cloned photos

I re- designed an outfit for TCW Anakin in cold weather bc I did not like the original one. This one is actually the second attempt at making it, the first time i included a back view and what the outfit looked like underneath the jacket and cape but I dd not like it and decided to combine some elements of them together.


So, I decided there were not enough screenshots of Barb Wire on the internet. So here. Have a few I decided to take. (#6 is my favorite, and I bet you all thought I was joking when I said Tem on the crane was the Most Fives Thing Ever.)

A piece of Fan Art i drew about the middle of last year. I’ve improved so much since then!
The flowers are based off a tree outside my window (honestly i can’t remember if i’ve posted this on my main blog and totally forgotten about it lmao)

Anyway, both Sakura’s from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles <3

-copic marker and coloured pencil


The Family that Cosplays together

I noticed a change in the audience of Comic Con goers this year. (I had been a few years ago.) It was interesting because there were a lot of families. And not just walking around together but cosplaying together or encouraging their kids to cosplay.