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There’s no denying the unique attraction of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Also known as “Bear Lodge” or “Bear’s Tipi,” the dramatic monolith is a sacred site to several Native American Tribes. Familiar to many in movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” it’s recognizable to people around the world. But according to photographer Lori Eckhart, “There’s nothing like standing there in front of it. Its size, and the way it stands out and alone from anything else, just demands respect and fills you with awe.” Photo courtesy of Lori Eckhart.

Fantastic Lesbians and where to find them (FemSlash February)

It’s FemSlash February so at least once a week every week this month expect some lady on lady love to be filling your eyeballs. Now that isn’t rare content on my blog at all I write about this stuff all the time but my FemSlash February I will attempt to make it a super positive month (Positive from me, we’ll see).

America Chavez from Young Avengers:

America Chavez is one of my favorite characters of all time. Young Avengers is where we get to see her really shine although she doesn’t get to be in a romance I think it’s important that we have stories were queer people are queer but that’s just their orientation like the heteros get. So Young Avengers really works well with that and makes her just this awesome action hero that on further readings actually has a lot more depth in everything then when you first read.

Undyne and Alphys from Undertale :

One of the very few games to have actual lesbian characters inside of it. Undyne and Alphys in nearly all their interactions (at least in the mercy run) mention their things for one another in subtle (and not so subtle ways).  Anyway in the game you can get them to kiss so there is that. It’s a really cute romance and honestly I can’t think of another lesbian relationship in video games that aren’t with your self insert character (and they are super limited normally). (Edit: Several people pointed out Alphys is Bi, I never saw that inside the game this post was made from my experience with the game. )

Raven and more from Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven (as of issue 4) is the only real confirmed lesbian in this series but I mean she is the lead of the book, with the series named after her so you know expect other lesbians. There is already lots of romantic tension between people and Raven is a fantastic character. Raven is the rightful heir to a pirate dynasty but was sent off to a tower to be rescued (In Princless she is then rescued by a princess and amazing adventures happen for a volume). After going free she swore vengeance on her brothers for convincing their father to send her off. So she is building a new crew, has a new boat and is off to claim what is hers.

Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms

This is a romance I hadn’t expected but it’s truly outrageous how quick I feel for this couple. They are not treated like Misfits for being gay although their Romeo and Juliet esque love affair from Rival bands does cause tension.  These two are the leading romance in this book for sure even when you do have a cast of other awesome ladies.

Connie and Carla from Rock and Riot:

Rock and Riot is a webcomic so you can go read that for free at set in the 50′s about  LGBTQ people. It’s a romance comic and it’s pretty new it’s first volume only recently went to print. This is a series that is really worth supporting and really worth reading. There isn’t a whole bunch of drama but right now our Lesbian couple and our gay male couple are both hiding their relationships from their gangs and we’ll see how that plays out.

Angela and Sera from Angela Queen of Hel

Angela and Sera are Marvel’s power lesbians. Angela is a goddess raised as an Angel who is in love with a magical trans woman who is also an Angel. She then has to dive into hell to rescue her lover from death because Sera is so clever she managed to let Angela know what had happened. They are both these insanely powerful lovers who are taking over freaking Hel. It’s this amazing Adventure Romance and these two’s love is just so amazing inside this comic. You don’t need any previous context to become totally committed to to these two’s deep love.

Maybe everyone from Lumberjanes:

No one in the janes is confirmed to be straight but we do have lots of gay hinting and straight up gay characters.  Mal and Molly are a cute couple that is there in the comic from the start. Jo seems to be at least at times romantically interested in April. Speaking of Jo Jo is trans and has two dads so that is awesome too. Hell even Roise the leader of the camp seems to have had some sort of close encounters of the feminine kind at some point.

