkwardly not talk to.” 
-(Joking)  “Are you sure you want to get me talking science? That’s a very long road to go down. We’re talking some route 66 shit here.“ 

Thank you so much for reading! If you aren’t planing on auditioning, signal boosts are very much appreciated! Have a nice day!

USA. Ohio. Kent. May 4, 1970. Mary Ann Vecchio, a 14 year-old student, kneels beside Jeffrey Milley who’d been shot by the National Guard. Though the photo that first circulated turned out to be manipulated, this is the original, un-doctored version. This picture won the Pulitzer Prize.

The Kent State shootings occurred at Kent State University and involved the shooting of college students by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. National Guardsmen fired into a group of unarmed students, killing four and wounded another nine—some marching against the Vietnam War and American invasion of Cambodia, some walking by or observing the protest from a distance. 

Guardsmen had on the previous day used tear gas to disperse protesters and, by May 4th, rallies were banned and classes resumed. But 2,000 people gathered in what quickly turned into confrontation. Tear gas and bayonets were met with rocks and verbal taunts, which were met with more than 60 rounds of gunfire. In 1974, all charges were dropped against eight of the Guardsmen involved. There were 28 guards who admitted to firing on top of the hill, 25 of these guards fired 55 rounds into the air and into the ground, 2 of the guards fired .45cal pistol shots, 2 into the crowd, and 3 into the air, one guard fired birdshot into the air. The guardsmen fired 61 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

There was a significant national response to the shootings: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed throughout the United States due to a student strike of four million students, and the event further affected public opinion—at an already socially contentious time—over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War.

Photograph: John Filo/Getty

Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps

this wasn’t requested this was my own idea and i hope you like it there will be a part two and I’m super excited to write it!!!

part 2

requests are open:)) i now take tom/peter chris/steve and seb/bucky requests

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“harry this summer is gonna be amazing” i smiled as we walked with locked arms down the busy streets of london. there was only a month of school left which meant the end of the year peprally and a school dance. i could tell he looked over at me and just smiled.

“what?” i asked. i looked over at him and he just shook his head but his body was vibrating with laughter.

“harry! tell me what” i stomped my foot like a child, this gained the attention of a few pedestrians walking near us. this just made harry’s laugh louder and made my cheeks flush with red due to the embarrassment.

“well i mean if you really wanna know” he looked over at me with a mischievous glint in his sparkling brown eyes.

“you gotta beat me in a race back home” he rushed out as he began sprinting. i let out a loud laugh and began running quick after him. harry’s house was probably five or so minutes away walking so this shouldn’t take long. yeah sure he longer legs then me but i was the star sprinter on my track team.

i moved my little legs as fast as they could possibly go, passing harry i could hear him let out a groan as i took the lead and i just let out a loud bark of laughter knowing i won.

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What if Michelle is the one who keeps stealing Peter’s backpacks in the alley? I mean who wants to steal a backpack with all of his personal school papers and supplies FIVE TIMES? Michelle obviously knows what Peter’s backpacks look like (yes all five because she’s very observant) and since she has a hunch and quite possibly knows that he is Spider-Man, she follows close behind him after school and then once he’s changed into his suit and swung out of the alley Michelle snatches his backpack for evidence to prove that Peter is Spider-Man

Things We Don’t Mean

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader is Tony’s sister but Avengers have no idea and one day while Tony took Pepper to Paris for a weekend, the reader was on the mission and got hurt. She’s in love with Steve but he was mat at her for taking a stupid risk and says something that Peggy wouldn’t do this and the reader realises that Steve would never love her (but he;s in love with her too) so she doesn’t want to see anyone and doesn’t want to scary her brother, but the next day FRIDAY calls Tony and he and Steve have argument

A/N: Ahhhhh sorry I’m so terrible at writing consistently.  I just finished with school for the year though, so that should free up sometime.  I’m actually at the airport right now, heading overseas, so I don’t know what type of wifi access I’ll have or what type of time I’ll be able to use to write, but I will definitely write more when I get back (famous last words).  Depending on how productive I can be in these next few hours of my layover, I might be able to queue up some fics for upcoming weeks…?  Anyway, hope y’all like this one.

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The bullet wound doesn’t hurt.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When you shift or when you try to breathe or when you’re sitting still, the pain shoots through your chest like splinters of glass.

What hurts more is the pointed silence that hangs in the air between you and Steve.

The captain in question is perched gingerly on the chair next to your stretcher, staring straight ahead.  His eyes, normally a soft blue, are hard and flinty.  His jaw is locked, his body radiating tension.

Natasha walks into the med bay, her eyes softening when she sees you.  She walks over, gingerly peeling back the layers of bandages to replace them.

“You’re losing a lot of blood,” she says quietly.

“I’ll be fine,” you reply.  “Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  How much longer?”

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(Tae runs into a woman from the past and finds himself willing to do whatever she asks.)

