As a rival, and as a brother… I’ll go cheer for you in the finals. Do your best.




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Protecting the Innocent

Astra smiled as she looked around her new home. It had only been a month since she had moved here, but she couldn’t help but to feel a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment well up within her. She had managed to land a job that she loved, working at a local art museum. It wasn’t a super high paying job, but it paid the bills. She had even had a little left over to buy a little food and some new clothes and toys for Alek. He had been so excited when she had walked in through the door with a bag full of goodies for him. For the first time she felt like she was doing something right. 

Ghost was still staying with them, watching over them. Nothing had happened, but she still felt better having him around. She knew that her son was in the best protection she could hire. The boy had even warmed up to him quite a bit in the month they had been around each other. 

Currently Alek was sitting across from Ghost, his little toes touching the tip of the man’s boots. He was happily coloring in his new coloring book and rambling to the man about some story he had made up for the two little tigers on the page. Something about being best friends and living in the jungle. The woman had to chuckle to herself as she watched them. 

Astra glanced at the time on the clock that hung on the wall behind the boys. It was about eleven in the morning. That meant the mail would have just arrived. She knew that Ghost might not like what she was going to ask, but she was going to ask it anyways.  

Stepping forward, Astra crossed the room and made her way to where Ghost and Alek were sitting. She smiled down at her son when he looked up at her, a bright grin lighting up his innocent little features.

“Are you having fun, little monkey?” Astra asked, ruffling his hair. 

“Yeah!” he exclaimed, showing her the picture. “I was telling Ghost about Rodney and Jimmy!”

“You’ll have to tell me all about it later,” Astra replied with a chuckle. 

“Okay mommy!”

Astra turned her attention up to the man with a soft grin. It meant a lot to her that he was so patient with Alek. She knew that it took a lot for her son to open up to someone, especially a man. Yet, he had slowly come to trust Ghost and it made her so happy to see her child acting like an actual four year old. 

“Ghost, I was wondering if I could run down to get the mail? It should have arrived a few minutes ago.” Astra asked. However, she realized that she hadn’t exactly made it clear what she wanted. “I mean, by myself? Nothing has happened and besides, its right downstairs.”

So today some guy left me $2 on $40 and another table I had saw so he threw an extra $20 in his tip to make up for it
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(Also fun fact: if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out.)


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I’ve been meaning to draw for a while, but I just now got time for this. Yay! I missed drawing. X3 This is the Your Song scene from the Moulin Rouge play in Frostbitten and Lovestruck’s tenth chapter: So Close. I’ve been debating if I wanted to color this, but I like it the way it is. :3 Hope you guys enjoy this bit of Elsanna fluff as I work on Once Frostbitten, Twice As Shy’s next chapter. ;)