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Round 2 Game 1

“He’s an unbelievable player and he showed that tonight… He doesn’t get enough credit.” @cmcdavid97 on @Drat_29’s four-point game.


hoseok is honestly the most beautiful most gorgeous guy and i’m in love with him 💞✨


Glitter, Oil, & Soap -ย โ€œOdysseyโ€, Ruslan Khasanov

Russian artist Ruslan Khasanov just released a glittery follow-up to his mesmerizingโ€œPacific Lightโ€ video from a few years ago that captured close-up mixing of ink, oil and soap. The video, titled โ€œOdyssey,โ€ has us just as transfixed as last timeโ€ฆย 

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Rules of Engagement (shiro x reader)

Rules of Engagement

Shiro x Reader

Imagine: Being the communications specialist with Shiro and Matt at the garrison.

Warning: Just a little making out ;)

AN: Hey guys! I hope you all like this one, let me know what you liked, or if you have any requests!


His lips felt like fire on her skin. There was no pulling away at this point, not that it even crossed her mind. The feeling of his body pressed against hers, his thigh positioned between her legs, how his fingers gripped her hips, all of it made it impossible to think of anything else, but how good it felt. This was definitely against protocol, the small portion of her brain that has retained its sanity thought in the back of her head. It all felt like a deram. And if it was she never wanted to wake up.

She and Shiro were on the same flight team at the garrison. He was the pilot, and she, his communications specialist. They were also accompanied by an engineer by the name of Matt Holt, she swore he was some kind of genius, it was the only explanation for how smart he was. They had all been friends, but with the hours spent in the flight simulator, the late night study sessions, the constant contact between them, they became much more than that. The connection between her and Shiro was unshakable, you would never see one without the other, inseparable. It wasn’t until their third year at the garrison, did they notice a change in their dynamic. They weren’t the only ones to notice this change, Matt knew something was going on between them, even if they didn’t know exactly what.

For weeks, it was nothing but chaos. Longing stares from across the room, lingering touches, constant blushing, all at the expense of Matt’s sanity. There was a time when the two of you could barely be in the same room, in fear that in your clumsy state, someone could get hurt. Matt didn’t mind at first, that is until your team failed the flight simulator, putting a permanent ‘F’ on his record. Shiro had gotten distracted by you, in the middle of the mission, when you cut your hand on a stray screw driver, causing Shiro to panic, and in the end, sent their team crashing to the ground in a blazing fireball. He’d had enough.

He told you both to meet him in room B26, to go over what went wrong, and finish the mission report on the simulation failure. Each of you feeling a different kind of shame in the failure of the basic sim, and each feeling that it was your fault things had gone south.

The next morning when you arrived at the room, you met with Shiro on the way, but neither of you could stand to meet the other’s gaze. Too embarrassed to think it was your lack to self control that had ruined the mission. Keeping your head bowed, you both entered the room, the first thing you noticed was how cold and damp it was, the lights were off making it hard to see exactly where you were. Shiro’s shins came in contact with a mop bucket, sending it skidding across the floor.

“What the- “ he began, his eyes adjusting enough to see the shelves that lined the walls, filled different cleaning supplies. “Is this… a Janitor’s closet?” thinking that they must have walked into the wrong room, Shiro turned to exit, only to have the door slammed in his face. Shocked, he rushed forward testing the doorknob, and finding it locked. Thinking it must have been an accident, he slammed his fist against the metal door trying to get the attention of whoever had closed the door.

“Hey! We are in here! The door is locked, can you open it?” he called, hoping they were still close enough to hear him. There was a moment of silence, before they heard a familiar voice reply.

“I’m not letting you out until you two work this out! I don’t know what is going on with you buys, but whatever ‘it’ is, fix it! I am not going to get another ‘F’ in that stupid simulator, just because you two are acting like lovesick teenagers!” Matt’s voice was filled with a mix of anger and frustration. There was another pause, followed by what Shiro assumed was a sigh. “I’ll be back in an hour.” he said more calmly before walking away, ignoring the protests from his teammates.

They spent the next 10 minutes searching for another way out, only finding 4 metal walls all lined with janitorial equipment, and an air vent, too small for either of them to fit through. Shiro was sure Matt had picked this room specifically for that reason, no way to escape. Giving up on that idea, they resorted to searching for a light switch, their eyes adjusting enough to see outlines in the darkness but not much else. The tension in the room was palpable, neither of them trusting themselves to address the elephant in the room, why they were locked in here in the first place, they both knew what Matt had said was true, but were not willing to address it as the problem it was. Until the pressure got the better of them.

“I’m sorry.” you both blurted out at the same time. Fumbling to recover, you turned to continue, but your foot caught on the bucket Shiro had knocked over earlier, sending you sprawling on the floor.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?!” Shiro asked rushing over to where he had heard you fall. Unfortunately, instead of helping you, he stepped on your hand. You cried out again, cradling your hand to your chest as you pushed back against the wall, pulling your knees in. Shiro’s heart felt like it was in his throat, how had he managed to mess this up even more?