Warning: smut, male sub, female dom, masturbation, dirty talk, public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism

Something about you seemed oddly familiar to Tae, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  

When Jin asked Tae and Jimin to go out with him and his girlfriend, Youngsook, he had originally refused.  Jin and Youngsook were embarrassingly affectionate and Tae had no interest in being forced to watch them act all lovey-dovey in public.  However, when Jin said that Youngsook was bringing two of her female coworkers with her, he quickly agreed.

When all three men arrived at the bar, Youngsook was already there sitting in a large round booth with her friends.  As these things typically go, everyone was paired off with a partner of their own. Jin and Youngsook sat in the middle of the booth.  Tae sat next to a girl named Miri and Jimin sat next to you.  Tae was happy with his pairing – Miri seemed like the kind of girl anyone would like to date.  As the evening wore on, the contrast between you and Miri became increasingly evident. Miri was cute while you were sexy. Miri laughed while you smirked. Miri was open while you were mysterious. Miri was friendly while you seemed slightly dangerous.

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Mexico earthquake kills at least 32 and sparks mass evacuations
Buildings collapse and power cut for a million people as magnitude 8.1 quake made houses ‘move like chewing gum’
By David Agren

Sam Jones, David Agren, and news agencies at The Guardian

The strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in a century has left at least 32 people dead, toppling houses, damaging hospitals and government offices and sparking mass evacuations.

The magnitude 8.1 quake struck off the country’s southern Pacific coast, 100 miles (165km) west of the state of Chiapas just before midnight on Thursday local time.

The governor of Oaxaca said that at least 23 people were killed in his coastal state. Civil defence officials said at least seven died in Chiapas and two others in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco.

Manuel Velasco, the governor of Chiapas, said three people had been killed in the San Cristóbal de las Casas municipality, including two women who died when a house and a wall collapsed.

He called on people living near the coast to leave their houses as a protective measure.

“There is damage to hospitals that have lost energy,” he said. “Homes, schools and hospitals have been damaged.”

The Tabasco governor, Arturo Núñez, said the two dead in his state were children. One died after a wall collapsed and the other, a baby, died in a children’s hospital after a power cut stopped electricity to its ventilator.

On Friday morning, Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, tweeted: “Sadly, there are reports that people have died. My deepest condolences to their families.”

The president said at least a million people had been left without electricity after the quake, but power had since been restored to 800,000 of them. He urged people to be vigilant and to check gas supplies as well as walls and columns.

The US Geological Survey recorded at least 20 aftershocks of magnitude 4.0 or greater within about five hours after the main shake, and the president warned that a major aftershock as large as magnitude 7.2 could occur.

In a series of tweets, Peña Nieto said schools would be closed for the day in Mexico City, the state of Mexico, Chiapas, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Guerrero, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Puebla and Tlaxcala. He said the suspension of classes would allow experts to determine the damage to schools.


Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo is a creative powerhouse who wields extraordinary draftsmanship. Whether it is on the screen or in her sketchbook, her work is as professional as it is warm.

“Once I got accepted to Gobelins, I got very torn up because all of a sudden I realized I’d have to leave all the friends I’d made in Savannah and for a hot second I wanted to turn down my spot. But my friends gave me a pretty much unanimous ‘ARE YOU AN IDIOT?’ so I went.”

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The Fair: A Sebastian Stan One Shot

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Plot: Actors can be real jerks. That’s something you’ve learned in your years as an on set costume designer. They complain about the fabric, move when you kindly ask them not to, and tend to ignore you all together. Then Marvel hired you to work on the set of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Here, everyone is so close, cast and crew alike. It can feel like high school all over again with Chris and Sebastian running around making trouble, the fun kind of drama always in play, and of course, the stupid little crushes. Mainly Chris teasing Sebastian relentlessly about his crush on you. There have always been rumors about you and Seb. But that’s all they are. Rumors…right?

Warnings: none really, bit of language in the end

Characters: Sebby, Chris


“What’s wrong now?” you laugh as you crash through the door of Sebastian’s trailer for the fifth…no, sixth time today, “First there’s some emergency with your metal arm, then the jacket doesn’t feel right, so what could it possibly be now?” 

He sits, slumped against his couch, head thrown back as he stares at the ceiling. “I’m bored” he groans, stretching out the words. 

You want to be annoyed. You really do, giving it your absolute best shot. But you can’t. Because he’s Seb. Cute Seb, who never fails to say good morning and bring you a breakfast snack because he knows you’re always too busy to remember to eat. Seb who blushes when Chris teases him about how much time he spends in the costume room talking to you. Seb who can text you six times to please come to his trailer, and you’ll come every time. 

“What am I supposed to do about that?” you sigh, letting the door shut behind you as you stand, arms folded across your chest. 

“I don’t know…we could ditch this place and go see a movie. Or go to the fair. I passed one on my way here. It had rides and fried food and all that stuff. I haven’t been to a fair in years. It’d be so fun!” he says in a rush of words and, suddenly very excited, he jolts to his feet and makes his way towards you. 