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All space rocks except for the bi one from Steven Universe:

I’ll start by saying I’ll just go ahead and block anyone who wants to be like “The gems don’t have a gender so not lesbians.” Moving on from that disclaimer you want lesbians Steven Universe is gay girls the show. Some of this gayness in blunt and other is just so gushing out of the subtext you have to be homophobic or at least not know gay people not to get it. Spoilers but Garnet is a fusion of two people in love meaning we just always have little lesbians dancing around inside of a main character. Even Steven is pretty gender non conforming so even though he seems straight you never know how straight that is. This show is just so amazing in general and if you haven’t watched it you should do yourself a favor and do it. From it’s brilliant soundtrack, acting, and animation to what it means for kids animation Steven Universe is A+ all the time.

In the climactic scene of Se7en, villain John Doe (Kevin Spacey) delivers a box to rookie detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) that contains the decapitated head of his wife Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) in order to bait Mills into killing him, thus completing his murderous, biblically themed performance piece.

When Pitt read the script, he fell in love with it, but he knew that the producers were going to have major reservations – specifically, with Paltrow’s brutal off-screen death, and Spacey’s villain “winning” in the end. As a condition of agreeing to do the movie, Pitt made the producers promise that the ending would be filmed as written, and that they wouldn’t cop out at the last minute by having Mills arrest Doe, or Paltrow pop out of a cake and yell “psych!” at the end.

But after the first press screenings, producers responded exactly the way that Pitt feared: They went into panic mode and tried to figure out how to reshoot the ending without the Paltrow jack-in-the-box. The alternative ending – the one they seriously almost went with – was that Doe decapitates Mills’ dog instead.

5 Awesome Movies/Shows That Were Almost Hilariously Bad


Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification, 1972

We’ve all seen, or at least heard of the 1977 film; ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but do we really know what it means or where it came from? Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification has played a major role in identifying the type of contact or encounter an individual may have had with a UFO or an alien entity. Many years after, his work in the USAF he carried out independent research on UFOs, developing the Close Encounter Classification System and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence supposedly left by UFOs. 

UFO reports differ in many details but can be categorised by similarities that recur such as feature, shape, appearance, disappearance, sound and colour.

Relatively Distant Sightings, or Distant Encounters (DE)

  • Nocturnal Lights or DE-1: Features sightings or well defined lights in the night sky whose appearance and/or motion are not explainable in terms or conventional light sources. The lights may appear red, blue, orange or white. These DE’s form the largest group of UFO reports. 
  • Close Encounters of the First Kind or CE-1: Though the witness observes a UFO nearby, there appears to be no interaction with either the witness or the environment. 
  • Close Encounters of the Second Kind or CE-2: These encounters include details of interaction of the UFO and the environment which may vary from interference with car ignition systems and electronic gear to imprints or burns on the ground and physical effects on plant’s and the surrounding area.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind or CE-3: In this category, occupants of a UFO - entities that are human-like or 'humanoid’ or not human-like have been reported. There is usually no direct contact or communication with the witness. However, in recent years, reports of incidents involving very close contact - even detainment of witnesses have been reported.   

There have also been additions to the scale such as:

  • Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind or CE-4: This involves a person being unwillingly abducted and used for experimentation purposes.
  •  Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind or CE-5: This is when there is a direct form of communication between ETs and humans, this is the rarest experience of them all and very few people have experienced it. 
  • Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind or CE-6: When contact between ETs and humans results in injury or even death. 
  • Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind or CE-7: The mating between an ET and a human subject, that produces a hybridisation, usually called a 'Star Child’. 

A Bottle Marked ‘Poison’

Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes | E | 3842 words | 1/? |

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Summary: The headstones are clean and well preserved and surrounded by fresh, colorful flowers when he reaches them. Not lilies, never lilies. But roses and sunflowers and violets. Someone has been taking care of them for years.

(Not him. He can’t even take care of himself.)

There’s names and dates and pictures. There’s quotes. Beloved mother.

He has a split lip, his eye is a nasty shade of purple and he’s still nursing three bruised ribs. Somehow this hurts more.


On the anniversary of their deaths, Tony visits his parents’ graves. He has an unexpected encounter. Things go downhill from there.


