peaceific asked:

Stiles? :D Or Jackson.

[ ñ ]

Clooooseeeeee… but think scruffier and sourer.

Attempts: Usagui Tsukino, Fiona Goode, Fandral the Dashing, Vasily Fet.

                            guess my top ten characters

                                                 (super easy edition)

  1. Scott McCall - towardofflove
  2. Marvel Comics (male)
  3. MCU (male)
  4. MCU (male)
  5. MCU (male)
  6. Lito Rodriguez - towardofflove
  7. Teen Wolf (male)
  8. Vanessa Ives - towardofflove
  9. Bayonetta (female)
  10. John Young (Muffin Baby) - peaceific

(”super hardcore only those who know Moon Moon will probably get it and even so I’m not sure you’ll be close” edition)

  1. Sailor Moon (female)
  2. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (female)
  3. The Strain (male)
  4. Final Fantasy VIII (male)
  5. MCU (female)
  6. Saint Seiya (male)
  7. Digital Devil Saga (male)
  8. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (female)
  9. Final Fantasy XIII (male)
  10. American Horror Story (female)