“I don’t think so” you smile, putting your hand on his chest before he can reach for the door handle, “You’ve got a scene to shoot in like, ten minutes”

“We’ll be back before they even notice we’re gone” he pleads, taking your hand from his chest and closing it in his, squeezing it gently. 

You look at him, your gaze flicking to his hands holding yours, then back up at him. There’s a tightness in your chest as his eyes soften, a fleeting smile crossing his lips. Why is hard to breathe all of a sudden? Why’s it so hot in here? Why does it feel like there are a million butterflies in your stomach? 

“You’re right though. Can’t just leave” he says after a moment, realizing he’s been holding your hand for too long, “Maybe another time” he lets go, breaking his gaze from yours. 

He turns away quickly before you can see his cheeks flush in embarrassment. He didn’t mean to get so caught up. It just felt so right in that moment, standing so close, hands holding yours, eyes locked in the heat of the moment…but you’re friends. He knows that. Just friends. So why risk ruining that, even if it means pretending like he doesn’t want to be something more. 

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My Mobile Masterlist

**Updated 12/16/2016**

The Flash (TV Show) Imagines

~Worried About You (Barry Allen/The Flash)- School and work have been keeping you occupied, and Barry has decided that it is his job to do something about it.

~I Think I Deserve A Re-Do (Barry Allen/The Flash)- After a really hard day, someone has to be there to pick the team back up, and maybe even bring them some holiday cheer.

Game of Thrones Imagines

~The Queen in the North (Robb Stark)-  Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed. {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

~If I Could Tell Her (Jon Snow)- Y/N has been in a black mood, even after the Great War ended. Jon had made it his mission to remedy the situation.

Harry Styles Imagines

~When Time Flies-  Y/N hasn’t looked at the timer counting down on her wrist in a few days, but her soulmate was on their way.

The 100 Imagines

~The Flirt (Bellamy Blake)- Y/N is a huge flirt that somehow always manages to make Bellamy Blake blush.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Imagines

~What Outfit He Likes You To Wear (Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Bruce Banner/Hulk)

~A Little Convenient… (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  Your best friend, Peter, has suddenly disappeared, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a bit suspicious.

~The Captain of the Mathletes (Peter Parker/ Spiderman)- Even though you have been in the same classes for years, you haven’t had the courage to talk to Peter Parker, captain of the Mathletes. 

~Falling For Him- Captain of the Mathletes pt. 2 (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You are getting your big test back today, and Peter is there to catch you when you fall.

~Worth It (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  You and Peter are training in the tower, and a new move puts you in a bit of a compromising position.

~Just a Tour (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Since you are new to the tower, everyone insists that Peter Parker gives you a tour of your new home.

~Somebody Has Danny (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Your little brother disappears, and the only person you can think to call is Peter. Luckily, he has a secret that is going to help.

~It Didn’t Go According to Plan (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and you had planned the perfect day. But when you are dating a superhero, things don’t always work out.

~Snooping (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You had always trusted him, but after three cancelled dates, a casual look around Peter’s room couldn’t hurt.

~ Movie Night (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You and your best friend had a long-standing tradition of Friday movie Nights, but when Aunt May isn’t there, things start to change.

~Here to Help (Souldmate!Peter Parker/Spiderman)- AU where Y/N has the first words of her soulmate tattooed on her arm. “Don’t worry, I’m Spiderman. I’m here to help.” didn’t instill much confidence.

~Get Well Soon (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Y/N gets sick during school one day, and has an interesting conversation with one Peter Parker in the school’s office.

~Are You Okay? (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- While cuddling after school one day, Y/N notices that Peter has acquired some new muscles, concerningly quickly.

~A Secret (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Y/N is so used to lounging around in Peter’s apartment, she just wasn’t ready for Spiderman to tumble in through the window.

~The Ballerina (Steve Rogers/Captain America)- Y/N has always worked best with classical music in the background, but she wasn’t expecting someone to be reading over her shoulder.

~Hey There Soldier (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier)- Y/N gets a bit tipsy one night, and is in close proximity to a certain super soldier with a very cool metal arm. 

~Russian Lullibies (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier)- AU where you hear your soulmate’s singing voice in your ear. Y/N has never met her soulmate, but his voice has been lulling her to sleep for a while.