“Oh God, (Y/N) I’m so sorry!” he stammered his panic rising up. Standing where he was he ran a shaking hand through his hair. He didn’t dare move again, scared that he would accidentally hurt you again, instead he decided to speak, and once he started, he couldn’t stop, everything just poured out of his mouth.

“This is all my fault. I just really like you, and you’re so pretty, and smart, and when you smile it makes my stomach go crazy, and you’re laugh, oh god, your laugh! It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard! It’s just so hard for me to think when you’re around, my brain goes all fuzzy and I can’t focus on anything else. God, I should have known better, i should have tried harder to hide my feelings, or i should have transfered as soon as I realized I loved you, and, and now we are stuck in here, and you’re hurt and-” in the darkness, you made out his outline, and rose to your feet, equal parts shocked and thrilled to hear what he was saying. Reaching out you placed your hand on the side of his face, rendering him silent. You couldn’t see his face, and you prayed he couldn’t see yours, you could feel your cheeks reddening as you drew closer. He could feel you coming closer, your hand gliding over his face, your fingertips tracing the outline of his lips. You felt his warm breath against your fingers, as you moved your hand to the base of his neck, standing on your toes. You hesitated, your lips stopping just shy of his.

Swallowing his nerves, Shiro closed the remaining distance, capturing your lips with his. In that moment it was like a fire was lit between you. His hands were on you in an instant, pulling you closer as his mouth moved against yours. Pressing forward, you stumbled back, your shoulders hitting the metal walls of the room hard. Shiro only paused for a moment before he was on you again, pinning your body to the wall with his own. His fingers gripped your sides, pawing at the material of your uniform. Pressing closer, he fit himself against you, a leg between yours, his hips against yours, like fitting puzzle pieces together. His lips pulled away from yours, only to attach to the exposed skin on your neck. He groaned into the hollow of your neck, as you raked your fingers through his hair, pulling on it slightly.

The heat between you continued to grow, and the once cold room felt like a furnace. So consumed in the moment, you both failed to notice the door to the room slide open. Matt caught site of the two of you, and paused for just a moment, as his mind registered the situation. Shaking his head, he crossed his arms over his chest, before clearing his throat. And just as quickly as it had started, the trance was broken. Shiro tore his body away from yours, his hair was sticking up in odd directions from where you fingers had mused it. While you pushed yourself off the wall, trying to stop your knees from shaking, and straighten your uniform at the same time, the small marks on your neck beginning to form. Both of your lips were swollen, and your faces were red, and in Matt’s opinion, you both looked thoroughly kissed. An amused smile pulled at Matt’s lips as he watched the two of you fumble to compose yourselves. No one spoke for a long moment, until finally, Matt broke the ice.

“Well,” he began, his voice eerily calm. “I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, cause I did, and for that reason, I planned ahead. Because if ‘this’” he gestured between the two of you quirking an eyebrow. “Is going to happen, there need to be some ground rules.” stepping forward, he reached into his bag and pulled out a large 3 ring binder, shoving it into Shiro’s chest, who caught it quickly, looking down at the cover.

“‘Rules and guidelines of dating a teammate’” he read aloud, lifting his eyes questioningly to Matt.

“Volume 1?” you read over Shiro’s arm. “How many volumes are there?” you asked watching Shiro flip through the pages, each filled with words, and some having charts and pictures… this was obviously something Matt had put time into, and it definitely took longer than the hour they had been in there.

“There are 2 others back in my room, but I haven’t finished editing them.” Matt answered calmly. You nearly choked, and Shiro swallowed thickly, his eyes wide. Indifferent, Matt continued. “Also, there will be a quiz, so I would suggest going on a ‘study date’ instead of making out in a janitor’s closet.” you heaved a sigh, before turning your eyes to Shiro, a smile pulled at you lips, despite the obvious dislike of the situation.

“I’m free tonight.” you said, Shiro’s heart skipped a beat. He would read 50 of Matt’s ridiculous rule books, if it meant he got to see you smile like that again.

Needy Puppy (Pt 2)

Needy Puppy (Pt 1)

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean (edited by Admin Podo)


Words: 2,141

You awoke to the soft sunlight shining through your bedroom window and the faint sounds of birds chirping outside. You soon remembered what happened last night as you felt Taehyungโ€™s arms around your waist and his grip on you tighten slightly as you shifted in his embrace. You wiggled yourself out of his arms, somehow managing to not wake him up. You looked down: after last nightโ€™s events you werenโ€™t wearing anything from the waist below, so you grabbed your sweat pants that were on the floor slipping them on before heading to the kitchen.

You started a pot of coffee before making yourself some toast, but not long into your making of breakfast you hear a knock at your door. Only then did you remember Namjoon telling you he would be by first thing in the morning.

