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Today And Tamaran

isley-phd asked: “Come any closer and you’ll regret it.”

Hostile/Enemies sentence starters

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Starfire definitely preferred fights with enemies she knew about. In this case, she had no real idea what would await her, but nonetheless she wouldn’t avoid it if it was necessary.

So, the tamaranean continued to move closer, now with a starbolt prepared in one hand. “Apologies, but I cannot heed that warning. It is my duty to stop anyone with un-legal intentions.”

“Aren’t you a little outside your jurisdiction?” the green-skinned woman flung at her as she looked up from the multiple phials of plant toxins she had “borrowed” from the research facility. The woman could fly. That was definitely a thing that put her at a distinct disadvantage.

“I’m not a marauding space alien or a power-hungry robot gone wrong. Stay in your lane, alien.”

1959. The Titans stumbled onto an e-mail Val-Yor wrote to Star that simply said 'you are still nothing'. They were mad until they saw Starfire send an email back in Tamaranian. Using a translator, they found out that the response was 'And you are still a sad, racist motherf***ing piece of s***. Go back to your day job and suck a Clorbag Varblernelk's d***, you miserable f***.' They have never felt prouder.

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