~Reports (Steve Rogers/ Captain America)- Y/N walked in on Steve humming something a bit odd when she came by to drop off the reports, the national anthem.

~~~Like a Fairytale Series

~Right this Way, Cinderella (Steve Rogers/Captain America x Cinderella!Reader)- AU where someone decides to throw Steve Rogers a birthday and someone else convinces Y/N to sneak out and attend.

~The Mystery Girl- Right This Way, Cinderella pt. 2 (Steve Rogers/Captain America x Cinderella!Reader)- Steve can’t stop thinking about the mysterious girl that slipped through his fingers at that masquerade birthday party.

~Have an Apple, Dear (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x Snow White!Reader)- Y/N takes a mysterious apple from a stranger- not her best idea. 

~I Am Not a Damsel in Distress (Thor/Hercules x Megara!Reader)- Y/N thinks that she can handle herself, Thor has other ideas, and Loki certainly does.

DC Extended Universe Imagines

~Two Can Play at This Game (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Y/N always tries to hold everything in, but after a truly terrible day, she has to rant, and Barry just happens to be there.

~Well, You Took Your Time (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Y/N is kidnapped by someone that wants to get back at The Flash, yet she doesn’t even think that she knows the Flash.

~They Are For You (Ezra Miller)- Ezra is in and out of Y/N’s flower shop every other day, what she doesn’t realize is why he is buying so many bouquets.

~It Just Felt Right (Ezra Miller)- Y/N has always been under the impression that her best friend was uninterested in her, put this Christmas, that may change.

~Are You Jealous? (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Barry was late for an office Christmas party and a particularly pushy coworker does make for an interesting night. 

~Christmas Cuddles (Barry Allen/The Flash)-  Y/N has worked very hard to have a festive night with her boyfriend, and she isn’t about to let him ruin it…

Jurassic World Imagines

~Reunited (Zach Mitchell)- Y/N had told Zach to be careful before he left, and she can barely fathom the footage she’s seen on the news while she waits for her best friend to come home.

~I Don’t Know What I’d Do (Zach Mitchell)- Y/N gets on a plane to go and see her best friend after the attacks at the park.

X-Men Imagines

~Slow Down (Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver)- Y/N has a tendency to overwork herself, and Peter certainly is not okay with that.

Star Trek Imagines

~I Have Been Waiting All Night (Kirk)- Y/N owns the restaurant that Kirk brings all of his dates to, but tonight, he has shown up alone. 

~Impatient (Leonard McCoy/Bones)- Y/N is at the base, waiting anxiously for her boyfriend to come home to her. Not only has he been gone for months, but now she has to deal with his crew as well.

Star Wars Imagines

~Not So Bad Afterall (Cassian Andor)- The rebellion is having a Christmas Party, and Y/N is not about to waste that opportunity.

~He Promised (Cassian Andor)- Cassian had promised to come back to Y/N, but some promises just can’t be kept. Thankfully, he has his earpiece in and she can talk to him one last time.

~Hope (Cassian Andor)- (He Promised Pt. 2) Cassian died on Scarif, but the Force was miraculous, and it was definitely able to find a way to bring them together again.

Hamilton: An American Musical Imagines

~A Basket of Bread (Alexander Hamilton)- Y/N has seen a group of men in the square everyday, and she can’t help but think that they look like they could use a little something to eat, and maybe a helping hand.

~Dream Bigger (John Laurens)- Y/N is best friends with the hamilsquad, and they have been trying to get her to think outside of the Box for years. After walking her home one night, Laurens makes a pretty convincing argument.

~Blushing Like A Rose (Lafayette)-  Y/N is spending the holidays with the Schuyler’s and she knows that Eliza is going to meddle, no matter how many times that she insists she leave well enough alone.

~Amost Strangers (Lin-Manuel Miranda)-  Y/N is shocked when a customer comes in claiming to be a regular but she has never seen him before. Three days later, and she can’t help but think that he wasn’t lying.

~Nice To Meet You (Lin-Manuel Miranda)- Pride and Prejudice AU Y/N meets the particularly introverted Lin and just maybe gets the wrong idea.

~Call Me Thomas (Thomas Jefferson)- After the Schuyler sisters drag Y/N to their dinner party, she meets her souldmate, the archenemy of some of her best friends. Thomas Jefferson. {Part One} {Part Two} {Part Three} {Part Four} {Part Five}

Teen Wolf Imagines

~Uh Stiles? (Stiles Stilinski)- Stiles is very worried about Y/N’s safety, after all, she is a bit of a klutz.

~He Comes to See You on Opening Night (Stiles Stilinski)- Y/N is the lead in her school musical, and one person’s face in the audience makes all of the nerves disappear.

~You Have Flour on Your Face (Derek Hale)- Y/N decides that her new next door neighbor needs a bit of holiday cheer. After a while, he decides that she might be right.

~Just a Bit of Snow (Derek Hale) (You Have Flour on Your Face pt. 2)- Derek seems to be warming up to his next door neighbor, and Y/N seems to agree.

~Uh, Derek… (Young Derek Hale)- Y/N has been anxiously awaiting the return of her boyfriend, but she wasn’t expecting this version of him.

~Happy Birthday (Jackson Whittemore)- It’s Y/N’s birthday, and even though she wants to be happy, she can’t help but miss her best friend.

~I Think You Should Take A Break (Isaac Lahey)- Y/N’s boyfriend is worried that she is simply spending too much time on homework, and he has plans to change.