Can you believe I started writing again? Yeah, me neither! Many many thanks to @superbatfleck for being the awesome friend that he is and betaing this and to @timmyjdrake and @imissyourbattlecries for always being so supportive and kind. I love you guys and I don’t deserve you

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anonymous asked:

Just a thought, did Claire kinda use Frank like the King of France used her, at least the second time,just because she could,because she has the power. She kept her eyes closed through that encounter as well.

Frank used Claire first. As if he’s some kind of awesome dude who took his wife back when she was pregnant with another man’s child. Nope. He wanted that kid. He knew he couldn’t have any of his own and it was his only chance. He gave Claire conditions and acted like she had free will and a choice but she really didn’t. Plus, none of the articles or production or actors have mentioned it, but Jamie did make her promise to go back to Frank. In the book and in the show. Frank wanted a ready-made family and he was using Claire for it. 

Trying to be intimate with Frank was not even remotely close to the rape she endured by Louis XV. Claire was forced to have sex with the King to free her husband. Claire didn’t force Frank to do anything with his body. Just because she was on top or initiated intimacy didn’t mean she was in control or controlling Frank.  In fact, he stopped in the middle because it wasn’t on his terms. So not only does he want her to provide a child for him but he doesn’t even give her space to grieve. He gets mad that he can’t touch her. 

She tried. She couldn’t give him what he wanted but she wasn’t exactly using him when she tried giving it to him. It just didn’t work. Maybe she was closing her eyes to shut out the face of BJR. 


One of you asked what our biggest accomplishments were for 2016. It didn’t make it into the final cut of the video but I have an answer for you.

1.  Traveling together as a production team successfully. Matt and I have very different personalities but we managed to tour LA and coordinate with over a dozen creators smoothly. We dined on rooftops and splashed around in the waves too.

2. Working hard at VidCon. I think I had a good six scheduled events there and it felt amazing to be active helping others through moderating a Sex on YouTube panel to participating in community think tanks.

3. Getting a company parking pass. Complexly, the company that produces Sexplanations moved into a pretty new building and they were thoughtful enough to give me a parking pass to hang from my rearview mirror. It’s something small but it makes me feel like I’m part of a team.

4. Reaching goals on Patreon. I try to pay close attention to the finances of Sexplanations and that means a painful awareness of just how overlooked our content is for good advertising rates. If it wasn’t for Patreon, I wouldn’t get paid, period. That said, it feels amazing when our Patreon community is thriving. Like, when there are new donors, or we reach benchmarks that inspire me to imagine dating the Avengers. I’m so grateful the platform exists and that each of you participate in this way to keep our sex education efforts on-going.

5. Everything’s in the green. Going back to analytics, there was a day when I noticed all our numbers were down. Subscribers, down. Likes, down. Comments, down. Views, down. It totally bummed me out. But being the solution-based person I am, I did not carry this weight on my own, and quickly reached out to Hank, our producer for a boost. He ever so kindly reminded his followers that Sexplanations exists and by the next morning all of our negative stats (red) were positive (green) again.

6. We went there. This year some heavy-on-the-heart topics came up and Matt and I did not run away from them. We took on abortion. We sorted through the bathroom mess. We even spoke directly about a proposition in California that would impact the adult industry. We went into the controversy and I’m really proud of us for doing that.

7. I  did a lot of speaking engagements to carry the message of sex positivity including one at Texas Christian University and another in Tijuana, Mexico which may have taught me more than I offered them.

8. Trolls known as Leafy’s Amphibian Army were instructed to hate on us and instead showed gratitude for our videos. Twice this year mocked Sexplanations. First for our Toy Vaginas how to and again when he found the casual encounters episode. People warned me that his followers would come and do harm but a least a few times there were Leafy fans who instead expressed their appreciation for what we were creating and knocked Leafy for giving another impression.

9. We raised close over $5,000 for Project for Awesome through Sexplanations donations. Philanthropy is one of my ambitions and I feel very self-actualized when efforts of this kind are successful.