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 Word count: 794

 It’s almost midnight, but you aren’t tired. When you order another piece of cake, Jason, a guy who has been a fellow initiate, sits beside you. You keep quiet, eating and laughing at Kevin’s jokes, the man who’s working at the bar.

 “This one was great, right, (Y/N)?”

 “One of your best, K.” You admit.

 “I haven’t seen you around lately.”

 You look at Jason with a small fake smile. “I’ve been busy.”

 “Leadership, I know. And there comes another one.” He tilts his head to the other side of the small bar, to Eric, your lovely coworker. He sits away from you, well, he rather stays away from anyone.

 “Yeah,” you say, trying to make him see that you don’t wanna talk. You heard about Jason. Always mean and cruel. Not that different from Eric, you’re aware, but Jason was a shameful fighter. You were feeling sick just to hear him breathe.

 “Where you’re living now?”

 “Where the leaders use to live.” It’s Eric who answers. You look at him, with a confused expression on your face. You didn’t know he was paying attention.

 “Wasn’t talking to you.”

 “You can take his answer as mine.”

 “I thought you didn’t need someone to talk for you, (Y/N).” Jason’s smile makes you push away your piece of cake and get up.

 “I rather not to talk to you.”

 “Why? We have nothing to lose. I’m single and so are you. And we’re in the best place in the world”

 “Are you crazy?” You turn to him again, with both your hands on your hips.

 “What’s wrong with you? You’re Dauntless now. What’s wrong with a one night stand?”

 “Being Dauntless doesn’t mean she has to be stupid like you.” Eric stands up and speaks before I can even think of a good answer.

 “Excuse me?” You whisper to him.

 “Shut up, let me deal with him,” Eric whispers back. You gasp in shock. What’s happening with him?

 “Why is he defending you?” Jason stands up too, and you feel the tension between the men.

 “I don’t know. Now, kids, go to sleep.”

 “Sure. My offer is up if you want.”

 “She won’t be your one night stand.” The anger on Eric’s voice makes you grab his arm and pull him out the bar.

 You don’t care about what’s wrong with Eric tonight, but you don’t want any problems. You let him go as soon as you’re out, but he keeps following you through the compound. Both of you live on the same corridor, but your apartment is slightly far from his. You stop next to your door and turn on your heels to face Eric.

 “Tell me what the hell was that, would you?”

 “Jason has caused enough problems. And I heard he impregnated a girl who’s raising the kid alone. I don’t want this for you.” Eric sounds weird. A weight on his voice, something you never heard before.

 “Why do you even care? You insult me and shout at me whenever you can. Why do you care now? ” You try your best to stay still and don’t let him notice that your hopes are getting high. Since your initiation, you’re completely in love with the bastard, even though he has many flaws you can’t stand. But you also try to keep both feet on the ground.

 “You’re right. I shouldn’t care. You didn’t even say thank you.” He looks at the ground and then turns to leave, but you won’t let him go without an explanation. No one, not even Eric, is allowed to mess with your life and leave like it was nothing. You walk fast until you’re before him, staring into those icy blue eyes.

 “Thank you,” you whisper. You never had the chance to stay that close to him, and to be honest, the man is even more handsome than you thought. You lose your breath for a second.

 “You’re welcome. Will you let me go now? ”


 “What do you want?”

 “Sorry.” You gather all the courage you have and pull him to you by the collar of his coat.

 Kissing Eric is an old fantasy, and right now, you couldn’t let the chance slip through your fingers. You kiss him quickly, pulling away before he gets mad.

 “Sorry.” You mutter again.

 He smiles at you, amused, and you look down.

 “That was interesting,” Eric says before leaning close and capturing you in a slowly kiss, something you never expected from him since he was all about roughness. After a while, you both pull away to breathe, but he keeps you close.

 “Well, that was interesting. You were jealous.”  You whisper, a small smile on your lips.

 “Yes. That guy will never get anywhere near you again.”

A Nice Wake Up [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request(s): ‘CAN YOU DO A SMUT AGAIN WITH BARRY SEB AND READER?!?!?!? PLEASE AN CAN IT BE where like the boys have a dream about the reader and the reader sees what they are doing in their sleep and yah? DOes that make sense?’ And ‘Poly smut where y/n is between them and they’re both inside her but seb and Barry are making out with each other? Idk’

a/n: this is hot… you guys like me? I feel like everyone hates me rn and I honestly just…you know…. want Barry/Seb to make me happy

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

Soft moans invite you into the apartment, making you crinkle your eyebrows. Toeing off your shoes, you shrug your jacket to your hands, letting it fall to the floor. “Mmm… love you Y/N…” Barry mumbles into the pillow, face scrunched in concentration. “You feel…sssss’good…” His hips buck up as you enter the bedroom, hard on defined in his dark gray boxers.