~The Girlfriends I See Them With (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar)

~You Have a Movie Night (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Aiden Derek Hale, Peter Hale)

~The Outfit He Likes You In (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Peter Hale, Aiden)

~When You Are Upset (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar)

Criminal Minds Imagines

~Merry Christmas… I Guess (Dr. Spencer Reid)- Y/N has always supported her boyfriend, but she is missing him during the Christmas season, and she certainly wasn’t happy about having to visit him in the hospital.

~An Unconventional Office Christmas Party (Dr. Spencer Reid)A certain Dr. is going to be at the office Christmas party, and Y/N doesn’t know if her heart can take it.

Harry Potter Imagines

~Perhaps This Year Will Be Better (Neville Longbottom)- Y/N is staying at Hogwarts for the holidays, and so is Neville Longbottom. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Imagines

~Falling (Newt Scamander)- Newt was hesitant to show Y/N his case at first, but now he can’t imagine life without her. If only he had the courage to tell her.

~Something Worth Keeping (Newt Scamander)- Newt and Y/N are traveling to Egypt after catching wind of a Thunderbird in need of help. Even though they both have work to do, Y/N gets distracted by a certain magizoologist.

~You Know? (Newt Scamander)-  It isn’t often that Newt meets someone who knows about magical creatures, much less someone who wants to protect them. So when he meets Y/N, he can’t help but be impressed.

~The Star (Newt Scamander)- Y/N wanted to surprise Newt with a decorated tree, but getting the star on the top of the tree was proving to be a bit of a challenge.

~Sickly (Newt Scamander)- Y/N isn’t feeling well, and falls asleep in the case. Newt finds her in a… strange position, to say the least. He, of course, helps her along.

~A New Adventure (Newt Scamander)-   Queenie drags an awkward Y/N to the MACUSA Christmas Party, and she somehow ends up under the magical mistletoe with one Newt Scamander.

~Mating Call (Newt Scamander)- Y/N has a bad habit of wandering off, and Newt finds an… original solution to the problem.

~A Nice Ring (Newt Scamander)- BurlesqueDancer!Y/N meets an awkward Newt when he stumbles into her club one night.

~The Light of Day (Newt Scamander) A Nice Ring Pt. 2- Newt is back at the club, and this time, he asks Y/N out on a date.

5 Seconds of Summer Imagines

~Overprotective (Luke)- Y/N’s older sister has always been your biggest supporter, also making her the biggest judge of your new boyfriend.

~You Are Super Sick (Luke)- Y/N is down for the count, but Luke isn’t going to let her go through it alone.

~College AU (Calum)- After an awful day, Y/N doesn’t know if getting invited to a coffee shop is a blessing or a curse.

~College AU (Calum) (pt. 2)- Y/N is getting ready to attend Calum’s band’s show, and her nerves couldn’t be worse.

~The VMA’s (Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton)

~Their Favorite Thing About You (Luke, Michael, Calum, Ashton)

~What You Wear to the Concert (Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael)

~What You Do On His Day Off (Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael)

Youtuber Imagines

~Can I Borrow a Pencil? (Phil Lester)- Y/N has been in love with the most forgetful boy in the world, and he just so happens to sit in front of her in math class.

~The  Outfit They Love on You (Jack Harries, Finn Harries, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman)

I put everything that I could find on my blog on this, even some super cringe-worthy stuff that I wrote when I was first starting out.

Postcards (Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1569

Summary: Whenever Peter comes back from another country with the Avengers, he gives his best friend a postcard. 

Warnings: Very close call on the death thing, lots of fluff.

A/N: I’m so in love with this and Peter Parker and everything. Oh my god. I hope you guys enjoy!

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My Husband’s Brother- Tommy Shelby/ John Shelby

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(Both gifs by @bonniebird)

Request// A peaky Blinders imagine where the shelby’s father comes back and he assumes you’re married to john even though you’re with tommy because everyone always assumed you and john would end up together. And it brings conflict between the brothers.

*Did, I write this on my phone while I was busy at school? Definitely. Is it riddled with typos just because of this reason? Of course not. Hope you enjoy! xoxox*

“Tommy,” you whispered to him in giggles, brushing your fingers through his hair, “We’ve got to get up.”

“Says who,” he grumbled out against your stomach, placing a kiss on the small bump that had begun to show behind your nightgown.

“Says me. We’ve got a family meeting at noon and Polly’ll have your head if we’re late.”

“It’s probably just about Billy Kimber, and that will be taken care of soon enough.” Tommy rose from the bed in all his naked glory, and you couldn’t help but blush when remembering the night before and recalling every inch of his body that you held to memory.

“I don’t know, Tommy. I’ve… I’ve just got this feeling. Something is happening, and it won’t be good for any of us.”

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Starkquill promt: Peter convinces Tony that he has to go to his high school reunion to brag to all the ass hats that were mean to him how great his life is now. When they get there they run into Steve who of course is now divorced and wants his high school sweetheart back (even just for the night)