10. Our collaborators felt respected. Between LA and Missoula we worked with 20 people on-camera to sexplain everything from monogamy and sex at 70 to job satisfaction and Disney princess sexuality. I’m ever so grateful for all of those individual’s contributions to the channel and it means a lot that they took away similarly positive experiences.

11. You. Keeping your attention has been a very precious accomplishment. Whether it’s seeing your face on the livestream or chatting through Twitter, I get to know you, the audience, and be proud of the commitment we have with each other. Many of you have been with us since video one, others are new this week. Whatever the case, I’m proud of your presence and engagement. Thanks for staying curious!!

Close Encounters of the University Kind (CS OneShot)

Guys I think I have a thing for romance in libraries… This is one of those things where I take a trope and try to turn it on it’s head. Written for @capitaine-odette in celebration of her birth and just general awesomeness. Hope you enjoy this. | AO3

2.7k | G 

College was hard. The classes, the reading, the midterms, the papers; all of it was hard. And for Emma Swan, who had last attended formal school twelve years ago in a prison while pregnant, it felt especially hard. But Emma was no stranger to doing hard things. She had raised Henry on her own, built a life for herself despite her GED and felony record and no matter how hard college was she knew she could handle it. At least that is what she told herself when she was drowning in tests and pulling all-nighters to finish papers. 

As Emma sat in her quiet corner of the massive library and struggled to make sense of her Econ assignment she reminded herself that she “could do this”, over and over like a mantra.

“I believe in you, love.” The deep and distinctly British voice startled her and her highlighter skittered across the page leaving a green trail over the charts she had been trying to decipher. She looked up but the owner of the voice was already disappearing behind a shelf of large leather volumes. All she caught was his black hair, slim build and a whiff of Hugo Boss.

Emma mentally berated herself for talking out loud. It was a bad habit that she had developed when Henry was a baby. She had kept up a constant stream of chatter; talking enough for two people so he wouldn’t be behind in development. One of the reasons she came to the maritime law section was because it was always empty and there was never anyone to hear her mutterings. She had spent all of last semester talking to the air and the thick, lonely books. She hadn’t considered that with her change in schedule it was possible that she would stumble on others in what she had come to consider “her place”.

She looked down at her textbook and the jittery green trail and felt herself get a little angry. The textbook had cost more than her phone and he had made her ruin it all because he wanted to be funny. She gritted her teeth and returned to her book and her assignment. A few minutes later she heard it; humming. A deep male humming coming from somewhere behind her and occasionally accompanied by the loud rustling of paper. She couldn’t see him to give him a death glare but she could hear him and it was disrupting her concentration.

“Seriously. Doesn’t he know this is a library?” she muttered to herself.

She tapped her foot. She tapped her highlighter. She wished she hadn’t forgotten her headphones. She told herself it was a public place and he was free to do what he wanted. But she knew if he was here on Thursday she would need to find a new place to study.

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Markiplier VS. Creepy Animatronics! Who will win?! Mark, of course! Because he is too pro to be beaten by Freddy and his gang of death! Markiplier cannot be stopped by some scary robots, he has games to play and beat!

So please, enjoy some Mark awesomeness!

If you have not seen his Five Nights At Freddy’s videos, please feel free to click the links below and enjoy Mark’s close encounters (he has a lot of them).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 (Final):

Also,  is it just me or do they all look kind of happy? I don’t know…it’s weird because I am just noticing this right now and I am the one that drew this…hmmmmmmmmm…


Part 5 (The Impossible is Possible):

akugumo  asked:

Real talk though what about the pathos of the Sages having to stay in the Golden Land to keep it sealed? You form relationships with these people and then they awaken to being Sages and realize they can't have a future with you because of their sagely duties. Sad times.

I literally didn’t even remember that plot point, maybe because like… I didn’t really feel close to any of them except maybe kind of Saria? They never felt like substantial presences in Link’s life, just… people he met once, in passing. In fact…


So, here’s a thought I have on narrative: If you want someone to really care about a character, there are two ways to achieve it.

