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The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!

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Hi, I don't know if you're taking prompts but I just read your scene about Andrew being there in Baltimore and it was amazing so I wanted to ask you to write something about Andreil + neck kisses, because I feel like this is a Very Important plot point that was not fully explored. Like maybe Andrew coming to terms with the fact that it's actually his favorite thing, and not knowing how to ask for it? Ugh I just finished rereading the series and I can't get enough of these stupid boys 🦊

(Thank you so muuuuch, and also I totally agree tbh)

He hates the way Neil always pauses to kiss at the hinge of his jaw on the way to his neck. It’s like a check point, the sweet press of a power button, and Neil doesn’t even seem to realize he’s doing it. He kisses with his whole face too, dragging down over Andrew’s bottom lip and chin and throat with his eyes closed, like he’s too in love with the experience to even look.

It’s killing Andrew. It’s stoppering the air in his lungs and giving him stomach ache with how bad he wants it. You like it. I like that you like it.

Andrew hates that he likes it, the vulnerability of that bared neck. It feels like a mistake every time he does it, but it also kind of feels like he’s taken the first shots of the night and he can’t stop, like the more he drinks the thirstier he gets. Neil is such a mistake, but he’s so so easy to make.

Kissing — like this, with the covers pushed down and Andrew on his side with his hand up Neil’s shirt — feels inevitable. He can’t stop pushing up Neil’s springy cowlicks and Neil can’t stop fumbling down to Andrew’s neck and sucking. It’s so humid and nervy-tense between them, like it’s never been, like Neil is singlehandedly dangling Andrew off of a rooftop.

Neil passes his tongue over that root of Andrew’s jaw and Andrew makes a noise so low that it sounds wounded. He just barely keeps his hands from forcing Neil closer, chasing that moment where Neil can’t help himself, circulating between mouth and face and neck before Andrew directs his attention elsewhere. He just wants to stay in that circuit with his hands open and his head tilted back.

Andrew’s fist must go too tight in Neil’s hair because he pulls back frowning, lips red.

“Sorry,” Neil says. “Carried away.” He looks troubled by this, like he’s not used to being carried away by things that aren’t arguments.

“No,” Andrew starts, and then stalls out. His hand is still in Neil’s hair. He doesn’t know how to ask for this; doesn’t even know if he wants to.

“No?” Neil repeats. “Okay.” He leans back and off of Andrew, passing one hand through his own hair and undoing Andrew’s work messing it up.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Andrew says, and the way he’s exposed is too much — shirt pushed up in the tousle to pull Neil on top, hard and marked up.

“In my experience, no means stop,” Neil says evenly.

It’s exactly what he wants to hear, he realizes suddenly. Neil finds this humiliating way of giving Andrew what he wants without looking like he’s considered it at all.

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sometimes i think about the way Kelley looks at Christen  & ?????

i want to fucking die

guess who’s eyes she was searching for ??? 

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OT3 headcanons for Stiles/Allison/Jackson?

@inell also asked for Stiles/Jackson/Allison 💖

❤️ everyone is kind of surprised when Stiles and Jackson get together. The only one who isn’t surprised is Danny, who just looks completely unimpressed when Scott asks him “wait how long has Jackson been into Stiles?”

when Allison joins them, no one is surprised. they’ve been through so much and the whole pack have grown closer. they just want their friends to be happy. so Scott and Lydia gently talk Allison through her feelings, encouraging her to go for it, and when the three of them walk through the corridor together, holding hands, they do so knowing that their pack is silently cheering them on.

📖 Jackson is incredibly smart, okay? no one can pry this headcanon away from me. I think we definitely see glimpses of it in the show, like him figuring out Scott is a werewolf, and I don’t really see Lydia in a long term relationship with someone who couldn’t keep up with her. so, yeah, Jackson is wicked smart, Harvard law levels of smart (and very few people know that this is Jackson’s dream because he’s made the mistake of telling the wrong people before, people who don’t believe in him, who don’t look past the athletic side of him; stiles and allison are the only ones besides Danny who listen and believe 100% that he can do it)

but anyway, I love the thought of the three of them studying together. on Allison’s bed in their ugly lounge clothes, with candy spread out around their textbooks, helping each other study for tests or research for assignments. just something normal in the middle of the usual chaos.