“I changed my mind. I don’t want to go in.”

Peter stopped on the sidewalk and turned to look at his husband. “Tony?”

In the streetlight, Tony’s face was pale. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Hey. You don’t have to. We can just go back to the hotel and get drunk if you want,” Peter said. He could feel Tony’s hand trembling and felt a flash of guilt. Maybe he’d pushed too hard.

But Tony had come so far. He deserved this moment.

Tony looked at him. “No,” be said after a moment. “We’ve come this far. Let’s go.”

Knowing better than to push, Peter just nodded. As they reached the door, he pulled Tony in close and wrapped an arm around Tony’s shoulders. Tony let out a quivery breath and cuddled closer for a second.

They walked down the long hall and through the doors of the gym. For Peter, it looked like every other high school gym in America, except that the decorations were from the 90’s and the banner said “10 year reunion” in bold red letters. No amount of gimmicky decorations could hide the smell of sweat, though.

“God it hasn’t changed,” Tony said in a wondering voice. “I got my ass kicked over there. And there.” He pointed to two different spots.

“You got your ass kicked a lot.”

Tony giggled nervously. “I was younger than everyone else, remember? Just a dumb kid.”

“You are anything but dumb,” Peter said.

“Well sure I am now. Back then? Not so much.”

“Even then,” Peter told him, warmed by Tony’s small, shy smile. “Hey, I’ll get us some punch. You okay?”

Tony nodded. Peter squeezed his hand and walked away, shimmying a little as “Dancing Queen” started to play. He joined the line at the refreshment table and was a little relieved to see they were offering glasses of champagne. He purchased two and started to look for his husband.

He found Tony after a couple of minutes and made his way through the crowd. Tony was talking to a beefy blond who was dressed in a blue shirt and jeans. The blond was looking at Tony with a besotted look that Peter was familiar with, since he saw it in the mirror every morning.

“ - just so good to see you again. I was really hoping you’d come,” the blond said, touching Tony’s arm.

“It’s nice to see you too, Steve,” Tony said, and Peter realized that this had to be Tony’s old high school boyfriend. The one who had broken Tony’s heart by dumping him the night before prom. The one who was now flirting with him. Tony might’ve been oblivious, or maybe not. He turned quickly to Peter and smiled.

“Hey babe. Thanks.” He took a glass of champagne and smiled wider. “Steve, this is my husband, Peter Stark-Quill. Babe, this is Steve Barnes. Or is it Rogers?”

Steve did a poor job of hiding his shock and dismay. “It’s Rogers. I changed it back after - I, uh, I didn’t realize you were married, Tony.”

“Going on eight years!” Tony beamed. It was a point of pride that he and Peter had outlasted all the naysayers.

“Oh, great.” Steve nodded. “Oh, Clint Barton just walked in. I’ll catch up with you later, Tony.” He disappeared quickly, moving surprisingly fast into the crowd.

Tony burst out laughing. “Okay,” he said, snuggling into Peter. “That was worth this whole miserable trip. He was just about to ask me out and instead I got to rub my sexy husband into his face. Best reunion EVER.”

Anger issue|Liam x reader

Requested by anon:
“Can you write Liam x Reader, where reader is Liam’s anchor And he is losing his temper in the middle of school? ☺️”
I hope this is what you wanted anon :).
(Sorry for the bad English, it’s not my first language)

Let’s talk sometimes guys, my lonely ass needs some friends:’) , don’t be shy.


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Being a teenager is difficult, everyone has an issue in those years of your life.
Being a teenager in Beacon Hills is extremely difficult.
Yours isn’t a normal town, it isn’t famous for having a great college or the best football team in the area, Beacon Hills is the probably on of the most supernatural city of America but only a few knows this truth.
This few includes you and your friends. But even if the safety of the town is mostly on your shoulders, you enjoy your life anyway.

You walk down the school hallway, hurrying towards your locker.
The first bell already rang and your teacher won’t let you go so easily if you are late to class.
You finally arrive at your locker, grabbing your books and struggling to close it.
“Hey, look who’s here boys”
‘Oh god please no’
“I don’t have time for your games, Jason” you whisper looking at the boy in front of you.
“Oh you speak? Did you hear that guys? She speaks.”
The boys around him start laughing, you clench your jaw, trying not to express your disgust.
“Please, let me go, I’m late” you whisper looking at your shoes.
“You know what? I feel kind today, I’ll let you go” he smirks down at you.
You begin to walk away but he knocks down your books.
All of his friends begin to laugh and mock you.
You get on your knees at take all your books trying to stay calm.
Once you have your books, you run away towards your class.
Looking at the clock, you discover that it’s really late. Before knocking you take a few breaths and then knock lightly on the door.
You open your class’ door and the teacher glares at you from his desk.
“Miss Y/N, thank you for joining us”
“Sorry for the delay”
You walk towards the bottom of the class sitting beside your friend Liam.
“As I was saying before miss Y/N interrupted me today I’m going to…”

“Why were you late this morning?”
You and your friend Liam are walking to your next lesson. You have the same age so you have a lot of classes together.
“I slept in”