“Yeah…yes, princess…” Sebastian smirks, eyelashes spread against his freckled cheeks. Covering your mouth, your fingers work on the button of your maroon ripped skinny jeans, eyeing the way your boyfriends bare chests rise and fall. “Girl…you so sexy…damn.” he grunts, hand resting over the waistband of his striped boxer briefs.

Stripping out of your white blouse, you climb on the bed, hands creeping up their hairy legs. Barry sucks in a breath, squeezing his eyelids tighter, while Sebastian coos out a little ‘ooo’, grinning. Biting your lip, you place your palms over their dicks, feeling how hard they are.

The speedster’s bright eyes snap open, gasping at the sudden contact. You wink, sneaking your fingers into his boxers, wrapping your hand around him. “Y/N…” Barry groans loudly, waking up his boyfriend. The Warbler blinks, focusing his eyes on you, patting slightly. “I wa…wanna be inside you.” he continues, thrusting up in your hand.

Slapping the other boy, Sebastian squints. “No. I want to. You got to last time.” he frowns, kicking off his boxers to the end of the bed. Barry slaps him back. “Oh, you wanna go, B? You wanna go?” he bites, glaring at the superhero. “Need I remind you of Dalton fight club-”

“Both of you can be.” you suggest seductively, sitting on your knees. With a throaty moan, Barry nods.

In a quick second, you’re suddenly on top of Sebastian, hands set firmly on his chest; Barry kneels behind you, condom already on, dick barely grazing your ass. “Aw…why am I on the bottom?” Sebastian whines, sand colored locks fanning across the pillowcase.

At the same time, you and Barry roll your eyes. You sink down onto the Warbler’s cock, making him gasp, gripping the sheets. “Don’t complain, you love bottoming- oh!” you shout, feeling Barry enter from behind. “Warn me next time, Barr…” you shiver, adjusting to his length.

“Sorry, babe…” he mutters, rocking his hips slowly. Groaning, you lean down, breasts pressed to Sebastian’s toned chest, making him whine. Barry follows your movements, hooking his chin over your shoulder while thrusting. When he gets close enough, he captures the Warbler’s lips with his, sucking.

Sebastian moans into the kiss, tongue dipping into his boyfriend’s mouth as he bucks his hips. Hissing, you grind down on Barry’s dick, causing him to groan, biting the other boy’s lip. “Oh my god… “ you whimper, bouncing when the speedster starts vibrating. “Ugh… Barr, Seb… I’m gonna cum…” you whine, tossing your head back to lean on Barry’s shoulder.

“Cum, princess… cum, girl. Please…” Sebastian begs, cock twitching when your walls tighten around him. Grabbing a handful of his thick hair, you let out a moan before Barry cums, face hidden in your back. “Jesuschrist…” he whispers as one word, cumming at the same time you do.

Hot and sticky, the three of you carefully tumble to the mattress, breathing heavily. Barry giggles, kissing his girlfriend then boyfriend. “That was nice to wake up to… right, Bas?” he hums, curling his arms around your waist.

Sebastian frowns, scooting that he’s now in the middle. “Better.”

Ink - Jughead Jones

musigamercat said:

Okay, I’m good with that… All respect here. Could I ask for “#78”, “#48”, and “#152” then? Only if you’re okay with it. I’m sorry if I’m asking so much, like I said… It’s all good if you say no😯😯

#48 “That’s hot”.

#78 “Is that a tattoo?”

#152 “Tell me the truth”.

Originally posted by jenzig

Number 78 seems to be the one that gives me the most trouble! I don’t know why though!

Your head rolled against the solid wall of the closet as Jughead trailed heated kisses down your neck. His hands held your waist against the wall as your arms crossed over his shoulders, pulling him closer. You felt his nose brush against your skin as he kissed up to your jaw. When you moved your head, you nearly bumped your head with his. You let out a nervous giggle as he smiled. His blue eyes met your gaze, glanced down to your lips and back up to yours eyes. Your arms shifted, moving your hands to the back of his neck. You pulled his lips to yours again and smiled into the kiss. Your fingers tangled in the small curls of dark hair at the back of his neck. You slid the hem of his hat in between two of your fingers, pulling it off his head, but still holding on to it.

“Very sneaky,” he whispered when he created space between the two of you. You smiled and he went back to kissing your jaw, his hand sliding up your waist to cup your neck. His sleeve rode up off his wrist, revealing a black wisp, winding down the skin on his forearm.

“Is that a tattoo?” You asked, and Jughead immediately pulled away. Despite the dark closet, you could see the pink tints that dusted the boy’s cheeks. He curled his lips nervously and you grinned.

“Uh no?” You giggled, moving your hand to the side of his face. You trailed your thumb under his bottom lip teasingly. You pulled his lip gently with the tip of your thumb.  