💰 Jackson has a tendency to splash the cash on his partners. It’s his way of apologising, of showing love, of trying to prove he’s worth it, he’s worth their patience and time and love. maybe it’s because after he found out he was adopted, his parents kept showering him with money and expensive gifts to try and prove their love, maybe it’s because he’s a rich douchebag, but either way, it takes Lydia pulling him aside and reminding him that it never worked with her because she loved him for /him/ and not his money, and that it’s not working with Stiles and Allison for the same reason. It takes her telling him to look, really look at them, for him to realise that they truly do love him, and it’s not for his car or wallet or bank account. on their anniversary, when they open the letter he wrote for them, pouring his heart and soul into it, the look on their faces make him realise that in some situations, money don’t mean anything at all. But Stiles and Allison? They’re everything.

🎳 they go bowling for their first date. Jackson and Allison are wickedly competitive, so even though Stiles sucks, he’s having fun just watching them bicker back and forth and taunt each other as they try to beat the other. eventually, though, Jackson decides to ‘help’ Stiles, hands on his thighs as he changes his stance, fingertips lingering on his wrist and elbow as he shows him how to throw the ball, with Allison on his other side, breath tickling his neck as she gives soft encouragement. he totally misses all of the pins, but he doesn’t care, because ten minutes lather they’re asked to leave after enthusiastically making out in their booth.

⚾️ Allison and Jackson run together and occasionally drag Stiles with them, kind of stunned by how sweaty and breathless and wrecked he gets, wheezing as he tries to keep up with them. they try to work on his stamina after that (both in bed and out), which leads to Jackson training Stiles on the lacrosse field, helping him improve while Allison watches on fondly. at the next game, when Stiles scores the winning goal, Jackson gets to him close, crushing him close, just ridiculously, adorably proud of his boyfriend, while Allison cheers from the stands next to the sheriff, and it’s probably the happiest moment of Stiles’ life.

thank you! 💖

au where the Last Battle is just a laser tag match that they all took way too seriously

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This blog is literal perfection please keep it up! Could I request how would miyuki, kuramochi, sawamura, harucchi, mei, and raichi react to seeing their s/o at one of their games after being away in a different country for a long time (studying, family, etc)

this is such a cute surprise ask. ;v; im sure the boys would be ecstatic. and thank you! We’ll do our best!

Miyuki: He hardly ever looked back to the stands since he spent most of the time in the catcher’s box. His focus was glued to the game and the pitcher that stood on the mound. But when his gaze turned to what was behind him after a strikeout and a winning game, he raised his fist up to the dugout and the stands. There he saw his s/o, cheering for him in their usual front row spot. He couldn’t believe his eyes as his heart raced in his chest and he felt his grin widen as they screamed his name. He was glad that they returned safely.

Kuramochi: It was ironic how he was just thinking about them. He missed them so much, especially when they would come to his games and cheer for him. Kuramochi was at bat, his first for this game, and he got in position. Soaking in the sounds of the crowd, he took a breath of air and got ready. There was something that stuck out to him from the crowd then. Just as the pitcher threw the ball, his eyes grew big. “Strike!” He turned frantically as the guys in the dugout booed him. Drowning out their encouragements, Kuramochi turned to the familiar sound of his s/o, cheering his name liked they used to. Without a longer look, he smirked and fixed his helmet, even kicked the ground a bit and got ready once again. “This one.. IS FOR YOU!” he screamed as he made contact with the ball.

Sawamura: He found himself to be in a tight spot. None of the balls he threw were what Miyuki asked for. He felt his morale slowly drop as he stood there on the mound. Eyeing his sides, he watched the person on base while Miyuki tried to get his attention. Sawamura took on final breath and opened his eyes. Before finally throwing one more time, he found himself looking to the crowd. It was like that was supposed to happen when he saw how intently his s/o was watching him. Taken aback, Sawamura felt a rush in his body as he heard them yell for him. He felt the fire burn inside of him and the corner of his lips went up. He wasn’t going to give up any more runs. Not when his s/o was there watching him like this.

