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So, who'd be the "best" out of the two main candidates and why? Also, what happened to "feel the bern"?

Bernie lost the Primary. He now puts his supports towards Hillary.

If he still tried to run, that’d split up the democratic vote EVEN MORE and that’s a big no.

And I’ve described several times in recent posts how Hillary is clearly the superior choice in the same way that drink castor oil might better than drinking bleach.

proto-and-vinyls-clop-cave  asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong, my knowledge on American politics is somewhat lackluster becuz Aussie ;P but isn't there a 3rd person running as well?

Theoretically Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are 3rd party candidates that are running as well, yes.

But their kind of a joke. And not a funny one, because the have no chance of winning, but they will leach votes away from Hillary, helping Trump to win.

Gary Johnson at best will get 10%, and Jill Stein will get less than that even. But studies suggest those votes might go to Hillary otherwise–but these people have got their tinfoil hats on too tight and actually believe all the conspiracy bullshit against Hillary.

If Trump wins, it’s gonna be because of them :/