“Tell me the truth,” you whispered and Jughead’s eyes fluttered. You smiled, knowing that if you kept this act up, he’d tell you anything. He pulled up his sleeve, revealing the ink. You held his forearm, using your other hand to trace the lines of the tattoo. It was a beautiful pattern; within the swirls of detailed strands, you saw a pen and paper. His passion for writing permanently marked on his skin. Your finger traced the largest strand when you saw a little crown outlined in black. The small cartoon crown you had drawn for him during art class. You looked up at him, smiling at the darker blush on his cheeks.

“I hope you don’t mind that I used a design of yours. I just thought I’d carry a little thing that inspired you with me, since you’re my inspiration.” When he finished speaking, you pulled him close, capturing his lips in a heated kiss. Your hands held his face while his clutched your waist. Your fingers tangled in his hair, pulling gently on his locks. He moaned softly as you reluctantly pulled away.

“That’s hot,” you whispered with a smile. He let out a chuckle, leaning in to kiss you again. You hummed into the kiss, your hands still on his face. Before it could go any further, a knocking sounded against the door. You jumped in Jughead’s arms, causing him to smile widely.

“Hey lovebirds! Are you in there? We got a murder to solve!” Betty’s voice rang through the door, causing you to sigh in relief. At least it wasn’t Veronica who caught you. You turned your head towards Jughead, smiling at his wide pupils and kiss swollen lips. His hair was left like a mop on his head by your wandering fingers and you could only imagine you looked just as messy.

“Ready to face the day?” You wiggled your eyebrows and Jughead smiled. He leaned down, picking up his hat and covering his hair. You smoothed out his jacket, smiling as you did. He brushed through your hair with his fingers, trying his best to make it look presentable.

“Let’s go solve a murder.” He held out his hand and you took it with a smile.   

Long Distance

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,760 words

Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Summary: *REQUESTED* You made the mistake of falling for a foreign exchange student. Now heโ€™s back in Thailand and he hasnโ€™t called you since the day he left. One afternoon, he finally calls you.

A/N: I ended up changing the title, so deal with itย 

Your phone rang as you left the building you just had class in. It was a Friday afternoon and youโ€™d just gotten out of your last class just a few minutes ago. You looked at the caller ID. It was him.

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an attic romance [jugxreader] 1/2

a/n; i had an epiphany. decided to write. for anyone who knows of good jughead fics/writes them, please send them my way. tag me. kidnap me and make me look at them. i think im in love

words; 1894

warnings; just teens being teens

summary; you and jug had been biffles for LIFE. only except all this time he has been madly in love with you. only when heโ€™s homeless and you decide to help out he has the courage to confess

part two.


โ€œWhere will you stay now?โ€ He looked up at you from his laptop with a tired look before he returned to stare at the blank monitor and the open notepad in it. At Popโ€™s it was slow today. The occasional bright laugh from a few booths back seemed ill fitting in the situation you found yourself in at this very moment. The plastic table was cold on your palms, your brows burrowed together in worry as you tried to catch his gaze again but to no avail. You leaned in ever so slightly, the bright yellow uniform shifting just so that it let your bra strap slip into view, โ€œI meanโ€ฆโ€ you trailed off, trying to find the correct words. Biting your lower lip you glanced at Ronnieโ€™s mom โ€“ she was very obviously following this conversation with a knowing look, standing all the way behind the counter and wiping a few glasses โ€“ and you actively missed Jughead throwing a look at your exposed shoulder. โ€œSince Twilight Drive-In isโ€ฆโ€ His jaw tensed. You halted, โ€œIโ€™m sorry, Juggie, I know itโ€™s a touchy subject, but you gotta give me an answer.โ€

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Summary: one of Bucky’s very last days before he dies … as always…..

Pairing: bucky x reader

Warning: angst, FLUFF !!, crying, shootings, character death… But not really…. Or yes ?

Word count : 2464

It was raining onto your head as you kneeled on the ground.

Your sobs echoed in the heavy silence of sadness around you. The thunder was only background noise now as everyone standing around looked at your tear strained face and listened to your screaming in silence.

“BEAT!” you yelled at bucky who was laying in front of you with closed eyes.

You pushed his chest “BEAT!” You yelled again, pushing down onto his chest as your tears fell onto his jacked.

He didn’t breathe anymore, his heart stopped beating and the memory of his eyes vanished away slowly even though you tried to hold onto it as hard as you could.

The blood dried down already, not even the rain could make it flow again.

You shook under the cold of the wind but you didn’t care as another tear escaped your eyes.
You glanced up at Bucky’s face, barely being able to look at him, you ran your hand through his hair and down his face, stopping on his cheek.

You smiled down at him a sad smile and leaned down to capture his lips in a soft kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut as you tried to convince yourself he was responding, but he wasn’t.

You pulled away after only a short moment and looked at him, your hand still caressing his cheek. “Bucky” your tears fell harder as you said his name the sobs escaping your mouth again. “I need you.” You told him softly, leaning down and laying your head onto his chest.