Haruichi:  There it went, all the way back to the field. Haruichi made another hit and dashed to first base. The crowd was cheering loud, practically roaring for the second baseman as he pumped a shy fist. He wanted to keep his head low but peeked up at the crowd. His s/o was in his line of sight and his mouth gaped opened slightly. He wasn’t aware that they had been back in Japan but he was sure proud that they were there to watch this match in particular. He then smiled and with just a little bit more confidence, threw his fist up higher gaining an even louder cheer from not only the stands but his teammates. 

Narumiya: Shoulders heavy from the long game that seemed to drag on for hours, Narumiya took a deep breath, trying to relax. The score was close and these would be his final pitches. They were close, they were so close. All they needed was an out, a strikeout, anything that would keep the other team from scoring. In this moment, he was tired. The drive to win was strong but he was tired. He know’s he doesn’t want to lose and he wasn’t planning on it. Before Narumiya takes his last deep breath, his eyes dart to the stands. He returns to Harada’s figure but shoots right back to the stands where he squints his eyes to see his s/o. Not aware of their presence at first, he gets chills. “Were they always there?” He thinks and shakes his head. Rather than trying to make a remark, he decides actions speak louder than words, pitching once more to finally end the game and quickly meet his s/o who he has missed so much.

Raichi: His hands tightened around the bat, making a nice “clink” as Raichi sent the ball flying. And instantaneously, it was gone, out of the park, a home run. As he made his way around the bases, his signature laugh bellowed out, blending in with the booming of the crowd. Running towards home, Raichi’s eyes lingered and locked onto his s/o’s causing him to tense up in surprise. There was a shy wave from them and a “good job” mouthed as Raichi’s face grew red, nearly tripping before touching the base.

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Lee Boyd Malvo was a black kid and also did a public shooting, only much worse. 10 killed, 3 injured (D.C. metropolitan area ALONE) *17 victims elsewhere*. Know why this has gone unnoticed? Because he's black. Its only racist if they're white right?

Wow, one black kid. Let me ask you something, how many white kids have shot up schools? Too many to count. In fact the most violent and heinous crimes committed in US soil were committed by white males(source) Let me break it down.

School shooting Examples:

University of Texas massacre

Columbine Massacre

Sandy Hook 

Northern Illinois University shooting

Santana High School shooting

UC Santa Barbara(Elliot Rogers)

Stockholm Schoolyard shooting

Westside Middle School shooting

and many, many more.

And on top of that when white people commit these atrocities the cop out(mental illness, depression, afluenza, ) and denial to excuse white violence always follows (source)

Terrorism. Acts of terror in the US are more likely to be perpetrated by right wing white Christian men then any other minority group (source). In fact before 9/11 the worst terrorist attack in US soil was committed by a white christian man. Timothy McVeign. The main terrorist threat in the United States comes not from muslims but from right wing groups and white supremacy groups (source). Also look up Ku Klux Klan.

Terrorism examples:

Destruction of Black Wall street 

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Oklahoma City bombing

Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre

Centennial Olympic Park bombing

Planned Parenthood shooting

IRS suicide attack

Aurora Theatre massacre

Dallas Police HQ attack

Chapel Hill Shooting

Charleston Church Shooting

Genocide. Ask the native americans. Just in case you can’t find one here’s why.

Racism. Do i really need to go there?   

Jim Crow Laws

Japanese Internment camps

Abuse of Latinos


Murder. According to the FBI, when it comes to murder, whites led every other ethnic group. Whites are also more likely to kill other whites (source).

After all these acts of violence and intimidation committed by whites against minorities in the US you deny and project. You call black people violent. You call muslims terrorist. You are completely disconnected from reality and your past.  In case you’re still denying everything i just wrote here’s a video from a former racist telling the truth about white racism and supremacy in the US. (Video)

Ya’ll should be really glad we haven’t retaliated because let me tell you people from other countries around the world have gone to war for far less. FAR LESS! How do i know? I was born in one of those countries. 

The thing is we are still more human then you. After all the wrongs inflicted on black people in this country we still retain our humanity and pride. We still forgive and move on with our heads held high.    

In closing, if we’re really gonna keep score, no other race can come close to the amount of violence whites have dealt to others in the US so don’t fucking try me punk. Consider this a history lesson.

“Inside the chest of every black man beats the heart of a lion and ya’ll are just hyenas.” - onevagabond

Insecurity Seductions (Andy Biersack Smut)

My darling Storm, this shall be for thou.