  • First, have them absolutely steal the show from the word go, whether that’s because they’re funny, or because they’re quirky, or because they’re Awesome (or encountered in an awesome way). This is literally all about execution, and many times it’s not going to be super feasible!
  • Second, have repeated (or continuous) encounters with them to reinforce their relevance and character traits. Make them important to the story as a person, not just as a device, before you actually attempt to “go for the kill,” emotionally speaking.

Undertale does a really good job on… both counts, really! Toriel is introduced blowing Flowey away; she then stays with you, in some respect, through the entire Ruins sequence. Even when she “leaves” you, you can call her on the cell phone whenever you want, and she makes sure to check in of her own accord as well. Thus, when you fight her at the end, she’s not just “person who saved you,” she’s “person who saved you, was there for you throughout this whole section of the Underground, and offered to take you in.”

Papyrus and Sans, similarly, follow you through the entire Snowdin section. We also get to see Papyrus gradually warm up to you, get to see the prideful exterior chip away and reveal the genuinely sweet person beneath. Undyne harasses you off and on through the entirety of Waterfall; not only that, but Monster Kid (who pops in and out in a similar way, in some cases saving your life or helping you to progress) and other NPCs talk about her in a way that illuminates her personality and significance a bit. This stuff is only reinforced further by the fact that you can call Papyrus and Undyne on your cell phone later on, meaning that if you go back and play again, you’ll have even more of a context for who they are, and they’ll be even more significant.

Hell, the only area where the boss doesn’t follow you around the whole time is New Home, and there it’s a very deliberate decision. Asgore has only been spoken of in whispers, and the most important aspect of his character is his relationship to Asriel and Toriel. Here, he needs to be a sudden surprise – a Small Shock, if you will – and the loneliness and atmosphere of New Home helps to amplify that, I think.

Some other examples:

  • A lot of people have commented on how, in Fallout 4, they really don’t care about finding the baby. Which makes sense; you only see it during a brief opening sequence, and once you find out it’s been some time since they were unfrozen and you were, it’s like… at that point, they might as well be a stranger. The revelation that Shaun now heads the Institute similarly falls flat; it’s a surprise, sure, but up until then you’ve known nothing about the Institute or its administrators and nearly nothing about Shaun. Contrast this to the reveal that Darth Vader is Luke’s Father in The Empire Strikes Back. Him “killing” Luke’s father was one of the first things established in the original trilogy, and he’s been an imposing presence from the get go – not to mention the symbolism of Luke finding his own face under Vader’s mask on Dagobah! Moreover, this casts a new light on Luke’s relationship to Ben/Obi-Wan, who we spent the entire first movie getting to know before he died: Obi-Wan mentored him, sure, but he also lied to his face to spare him an uncomfortable truth. It’s that greater context that makes “I am your father” a big deal, and in turn, it’s all that context plus the climactic confrontation in Episode V that makes Vader’s face turn in Episode VI significant.
  • Pokemon rivals are a really good implementation of this. Gym leaders and the Elite Four (except, sometimes, the Champion) are largely just… there. You meet them, you fight them, it’s over. Maybe you met them briefly, once before, but they’re not supposed to be plot-relevant; they’re just obstacles. In contrast, your rival is someone you fight repeatedly over the course of the game; you get to see their own team grow to match yours, you get glimpses of their internal struggle and you get to see how their battles against you affect them. If you didn’t help Wally catch his first Ralts in RSE, why would fighting him at the end of Victory Road make a difference? If Blue/Gary hadn’t been such a persistent asshole, what would be the significance of him beating you to the Championship? If Silver/??? hadn’t taken every opportunity to talk about his “strength is all that matters” mentality, what would be the satisfaction in teaching him otherwise, or in the subtle touch of his Golbat finally evolving after you defeat the Elite Four?

I could go on listing examples, but you get the idea. I think, for pathos to really matter, the relevant character has to captivate people – and for that to happen, they need to be given however much screentime is necessary for them to do so.