You knew he couldn’t hear you, he would never be able to hear you again but you stayed there, you’d stay there as long as you could, waiting for a response, even though you knew you wouldn’t get one but you stayed there. You just stayed.

6hours earlier.

Bucky and you slept peacefully in your shared bed. It was a short nap before your mission started. Bucky woke up moments ago, the first thing he did was pulling you closer to his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly, to protect you and to show you his adoration.

You laid in front of him, your face being so close to his own, it gave him a perfect view of all your features, the nose that he loved just as much as the little smile that played on your lips when you slept, he loved everything about you.
His left hand ran up and down your back as the other one played with your hair.

He smiled down at you and leaned in closer to kiss your nose and when he pulled away he saw your eyes open, glancing up at his.

He leaned down again and kissed your lips this time.
His left hand finding its way down to your waist as the other one kept playing with your hair. Your eyes closed as he captured your lips with his, your hands laying on his chest as the kiss deepened.
It soon grew to a passionate kiss that showed both your feelings for each other.

You pulled away breathlessly and looked at him with a smile just as huge as his.
“We gotta get ready” you told him while twirling one strand of his hair on your finger, concentrating on it.

He watched you doing so and chuckled down at you.
He pulled you even closer, if that was even possible, nuzzling his head into the crock of your neck, peppering kisses to it at the same time sending butterflies straight to your tummy.

“But I don’t wanna go” he whined, before kissing you one last time and then just letting himself fall down on your shoulder, laying slightly on top of you now.

“I know, me either” you stated softly as your fingers ran through his hair, playing with it and massaging his scalp making him sigh in contention.
“But we promised” you continued and twirled another strand of hair around.

He sighed again and slightly squeezed your waist now “I know” he mumbled into your neck before propping himself up on one elbow and tipping his head down to you to capture your lips in another tender, loving kiss.

He pulled away and looked deep into your eyes “I love you” he said in a serious voice.

You chuckled “I love you too” you replied but he just kept looking at you “no” he started and you stopped grinning seeing that this was really very important to him, so you just glanced back up to him “I mean it, I want this forever… I want just this. I love you, I love you so much”

You didn’t say anything as your eyes filled with tears and you glanced up at him wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down to you in yet another kiss, this one, though was different, this one was so full of meaning and love, you put everything you had into that kiss, as if your life depended on it.
That kiss was so overwhelming and it made bucky feel dizzy but he knew that you wanted the same… he knew, you loved him too.

2hours later
Both of you made your way to the roof, hand in hand, walking to the heli carrier.
You smiled to yourself, at the thought of what happened only a couple of hours earlier and at the feeling of Bucky’s metal fingers laced with yours.

You just smiled because of him, the simple gesture of holding your hand made you so happy that you couldn’t believe it yourself, but it was true.
You saw Steve, Nat, Sam, wanda and Tony already walking into the carrier.

As you walked closer a yawn escaped your lips and you laid your head onto Bucky’s upper arm, snuggling as close as possible while walking.

“I suggest you sleep in a little on the flight, doll.” He chuckled and you smiled a little wider, squeezing his hand a little.

“I suggest you sleep in a little with me” you asked.
He gasped at you “(y/n), I never thought you’d want to join the mile high club.” He whistled.

You laughed pushing yourself away from him and punching his arm playfully making him laugh as he pulled you closer to him again, this time with your arms around his torso and his left arm resting in your shoulders making it particularly hard for both of you to walk but neither of you cared as you stepped into the carrier.

2hours later
You felt someone shaking your arms softly and whispering to you.
You stirred awake and rubbed your eyes, looking around, you were in one of the little beds of the mission jet, the ones that were to be used for naps.

You glanced down to see a peacefully sleeping Bucky next to you, with a smile playing on his lips.
You smiled yourself, being incredibly happy and relieved that he had a good sleep without any nightmares bothering him.

His sleep got better anyway. He once told you it was all because of you. He told you that hearing your breathing, and feeling you besides him calmed him down and made him feel incredibly comfortable and protected. He said he just felt at home when he was with you.

You smiled at the memory.

You looked up to see Natasha smiling down at you
“We’re almost there, Sleepyheads, only 10more minutes.” She whispered with a smile, leaving you to yourself again.

Once again your look found its way to a sleeping bucky. You pushed the loose hair out of his face and rand your hands through his strands.
Having found their way to his fave your finger drew small patterns onto his cheeks making him stir awake.

“Hey” he breathed out still a little sleepy.

“Hi” you responded and leaned down to kiss him.

1hour later

“Hey are you alright.” Bucky asked you worriedly.

“I don’t like this” you responded, avoiding his gaze as you put on your combat belt.

Bucky pushed your chin up to meet his eyes and smiled at you “I’m a grown man, (y/n), I can handle this. I think it also helps that I’m really good at fighting.” he chuckled and you looked at him in annoyance.

