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 Psa, Karina is one of the most disturbing characters in the manga right now for me. 

I was re-reading chapter 99 when i came across this page again 

Take a good look at it for a second.

Isayama is a master at visual storytelling. He can show motives,emotions,murderous intents e.t.c with a single expression, and Karina’s facial expressions in this page are one of the greatest, and creepiest, examples.

Ironically, out of Eren throwing around death threats and Reiner getting enough panels of his sanity crumbling like pie crust to fill a photo album this particular panel is what chilled me the most this chapter. 

Alot of people have focused on her character so far so i’m not going to go in detail, @momtaku  has some great meta on her blog if you want something with more analysis.

In short, Karina has a very narrow-minded way of viewing the world. In order for everything to go right, things must happen this way. The way Karina is enforcing to herself and the people around her is the persue of a “honorable” life through following Marley’s lead. 

Anything diverging from that path is quickly struck down or dismissed. On the other hand, all things related to the persue of her goals are to be encouraged and cultivated.

This page is so great to me because Karina’s entire character is fully summarised in the span of a couple of panels.

A man who had to say goodbye to his son at the age of 11 only to learn that he’s never coming back ending up sickly and bedridden before his death is a story to be cherished. 

Karina always has this loving expression when talking about horrible-things-turned-good by her own view of morallity.

The tragedy of the Hoover familly is to be set as an example,since everyone involved lived and died by her own terms.

What really struck me though was her face in the bottom panel.

I know that expression.It hits way close to home. It’s the expression of silent disaproval. Not sadness, but critisim being said on the inside of ones head.

Once again, someone is being an obstacle to the sugar-coated story Karina views as reality. The story she lives by is that her son, a honorable Marleyan ,was the only one to return safe from Paradis, that her familly is being valued as anything other than foder and that she didn’t doom her very own blood to a life of suffering.

Reiner being the only survivor further enforces the idea that the life she lives right now is a privilege.  She’s not like the rest of them. She has the respect, the honor and the nice seat she deserves.

Annie’s father wanting his daughter to make it out alive will take away the idea that somehow, things happened this way because she and her familly are special.

And frankly, it makes me want to punch her in the face.

aahhh this request hit too close to home for me and it was really soothing to write about for some strange reason.

i know how hard it is to come to terms with your body and how even harder it is to present yourself at such a vulnerable state in front of someone you love but i promise it’s okay! you’re all gonna be okay and one day, one day i promise you’re not gonna hate your body as much as you do now. please believe me!

anyways i hope you enjoy this!

(i’ll be sure to do v & saeran soon enough, i’m still working on theirs since i put a lot of more detail into them, i hopw you understand!)

-sex was the last thing on his mind within your relationship
-alright, that was a bit of a stretch but it wasn’t something he was constantly thinking about 24/7
-just to be near you, hearing your beautiful laugh and watching your smiling face was enough
-and the way you always presented yourself so confidently made him so very happy and gave his self esteem a boost as well
-to be honest he was afraid of asking you about sex so early into your relationship because he’d thought you wouldn’t want to be with someone as unmanly as him who had 0 experience in the bedroom
-you were so very beautiful and so good with people, the fact you chose him was enough to satisfy even the deepest of desires burning within his heart
-that was until one day your cute make out session turned hot and frisky all too soon
-he hesitated at first but soon he was groping you all over and started to hike up the shirt you were wearing, which soon caused you to suddenly pull back, the red dusting your cheeks and the lust twinkling within your eyes soon disappearing in mere seconds
-yoosung felt a throb of disappointment pound against his ribs as he put distance in between the both of you, now trying to hide his erection into the elastic of his boxers as he cleared his throat awkwardly
-“i’m sorry mc, i didn’t mean to rush into things. i understand you don’t wanna have sex with someone like me-”
-before he could even continue he felt a hard slap on his face which caused him to let out a high pitched yelp as he looked over at your teary eyed expression
-“you idiot yoosung. it’s not you, it’s me.”
-“i just don’t want you to be disgusted by me when we make love. i’m afraid you’ll leave me if you see what’s underneath. i’m so pathetic huh? i’m so sorry.” you croaked out, sniffling slightly as you wiped at your eyes
-suddenly you felt the world beneath you disappear and opened your eyes to find yourself on your back, pressed up against the sofa as yoosung laid above you, supporting his weight on his hands that were on either side of your head
-“don’t you ever say that i’ll be disgusted by you. you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my entire life honey. you’re so confident and brave and you always know what to say and the way you smile at me and help me with so much is amazing. i love you mc, i love you i love you i love you! i’ll say it for the whole world to hear! i don’t care what you say about yourself you are the sexiest person i know. the way you glance at me is enough to get me going. the chance to see what’s underneath would only heighten that sensation. please, please give me the chance to let you know what i really think about your beautiful body and face and everything else. i’m afraid too but i know we can get through this together, and i’ll try my best to make sure we both enjoy it. so please-”
-before he could continue on with his babbling you wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him down on top of you, now resuming the make out session that you had interrupted
-though you were both hesitant you somehow made it to the bedroom
-where yoosung tried his best to please you while also letting you know that you were the most beautiful person he knew every second he got the chance
-though it was embarrassing to admit it, the morning after it all you did feel a little more beautiful
-it was just a small change but one that made your heart soar just as much as seeing yoosung pressed up against you did <3

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My grandma not understanding why it’s bad that nazis are such a huge part of the crossovers is sad and high key ironic, considering not only is she German, lived in Germany/Ukraine for roughly the first decade of her life, and actually came face-to-face w/ Hitler as a kid, but she legit doesn’t like watching movies that have to do w/ any of that b/c it hits too close to home for her.

I guess maybe she detaches w/ Flash b/c it’s not as realistic as a period piece and so it seems separate?? Idk though… That’s just kinda crazy to me.

Florida mutuals, please start prepping now. Get gas, water, food. Make sure you have copies of your (especially flood) insurance handy. Set up a plan for your pets. Florida now has the highest probability of a hit from Irma, ~50-60%. Lots of models indicate possible barometric pressure of less than 900 hPa, which is a CATASTROPHIC hurricane. This isn’t set in stone, but it is really, really, really not looking good.

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

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