close encounters with nature

How did that even happen

So introduced my friend to dnd and made a mini campaign to help teach her how to play. during the first encounter Her mage was charged by goblins but none actually got close to her and she one shot the entire encounter with a natural twenty that was her first role in in dnd ever.

Natural Encounter || Closed RP

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Sitting in the woods with her back against a tree, Belle was watching the animals around her do what they normally do. She wasn’t one for disturbing them but rather just watching what was around her and waiting for a curious animal to come up to her. The sun was starting to set and the air picked up a chilled breeze - still, she was content. 

As she watched some of the animals in the distance run off, Belle started ti hear someone approaching. Quickly moving into the tree she found a place the hide in silence as the footsteps grew louder.

Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo and @sea_legacy. Orcas chase a huge ball of herring in the everlasting #sunset of #Norway. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I know that I promised bears all week but I thought it would be fun to throw in another image of the most amazing animals I have had the pleasure of engaging with underwater. Normally, these orcas kept their distance and ignored me but please follow me on @paulnicklen to see some very close encounters. With @cristinamittermeier #gratitude #nature #wildlife @natgeo @seacam #Blackfish #keepitwild by natgeo