A Dream is the Fulfilment of a... Dish? - Closed RP - [askthecannibalclone]

Zoclone was, without a doubt, angry. No, scratch that, she was fuming. After everything she had done for him, how could he turn his back on her like this? 

She glared at the cannibal before her, her eyes seeming to radiate fury and fire. It almost felt like she could bore two holes through him even just with her eyes. 

“Lalnable,” She hissed through gritted teeth, every syllable barbed with thorns in her voice. “It is your day to wash the dishes and I will not goshdarn stand for you to walk away from your duties.”

rainbowtechnomage  asked:

"Oy, Lalnable." The voice was familiar, but something hadn't heard in a while--"You were taking too long escaping again so I came for you and--why do you look like... that?" The red-haired, bloodspattered clone peered through the cell at the other bloodspattered clone.

“Oh Zoclone… I’m so sorry. Getting caught, leaving you… It was so ridiculously foolish of me…”