“You know that I’m a werewolf and that you can’t lie to me, right?”
You slap his arm lightly, shushing him.
“Be quiet, we don’t want your secret to be revealed, do we?”
He rolls his eyes, mumbling about how you are too cautious and you giggle looking at his expression.
“Hey Y/N” says Jason slapping your butt.
You stop and look at the ground, trying hard to calm yourself.
“Touch her again and you’re dead”
Jason laughs and looks at Liam with a playful glare.
“You don’t know who you’re talking to, boy, now go back to your freak friends”
Liam clenches his fists and you notice blood running down his knuckles.
“Liam- you put a hand on his shoulder- let’s go”
He tries to shake your hand off his shoulder but you tighten your grip.
“Liam please”
Liams turns around and begins to run fastly towards the school field.
You run behind him but you’re too slow and you eventually lose him.

When you arrive at the field you find him sitting on the benches, breathing heavily.
You run to him and cup his face in your hand.
“Liam, look at me”
He looks the ground, his eyes glowing yellow.
“Liam, calm down”
“Go away, or you’ll get hurt” he growls at you.
“You’re not gonna hurt me, I’m your anchor, remember?”
He removes your hand from his face and start breathing even more heavily.
You feels panic making its way through you.
You close your eyes and try to think about what to do, try to remind what Scott told.
You open your eyes and look at Liam in the eyes, cupping his face again.
You begin to lean in slowly until you attach your lips to his.
You feels his body tense and then relax.
You pull apart and bite your lip.
“I should get angry more often”
You chuckle, shaking your head.
“You’re so silly”

Voltron Langston/klangst prompt please sobody write this!!!!

Yo like someone please write a detailed fic for this and link me!!! I’m too lazy to write it myself

Keith and his father moved to Cuba when Keith was a baby after his mothe ‘'died”, so lance and Keith actually grew up together and became close friends. They started dating in eighth grade, lance was really chubby and insecure but Keith was always there to comfort him. One near the end of freshman year of highschool Keith is just gone. Lance finds out Keith went to stay with his half brother in America, he also finds out that Keith had cheeted  on him with the queen bee of the school (who has had a crush on him since the third grade), lance assumes the reason Keith did these things was because lance was fat and Keith was unhappy with their relationship so lance starves himself 

                       ½ years later

An exchange student, hunk from America comes to Cuba for schooling where he stays with an overly skinny and loud boy named lance. Hunk and lance immediately hit it off and become close friends really quickly. Hunk would comment on lances weight quite a bit which he comes to learn is a sensitive subject for the boy. Hunk decides he wants to stay in Cuba with lance.

                Two years later

Hunk and lance are late to their first day of the garrison. Lance gets blamed and yelled at and hunk is sent to his seat. The class is put into groups of three for the first project of the year, hunk and lance are grouped with a boy their age with a mullet. Hunk thinks the boy seems nice but lance losses his cheese when he sees the boy. Lance seems to know the young man but the boy just seems confused and holds out his hand and introduces himself as Keith. 

One year later

The events of episode one happen

Six months later

Shiro has been gone for a month. Lance decides to force his two best friends into a sleepover because he never sees them anymore (becides making sure they are eating and sleeping and comforting them when needed). Pidge spends all her hours trying to find shiro and her family, and hunk is always either helping pidge of coran with work or castle repairs. The trio start to tell story’s about the good times on earth. Lance accidentally mentions Keith and his friends force him to tell them his past with Keith (he leaves out the cheeting and starving). Pidge and hunk go full ship mode, but alarms suddenly go off thrusting them into a fight against the garla ships till early morning. After that night hunk and pidge are increasingly busy and don’t even see lance for a week. when his two friends don’t talk to him lance goes back into his previous state of deepresive mind. he is to fat, to loud, he is annoying and stupid, he is useless. 

The team except for lance are all in the comman room and get to having a conversation and all have a bonding moment over missing shiro and it ends in a group hug. Lance walks in on said bonding moment and decides that is the last straw. A small wile later after allura and coran have left the comman room pidge and Keith get into a Amal, Keith have a small fight and pidge accidentally says that lance is “"his lance”. Keith suddenly relizes and races to lances room only to find him unconscious on the ground in a pool of his own blood. The team freaks out and lance is rushed to the healing pods. A week later when lance still hasn’t left the pods the team takes it hard. Allura thinks back on all her interactions with lance almost all of them either her scolding or brushing him off. She wishes she could go back and take lance up on his offers to braid her hair, or listen to him talk about his family, or even let him help he like he was always asking to do. Coran is losing his favorite  paladin its almost like losing a son to him. Pidge blames herself , she should have tried to spend more time with him. all he ever did was care for her, and all she did was push him away. She refuses to visit the  infirmary, unable to look at lances.  Hunk can’t stop crying, he refuses to leave lances room, cradling lances jacket. Keith Keith spends all his time training or in the infirmary, he thinks back to all the good times with lance and thinks back to Cuba, to the good hearted boy he had loved. All he wants to do is apologize to and love on lance endlessly, the way he deserves to be loved. One night the alarms go off and everyone is soon in the heat of battle, so no one is there to hear the healing pod hiss open and lance to fall out into a deserted infirmary.

