#Delphine is finally happening… And finally with the wig I wanted lol! For such a simple outfit it’s sure caused a lot of stress. So happy it’s finally done. #orphanblack #delphinecormier #cloneclub #cloneplay #cosplay #delphinecosplay #orphanblackcosplay

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I shot & edited this together yesterday because I was extremely bored but now I feel very sad. Yes, that’s me with me. 

The Orphan Black S3 finale has killed me tbh.


Okay so I did another thing. Since my girlfriend emilogg and I are cosplaying Cosima and Delphine (respectively) I decided hey….we need matching DYAD labcoats. And now we do. Watch out DragonCon ;D We are stealing all your wine and running. (But thats enough crime for one day). 


Just one video, I’m a few songs. Yes, sing alongs. Who am I? - #OBparody

Get ready to go on a musical ride through the first season of orphanblack! Brought to you by yours truly & fellow clone clubbers: Talia & Wallie! (Watch in HD!) (also available on Vimeo in case this video is unavailable in your country)