someone should have heard us playing MH3U last night
  • Me:How about a Crimson Qurupeco hunt? Shouldn't be too bad, he'll probably call in like...a Rathian, maybe.
  • Ty:Sure, sounds good. I'll get my stuff.
  • --
  • Me:There he is! He's calling something already! I don't recognize that--
  • [music changes]
  • [ground shakes]
  • [Deviljho appears]
  • Me:Okay, maybe we over-reacted, I'll distr--NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

this screenshot is lovingly titled “bitchwhaddupwithmyplate.jpg”

alex guarnaschelli is a force of pure evil and just about every episode of Chopped she delivers the evil eye plated up to fuck someone up

like if you could fillet someone with a look you’d have chef fugu lying on the ground in front of her sometimes

i love chopped but tHESE JUDGES



If you’re interested, just email or paypal me at clorinspats AT yahoo DOT com!!

In most cases, I’ll be able to respond right away and deliver a drawing within the same day. I can draw just about anything, including tasteful nudity/fan art/whatever you want as long as it doesn’t involve some X-rated action.

Also, I’m 100% serious about the Kit Kat thing. You can pretty much have two of whatever here or a small painting in exchange for foreign Kit Kats/Kit Kat moneys (heads up, foreign Kit Kats are between $15-$50 a box to account for importation and multiple Kit Kats).


some hitori kakurenbo video someone made. it’s pretty creepy until the doll speaks


this song always makes me feel better when i’m down so i’m posting it up in case anyone else is as down as me and needs a pick up


Firebird Suite

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my favourite one from Fantasia 2000

this one is really low-quality but it’s the best video I could find :<

18 Microwave Snacks you can Cook in a Mug

so I’m blogging from my bookmarks again because I have a shit tonne of tabs open and way too many bookmarks and i need to start the productive chain moving by starting small and growing big. since packing is now out of the question, blogging from bookmarks.

that aside: this page has links to making small dinners and snacks and breakfast in a mug as well, most of which look delightful and delicious~

ranting about police

so all i hear about is police doing bad things and people being horrible and i want to hear about more people doing good things and amazing things

for every story about police officers arresting children for stupid shit i want two where a police officer saved someone’s life or stopped people from doing something stupid

because the police aren’t bad people

zeno’s dad is a police he’s pr cool

my stepdad went and trained to be a police he’s pr cool

a lot of family friends are police they’re pr cool

it’s like

i just read 19 instances of police arresting kids for stupid shit dotted around different places across the US and across a few years and i felt my paranoia rise

and then i sit and i think yeah this is exactly what the article is trying to do

tell me to prance around be like “fuck da popo” except maybe that just these idiots arresting kids for crumbs and plastic butter knives are idiots and should be the only ones to get in trouble, not all police everywhere

puts head down i’m sorry i stretched your dash