Her name is Violet, she’s about 3 months old, kind of chubby and has bright blue/green eyes.

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NOBODY CARES FOR A GARMENTS GIRL (1986): This 17 minute documentary was created by women television producers enrolled in a 5 week training institute (Television Programs for Women’s Development) sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development. For their final project they chose to document the conditions in one garment factory in Dhaka. It was collectively produced by Sultana Siddiqui (Pakistan), Rezvan Dokht Zad (Iran), Laila Arzumnd (Bangladesh), Sri Sutini (Indonesia), Sandhya Jalal (India), Farida Rana (Pakistan), Badrunnessa Abdullah (Bangladesh), Deepa Gautam (Nepal), Anoma Perera (Sri Lanka). Course trainers: Jai Chandiram (India and AIBD course director), Sally Cloninger (USA), and Dinaz Kalwachwala (India).


With the Women’s March on Washington only four days away, those of us that are fortunate enough to go are undoubtedly spending time preparing for the march. While researching safety tips, I found this amazing guide, put together by activist and self-defense instructor Jayme Cloninger. Jayme has assembled in one document some of the best tips for staying safe at the Women’s March, and any protest or rally. I found this super helpful and hope you will too!

Full document on Google Drive:

Jayme Cloninger’s Twitter:

I just shat this out.

So I’m doing a paper on personality and how it could (in these cases, could not) be applied to Freud and Skinner’s theories of Psychoanalysis and Behavior, and I just re-wrote Cloninger’s (2010) definition of the word and I believe it’s amazing!

and that’s why I decided to show you guys, because I just couldn’t not (perfect grammar) share this with all of you! xD

“The causes of behavior that lay somewhere inside the person (perhaps in their mind), that are, both, responsible for and comprised of the past behavior for said person’s accountable legal figure, as well as being constituted of the events in which they have undergone and learned from throughout their existence as a human being.” (2014, p. 3)