close capture

up-close polaroids that capture you smiling when you feel awkward, you fixing your hair when you don’t think it’s perfect, you fidgeting with your hands in attempt to relieve tension. you’re unsatisfied with the pictures but you don’t realize how much they capture you, how beautiful they are, how beautiful you are

ive seen playthroughs of SuMo and ppl are confused with how some ppl talk in the game.

Let me clarify things, in Hawaii calling someone cousin is a term of endearment or someone you think is close enough to be like family. When Hau says Tutu, he is referring to one of his grandparents. Also when kids call an older adult Auntie or Uncle they are not saying they are related, but its just a respectful way to call an adult when you talk to them.

One of the themes for the game are having close ties with ppl. And I think having the game based on Hawaii is a good choice. Alola captured how close a lot of ppl are and how they regard each other in Hawaii and thats really neat!

A “dew” covered green tree python (Morelia virdis). Pythons are non-venomous ambush predators, using their camouflage to remain hidden from sight until prey venture close enough to be captured.


None of these pictures come close to capturing the huge crowd that turned out in Lexington, KY for the Women’s March today. No official numbers yet, but the ballpark estimate I’ve heard was 5,000.

The big cities are grabbing headlines – and I’m glad they are! – but they aren’t the only places where people are joining together in protest. Today I saw all kinds of people come together in a small city in a pervasively-red state to march for justice and equality, and I want others to see it, too.

Keep fighting, y'all. We’re just getting started.


The Doors: Morrison Hotel (1970)

Morrison Hotel isn’t my favorite Doors LP in terms of having song after amazing song (their debut and L.A. Woman are pretty tough to beat), but it’s probably my favorite when it comes to ATTITUDE!

Here they were revived as a hard-drinking-and-brawling, bad-ass blues-rock combo, recovering much of the focus lost on the pedestrian Waiting for the Sun and the excessive The Soft Parade, within the first 90 seconds of the iconic “Roadhouse Blues.”

Even the not-so-timeless songs like “You Make Me Real,” “Peace Frog” and “Land Ho!” (what an awesome mid-section) generally succeed on the strength of their raucous, feisty intensity, and the closing “Maggie M’Gill” captures the brooding, growling Lizard King at his most menacing.

By contrast, the infrequent diversions into softer sounds showcase some of Morrison’s subtlest and sweetest crooning – not so much during the baroque flourishes and fiery crescendo of “Waiting for the Sun,” but certainly amid the hazy reveries of “Blue Sunday” and “Indian Summer.” 

All in all, though it was Morrison’s name used in the title, I think this LP marked the rebirth of Jim, Ray, Robbie and John as The Doors: a band to be reckoned with among classic rock’s “greatest generation, even though their tragic demise loomed ever closer.

Or, as the blues singer sagely put it, so presciently and sagely: “The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near,” before casually shrugging his shoulders and concluding: “Let it roll, baby, roll!”

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"Where am I?"//Randomeevee w/Dark Meta Knight

Rind wouldn’t be able to see much of anything in the dark, dank caverns of Radish Ruins. That had been the place Dark Meta Knight had typically hidden himself since the complete failure of his recent revenge scheme that started in Floralia. The mirror had since been shattered and repaired, but that wouldn’t stop him from watching as others challenging his superiority, and there was already another threat to his status that needed to be dealt with.

It just so happened that this creature would give him something that he needed. She came across his line of sight, and now she was at his mercy. Dark Meta Knight whipped around as the little creature spoke up, and he paused for a few seconds for dramatic flair before his glowing silver sword slowly moved over to point at the Eevee.

“You are at the end of the line.”

@rightmoves || feb. 13. 1984 

He’s just managed to catch her by her locker at the end of the day, calling out her name in attempt to grab attention before she leaves. Jonathan tries to avoid the eyes on him from other student, slipping through the crowded hall before catching up to Nancy, hands awkwardly going to pockets as his eyes shift down for a moment before getting to the point. 

 It’s not something he normally does ( the mixtapes usually only go to Will or himself ). But he figured, after everything they’d been through, it would be reasonable. Jonathan only knows of her birthday because it’s a few days before his own. And growing up, their moms would always talk about it to each other. So of course that weekend he’d put something together, in hopes it would be okay and good enough to hand off on Monday. 

 “H-hey, um… hap- happy birthday. I, uh… I-I got… I made a mixtape, just- i-its short but… just some stuff… I-I thought you might like. It’s, um… there’s Bowie, Television… some Smiths…” 

Jonathan’s eyes dart down as he reaches into his bag, pulling out the tape and holding it out, an included slip of paper listing out the songs and times, so she doesn’t have to ask later.