Andy sighed at another one of Ashley’s jokes. It wasn’t that he made bad jokes… it was the fact that they had to do with the fact that he was the youngest. He groaned as you laughed as well.

“Come on, not you too, (Y/N).” he groaned out.

“I’m sorry but…” you continued laughing.

He was upset. Yes, he didn’t go to every bar and didn’t have that much sex, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get anyone he wanted. And, he thought as he watched you, he was going to do it tonight.

~~~~2 hours later~~~~

“Are you sure you don’t want to come, Andy, (Y/N)?” Ashley asked.

“No, thanks, Ash,” you said. “I don’t feel like it tonight.”

“As you two wish.” he said and left the bus. Him and the rest of the band went to a bar to have some fun. Which gave Andy the perfect occasion to put his plan to work. He went in the back and put his tight leather pants and jacket on. He came back and felt your eyes on his ass. He smirked to himself. It was working… he looked at you from the corner of his eye. Your eyes left the pages of your book and were checking him out. 

He turned around and smirked at you and you blushed and looked down. He then sat next to you and put his hand on your thigh.

“Why hello there, (Y/N).”  he seemed so confident and cocky, but in reality he was panicking in his head, his insecurities getting to him.

“Andy, what’s going on?” you asked, albeit a bit shaky.

“Nothing. I just wanted to show you this trick I learned a while back.” he got up and you watched in confusion as he sat on his knees, parallel to the couch, and then he leaned back. (image).You bit your lip as your eyes traveled to his pants, where a bulge was forming.You groaned and shifted, and then finally gave in and put your hand on him. He groaned, and arched his back, which was even hotter than what you would’ve expected. You kept doing it until his pants were stretched to the maximum.

“I think we should take off this very offensive garment…” he whispered and stood up, taking your hand and making you follow him in the back.

He pinned you to the wall, rubbing himself against you and you groaned in his mouth. His mouth traveled to your neck and you leaned your head back to give him more access. You pushed him on the bed and hovered over him, your hands slowly travelling over his chest. He groaned and leaned back more and you smirked.

You undressed him and made him kneel in front of you on the bed. You then pushed him until he was sitting the same way that started all of this. You took him in your mouth and he arched his back. Damn, how you loved it when he did that. You kept going until he was shaking and then he came in your mouth, back arching, gripping the sheets for dear life. 

He stood up and pushed you back, falling on top of the bed with you. He wasted no time in entering you and pumping in you fast. You gripped at his hair and then scratched down his back, drawing blood.

“Andy… fuck…" 

"I know, (Y/N). Let it go.”

And then you came, moaning his name at the top of your lungs. Later that night, while you were laying down together under the blanket, you turned to him.



“Why did you…. I don’t mind but I’m curious.”

“Well, with all the jokes, I got insecure and I wanted to prove to myself I could get a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Awe Andy, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” you said as you kissed him.

“Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?”

“I’d love to,” you answered and held him close. And he closed his eyes because, despite his insecurities, he scored the perfect girl.

Here you go, Storm

Biology Exam Disaster

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko no Basket

Word count: 6.453 words

Author: Shana Nakazawa

Title: Biology Exam Disaster

Characters: [Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta] Akashi Seijuurou, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryuka (FOC), Kise Ryouko (FOC)

Rating: M or NC-17

Genre: Romance, Drama, Friendship, Family

Warnings: Smut. Teikou era. FOC. Fujoshi!Kise’s sister.

Summary: Aomine and Kise were only studying together for an exam, really. However, with Kise’s sister as their tutor, the occasion turned into a disaster. Well, maybe not a disaster. After all, it looked like the two enjoyed it—in a number of ways.

Note: Endless gratitude to my beta-reader, Aruchyan. Thanks a lot for your hard work, dear. May God pays you back for what you’ve done for me. Also, this is cross-posted on FFN. This fanfiction is an entry to AoKise FanFiction Competition.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko no Basket © Tadatoshi Fujimaki. Cover © ESCAPIZMA [Pixiv ID: 3240334]. Author does not receive any material benefits at all in making and publishing this fanfiction is made merely for personal enjoyment.




Biology Exam Disaster — バイオロジーの試験の災害

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