A Dream is the Fulfilment of a... Dish? - Closed RP - [askthecannibalclone]

Zoclone was, without a doubt, angry. No, scratch that, she was fuming. After everything she had done for him, how could he turn his back on her like this? 

She glared at the cannibal before her, her eyes seeming to radiate fury and fire. It almost felt like she could bore two holes through him even just with her eyes. 

“Lalnable,” She hissed through gritted teeth, every syllable barbed with thorns in her voice. “It is your day to wash the dishes and I will not goshdarn stand for you to walk away from your duties.”

Laundry Day (Cloneslash RP - Closed RP with rainbowtechnomage)

The sun rose over Zoclone’s science lab, casting beams of light that shone in the cannibal’s eyes as he irritably trudged through the forest in early morning. He dragged a suspiciously lumpy bag trailing behind him as he approached the nearby lake alone, having left Zoclone asleep back in her room. He sat down with a thump before unloading the bag into the water in front of him and watched the water seep into the fabric of his labcoats.

Today was laundry day, because blood stains have to be cleaned in order to make room for new ones. And then, with a single sweep of his arms, he flicked himself out of his current labcoat and let it join the soggy pile, leaving him only in a black t shirt. He began to scrub.

I'm Sorry (Murder Games AU of an AU) [Closed RP]

This wasn’t about being trapped and surviving anymore. This was war.

All of the YogLabs prisoners which had a vaguely human mind had been trapped inside a huge arena in the scientific facility. Of course some of them had violent tendencies, including Zoclone herself, but they held off for now. It wouldn’t do to just start a murder fest. But that’s what they were supposed to do.

Zoclone had stuck with Lalnable, of course, and they’d done pretty well so far as the rest of the players were picked off one by one. Of course they killed a few, mostly for Lalnable’s special appetite, but nobody dared mess with the two evil lovers duo. Until today.

When Zoclone had awoken from her sleep in their special sleeping cells, Lalnable was nowhere to be found in her arms. She didn’t panic straight away, although she got a little worried, and got out of bed assuming that her partner had gotten up early. The clone grumbled at his carelessness of leaving her, and started to look for him.

“Lalnable, you big dolt, where are you?” Zoclone called, her cannon at the ready in case someone tried to attack her. She walked slowly through the white rooms of the arena, her fear rising at every step. Her face tightened and she took a breath. “Seriously Lalnable I don’t have time for your games,” she yelled, thankful her voice didn’t crack.

And then she entered the next room.

anonymous asked:

Lalnable, this is a but personal but. How do you REALLY feel about Zoclone?

“I feel lucky to have found someone that I can relate to so heavily. We both share the same interests and have similar points of view. She’s classy in the sense that she doesn’t let her hobbies degrade her into becoming a petty murderer. She’s beautiful.

"And yet… I feel as if she only puts up with me because she’s too polite. All those ‘shut up’s and ‘stop that’, all those times she looks at me like I’m the biggest nuisance in her life… It makes me wonder if she even wants me around half of the time.

"But I’m not going to leave until the day she asks me to.”