“Steve paired everyone up except you. You are all alone and I don’t like it.” You huffed.

“Because he knows I can handle it.” He tried to convince you.

“I’m just saying … please watch out and think about what you do, its dangerous bucky, please be safe.”
You pleaded urgently.

“I will” he told you stern and leaned down but you pushed him away harshly making him look at you in confusion and worries.

“Nope , no kissing anymore. It will prevent your reckless ass from getting killed.” You told him, pointing a finger at him.

He laughed at you, crinkling his eyes “may I get a kiss when this mission is over?” He asked with a wink.

“You may get a kiss if you don’t die.” You told him and walked away from him and out of the heli carrier.

1hour later
It happened too fast for you to progress.
You didn’t see anything through the heavy rain as you walked out of the Hydra facility alongside nat.

It started raining only shortly after you arrived, it wasn’t planned and annoying but you wouldn’t let it stop you.

Both you and Natasha walked slowly towards the other side of the place you tried to infiltrate, which worked pretty good for you and nat which is why both of you were so carefree.

A loud thunder, sent a crashing noise through the rather silent place.
You heard a short rustling and looked over at nat who stopped walking and held her wrist up to her mouth.
“Steve ? Are you guys alright?” She asked worried and you worried now too.

They gave you status update earlier saying that Steve’s and Wanda’s side was alright and they went to meet up with bucky.
This took so much tension away from you and you worried about him a little less.

There was another rustling sound and you frowned at Natasha, the next thunder barked up and Natasha urged into her microphone again.

That’s when you took of walking.

Your steps got faster with every passing minute and as you heard gunshots you took of running.

The rain made the ground slippery and you had trouble at not tripping but you managed to keep yourself steady as you ran.
You rounded a corner and ran onto a huge free space, seeing bucky , Steve and Wanda fighting alongside each other.

Suddenly you saw something that made you run even faster.

There was someone behind Bucky and neither of them saw them. You ran and ran across the wet ground as fast as you could, yelling Bucky’s name and yelling for Steve and Wanda, but none of them heard your screaming through the loud thunder and rain.

It was then that your world started spinning as you heard another gunshot and saw all of them turning to bucky.

You stopped dead in your tracks watching what was going on from a little further away.

Bucky looked down to his stomach and touched a dark spot on his jacked with his hand, bringing it back up to look at it.

It was blood. You knew it had to be blood

He looked up in horror and that’s when he saw you standing there in shock and his eyes grew even wider not wanting you to see him like that as he couldn’t support himself anymore and fell onto his knees.

That’s when you took off running again, this time even faster than before but seeing less through the thick tears in your eyes.

You ran and when you reached him he was already laying down and had trouble staying awake.
You let yourself fall down and kneeled next to him quickly.
“Bucky” you shouted with tears running down your face as you grabbed his hand.

He was trying to react “bucky?” You screamed in horror but this time nothing happened and you just stared at him in horror before it clicked.

You didn’t want to hear if he had a heart beat, you were too afraid to do so but you knew there wasn’t one.

You pushed down onto it demanding it to beat in a yell.

All your surroundings faded away, there was the rain, the thunder, the others surrounding you but you didn’t care for any of this as you tried to get bucky back.

“I need you” you told him after kissing him.
You cried loudly as you laid your head onto his shoulder, with your hands on his chest.

You cried because you only now realized what you actually lost.

You lost your life. You could’ve been shot, it would never have hurt you as much as your heart hurts now.
Because you lost the one and only, the love of your life.

You cried into his shoulder not even bothering to calm down as you sobbed.

But then there was something and you didn’t know if it was just imagined or not but your head shot straight up and your sobs quieted down a bit as you looked at bucky in shock.

“Bucky ?!” You yelled out in desperation again.
And he didn’t respond, he just sucked in a breath deeply, quietly urging the air into his lungs.

You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding and gasped out of pure relief as now tears of happiness fell down your face.

His eyes fluttered open and he smiled exhaustedly.
“Hey” he breathed out.

You broke into a huge grin as your hands found their way to his face “hi” you said happily.
He gave you a toothy smile.

But then it clicked again.
“You were dead you fucking asshole.!” You yelled out with new tears running down your face.
“How?” You asked more soft now, just above a whisper.

“I told you I’m good at fighting” he grinned at you making you role your eyes.

“But how, you were dead Bucky, you were dead” you repeated and started to cry again as the realization hit you once again.

“Let’s just say I had a reason to come back, I was looking forward to that kiss”

And you leaned down to him kissing him deeply, this time even more filled with love than ever before.
It was another one of those overwhelming kisses but bucky didn’t care.

Bucky only cared about you and that yo were with him now.

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Foxy Lady and The Sneaky Butterfly

okay so I wrote something for @miracusims a long time ago but never really finished it. So I decided maybe posting it will help me get inspired. Itโ€™s nowhere near done and super unedited and Iโ€™m sorry! Itโ€™s under the cut!

