Today marks my official 1 year of being on tumblr, which also means 1 year of being part of clone club. I also am just about at 4K followers, so I thought I would celebrate!!!

I just want to thank clone club for being so wonderful, for always making me smile, for geeking out with me about clones, and for letting me just be me in all my dorkiness.

I’ve compiled a list of people who have done something extra to make my time in clone club special, whether it’s talking to me every single day, or just making me smile whenever I see them on my dash. You guys are so awesome, thank you for all you have done for me!

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And of course, all of clone club, everyone I follow and everyone who follows me, and everyone else, is super awesome, and I’m so happy to be part of this weird little family!


I came back to see your little face.


I thought this scene was really important.
First of all, proclone Rachel, who is so elite, puts herself on the same level as the other clones.
But what really got me was the subtle nod in the fourth gif, so easy to oversee. Once again, this ties nicely into the theme of control over their bodies. Rachel knows she can get sick as well, which means losing control over her body (once again), but she acknowledges, probably more to herself than to Delphine, that there is a possible cure, which would give her back her control.
Have I mentioned that I love Tatiana’s subtle acting as Rachel? That’s part of what makes her (Rachel) so interesting to me.

A comprehensive guide to basic, pretty (Orphan Black) GIFs

Excuse me, sestras, long post!
Since the OBTumblr asked so kindly, here’s a tutorial on how I make my GIFs, not only for Orphan Black, but for any other show/movie as well.
Please also forgive my non-native speaker English.
Here are a few gifsets to see if you like it at all (shameless self-promotion, I know :P…)
Make me choose: Sarah Manning or Cosima Niehaus
Clones + Is not life a mirror maze?
The Clones and Layered Clones of Season One
Cophine in Season 1: “I just wanna make, like, crazy science with you.”
“I seriously underestimated you.”

I also made this one quickly:

Here’s what you’ll need (at least that’s how I’m working - there are many ways that lead to Rome):
1) A video file of what you want to gif. I highly recommend logoless WEB-DLs in 1080p. These give the best results.
2) KMPlayer (I work with version
3) Photoshop CC
Oh, and I’m working with Rachel’s favorite operating systemWindows, so the shortcuts might be different on a Mac.

I’m dividing this into screencapping in KMPlayer first, the second step is the actual giffing process in Photoshop with coloring, tweening, sharpening and saving.

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