close break ups

i feel like a lot of us rly Needed just hold on in our lives rn

When the university closes for the holiday

                                                        This is the end for you, my master.


4CC 2017

Scott making Tessa and the crowd laugh with his twizzle recovery during warm up (close up edition)



I caught him as a teeny Grubbin, and I’d tapped on Pokemon Refresh, intending to give a bean to my pokemon that helped me catch him, but at the last second put Genji in my party



I gave him a rainbow bean to make up for it

and then not five minutes later he was a Vikavolt

the boy fell asleep on me after like a minute

he even has the appropriate green biolights aaaaaah

me: i enjoy sherlolly, but i understand the odds of it canonically happening are not high and so will not become discouraged if i do not see it on screen. i will continue to enjoy fanworks and my own headcanons and continue to live my life peacefully

sherlock season 4 trailer: *airs* *molly cries* *sherlock says ‘i love you’*


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BTS Reaction to finding out you used to date a member of EXO

Seventeen Version 

Jungkook (Kai) : Jungkook’s jaw would drop to the ground when you told him you used to date Jongin. He’d feel like he would have to grow up more (even though he’s very mature for his age) just for the fact that you used to date someone three years older than both you and Jungkook. When he knew EXO would also be at the same awards show BTS would be at Jungkook would purposefully have his hand in yours or arm wrapped around you just because he felt protective over you when he knew Jongin would be around.

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V (Suho) : Taehyung wouldn’t care that you used to date the leader of EXO. He knew that you used to date older men even though you yourself was only a year older than Taehyung. Junmyeon and you stayed close friends even after breaking up and Taehyung was perfectly fine with that. Junmyeon being one of his friends that he respected a lot he wouldn’t care if you still texted or talked to him, he trusted you and he knew you didn’t love him anymore, you loved Taehyung and that’s the only thing that mattered to him.

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Jimin (Sehun) : Jimin being jealous Jimin would want to keep you away from Sehun whenever he was near no matter what, Jimin to be quite honest wouldn’t care if you two were still friends because he’d be vocal about how he didn’t like that you were still friends with someone you used to say you loved. You’d of course understand his point of view, you wouldn’t like seeing Jimin with his ex either but sometimes at award shows and performances when you were waiting backstage Jimin would be extra clingy, he’d hold your hand, waist, have his arm around your shoulder and would literally try making out with you when he knew Sehun was around. 

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J-Hope (Baekhyun) : Hoseok wouldn’t have known that you dated Baekhyun if you were never brought up in an interview. The question was asked if any of the members still kept in contact with their exes. Almost all of them said no except for Baekhyun, he mentioned your name and how you were Hoseok’s girlfriend now. He said you two still kept in contact, which was true but Hoseok still wondered why you never said anything to him. It didn’t bother him that you still talked to Baekhyun, he respected Baekhyun and knew you would never do anything to hurt him. It was just the simple thing of you not telling him after all this time.

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Rap Monster (D.O) : The clinginess is absolutely absurd in your mind, Namjoon would always have his hands on you when he saw EXO was around because in his mind EXO = Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo meant that his girlfriend would be near her ex and he couldn’t have that. But this wasn’t the jealous Namjoon, this was the overly clingy overprotective Namjoon that you’d be appreciative for but deep down you just wanted to flick his head and tell him to knock it off because you loved him and not Kyungsoo anymore.

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Suga (Chanyeol) : Yoongi wouldn’t care that you dated Chanyeol, he’d simply shrug his shoulders and make a comment of “At least you have good taste.” and after that he wouldn’t care that you dated another rapper from a different boy group. You’d explain to him that you were still friends with him and Yoongi just gave a simple shrug again saying “I’m friends with him too so it’s quite alright.” and after that you wouldn’t bring it up again because honestly there was no reason to. Yoongi was fine with it and that’s all that mattered.

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Jin (Xiumin) : Jin would be shocked that you dated Xiumin from EXO just because how much older he is. You were younger than Jin and he even thought the two year distance between the two of you was a little big so hearing that you dated Minseok who is five years older than you Jin would be quite surprised. He’d of course have to make the comment of how you must like dating the eldest member of boy groups and you’d automatically swat him which just made him laugh more. All in all Jin wouldn’t care that you dated Minseok, he knew where your true intentions were and he wasn’t worried.

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If you’re in pain, I urge you to say -Alhamdulillahi Ala Kulli Hal - (we praise and thank Allah in every situation). This is the first step in knowing and understanding the Mercy of your Lord. Whatever you’re going through, know that this was never meant to miss you. This trial or test that you’re experiencing right now has already been ordained over billions of years ago (even before the universe was created). The pen is dry, so don’t despair. If Allah has decreed this upon you, know that you have the strength to overcome it, since Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear. Sometimes, in certain circumstances we just feel… Broken. Perhaps it is the death of someone close, or a break up with someone we love, perhaps a hurtful word, or perhaps a reason we can not pinpoint. Yet this feeling of brokenness can be an invitation to be better acquainted with al-Jabbar. Al-Jabbar, (The Compeller, The Restorer) is the One who is able to restore and mend what is broken. Some of the great scholars would supplicate “Ya Jabir Kul Kasir”, when they were faced with overwhelming difficulty, meaning “Oh You who mends everything that is broken”. Allah is al-Jabbar the one who restores all things to its original form and who fixes all that is broken. Will He then not mend your broken heart?

~*~Richonne got me re-evaluating my relationship~*~

Richonne got me setting new relationship goals… 💅💅💅

Rick & Michonne Grimes got me thinking I deserve more (where’s my garbage cat sculpture damnit) 💎

I’m going to have the talk tonight — my boyfriend better shape up or ship out!!! 🙊


I’m just gonna keep drawing them just posing together, I guess *shrugs* I actually made these a while back but only now decided to clean ‘em up.

Sherlock startles awake after feeling John’s weight leave the bed beside him.

“John?” Sherlock exclaims, a slender hand reaching out to clasp John’s wrist. 

“Hey,” John turns to face him, a soft expression on his face. “Go back to sleep, I’ll be right back.”


“I’m not leaving you, Sherlock. I’ll always come back.” John leans down to kiss Sherlock’s forehead. “Get some rest.”


Sneak Peek | The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar [x]