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Giving In

Dean Winchester x Reader

An Anon request from the Drabble prompt list. Requested #66: I won’t let you get hurt.” With Dean.

HERE is the list of drabble prompts you can request from.

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In reality, it was silly. You shouldn’t be afraid of something as simple as a relationship. You were a hunter for crying out loud. Killing monsters daily, never knowing if you were going to live to see another sunrise in the morning. Vampires, werewolves, even shifters. They didn’t scare you at all.

But the prospect of falling in love with someone so completely, so utterly, that you couldn’t live without them. That scared you so freaking much that you pushed yourself away from anyone that came even close to capturing your heart. Worse than Dean, you had a tough time trusting that people wouldn’t leave you. That the second you opened your heart to some man, they would tear it apart, stomping on it on their way out the door. Or the monsters would see your weakness, killing them in front of you.

Either option didn’t sound good, so you did the only thing you could think of. It was one night stands or nothing at all. Sure, it made you feel lonely, often feeling as if you were missing out on things. But to you it was safe. And that’s all that mattered.

Until Dean came along. Messing with all of your carefully laid out plans and ideas. Making you have these emotions that you had promised would never cross your mind. Just a glimpse of his forestry green eyes, the plump lips that would often tilt up in a smile and your heart would start fluttering.

He was amazing, and everything you never thought you would want in a man. And that’s what had you so scared. Because you could feel yourself falling for this man, landing completely under his spell. Which is exactly what you didn’t want.

So instead of crushing yourself in his embrace, you would push him away. When he’d smile at you, you’d catch yourself smiling back and you would rush from the room, flustered and annoyed at yourself. When he stepped it up a notch, attempting to kiss you after a couple of drinks at the bar, you had pushed him away. It was then you noticed the hurt in his eyes, the confusion.

“What is it?” He had asked you, his hand clenching by his side. “Am I that repulsive that you don’t want to have anything to do with me?”

Wishing for another drink right about then, you had shaken your head, your hair getting caught in your lip gloss. Carefully, he reached up, brushing the hair from your face. “Then what is it? I can see it, the fact that you have feelings for me too. So why do you keep pushing me away? Pretending as if they didn’t exist?”

Feeling close to tears, you raced out of the bar, away from him. Not stopping until you made it to the Impala, you let the tears fall, knowing how foolish you were probably being. That you were so afraid of things going wrong that you were hurting yourself even now. You wanted nothing more than to open up to Dean, to let yourself fall in love with him because you knew you were so close already.

“Damn it Y/N, why did you run out on me?” He grumbled, racing up behind you, your forgotten coat in his hands.

“Because I’m scared Dean. I’m scared of these feelings that have been hidden deep down until you came along. I’m afraid that I’m going to get too close to you, and you’ll leave me. I’m not strong enough for that.” You ended on a sob, and he pulled you into his arms, holding tight while you struggled against him.

It took only seconds before you relaxed in his arms, a place you had wanted to be for such a long time. “Shh, we’re all scared of that. I’ve had so many people leave me in this life, but look at me. I’m still wanting to take a shot at love with you. It’s okay to be scared, but I won’t let you get hurt. You mean too much to me to just toss you off to the side. And if those Monsters do get a hold of me I will do everything in my power to come back to you.” He promised, and you peered up at him through tear soaked eyelashes.

“Why do you have to be so amazing? So understanding?” You asked him, earning one of those amazing smiles of his.

“So you would fall in love with me.” He answered. “But don’t worry. We can go slow. I know this is a huge step for you, but it’s one I definitely want you to take.”

Taking a deep breath, you stood on your tiptoes, quickly pecking his lips with your own. “I’ll give it a shot. But please be patient with me. I’ve pushed people away for so long, I’m not sure how to do this.”

“We’ll work on it together.” He assured you, before opening the door to the Impala and letting you slide inside.

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and when the storm came, with its wind and rain and biting screamsโ€ฆ it wasย only the beginning to a terrible end.

Pairing: Keith and Pidge
series: Voltron: Legendary Defender
music by Olafur Arnalds

โ€œHe is not who he says he isโ€ฆโ€

The words didnโ€™t hit home until much later. But at this moment all she could do was curl her lips in a sneer and scoff.

โ€œYou donโ€™t know him like I do,โ€ Pidgeโ€™s response was a snarl and a leer, all too haughty and disdainful.ย โ€œSo you can take your warnings and shove it.โ€

โ€œMajor,โ€ the word of protest from Roloโ€“the only one who seemed just as shocked at the words from the Lord Lubosโ€“was cut short when Pidge rose from the ground swiftly and stiff.ย 

Without so much as a bow, Pidge turned her back on the fief lords and strode out, skirts swishing angrily around her legs as she stormed out.ย 

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