Spreej, Pasi, Safi, Tiewai, Yello, Nag, Cloos - Nieuwe Orde.

Say His Name- Scenario No. 4

Namjoon x Reader - Defining Friendship 

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Namjoon’s POV

“Just stay put alright- I’ll be righ- I highly doubt that was Geroge Cloo- hello?”

This would mark the third time this week I’d have to save her from herself- I had come to learn that she had no self control when he was away on tour, she’d go to clubs and parties, see old friends who always seemed to be male- nothing added up with her.

I pulled up outside of the bar to see her attempting to hold herself up on the wall- her hair was a mess- she looked like she hadn’t eaten in days- I was getting in way over my head here.

“I swear it was- *hiccup* George Clooney- why don’t you believe me Joon?” See looked up at me from the passenger seat, her heavy makeup smeared leaving her looking tear stained- but there was no sign of sadness.

“I’m sure it was- where can I take you?”

“Your place.”

“I don’t think that’s a good ide-”

“I can’t go home Joon- I can’t sleep when he’s gone.” Her drunken tone vanished and was replaced with a subtle panic.

“Okay. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Not fifteen minutes later we’d reached my apartment- I told her to wash up while I made up my room for her- luckily my sofa was extremely comfortable and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’d passed out in it before.

Joonie- where are you going with those pillows-”

“Um- the sofa- seriously I don’t mind and beside you need the sleep.”

She let me pass her in the hallway as she made her way to my bedroom giving it a once over before saying thank you and goodnight. Her voice was somber, like she’d somehow been let down, but I decided it was best to shake it off and go to sleep.

It must have bee around 3 in the morning when she woke me up, sitting on the flood next to the sofa tracing figure eights into my shoulder.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Something like that-” she was coy, eyes fluttering innocently- but there was something growing in her eyes. Still drunk no doubt.

“What can I do?”

“Kiss me.”

She tried to inch close to my face and I only backed further away.

“Zico- he’s- no. We can’t do this.” My mind was saying not- but my body- well that’s a whole other excuse-

“Why not?” She started tailing kisses up my arm with that same sweetly deceptive stare from before- “he does it all the time-”

“He does what all the time?” I tore my hand away from her taking a stern tone as her innocent look turned shy. She wouldn’t look at me. It’s like I uncovered something that had been buried for years- “What does he do-”

He silence spoke volumes as I started piecing everything together-

“How does he still have you-” I tried to say it close to my breath so she wouldn’t hear, but the plan failed. 

“How could you say that Joon.”  All those night partying- she was trying to occupy her mind on something other than him being with another women- no wonder she couldn’t sleep.

“Because it’s not right- how could he- how could he do this to you, you’re perf-” I decided that finishing my thought would bring us deeper into this black hole- I regained my composure and steered the conversation away from my frantic thoughts. “You’re not well. It’s caused you to resort to drinking, among other things I’m sure you don’t tell me about- you don’t sleep. you’re always surrounded by other men-” don’t lose it Joon- she needs a friend not a crazy stalker- “Does he know what he does to you-”

“No- Joon- no you don’t unders- don’t you dare say anything to him! I swear I’ll never speak to you again!”

“Calm down-” her eyes were manic- looking me dead in the eyes with her warning- she wasn’t breathing properly- I thought she’d had a heart attack in my living room. What kind of hold did he have on her- “Just breath- I’m not telling anyone anything- how many times?”

“What?” Tears filled her eyes and she choked out the question-

“How many times has he hurt you like this-”


“Too many to count? Son of a-” Stay cool- she’s hurt- keep your emotions out of this. Be there for her.

“Something like that- we don’t discuss numbers- just when he’s on tour-” she tried to reason with herself as she sorted out the facts- “Joon is not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be- honest-”

“When he’s away- you’ll stay here. No more partying- not more drinking- no more sleeping pills- I know you won’t leave him, but you at least need to take care of yourself. Whenever you need too, come over.” She started to utter a protest. “What are friends for- right?” Great Joon- give her another cheesy smile- that’ll win her over-

“Joon- I don’t know what to do-” she slumped her head into the sofa close to where my hand was resting and began to cry- I quickly brought myself down to her level holding her while she shook frantically-

“How long have these panic attacks been happening- what else don’t you tell me-” I mustered up the most calm and sincere tone imaginable with intentions of consoling her- but it just made her cry even more- “Hey now- you don’t have to figure it out now alright? Shhh I’m here- just let it out- I’m here.”

I was there. I was there and he probably had his face between some sluts legs- I’m not normally one to show someone up- but at least he wasn’t there to see it-

“Let’s go to bed-” I lifted her off the cold ground and moved slowly to the bedroom with her held close to me- she played with my hair moving her hand sweetly through it- could she be more perfect.

We’d laid there for what seem like hours- she told me things she wouldn’t dare tell her girlfriends- all the things he’s done- what he put her through- It was enough to put him on my imaginary hit list- but her hand tracing shapes on my chest which made the rest of the world stand still- and just like lightning the moment came and went in a flash.

When I knew she was sound asleep I made a quiet plea-

“What am I to you-”

*So this would have taken place maybe after the 2nd or 3rd time Zico told the reader about his cheating. Make note that we are still unclear about the exact number of times he has cheated-*  


‘Expertise’ is de titeltrack voor Volume 5. Met dat album vieren we meteen een vijfde jaar vakmanschap. Op de track horen we respectievelijk Spreej, Nag, Saalk, Rakke en Cloos op een productie van Nag. Rakke is het nieuwste Eigen Makelij-lid.

Deze video ontstond, net zoals de track zelf, spontaan in L’ Augette​-Crevant (Frankrijk), waar het volledige Expertise album tot stand kwam.

“Volume 5 - Expertise” verschijnt op 21 december bij Eigen Makelij.
Het album wordt die dag live voorgesteld in Trix, Antwerpen: