close encounters of the awesome kind


Like not even kidding. The Sufjan Stevens show last night was beyond anything I could have imagined, it was the most spectacular, mindblowing, glitter and strobe and awesome explosion fest. BUT THEN.

Today at the airport, I was walking along, trying to get my book out of my bag, and then look up. I see a guy wearing a visor with fluoro tape all over it, remarkably like the one Sufjan wore last night. Then I realise it actually is Suf and I freeze. He walks past not realising I’m star struck and I just stand there panicking, willing myself to move and go talk to him. Which I do. Once I’m done fanboying (YOU’RE AWESOME and OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING etc), we talk about the show, his travel plans, and my donuts (there’s no Dunkin Donuts in wgtn, so I always stock up in Auckland and bring some back for family and stuff). BUT THEN.

I get back to wgtn, go to work to pick up new roster blah blah blah, when who should I see in town, but the almighty Suf himself? He recognises me, walks over and says ‘Hey it’s you, still got your donuts, I see. Welcome to wellington! Welcome home!’ And we talk about how excited we both are for the show, and then he says 'Oh, I didn’t catch your name before.’ so after a brief period of intense freak-out, I tell him, and he says “Hey Ben, my name’s Sufjan, well I’d better get going, but I’ll see you tonight”

A N D   T H E N   H E    S H O O K    M Y    H A N D .