Anyway yeah please if you liked it write a fic for it and link me to it please!!!!!

We are at school, stop (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: pls do Drabble 42 😫

List of drabbles:

‘We are at school, stop’ you told Peter as he touched your thigh. He was smirking and looking directly at the teacher, who was explaining biophysics. He didn’t usually pay much attention to that class, and that day he had decided to tease you. Trying to push his hand off your leg, he applied more pressure, his fingers getting dangerously close to your crotch. ‘Peter, I said stop’ you moved, feeling uncomfortable about the fact that you two could be caught.
At lunch, you sat together with some of your friends, and being a little bored, you decided to tease Peter a little. Placing your hand on his crotch under the table, you left it there, resting your head on his shoulder. Kissing his jaw, you said to your friends, ‘I’m going to the toilet’. Applying pressure with your hand before getting up, you smirked at Peter and waited for him to come behind you. When he finally did, you both took no time to find an empty room. Peter took no time finding your lips, his hands roaming down your sides, applying pressure on the places he knew made you the horniest.
‘What about skipping next period?’ he asked, his lips close to yours, touching. You didn’t even think about it before nodding, your hands going to his belt, trying to undo it. ‘Easy, tiger’ he said, laughing. Shutting him up by kissing him harshly, he didn’t go easy, breaking apart from you to lock the door and walking to you to remove your shirt, you not caring about being at school anymore. This was way better than Maths, anyway.

close your eyes (archie andrews x reader)


pairing: archie andrews x reader

word count: 519

request: an Archie x reader where you’re the captain of the girls track team and you play an instrument, so Archie asks you for some tips and you play a meeting. he thinks it’s a date and you’re surprised when he doesn’t bring up sports/music but you enjoy yourself and fluff and stuff

Like most high schools in America, your football field was designed so that the track went around it. This was both a good thing and a bad thing: good because you got to stare at beautiful football players such as Archie Andrews as motivation to run better, and bad because those beautiful football players got to stare right back at you, all gross and sweaty.

However, when beautiful football player Archie Andrews approached you as you were all gross and sweaty on the field, you realized that it was kinda bad, but mostly really good.

“Hey, (Y/N), can I ask you something?” He asked you, somewhat timidly.

“Yeah, sure!” You responded, taking a swig from your water bottle.

“You play music, right? And you’ve written songs and stuff?” He continued.

You nodded, smiling. “Yeah. Why?”

“Well I was wondering, I’ve heard your stuff and it’s really good so maybe you can help me out a little?” He suggested.

“Yeah!” Your efforts in not to sound to eager weren’t working. “Um, when?”

Archie shrugged, which looked somewhat funny in a shoulder-padded football uniform. “Whenever.”

“Okay, well…” You didn’t want to let this opportunity go, and quickly scanned through your track meet schedule in your head. “How about we go out tomorrow?”

Archie blinked, as if he were surprised at your suggestion, which you didn’t understand at the time. “Oh. Yeah, I’d love that, actually.” He chuckled nervously.

You nodded slowly, not sure what he was so nervous about. “Great!”

He exchanged details with you, and the next night, you were sat in a booth in a small cafe as you had planned.

Slowly, you began to understand what he was nervous about.

“(Y/N), I just want to say, I think you’re amazing. Not many girls would ask me to come out tonight like you did yesterday, but I’m really glad you did.” He grabbed your hand that was resting on the table casually, lifting you out of the booth, the two of you walking outside.

You took a deep breath, eyes widening, realizing that he thought this was a date. That’s why he was so nervous— and that’s why he hadn’t brought up music, or sports. You weren’t complaining, though. It felt like a dream come true. You stood under the lamplight outside when you finally responded. “Thank you. I think you’re pretty amazing, too.”

“No, I mean, I’ve been thinking this for a long time. The longest time. And then I finally thought of music as an excuse to ask you to hang out, but suddenly we’re here, and I’m holding your hand, and I’m looking at you, and…” He grabbed your other hand, pulling you closer and turning you to face him.

“…And?” You asked.

“And I don’t want to close my eyes in case this is all a dream.”

You smirked. “I can make you want to close your eyes.”

Archie had no idea what you meant. “How?”

You ran your hands through his hair, leaning in and up, pressing your lips against his, smiling through it.

You closed your eyes, and he did the same.

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Little Beta(s) Chapter 18

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader


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